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vassiensupremacy · 25 days ago
What is it about fictional romance that we love so much? It's characters being passionate with their emotions and affections. It's them finding peace and happiness in their partner. It's them being awestruck around their partner and them being floored everytime the other smiles. It's in them priortising their partner's safety over their own. It's in how they choose their partner over everything and everyone else 💕
It's in how Rhysand feels when Feyre finally smiles at him.
It's in how Cassian is flooded by admiration when he sees Nesta with her hair unbound for the first time.
It's how Azriel is always ready to be there for Elain whether it's about the garden or after a fight she's had with her sister.
It's Lucien finding some sort of peace in his conversation with Vassa and her reminding him what it is to be at ease with himself and that he can let his guard down and really just breathe for a second.
It's in how Varian makes it a point to get a message out to Amren in the middle of being attacked during a battle.
It's in how Feyre finds inspiration and beauty in her journey with Rhysand.
It's in how Nesta knows that she's safe to challenge Cassian and be vulnerable with him at the same time.
It's in the way Elain silently observes Azriel and tries to make him feel comfortable by gifting him things to attempt at treating his headaches and sleeping schedule.
It's Vassa choosing Lucien as her favorite person, the one she chooses to talk to for the little time she has as a human.
It's in an ancient Amren rushing to get help for Varian at the Summer Court despite knowing that she might face death.
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yazthebookish · 25 days ago
Some of the side characters physical descriptions from the books:
• Tarquin:
Tall and handsome, near-white hair, crushing-crystal blue eyes, skin of richest mahogany.
• Helion:
Shoulder length black hair. Striking amber eyes. Dark brown skin. Nearly as beautiful as Rhysand and somehow colder than Kallias. Wears a golden serpent armband on one bicep and a spiked golden crown. Wears a white fabric draped over him that looks something between a robe or dress.
• Beron:
Tall, handsome, Brown-haired, and slender-faced.
• Lady of the Autumn Court:
Porcelain skin with rosy cheeks, russet eyes, red hair, voice as sweet as sun-warmed apples.
• Eris:
Pale skin. Amber eyes. Long red hair. Handsome angular features. Dresses immaculately.
• Kallias:
White haired. Skin so pale it looks frozen. Crushing blue eyes like chips from a glacier. Wears a jacket of royal blue embroider with silver and dusted with rabbit fur at collar and sleeves, fur-lined knee high brown boots.
• Viviane:
A young stunning female. Silver hair glittering in the sun like fresh snow. Pale skin. Sapphire eyes.
• Thesan:
Brown skin and hair kissed with gold. Rich brown upswept eyes. His tunic tight-fitting through his slender chest and wears flowing pants like the ones Amren favors, and embroidred exquisite shoes.
• Vassa:
Reddish gold smooth sheet of hair. Thick dark lashes and brows framing stunning blue eyes. Freckled golden brown skin.
• Jurian:
Handsome brown-haired male. Brown eyes. Tanned skin.
• Merrill:
A stunningly beautiful young face that even made Mor look drab. Hair as white as fresh snow. Light brown skin. Eyes the color of the twilight sky.
• Miryam:
Dark hair tumbling down her back in luscious curls. Brown eyes. Honey-brown skin.
• Drakon:
Honey-brown skin. Brown eyes. Dark haired. White feathered wings.
• Papa Archeron:
Brown eyes. Dark hair.
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morgana0anagrom · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Vassa from a court of thorns and roses 
finally painted her, hope you guys will like it, 
also what character do you want me to paint next ^^ 
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maggiepalmiter · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The Eyes Meme 👀 · Kind of in order from newest to oldest? Sort of. But this was fun to put together. I really like painting eyes even though I definitely want more practice with them. 😅 But hey, you get some super up close shots of the eyes of a few of my paintings so yay! ❤ be back with some art soon! I work a TON this next week so bare with. 😥. ·
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mhevarujta · 3 years ago
Can you believe...
that Vassa, Lucien and Jurian are rebelious teenagers who decided to form their own rock band?
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achilleius · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I blinked at what began to shoot between the human boats. What soared over the water, fast as a shooting star. Spearing for Hybern. Red and gold and white—vibrant as molten metal. I could have sworn Hybern’s fleet began to panic as it broke from the lines of the human armada and closed the gap between them. As it spread its wings wide, trailing sparks and embers across the waves, and I realized what—who— now flew at that enemy host. A firebird. Burning as hot and furious as the heart of a forge. Vassa—the lost queen.
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psychee92 · 4 months ago
Koschei the Deathless / The 3 Sisters & The 3 Brothers
This is another theory post, one that somewhat ties into my previous posts about Elain, the Prison being the 8th Court, and the three brothers/three sisters prophecy.
Arguably the biggest hint about the plot of future books lies in “The Death of Koschei the Deathless,” a Russian fairytale that SJM is clearly inspired by (she didn’t even bother changing the name of the villain). This particular fairytale inspired many others that are somewhat similar to it (the magical number three can be found in each one, always in the form of three sisters), but before I continue, let’s look at what happens in the original fairytale:
When the story opens, Ivan and his three sisters are approaching the death of their parents. Ivan is tasked with ensuring that the young women each find a husband. Indeed, suitors come for each woman: Princess Marya weds a youth who transforms into a falcon; Princess Olga marries a youth who transforms into an eagle; and Princess Anna marries a youth who transforms into a raven.
This is one version. Another one:
Russian folklorist Alexander Afanasyev, stated that the eagle, the falcon and the raven (or crow) are connected to weather phenomena, like storm, rain, wind. He also saw a parallel between the avian suitors from the tale Marya Morevna with the suitors from other Slavic folktales, where they are the Sun, the Moon, and the Wind. 
And another one:
In the Eastern European tale of The Story of Argilius and the Flame-King (Zauberhelene) after his sisters are married to the Sun-king, the Wind-king (or Storm-king) and the Moon-king, [...]
And another one:
In another Russian variant, "Ivan Tsarevich and Marya Marevna,"  the young Ivan Tsarevich takes his sisters for a walk in the garden, when, suddenly, three whirlwinds capture the ladies. Three years later, the Tsarevich intends to court princess Marya Morevna, when, in his travels, he finds three old men, who reveal themselves as the whirlwinds and assume an avian form (the first a raven, the second an eagle and the third a falcon).
And another one:
A Czech fairy tale, O Slunečníku, Měsíčníku a Větrníku, where the prince's sisters are married to the Sun, the Moon and the Wind.
And another one:
A Croatian variant titled "The Tsar's Son and the Víla.” In this tale, the Wind-King, the Sun-King and the Moon-King (in that order) wish to marry the tsar's daughters.
I could honestly go on and on because almost every single culture/country has its own version of the same fairytale, always involving three sisters/daughters, and their three husbands, who are somehow related (either by them all being birds or having a bird-form, or by them being elements).
Now, let’s look at ACOTAR. We have three sisters (Nesta, Elain, and Feyre) and three men who can fly (a raven, an eagle, and a falcon). Or, we could look at it differently. We have three sisters (Nesta, Elain, and Feyre) and three brothers who are bonded in spirit (the Sun, the Moon, and the Wind).
Does this sound familiar?
Tumblr media
Or even:
Tumblr media
The matreshka-style measures protecting Koschei's mortality are, in this case, symbolic representations of the world. The ocean-sea is water, the basin for life; the island is the soil that nurtures it; the oak tree is life itself; the animals are subsistence for the living; and the chest contains natural resources, the most precious one being the egg. 
Fun fact: Koschei is derived from the Slavic word for bone (kostka).
Another fun fact: According to legend, Koschei’s mortality is contained in a needle that’s placed somewhere highly inconvenient and very far. But, finding and breaking it is the only way to destroy him. It’s hidden in an egg, inside a duck, inside a hare that's inside a chest; the chest is buried under the roots of an oak tree, which grows on the invisible island of Buyan, at an undisclosed location in the middle of the ocean-sea.
What does this remind us of?
Tumblr media
Which brings me back to the original fairytale: 
Ivan had three sisters. After his parents die and his sisters marry three wizards, he leaves his home in search of his sisters. He meets Marya Morevna, the beautiful warrior princess, and marries her. After a while she announces she is going to go to war and tells Ivan not to open the door of the dungeon in the castle they live in while she will be away. Overcome by the desire to know what the dungeon holds, he opens the door soon after her departure and finds Koschei, chained and emaciated. Koschei asks Ivan to bring him some water; Ivan does so. After Koschei drinks twelve buckets of water, his magic powers return to him, he tears his chains and disappears. Soon after Ivan finds out that Koschei took Marya Morevna away, and chases him. When he gets him for the first time, Koschei tells Ivan to let him go, but Ivan doesn't give in, and Koschei kills him, puts his remains into a barrel and throws it into the sea. Ivan is revived by his sisters' husbands, powerful wizards, who can transform into birds of prey. They tell him Koschei has a magic horse and Ivan should go to Baba Yaga to get one too, or else he won't be able to defeat Koschei. After Ivan stands Yaga's tests and gets the horse, he fights with Koschei, kills him and burns his body. Marya Morevna returns to Ivan, and they celebrate his victory with his sisters and their husbands.
My question is this: What if we are looking at this wrong? What if this is not what is to come, but a version of what happened when Koschei was imprisoned by the female Fae warrior (Marya Morevna)? This is what we know about the female warrior from the Bone Carver:
Tumblr media
Which brings me to Vassa. At first, I thought that maybe the bloodline runs through the Archeron family, but what if it runs through Vassa’s?
Tumblr media
So why did Koschei want Vassa, specifically? Is it because the female fae’s bloodline runs through her veins? Could it be because she might be the key—or at least part of the key—that will free him from his lake?
Let’s look at this differently. So far, we have:
Marya Morevna (Vassa)
Ivan (Lucien? Jurian? Both?)
Three sisters (Nesta, Elain, Feyre)
Three males who have “bird-form” (Rhys, Cassian, Azriel)
All the players of the original fairytale, coming together again. What if it really is a prophecy? What if this is not a coincidence? What if the Cauldron, as Azriel said, WAS wrong, but was wrong on purpose? To prevent a prophecy from coming true, one that could free Koschei from his prison and unleash him upon the world?
I could go on and on with this post (and I might make another one that involves Elain and how she is directly involved in all of this), but until then, think about it. Three sisters and three brothers might not be as cliché/ridiculous/far-fetched as you might think.
Tumblr media
“The Cauldron chose three sisters. Tell me how it’s possible that my two brothers are with two of those sisters, yet the third was given to another.”
“All three sisters were now High Fae with considerable powers, though only Feyre’s were let loose.”
“All three sisters blessed by fate and gifted with powers to match your own.”
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maggiepalmiter · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
"Her unbound hair was a reddish gold, thick dark eyelashes and brows framing the most stunningly blue eyes I'd ever seen." 🔥 Vassa! Yay! Another piece for the Fancy Underthings Set! The background is EH. But suiting I think. I emailed Red Bubble to day to see if I can get my username changed and once thats dealt with I will have stickers and doodads! I'm planning some new stuff and its the weekend so ill get some sketches up and out for you guys! ❤ thanks for all the love.
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a-sassy-n · 3 years ago
Hear me out
Since Lucien is Helion's heir, doesn't it mean his powers will transfer to Lucien when he dies? Or isn't it possible he got some of Helion's power?
Lucien will be a Spell-Cleaver. He might be the one who breaks Vassa's curse.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can totally picture these two beautiful smol babies being end game! And would be totally fine with it! Vassa | Lucien Art credit: @morgana0anagrom
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rhysand-vs-fenrys · 3 years ago
Do you think there's anything... more to the Band of Exiles (if you get my meaning)?
Jurian was nothing more than an eyeball and a pinky for 500 years.
Vassa has been an apparently well cared for prisoner (with a seriously long leash).
Lucien is… Lucien.
Trust me, there’s been at least one drunken threesome…
… …
and a sober one.
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williamsherondales · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@acotarnet event 3: get to know the members + Julie      Minor characters ↣ V a s s a 
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adriata-archive · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@faenet event: minor characters
As it spread its wings wide, trailing sparks and embers across the waves, and I realized what—who—now flew at that enemy host. A firebird. Burning as hot and furious as the heart of a forge. Vassa—the lost queen.
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librarylore · 3 years ago
The Band of Exiles™ deserves the world.
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tacmc · 3 years ago
Friday Night Lights {ACOTAR}
Chapter 16
Summary: Inspired by the series Friday Night Lights. In a town that is obsessed with football, a group of teenagers are glorified for what they bring to the field. But what the people of Velaris don’t realize is that there is a lot more to life than football, and it’s not always pretty.
Revolves around Cassian, Nesta, Elain, Lucien, Azriel, Morrigan, Amren, Feyre, and Rhysand.
*Warning: This fic deals with sensitive material.
*Note: A chapter will be posted every Sunday & Wednesday.
Click here for previous chapters.
Author’s Note: NSFW. I hope you like. :)
Tumblr media
Cassian’s lips were on hers before he could even close the front door behind them.
He had fumbled for the keys in his pocket once they had arrived, and in the excitement, had dropped them onto the front porch, making Nesta laugh. 
He had held her hand for the short car ride, unable to control his impulses. He had to be touching her. He had to be near her.
When they’d gotten to his house, they had walked up the driveway together until Cassian grabbed her thighs, and lifted her up, her legs wrapped around his waist. Once had finally let them inside, she was kissing him, and Cassian was barely hanging on by a thread.
He was unraveling, slowly, mercifully, in a sense that could only be described as utter euphoria.
The door shut with a soft click, and the silent house was filled with soft moans and heavy breaths as Nesta kicked off her shoes, and Cassian slipped out of his boots.
She had made fun of him when she had picked him up. She said, laughing, Seriously? You wore those shoes to a dance?
Cassian had shrugged. His boots may have been beat up, and they may have seen more in their lifetime than most people, but they were good to him.
Nesta wasn’t laughing anymore, though, not as Cassian hoisted her higher by her ass and slid his mouth along her jawbone.
He walked up the stairs with perfect grace.
Nesta hadn’t said a word since they walked through the door, but the sounds that were flowing freely from her lips were far greater than anything that could be simply defined. Cassian thrived on the way her breath caught, on the gasp of someone caught by pleasant surprise. His heart was pounding, nearly through his chest, as he strutted through the threshold of his bedroom.
He leaned back, and gave her a look, a question brewing in his hazel eyes.
She nodded, subtly, pressing her forehead against his.
The thread snapped.
Cassian fell back into his computer chair, Nesta calmly straddling his lap as she unbuttoned his crimson shirt., one by one. Cassian kept his eyes locked with hers as her nimble fingers gracefully unfastened the buttons.
She pushed the shirt down his arms, and ran her fingers gingerly up his shoulders and down his pecs, and his abdomen. Cassian’s eyelids fluttered shut as she explored his body.
Those beautiful, gentle fingers found the top of his pants, and unfastened the button that held them up.
Cassian grabbed the back of Nesta’s head and pulled her down to him, where their lips met in a primal embrace.
There was no one to interrupt them, not this time – they were completely, utterly alone.
And Cassian wanted to savor every moment.
Her shirt was off, her breasts exposed, her eyes moving with his hands, her soft, pink lips slightly parted.
Cassian took his time running his calloused hands up her sides, over her breasts, up her neck to where he was cupping her face.
They paused, and looked at one another, only a breath away from experiencing something serene. 
Cassian had never witnessed anything so beautiful, so pure as that moment, when they forgot about the rest of the world and nothing mattered but the two of them.
He lied her down on his bed, and she looked ethereal among his flat pillows and plaid blanket, and kissed her, only once, before slipping off her jeans and tossing them onto the rug by his bedside.
Nesta placed her hand lightly against his cheek as he positioned himself, her cheeks flushed from the passion, from the anticipation.
Her eyes closed when he pushed himself inside, and for a moment she looked like she was in pain, but it quickly evaporated.
She found him, then, gray-blue eyes wide and full of wonder as his elbows rested beside her head, one on each side.
He kissed her, and whatever wild passion that was there before had gone, and a gentler presence took its place.
Her legs wrapped around his waist as her hands clung to his back, her fingers digging into the skin just beneath his shoulder blades.
Cassian knew he was beginning to sweat as Nesta’s fingers ran through his shoulder-length hair and tangled themselves within.
He whispered her name, a gentle growl, as his hips collided with hers and she whimpered into his ear.
And when he couldn’t go anymore, and she cried out his name as a blessing and a plea, sweat dripping from his forehead, Cassian felt at peace.
He was no longer thinking about his mother, or his father, or his sister and how he had wronged her so many times within her short life.
No – for the rest of the night, Cassian Nazari could only think about one thing, one person, human, goddess.
And he knew from the moment they were lying side by side, staring into each other’s eyes, that he was in love with Nesta Archeron.
And he was in deep shit for it.
Azriel stopped.
The gym had gone silent, all for Ianthe, who was standing on stage with the mic.
Elain wasn’t stupid. She was looking directly at Azriel, and at first she had seemed confused, but now she just looked nervous.
“I’ll be right back,” he said, apologetically, to Elain. Azriel hurried toward the stage and grabbed Ianthe by the wrist, but not before she said, “There he is!”
The murmurs grew louder as he took her from the microphone, as her horrid laughter filled the air.
Elain stood still in the middle of the gym floor as Azriel drug Ianthe into the hallway.
He dropped her wrist with disdain, as if touching her had burned his skin. “What the hell is your problem?”
She grinned. “I’ve missed you, too.”
He rolled his eyes, unable to control himself. “Cut the shit. I want to know why you’re here, and I want you to tell me now.”
He growled the last word, and her smile disappeared. She crossed her arms. “Can’t I come to check on my son?”
Azriel scoffed. “You don’t have the right to ask that question.”
“He is my son, Az.” He hated that she called him that, a name that his friends called him. It sounded wrong coming from her mouth.
“No, he isn’t,” Azriel laughed, manically. “He is my son and you will stay the hell away from him. I don’t want you to see him. I don’t want you to know about his life. All I care to tell you is that he is a lot better than when you were in the picture. Leaving him with me was the best thing you could have ever done for him.”
For a second she looked hurt, but it quickly disappeared. She was no longer looking at Azriel, but behind him, at who had just slipped out of the gym. “Aren’t you Lucien’s plaything?”
Azriel jerked his head around to where Elain stood, keeping close to the door.
In case she wanted to escape.
“I just came to make sure you were okay,” she said, looking at Azriel. “I can leave you two –“
“No,” Azriel shook his head. “No, Ianthe was just leaving.”
“I was not –“
Footsteps approached, and around the corner came Lucien, his hands shoved in his pockets. He stopped at the sight of the trio: Azriel, Elain, and Ianthe.
“Ah, there’s your boyfriend now,” Ianthe smiled at Elain, and she turned pink to the tips of her ears.
Azriel protectively took a step in front of her, hiding half of her body with half of his as he said, “It’s time for you to leave.”
“You can’t make me –“
“I’ll take you home.”
It was Lucien who spoke, and Ianthe turned to her to raise her brows. “Remembering what you had and lost?”
Lucien rolled his eyes, then looked to Azriel and Elain. “You two enjoy your night.”
He seemed sad, distant, distracted. Yet, he took Ianthe’s hand, rather forcefully, and dragged her down the hall, back toward the school’s main entrance.
Azriel and Elain stood in silence as Azriel worked up the nerve to turn to her, to say anything to her.
Finally, Elain stated, “You’ve dated Ianthe.”
Although it wasn’t a question, Azriel felt the need to answer. “Yes.”
“She is not dating Lucien.”
He hesitated, unsure of why she would bring that up, but Azriel said, “No.”
“But she used to?”
A question. “Yeah, a while ago, I think.”
He turned to face her and saw the tears that were shining in her eyes. “And you’re a dad?”
Azriel nodded, and looked down at his feet, unable to meet her gaze.
“And Ianthe the mother?”
“Yes. But Elain –“
“If those are the kind of girls you chase after, Azriel, I’m not –“
“No! Elain, I –“
“I don’t think this is working,” she said. “And it’s not because you’re a dad, although you should have told me….I’m sorry, I’m just –“ she stopped as a tear fell free, and she shook her head, strands of hair falling from her braid as she did so. “This is too much.”
She took a step to walk away, but Azriel called after her. “Please, Elain, just let me explain.”
Perhaps it was the words in themselves, or perhaps it was the way they had come out strangled and broken.
But she stopped, and kept her back to him as he said, “I didn’t know how to tell you. Most people don’t know about my son – actually, very few people do, and I’m working on changing that….But, I wanted to impress you. And before you say anything, I know the stereotypes about teenage parents, so don’t tell me that fact wouldn’t have affected how you see me. You are kind, Elain, but even the kindest of souls can make judgments.” She said nothing, and he felt like he was going down the wrong path so he took a deep breath before continuing, “Ianthe and I had a fling, a little over a year ago, when I was incredibly drunk and stupid……I didn’t even know she was pregnant until there was a baby left on my front porch nine months later. I love my son, Elain. He is beautiful and innocent in all of this, but I hate Ianthe. I don’t hate people, Elain, but I hate her. And I hate myself for what I did with her that night, but I don’t regret it because I love my son.” He hated himself for revealing his emotions, for crying in front of someone on a first date, but he was pretty sure this date was headed straight to Hell, anyway, and he didn’t want to give up just yet. So, he let it out. He let everything out. “I became a father at seventeen. I wake up, give him a bottle, go to school, go to practice, then go home to see him for an hour just before he goes to bed. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time, and everyday I feel like I’m not doing him justice, but I’m doing the best I can. I know I should have told you, and I know that me telling you now probably doesn’t make a difference, but all I’m asking for is a chance. I’ve wanted to get to know you since the moment I saw you walk into homeroom on your first day. You are beautiful, and kind, and smart, and way too good for me. And if you want to walk away, and never talk to me again, I will respect that, but I would love nothing more than to finish this night with you.”
She didn’t say anything at first, but he saw her straighten her back and lift her chin high. “Will you take me home?”
Disappointment flooded Azriel’s body as he nodded, “Of course.”
“To your home,” she clarified, and met his eyes. Her eyes had cleared, although she still had questions that demanded answers brewing within. And Azriel was not at all prepared when she said, “I want to meet your son.”
“What the fuck is your problem?”
Lucien resisted the urge to throw Ianthe’s hand down, and simply dropped it as if it were nothing.
“I don’t have a problem,” Ianthe smiled, innocently. “I simply wanted to see the father of my child. Jealous?”
Lucien froze. “What?”
“Of course, you wouldn’t know,” she crooned. “Before you, Azriel and I hooked up and made a baby. Looks like Elain isn’t the only girl you two have in common.”
A baby. She had a baby with Azriel. She had a baby with him when they were together, and he had never even known.
Lucien scowled. “You’re a bitch.”
“I know,” she shrugged, “I accepted that a long time ago. Well, you’ve done your duty, you’ve dragged me away from the dance. Now Azriel and the doe-eyed girl can live happily ever after. Is there where you take me home and make sweet, sweet love to me?”
“I would literally rather light myself on fire,” Lucien mumbled.
All he could think about was Vassa.
He was horrible to her. Of course, she liked him, and he felt ridiculous for missing all the signs.
And there were a lot of them.
He loved Vassa, although it had always been as a friend. But she was perfect for him. She was kind, smart, humble, and he had taken advantage of her for years.
He was an asshole.
“I know that look. I see it from men all the time. Realizing you and I have a lot more in common than you’d like me to believe?”
Lucien’s eyes narrowed. “I am nothing like you.”
“Are you sure?” she asked. “We both hurt those we care about and scare people away in the end, don’t we?”
“No,” he snapped, but he wasn’t so sure as Vassa’s face flashed through his mind.
Ianthe grinned. “You and I were made for each other, Luc. The sooner you realize it, the sooner we can be togeth –“
“Will you quit trying to ruin people’s lives?” Lucien yelled through gritted teeth. “You think this is a game! It’s not a game, Ianthe, and you’re not the puppeteer! We are people, and you can’t just come on in here after everything that you’ve done to all these people and do whatever the hell you want! You and I are nothing alike, do you want to know why? Because you are a heartless woman who thrives on people’s pain!”
She simply stood, and watched, a small smile playing on her lips. “Are you done?”
“No,” he said, running a hand through his deep red hair. “No, I’m not done, but I’m done with you. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”
He was going to go to Vassa’s, and he would get down on his knees if he had to. There weren’t a lot of good girls out there, and he wouldn’t let this one slip through his fingers.
Ianthe didn’t stop him as he pushed past her and ran to his car.
Feyre and Rhysand had danced the entire night.
He hadn’t even known that much time had flown by, and when he looked at his watch, Feyre slid her hand up his arm.
“Want to get out of here?” she asked, whispering into his ear.
Rhysand couldn’t say yes fast enough.
There was still a lot of night left to go in the Velaris High gymnasium, but there was only one person Rhysand wanted to spend his night with.
And she was holding his hand as they walked to the parking lot.
Chapter 17 spoiler: NSFW.
Coming tomorrow, 2/11.
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ferian-gap · 3 years ago
MBTI as characters from the ACoTaR Series
INTJ: Azriel (quick and strategic mind, hardworking, independent, determined, clueless in romance)
INTP: Amren (abstract thinker, imaginative, objective, honest and straightforward, insensitive)
ENTJ: Lucien (charismatic, confident, witty, arrogant, poor at handling emotions)
ENTP: Jurian (knowledgeable, quick thinker, original, excellent brainstormer, insensitive and argumentative)
INFJ: Feyre (creative, inspiring, passionate, altruistic, sensitive)
INFP: Elain (idealistic, passionate, generous, seeks and values harmony, can be too idealistic)
ENFJ: Rhys (charismatic, reliable, altruistic, natural leader, can be too selfless)
ENFP: Mor (excellent communicator, popular and friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, occasionally highly emotional)
ISTJ: Nesta (honest and direct, strong-willed, practical, stubborn, judgmental)
ISFJ: Nephelle (hard-working, loyal, reliable, imaginative, humble & shy)
ESTJ: The Suriel (dedicated, strong-willed, direct and honest, loyal, patient, reliable)
ESFJ: Viviane (strong sense of duty, loyal, good at connecting with others, sensitive and warm, worried about social status)
ISTP: Vassa (optimistic, energetic, relaxed, spontaneous, stubborn)
ISFP: Aranae (imaginative, sensitive, passionate, artistic, easily stressed)
ESTP: Cassian (bold, perceptive, sociable, direct, risk-prone)
ESFP: Tarquin (bold, original, observant, excellent people skills, conflict-averse)
Throne of Glass version
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
My fancast for Amren.
"She was several inches shorter than me, her chin-length black hair glossy and straight, her skin tan and smooth, and her face-- pretty, bordering on plain-- was bored, if not mildly irritated. But Amrens eyes... Her silver eyes were unlike anything I'd ever seen; a glimpse into the creature that I knew in my bones wasn't High Fae. Or hadn't been born that way."
"The silver in Amrens eyes seemed to swirl like smoke under glass. But her face... I wondered if Amren had modeled her own features after a similar bloodline when she'd bound herself into her Fae body: the sharp chin, round cheeks, and stunning uptilted eyes."
My fancast links for ACOTAR and TOG are below!
Feyre Archeron
Nesta Archeron
Elain Archeron
Lucien Vanserra
Helion Spell Cleaver
Kallias and Viviane
Nesryn Faliq
Dorian Havilliard
Chaol Westfall
Yrene Towers
Manon Blackbeak
Elide Lochan
Lorcan Salvaterre
*All photo edits are done by me
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