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they don’t tell mako at first, because they know he wouldn’t agree to it on principle. but then, mako finds asami’s blueprints lying around her office, and follows the trail of clues to the natural conclusion that they are planning a heist. he confronts korra bolin and asami about it and tells them that if they don’t call off the heist he’s gonna have to report them to chief beifong. when the police do show up (since, naturally, korra refuses to call off the heist) they get there just in time to find the krew driving away in asami’s satomobile. there’s an epic carchase that leads them all the way downtown, before lin realizes that it’s not the krew at all, merely a woman with black hair, lipstick, and goggles, driving a car with some probending fans in the back who were only driving away from her because they were afraid of getting a speeding ticket. the actual krew is on air temple island, having gotten there hours prior in a cabbage corp car. they have an alibi too, because pema and tenzin will attest that they’ve been there playing pai sho with the airkids the whole day! turns out, asami left those clues behind on purpose, designed to have mako find them (why else would he be in her office, alone, for an extended period of time, tempting him to snoop, if she hadn’t planned it that way?) and sent mako on a false trail on purpose. they then proceed to donate all the cash they stole from varrick’s “super secret indestructible safe” (he wouldn’t stop bragging about it to the point that korra and asami were just like “okay we need to rob this bitch just because we can”) to various charities, as well as setting aside some money for mako, which they then spend the next couple of years gradually sneaking into his wallet when he isn’t paying attention.

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Because, well, why not?? (I am just doing this because I’m very bored, don’t take this seriously)

Avatar The Last Airbender

Aang- 7/10 Aang would give a little bit above average hugs. He would definitely be the kind of person to squeeze you very tightly and not want to let go. He would also sway back and forth.

Katara- 5/10 fairly average with her hugs. When she’s comforting someone her go to move would be the mom hug where they rub your back.

Sokka- 10/10 Would definitely be a good hugger. Like have you seen Sokka? Definitely gives the best hug out of the Gaang. Is a human teddy bear. Will spin you when excited.

Toph- 4/10 Not a big hugger. Would do the awkward pat while saying “Pat, Pat,” as she does it.

Zuko- 8/10 He doesn’t hug many people but he would lift you off your feet cause this boy is tall. (At least compared to myself, standing at an impressive height of 4’8, save me.) Hugs either last a couple seconds or a couple minutes, depends on the situation.

Suki- 5/10 Her hugs are average but she prefers group hugs so maybe that explains it.

Azula- 1/10 This girl cannot give a hug to save her life, at least not a good one. Growing up, looking up to Ozai does not mean hugs. Give this girl a hug anyway though she needs it.

Mai- 6/10 Shes not the bigger hugger, would also do the “pat, pat,” thing when comforting but if you engage in the contact first she good at hugs. Will melt in, likely to put her head in the crook of your neck.

Ty Lee- 9/10 Gives out hug like its free candy. She is very good at the hugging but she’s not Sokka level yet. She lacks the ability to spin people but she will try, it ends up with you both on the floor.

The Legend Of Korra

Korra- 10/10 Very warm, very strong, lifts you off your feet (taller than her or not) would recommend her hugs

Asami- 6/10 Will hug too hard, can’t breathe, let me go please!

Mako- 3/10 Awkward, stiff, not a good hugger but doesn’t try to kill you because of engaging in hugs like Azula would (tell her what you’re gonna do first but still, hug this baby!!)

Bolin- 10/10 He warm! He strong! He will lift you off the ground! He will spin! Pabu will lick you if he’s in Bolin’s shoulders during hug. Would recommend hugging him then.

Varrick- 10/10 Varrick is a cuddly boi, you can’t change my mind. Knows just how much to squeeze depending on mood. Will lean his head against yours. After the hug is over he will kiss your nose if it was a happy hug/kind of sad. Will kiss forehead if it was a cry kind of hug.

Wu- 8/10 Wu will give hugs out often but they’re normally filled with excitement so he bounces up and down when he gives them. However, when he does give more calm hugs they are very comforting. I feel like he’s the kind who would hide his face, whether it be in the crook of your neck, in the fabric of your shirt, or in your hair I feel like he would.

Tenzin- 5/10 Boy is okay at giving hugs. He’s not amazing but he’s not terrible. Average.

Bumi- 9/10 warm, strong, will lift you and spin you (can you see a pattern here??) but squeezes too hard

Kya- 7/10 I love my girl but she’s more of a side hugger. She is warm, she is strong, but will not lift you off the ground. She often times will rub your shoulder while giving you use hugs.

Lin- 8/10 very stiff at first but will melt into hugs. She is always warm. Squeezes just the right amount. Will place head in the crook of your neck and will pull you very close.

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Episode 11


Boo, boo i say.

With every episode i’m just more and more annoyed by how this story goes, how characters behave and what plans they have. I can’t even to pinpoint what excatly it it, it’s just overall. But it was growing and cumulating from almost the start. And i really liked this season at the beginning.

And also, i have a break between episodes and when i started to watch lok again and plot get back to The Republic City i realized that i truly hate this place. It’s not burning and vicious hate that prevent me from even watching and enjoying this show, i just hate it on “deep sigh and eyeroll in annoyance” level. I’m not sure if i even before hated a fictional place before, so at least that’s some new experience for me.

I’m pretty sure that Varrick was perfectly fine, funny and enjoyable when this show was airing for the first time, but now i’m watching this half-assed capitalist and i’m just sucking air through grinded teeth. Ok, he’s still funny enough, thanks to his voice actor, but still. He take and innocent (?) woman with him to prison because he needs to have his maidservant (assisant, yeah, pfff) all the time. Wtf.

“Bolin, you’re a doll but you’re dumb as rocks you bend.” I’m dead. Yeah girl, throw that right into his cute, dumb face.

The Fire Nation is the best at making red stuff. I’m again dead.

Aaaand Mako just get advantage on Korras memory loss. Riiight.

Episode 12

Ok, i didn’t had problems with this whole “The Dark Avatar” idea, but when Unalaq said it out loud it really sounds stupid. But wait, Wan learned all four elements before he permanently fused with Raava, so how Unalaq, only waterbender, is going to be stronger than Korra? Even with Vaatu he shouldn’t have much chances. Aaaand. I know that at the end Korra is going to leave both portals open, so at some point she’s going to agree with her uncle than Wan did a mistake when he closed them and separated both worlds. I wan’t this to be uphold with some good arguments (ehehehe riiight…).

Let Bumi speak and listen to him for once. And let him be serious. He was admiral - or whatever - in the united forces for years and he’s experienced warrior. Cooome ooon!

Oh no, Korra and the rest are in shackles. Guess a little metalbending would be very in favour, huh?

And can Boiln shut up about Varrick. Ok, i get it, you both we’re buddies, but baby, put your priorites in the right order. You don’t care at all that he was warmonger?

I want’ all this to be over. Just give me some fancy and oooh and aaah bending battle. Right now i do not expext nothing more really. :/

Episode 13

Bumi is scared of cannibals. It’s such a white bullshit, but holy shit, they got cannibals in this world? What? Where? And Kyas greatest fear is that she dosen’t have family and bounds to anyone? What’s going on? Oh, look, it’s general Zhao. He was there for whole 70 or 80 years, slowly losing his mind and obsessing over Aang. How tragic… Nooot. He was supposed to be dead. Giant water spirit fish fuckin killed him and that was tragic. Go away with that spirit prison for mortals bullshit. ):<

Bolin emotionally manipulated Eska using his great acting skills. But not really. Sooo… ???

Hey, Mako, i guess that shooting lightning at people is probably seeing as unethical in your world, but you’re trying to help to save said world, so maybe you could zap a little these twins, huh? No? Ok.

Ok, i must say that scene in where Unalaq was beating up Raava and all past avatars we’re vanishing was pretty good. But then he turned into kaiju of darkness… :/ And i don’t really get this whole fight between Vaatu and Raava. When Raava wins it’s ok, world is as it was, no changes, like she’s having no influence over nothing. But when Vaatu wins he brings darkness and can actually do things. Like… that’s not really how balance works? Unless it’s about how Raava is the good one because she don’t choose to use her great powers of light. Idk.

Episode 14

I just realized that Kya got her name after Kataras mom. Bravo me.

Gosh, this finale was a rollercoaster of good and bad.

The Republic City is in danger and i don’t care at all. They brought Dante Basco back for two lines, bad. Laser beams, fuck yeah, why the fuck not, fuck it, bad. Korra is very strong without Raava and can go spiritually apeshit without her, very good. Giant kaiju spirit fight, eeeh could be better. Jinora is doing a… thing, eeeh. Vaatu is spiritbended out of existence, whaaat. He need still to be somewhere. Just ??? Korra lost connection with her past lives. Good. Bold move. Does this also mean that the avatar cycle is broken? When Korra dies the next one is not going to be born? But as i understand this, this whole reincarnation thing was on Raava side, she decided to do that. Well, yeah… that changes everyfukinthing so ok, good for you show, to pulling this off. And she decided to leave the portals open because reasons. Idk. Maybe Unalaq was righ. Because. Reasons. She has no avatar authority no more because. And she can’t be the bridge anymore. Because she still is a fusion of human and spirit and that dosen’t mean anything anymore. Humans need to resolve this whole new situation on their own. Because Korra made that decision for a whole world while thinking that she is in no position to holding any power over these two worlds. What.

Sooo… Southern water tribe is going to be fully independant from now on. Ooookaaayyy??? It’s wasn’t before???

But Korra broke up with Mako for good. GOOD.

After all, this season wasn’t as bad as internet is making it to be. It started better as is ended, but it’s not trash fire or disaster.

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with some bonus Wuko content

  • Asami becomes the Bachelorette because she’s a public figure and gorgeous obv
  • Asami thinks she’s straight which is v cute
  • Among her top contestants are Mako, Bolin, and villain Tahno because obviously the show needs a villain or two here and there
  • BTW Varrick is the Chris Harrison of the show 
  • Mako and Bolin (and I guess two other randos) make it to hometowns but since they have the literal same family, Asami gets to spend more time with each person’s friend group
  • So Mako’s buddies include Wu and some people from work
  • Bolin’s pals include Korra and Opal and some OCs I guess because wow they really didn’t have a lot of friends in canon
  • *cue Asami and Korra totally hitting it off*
  • Bolin tells Asami that btw Korra is Mako’s ex and Asami naturally loses her mind on Mako later because how could she not mention that one of his brother’s best friends is his ex (Bolin: Yeah! The three of us hang out all the time)
  • Yes, I know that Mako technically dated Asami first in canon but this is an au so hush
  • But Asami really likes Bolin and Mako so she tries to make it work with Korra and finds that she isn’t jealous of her and they bond over talking about Mako’s overuse of tongue when kissing
  • and one of them makes it slightly awkward by humble-bragging about their own kissing skills
  • As Asami does her other hometown dates, she’s still texting with Korra (I know they arent supposed to have phones hush) and the two of them even FaceTime about each other’s days
  • Asami realizes that not only is she not as straight as she thought, she’s falling for boyfriend’s ex
  • Finally it comes time for Fantasy Suites and Asami comes clean to the remaining 3 guys, one at a time, eventually sending everyone home
  • Bolin takes it surprisingly well because “Yeah, Korra’s great isn’t she?” and “You promised to always follow your heart and be honest with me, I’m proud of you”
  • But Mako’s a hot fucking mess and gets all mad and emotional, demands to know how could she do this to him and Asami being a mature queen just explains that she has this undeniable connection that’s stronger than anything she’s had with the guys at on the show
  • And Mako hears her and calms down but is still upset and doesn’t understand how she can just dump him over something that’s probably just platonic friend shit
  • And Asami tries to make him understand by telling him how she makes her feel and how she can’t stop thinking about her and she doesn’t get why Mako can’t get that and is about to say he’s being disrespectful and narrow-minded af when she sees he’s crying again
  • “Holy shit… I’m falling for Wu”
  • bi awakenings all around the end

Alternate ending – instead of immediately breaking up with the guys, Korra enters show as a contestant (would probably involve Asami meeting her much sooner than hometowns)

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The Feast

Summary: Early in her quest to stabilize the Earth Kingdom, a feast is thrown in Kuvira’s honor and she gets very drunk (honestly, this is basically baavira fluff, and very little else)

“I can see the headlines now!” Kuvira heard Varrick’s voice booming from across the low table. Their hosts—the residents of a northern coastal village that had been devastated by sea raiders in the months after the earth queen’s death—were hanging on his every word. “Brilliant filmmaker smashes box office with latest blockbuster, Nuktuk and the Pirate King! Zhu Li, write this down!” 

Varrick’s assistant looked rather content with her tentacle stew, but still took out a notepad and started scribbling. “Sir, you do know that it was Kuvira who defeated the pirate king, not Bolin?” 

“Zhu Li, you’re a genius! The Nuktuk franchise needs a strong heroine to expand our viewer base, and we already know a metalbender with a background in the performing arts.” The eccentric businessman cast his gaze on her. Oh, spirits no. “Say, Kuvira—”

“Absolutely not,” she said firmly. 

Varrick seemed poised to argue for a moment, but after she pinned him under her glare, he thought better of it and offered the role to her former dance partner, who was seated across from him. 

“For what it’s worth, I think you’d make a great mover star,” Baatar said with an edge of teasing in his voice. 

She made a small indignant noise and then took a sip of the warm sake the village chief kept pouring in her cup. By this point in the campaign, Kuvira had had a few feasts thrown in her honor, but no one had ever been this hellbent on getting her drunk before.

“You’re biased,” she told him, draining her cup against her better judgment, “and possibly psychotic.” 

The matrons of the town soon brought more dishes into the longhouse—roast duck and flipper pie, fried dough and pickled kelp, barbecue pork ribs so tender they slid off the bone and lobster-crabs practically swimming in butter. It was like a collection of all the rich and hearty provincial dishes that Suyin had dubbed unstylish and effectively banned from her kitchens in Zaofu. 

As though reading her thoughts, Baatar glanced at her and smirked. “Aren’t you glad there’s no kale here?”

She laughed a little, watching as some grandmother stacked his plate high with pork and lobster-crab, bemoaning how thin he was. “If they think you’re skinny now, they should have seen you back in Zaofu.”

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