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Characters: Ven, Vanitas
Word Count: 4,289
Tags: Smut


Ven spent an hour looking through the pamphlets before finally joining Vanitas in bed. He was still wired with excitement, but tired enough he couldn’t sit up any longer. He curled up next to Vanitas and did his best not to wake him.

True to his word, Vanitas took him apart in the morning, tormenting him for what felt like hours before finally letting him come.

Best. Birthday. Ever. Ven even managed to let Vanitas rest for the day and not be a brat after.


Ever since they got back from the cabin, it was harder to keep himself in check. Vanitas just made it so easy to tease him, and even knowing he would end up getting spanked at the end of the day for it - maybe because of that - he couldn’t seem to help himself. Being a brat to Vanitas was like poking a sleeping bear with a stick, only instead of getting mauled, he’d end up restrained and fucked within an inch of his life.

It was exhilarating.

While Vanitas recovered from overworking himself the past few days, Ven read through each and every pamphlet and brochure in the envelope. Paris was one of his top choices. He’d always wanted to travel, but it’d always just been a pipedream. Going overseas with Vanitas, getting lost in another country for two weeks, probably flying on a private jet, all sounded like heaven.

But as tempting as Paris or Greece or Alaska were, there was one brochure he kept coming back to. A cabin set deep in the woods somewhere in the northwest. The picture of the large cabin looked tranquil surrounded by the trees. And it had hot springs. After going to the lake, it was exactly what he wanted. A secluded little place where he could be completely alone with Vanitas for two weeks.

Just them and nature and lots and lots and lots of sex.

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“I may not have the right NAME or the right LOOKS but I got twice the HEART”

This was something i had intended on it being on Ventus and flashing to Vanitas for “name”, “looks”, and then going into Ventus=Vanitas for “heart”, but i haven’t touched this in a bit so please take them before i forget about them

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So now that everyone is under house arrest, I’ve been reading a lot of kindle books that have at least inspired me to work on my original novel ideas again - so I’m splitting my free time between reading, working on one of those, and working on the sequel to IYLM.

My Vanitas muse bit me hard today, so chapter one is finally almost done now that I figured out what was missing.

I may post (part of) the first chapter of my original as a teaser of sorts when I get further into it, since I’ll likely just self publish… but we shall see.

The first chapter of the sequel should be up in a few days, just need to finish it and figure out a title

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