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#vasthy mompoint

Performed by: Gavin Lee, Lauralyn McClelland, Vasthy Mompoint, Oneika Phillips, Christina Sajous, Jon Rua, Danny Skinner, Ethan Slater, Robert Taylor Jr., and ensemble

Numbers: “Bikini Bottom Day,” “Super Sea Star Savior,” and “Best Day Ever”

Choreographer: Christopher Gattelli

Style: Broadway

From: The Spongebob Musical: Live on Stage! (2019)

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izzymccalla My Haitian sister is premiering her solo show @54belowtonight and she’s gonna rock the house! She often inspires me to look at her with love, use our magical powers, and eat her face as these pictures show. So grateful to have you as a friend Vasthy. Tonight will be incredibly special!  .



#54below #mesibondye #haiti #haitiansisters #vasthyispretty

frostyvasthy❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🙌🏿 I love you

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frostyvasthy: On January 19TH, 2017 at 5:30PM, in each time zone, we will gather at theaters all across the country to create “light” for the dark times ahead. We will make, or renew, a pledge to stand up for and protect the values of inclusion, participation and compassion for everyone regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin or sexual identity/orientation, or mental/physical disability.
Join the movement.


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