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radarx · 7 hours ago
Cegah Masuknya Covid Varian Baru, Maimuna Dukung Penuh Langkah Pemerintah
Cegah Masuknya Covid Varian Baru, Maimuna Dukung Penuh Langkah Pemerintah
SAMPANG, – Siti Maimuna Kepala desa Madulang Kecamatan Omben Sampang Madura, sangat mendukung penuh langkah-langkah pemerintah dalam upaya memerangi penularan masuknya wabah virus Covid-19 varian baru. Berdasarkan pantauan tim media radar-x di lokasi pada Jum’at, 18 Juni 2021 pagi, forkopimcam Omben dibantu pemerintah desa Madulang menggelar pemeriksaan identitas dan tes rapid antigen…
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varianfortunate · 7 hours ago
Me: Mmmmm I wanna draw gay fairies
My brain: No. Drawing multiple people is hard.
Me: But I wanna draw themmmm
My brain: You’ll give up after the sketches.
Me: bet
Also me: *Only finishes the sketches before giving up*
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varibean · 7 hours ago
Varian should’ve been allowed to maim and kill. Murder, even.
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purelykathsshit · 7 hours ago
I spent way to much time on this
(the white words in the sky are supposed to look like clouds)
It gets worse with time
Edit: crap wrong blog
Eh whatever too late
( my main blog is ThatIdiotKathrine)
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grimvirus · 8 hours ago
hi if you like or are okay with cassarian please block me
goodnight and good wishes
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whaleiumsharkspeare · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ruddiger pepping himself up because he’s Varian’s treasure ✨
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varianthebest · 9 hours ago
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varianfortunate · 12 hours ago
would anyone like to join my minecraft bedrock world where me and my friends have made a nation?
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o0whiterabbit0o · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Varian's nightmare
This idea came in 2nd in the voting, and ever since I received the suggestion, I was kinda looking forward to doing it. I just had to figure out how exactly I wanted it to look. Anyway, the reason why this idea seemed quite good to me is that, after Cassandra's revenge, after watching Lashanie getting injured and falling of the tower, almost losing her twice in just one day, I can imagine Varian having nightmares about it. And maybe being a little overprotective because of it for a while? ... Overall, this picture was fun to make, even though I had no idea what to do for the background at first. But I like what I ended up with ♥
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chocolate-for-my-soul · 13 hours ago
ok but eugene and hugo would get along well but they are on the different scale. eugene goes “i would never do anything to hurt rapunzel, she is the best person i’ve ever known” and hugo goes “hey varian. you’re short and small and couldn’t hit me if you tried.” and how can varian NOT try
Anon, you are so fucking right. Eugene would protect Rapunzel with his life, and Hugo would do the same for Varian, but Hugo shows in a 'I'm going to bother you until you want to hit me and then give you a ton of cuddles' way, but for Eugene, that first part doesn't even cross his mind
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nerdasaurus1200 · 13 hours ago
So I had another Tangled epiphany last night.
Remember how they clearly stated in season 2 that it took about a year to get to the Dark Kingdom from Corona?
Although the gang was definitely dinking around a bit, it’s still clear that it takes a long time to get to the Dark Kingdom. So, with constant nonstop travel, it probably takes about 7 months. Now this means a lot of things
1- Cass was gone for at least 14 months
2- It took like a year for Frederick and Arianna to regain all of their memories
3- Rapunzel was queen for like a year
4- By the time Cass returns in Cassandra’s Revenge, Varian is DEFINITELY 18. Once again giving Cassarian antis no leg to stand on for most of season three
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kazoosandfannypacks · 13 hours ago
okay so I’m collecting tangled screenshots for a meme project I wanna do and I have the audio for the show muted and I’m listening to the Tangled soundtrack in the background and in the soundtrack when Varian said “If it’s the last thing I ever do” I looked at the screen  and Andrew was about to throw him off the airship and I ow.
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im-not-giving-up-on-you · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I decided to challenge myself and draw the well known styles of the tangled fandom. (plus me lmao)
If there is one thing I adore about this fandom its how we all draw the same characters with our own touches and personality. There is something so special about an individual art style. All these artists have influenced me in some way and I appreciate how watching their art helped me develop my own unique style.
@bubblesrrj work is so dynamic and gorgeous and Ive always been so jealous of her Varian design. His hair in particular is something I added to my own, all the little whispy bits
@jxitrash Your colour work and textured style is so gorgeous! I want to perfect the pastels and dynamic shade colours in my own work thanks to you
@liz.potent your Varian was another I was so jealous of, I adore your older Varian and it inspired me to design my own that I now very much love
@kaede02mangaka and @qu_r you two were the artists Ive seen all the time since the beginning of the fandom, and inspired me to even pick up a pen to draw my own fanart!
And me, Ive grown a lot but I adore my own style and my own Varian.
Heres to the wonderful individual talent of this awesome fandom 💜
Feel free to do the same! Tag me if you do I want to see how you go 🥰
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varianfortunate · 14 hours ago
*Me talking to my friend about summer vacation*
Them: So yeah I’m excited for summer Vacation!
Me: It’s only 8 weeks.
Them: I was gonna continue and say ‘I can’t believe it’s two months!’ you make it sound so short
Me: :/
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