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How do you come up with your quotes?
contrary to popular belief, i do not use incorrect quote generators to come up with my quotes. not because i have any malice towards them or anything (i honestly think they're pretty good if utilized well); i simply just do not vibe well with them enough to use them more often.
instead i go for the much harder method (hope i don't get cancelled for ""plagiarism"" or something like that for admitting this /hj) and scroll through several incorrect quote blogs i follow like a rabies-infested possum craving leftovers.
hope this answers your question, op, it's not much but it honestly sums up my whole quotes making process lmao <3
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insert-great-name · 5 days ago
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Here’s Mushu, my lovely baby beardie boy.
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yachoso · 2 months ago
We gotta somehow convince Chris Pratt that animation is 100% gay and supported by the devil I know his homophobic ass will stay away
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stagenvy · 7 months ago
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goth mlm wlw solidarity
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labotor · 7 months ago
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still!! love her lots!! agh I missed her so much 🥺💜
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saltysalmonkid · 23 days ago
Nandor to a mcdonalds employee: this is guillermo de la cruz love of my life accomplished vampire slayer my blood and soul you will treat him with the RESPECT he DESERVES please divest his hammed burger of its pickles at ONCE or you will RUE THE DAY you crossed me
Guillermo, extremely embarrassed but also dying of laughter: nandor please its fine i'll just take the pickles off myself
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minthara · 6 months ago
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MASS EFFECT 2: LEGENDARY EDITION | (36/?) ➤ "Wait a minute, it sounds like you're suggesting something, Tali."
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kuldrenett · 4 months ago
I actually really hate the confidence some voice actors (or the people who cast them) have in faking real accents as if people speaking different varieties of English don't exist and they couldn't immediately hear when someone doesn't do it right.
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maladaptivedaydreamsx · 5 months ago
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Tears of Themis intro PV (without context)
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naarisz · 14 days ago
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Sketch dump :)
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random but you give me very big Isabela vibes for some reason (btw your incorrect quotes are great!!)
it's the pfp isn't it. /pos
(also tysm i appreciate it a lot. ty op <3)
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catcze · 5 months ago
Recently I've been thinking abt muzzles for some reason,, I've never thought about having muzzles on during sex but now that I've actually sat down and actually thought abt it,, it's alright
Like,,,, imagine putting a muzzle on thoma,,, he loves to have his lips on you, whether it be sucking on your skin, kissing your lips, tugging at your skin with his teeth, anything with his lips on your body he loves. With the muzzle on, he can't do that any more, so each time he goes in for a kiss the muzzle hits your skin first and each time it happens he gets more and more pent up and frustrated. Eventually, he needs a distraction from the restlessness brewing inside of him and so, not very long after, his thrusts are becoming more animalistic in hopes of relieving himself.
once you cum he can't handle it anymore and begs you to take the muzzle off of him and you try to because you can tell he was getting frustrated, you can see the tears he's trying to holding back. You're a bit clumsy while taking it off because your mind is still clouded after your orgasm. He can hear you pulling on the straps, but it isn't coming off so he gets frustrated again and pulls your hand away and tries to take it off himself, his tears are welling up more as seconds pass. He fumbles with the straps and becomes more agitated when the muzzle doesn't come off, eventually he growls and mumbles a harsh "fuck it" under his breath and tears it off of himself. Once he gets it off he dives into your lips with his to give you a heated kiss. A ton of hickeys are littered across your body to relieve some of the restlessness that was building up from before.
And he's still fucking into you with the same animalistic pace <3
I'm so 📯knee, help me,,,, I also hope this makes sense because I'm vv sleepy rn haha,, I hope you have a good day!! And night :)
-shrimp anon
NSFW !! 18+ ONLY !!
ajsd PLS I READ THIS AND I FFUAKJING cchokedon my spit holy SHIT <3333 Muzzles are such a niche in smut, and it breaks my heart because I’m so fucking into them but practically no one talks abt them?? A whole injustice 😭
⠀Feat: gn!reader, rough sex, Thoma w/ a muzzle <3, marking + biting, Mating press ayy, Thoma begging and whining for a bit but he’s still dominant, creampie <3, not edited bc I typed this in a haze lmao
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⠀Like like like,,,,,,,, Can you imagine,,,, Thoma who’s maybe a little too nibble-happy when it comes to you, who can’t really control himself during sex because bottoming out in your warm hole just raises such a primal instinct in him that he just wants to bite and nip and fucking mark you until you cum just from the feel of his teeth running over your skin. 
⠀Though this enthusiasm proves to be a problem when you’ve got an important meeting with someone the next day, and the clothes you’ve chosen beforehand are a little more revealing around the neck area. And you already know from previous experiences that Thoma can’t just not have his lips on your skin when he fucks you hard and deep–– his pleading and his sweet promises of making you cum so hard as long as you let him mark you always shake your will. Needless to say, it’s not a good combination. 
⠀But tomorrow is important, so you’ve taken a couple of extra measures. 
⠀“Fuck!” Thoma exclaims when he had instinctively made to press his teeth against your neck, only for the muzzle to block him from doing so. The grip he has on the back of your thighs tightens, his nails probably leaving indents on your skin. “I fucking hate this thing,” he huffs, his frustration making itself known when his hips slam down onto yours with a loud smack! that has you keening.
⠀You gasp, feeling as if he had just fucked the literal breath out of you with his cock buried balls-deep. “Your fa––ah! fault!” fuck, you could feel him so deep inside you, like he was planning to rearrange you guts to lessen his frustration. With a quiet whine your eyes flutter shut, overcome by the feeling of Thoma thrusting in and out with such purpose and force. The feeling of being so full, of having Thoma’s rough hands grip your skin and push you down to take his rough thrusts had stars exploding behind your eyes.
⠀“Take it off,” Thoma asks, his voice a ragged pant. “Please.” He pushes your legs up higher until you were practically folded in half just for him, pinned open like a butterfly in a case. Yet again, out of instinct Thoma leans down, eyes half lidded with love and lust, intending to kiss the remaining bits of your breath away–– only to still when the muzzle bumps into your chin with a quiet jangle he had begin to hate.
⠀As if in retribution, he sinks so deep into you, the head of his cock brushes that spot that had you sobbing from pleasure. He keeps his cock stretching you, grinding his hips against yours and ripping sobbed, choked-out moans from your hoarse throat. 
⠀You can do little more than babble his name, pleading with him to move, to make you cum, and he delivers readily, pulling his whole length out until only the tip remains, then stretching you out once more in one fell swoop. Thoma fucks you fast and he fucks you rough. You don’t doubt that his grip on you will leave bruises on your legs. Tears prick your eyes when he fills you over and over again, fucking you like it was his sole purpose–– but you don’t miss the way his eyes stray to your lips with longing, or the way his hips stutter when you part them and moan his name long and loud.
⠀“Fuck,fuck,fuck,” you cry, vision hazy on the edge of your orgasm. One of your hands reaches up to tangle in his hair, the other settles one of his own hands. “T- Thoma, Thoma, harder, please––” 
⠀He does as you command, his thrusts becoming roughened with frustration when he tries once more to kiss you, to no avail. When he whines low in his throat, he pushes down into you hard, ripping the breath from you and plugging you with his cock so suddenly that it brings you to your orgasm with a stifled sob of his name.
⠀Thoma gives you a slight reprieve as you catch your breath, rutting shallowly into you while you grip the strands of his hair. “Babe,” he whines, dragging your barely-lucid gaze to him. “Take it off. Please?”
⠀You want to shake your head, but all your bones feel like they’re made of jelly, so you settle for weakly petting him. “You–– you’re gonna mark me up again if I do,” you tell him, but both of you can tell your resolve was shaking when faced with Thoma’s pout and the obvious desire in his eyes. Not to mention the absolute mind-melting orgasm he just gave you and the way he’s still warming your insides.
⠀“I’ll get you something to cover it,” he tries to reason, shifting his hips slightly, which has your head tilting back so you can moan. “Just please? Please, please, please I wanna kiss you so bad––”
⠀And it’s the absolute rawness and desperation in his voice that has your resolve breaking, the way his eyes glisten and how he worries his lip. The hand you have in his hair goes to the buckle of the muzzle, and Thoma practically sighs at the motion. He stills, leaning closer to you (and unintentionally pushing deep into you again) but your limbs are still barely responsive, and working your shaky fingers against something as intricate as a buckle in your current state is a bit too much for you to handle.
⠀”C-can’t I––” You pull your hand from his hair, and he whines. “I’m sorry i can’t––”
⠀“Damn it,” Thoma swears, releasing your legs to bring his own hands to the buckle of the muzzle. There’s something frantic in the movement of his hands and in the way his skin seems to warm with mounting frustration. He struggles for a few more seconds, unsuccessful and unaware of how his hips had been naturally rolling against you.
⠀Thoma pauses, a frustrated scowl on his face, and swears under his breath. For a moment, you register the smell of something burning before Thoma is hastily ripping the muzzle off his face and recklessly crashing his lips into yours, kissing you like a man starved. You swear he even sighs into the kiss.
⠀The moment is sweet and tender until Thoma’s hands return to folding your thighs and you’re acutely reminded of how hard he still is inside you. You break the kiss with a gasp, and Thoma immediately goes to work on your neck, laving it in kisses and small nips.
⠀“Stay still, sweetheart,” he says. His voice sounds deeper, like a purr or a growl, you’re not entirely sure. It has you trembling. “Let me fuck you good, alright?”
⠀He easily returns to his previous pace, pushing his cock in and out of you with a feral roughness, all the while biting and moaning into the skin of your neck and collar bone. Thoma thrusts fully into you every time, sinking until the hilt to the point where you’re sure you can see him in your stomach. His pace is unrelenting, the culmination of his frustration and his pent-up need to fuck you and stuff you full. When he’s not muffling your noises with his lips, the room is full of your moans and cries of his name. 
⠀Your previous orgasm made you sensitive enough already, but the attention of his mouth and the snap of his hips is enough to have you sobbing from the pleasure in his arms. Thoma disconnects from a new bruise on your throat with a pop, staring into your hazy eyes with no shortage of lust.
⠀“So good for me,” he mumbles, thrusting into you one last time before the praise has you cumming on his cock with a gasp. Tears run from your eyes as your second orgasm of the night takes you hard–– it has you clenching around Thoma, has him groaning low as he finally cums. As he fills you with his cum, he swallows all of your noises with a deep kiss.
⠀It takes a while for you two to come down from your highs, though Thoma spends most of the time nuzzled into your neck, licking at the few new marks he had peppered on your skin. But when your breathing evens out he lifts off of you, pressing a last kiss to your forehead.
⠀“C’mon,” Thoma hums, weaving a hand into yours. “Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?”
⠀To his surprise, that draws some noise from you, and when he looks, you’re peering at him with hunger. You watch him mischievously before you tilt your neck, showing the expanse of skin that wasn’t covered by him yet. He swallows heavily. 
⠀“So soon?” You ask with a small grin. He watches you like a predator, fixated on your throat. You can feel him twitch inside you. “I thought you were gonna mark me up, Thoma.”
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:Sighs: and again, this became longer than I intended. Not edited akjdsa <33 Also!! new format at the start there <33
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artbinch · a month ago
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I finished 90% of this a while ago but I really procrastinated on shading hiyokos snail hair BUT it’s done now! The characters are pretty random basically I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any weird same face syndrome going on because I sensed the impending doom of an identity crisis (also guys angie is SO fun to draw)
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blueskyscribe · 5 months ago
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Sad news :(
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fezzian · 10 months ago
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c-rowlesblogs · 5 months ago
recently on the Mass Effect subreddit (I know, I know), I saw something VERY silly that I feel is representative of a wider problem with the way a certain flavor of dude nerd engages with a piece of media they like and fanworks thereof.
Someone had posted a gorgeous piece of fanart (not theirs) showing Tali and Legion, and the very first comment, with a whole bunch of upvotes and a LONG-ass pedantic discussion thread unspooling out below it, was from somebody mad about Tali having an omniblade out in the picture, because “she doesn’t fight with one in the game.”
This is dumb for two reasons. One reason is that the omniblade was an artistic choice, for aesthetics and drama and symbolism and whatever else the artist’s purposes were. Sometimes characters have stuff in a picture. It doesn’t matter if that contradicts video game mechanics because this is a picture, for you to look at with your imagination.
The second reason is that it’s an omniblade. Probably anyone can get one, you just go to the omnitool store and download the Knife App. The dude who cashiers at the levo-dextro bodega next to the tram station down the street on the Presidium has an omniblade. Your edgy nephew has an omniblade. Also, this is Tali. Of COURSE she’d download a knife for her smart watch. Have you met her.
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pawshiguro · 12 months ago
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miss this firecracker
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holycrepeunicorn · 2 months ago
GUYS i think we’re gonna learn about the rest of the herd’s backstories this season judging from these trailer screenshots!!!!
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lemjpanda13 · 4 months ago
Comic originally made by @toucheholland23​!
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Also, from OP:
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You think I wouldn’t commit?
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mell0bee · 5 days ago
victor the black powder merchant not being in the casting video makes me hope they’re faking us out by not mentioning him at all and that matt is playing him 👀
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