princedorianstorm · 2 days ago
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Vax’ildan in The Legend of Vox Machina Trailer
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burr-ell · 10 hours ago
what if we get full flashbacks to baby vax and vex??? what if we get flashbacks to their childhood in byroden??? what if they get cute lil baby half-elf kiddo voices??? what then??????
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quinn-of-aebradore · 2 days ago
VM Relationship Moodboards
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Grog & Pike
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Keyleth & Percy
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Vex & Vax
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silvernights123 · a day ago
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In honor of TLOVM coming out in 12 days
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dinah-lance · 2 days ago
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┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌
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sleepyjaneart · 12 hours ago
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Just realized that it’s pretty late, but here are some sketches I just did of VM. Just to see if I still remembered their design while keeping the lines quick and simple.
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yourfavefucksvampires · 18 hours ago
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Vax'ildan from Critical Role fucks vampires!
requested by @quinn-of-aebradore
art by Tyrone Anderson
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annadrawspoorly · 3 hours ago
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With only 10 days to go until the release of Legend of Vox Machina, here’s a piece that’s been in the works for quite a while!! The VM Stained Glass Window!!
I plan on releasing the line-art to Tumblr on the day of the release for the purposes of printing and colouring, so keep an eye out for that!! (It’s already available on my Twitter if you want as well!)
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theresistanceneverquits · 2 days ago
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kareenvorbarra · 9 hours ago
the single line in campaign one that i think best represents Vox Machina is something Vax says to Desmond (the Briarwoods’ carriage driver) in ep 27: “We may be fuck-ups, but we’re not without ability.”
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alternate-fandom · 5 days ago
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The Legend of Vox Machina Trailer + text posts
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mophamsa · 3 months ago
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wildmelora · 3 months ago
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Vax and Grog in The Ledgend of Vox Machina - NYCC Live Read with Animation
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fwishbone · 2 months ago
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he’s in good hands
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hipsters-watch-tv · 11 days ago
The Twins, even now
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suraelis · 18 days ago
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All the playable characters in the main Critical Role campaign
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your-turn-to-role · 26 days ago
fascinated every time i see vax meta that describes his death as the raven queen cashing in the deal he made to save vex
like this isn't a post criticising those writers, don't get me wrong, write whatever poetry works, but like, that's not what happened
maybe enough people just haven't seen the end of c1 or don't remember it well enough that this is what circulates in the fandom consciousness? or maybe the opinions of vex and percy and keyleth that the raven queen is evil speaks louder than vax's opinion that she only ever acted fairly
but like. vax's first deal, to resurrect vex, the raven queen never demanded his life for that. or, she did, but not in the sense of "you will die"
i said a while ago i should do a meta about the raven queen and her perspective and maybe this is it but, the raven queen never demands death of mortals. why would she? she doesn't need to. everyone will visit her eventually, and she's a very patient woman
the only thing she hates is when people go against her. not with a resurrection, she has no problem with resurrection spells, especially if the death in question interferes with that person's destiny (she's the keeper of fate, as well). no, she despises the undead and the immortal, people who plan to never return to her, people who have warped their own destiny to survive long after their thread ended.
and vax called on her first. he invoked her name in a temple made to worship her, next to the body of her former champion, and said "take me instead". that was his offer, to shift fate just enough for the resurrection spell to work, and in a place so full of her power she couldn't ignore it (and this is, by word of matt, why there were no problems with kashaw calling on vesh to resurrect vex, or why vax's soul deal with the hag never went anywhere - the raven queen has the power here, and part of her side of this deal was keeping them away). but killing vax would just be pointless. what she needed was a new champion on exandria, someone she could act through from behind the divine gate to rid the world of the undead and immortal, those who spited her deliberately
and then she called on vax to meet with her. the first time in the blood pool, they talked, and they hashed this deal out properly. she resurrected vex. he would be her champion. and together they would keep the web of fate in order
there were no additional clauses to that deal. vax may have worried often that he was going to die, for a variety of reasons (mostly dragons), but the raven queen never intended to "call it in", because there was nothing to call in. both sides of the deal were fulfilled as soon as vax multiclassed into paladin
all the more clear when vax got killed by the kraken, and the raven queen had no problem letting him return. it was not his fate to die there, so he didn't
but then came vecna, the raven queen's arch nemesis, who had already flouted every rule she had
and a disintegrate spell
and disintegrate is a particularly evil form of murdering someone, because resurrection spells don't work on disintegrate. there's no body to give life into, no place for a soul to return. not even the raven queen can undo a disintegrate, not fully
vecna killed vax, not the raven queen
and yes, there is one solution in game for disintegrate. because 9th level spells can be power beyond even gods, there's a reason scanlan was saving a wish. but true resurrection lets you simply speak the name of anyone who's died in the past 200 years and they will appear before you, alive and whole again. the raven queen is okay with resurrection spells, but, in matt's own words, that crosses the line. she doesn't have that power, not like that, and if she allowed mortals to use it without punishment, there would be absolute anarchy, the web of fate would be destroyed
and vax also knew this. according to liam, he wouldn't have gone along with a true res anyway, because it would go against everything the raven queen stands for, everything he'd spent the last year and a half protecting
but he couldn't just leave his friends to die
so vax made a second deal. this man is enemy to both of us. let me help defeat him. and when it's done, i'll do what i promised, and keep you company here for as long as you need me.
(and this was something else vax saw, the raven queen isn't like the other gods, she murdered her way into the pantheon and the other gods don't trust her. there are no souls in her domain, she's not allowed to keep them, she just collects them and moves them on to their final destination. and she's been so lonely for so long)
so she did what she could. she couldn't restore him, but she could give him an avatar made of her power, something that would help him defeat vecna, for everyone's sake. but it couldn't be sustained indefinitely. that would be an act against her own domain. and it's a tragedy that vax couldn't stay with his family for longer. it's not an ending any party involved would have chosen, the raven queen included
but it's a lot more complicated than "vax gave his life for his sister". he gave it for all of his family, which by the end, the raven queen was part of
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dinindourden · 23 days ago
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VAX’ILDAN&VEX’AHLIA in Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins III (2021) #1-4
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wildnoutinwildemount · 28 days ago
Vax being all smooth in that clip is so funny when you remember this is the same guy who, in the same arc, gets caught in a chamber with The Big Bad Necromancer Bitch and her vampire trophy husband, so he panics and basically asks if they want a threesome before almost dying of exsanguination.
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sky-scribbles · 2 months ago
In an alleyway in Jrusar, a man lies on his back, torn open and still. Blood seeps through the cracks between the cobblestones. Pale, stiff hands still clutch the hilt of a rapier.
In the silent halls of a temple in Vasselheim, a handmaiden of the Raven Queen stops, mid-stride. She stands motionless, lips parted, as if listening to something that no one else can hear. She lowers her head, and her hands curl into fists at her sides. Then she breathes in, slow and deep, and keeps walking.
And somewhere, nowhere, a black-haired man with dark-feathered wings holds out his hand. Bertrand Bell, his coat free of bloodstains and his back straighter than it has been in years, reaches out to take it.
Then stops. Falters, his hand dropping. ‘Oh,’ he says. And then, ‘Look, I – I’m sure this is a very important and sacred duty of yours, but – are you sure? Now?’
The Raven Queen’s champion does not answer.
‘It’s not that I’m scared. No. That would be –’ An attempt at a laugh, which devolves into a stuttering mess. ‘No. Of course not. It’s just that, you know –’
‘Bertrand Bell.’ The champion’s voice is not harsh, but it is commanding. ‘Your last gamble has been made. Come. I will guide you across the veil.’
His hand is still extended. Bertrand stares at it, his fingers clenching and unclenching at his side. ‘It’s just… you know, I really think I could make something of this little band. And they could do with some more guidance. From the right person, you understand.’ He taps his chest, a little above the place where his body, back in the alleyway, is riven by a still-bleeding wound. ‘It would be poor form to go off and just leave them. They need leadership, they need someone experienced to help them into shape, they need –’
The champion says nothing. Waits.
Bertrand swallows. Blinks a few times, rapidly. ‘They’re very young, is all. You know what they’re like at that age. Overconfident, still trying to hone their skills. I’d feel awful, to be honest, if anything happened to them. That fellow, the blue one, sat up late with me. The tall one with the horns bought me a drink, and the young lady with the purple hair bid me a very polite goodnight –’
The sentence trails away into the more-than-silence around them. Bertrand looks down, at nothing. Over his shoulder, at where his body lies on the cobblestones. He bites his lip hard.
The Raven Queen’s champion lowers his hand. ‘Do not fear for them. They will be all right,’ he says. And in a tone somehow lighter, less ancient-sounding than before, he adds, ‘Shits like them always are.’
Bertrand looks away from his own corpse, and frowns at the champion. There is something familiar, he thinks, to this face, and to that fleeting dry smile. ‘Do I know you?’
‘No. But you once walked beside a sister of mine by blood, and a sister of mine by oath, to save the soul of a brother of mine by choice. Now I will walk beside you in turn.’ He gestures to the pin on Bertrand’s lapel. ‘Your life was not the life you wished for, nor the one you liked to say that you had. But what was done with it – what you chose to make of it – it touched the world in ways that mattered.’
‘Well, naturally.’ Bertrand smiles, and if the smile shakes, the Champion does not mention it.
He takes one step forward, then hesitates. ‘You’re sure they’ll be all right?’
The champion nods. ‘They have each other.’
Bertrand takes another step, and the champion turns to walk at his side. When Bertrand stops again, he stops too, looking at him without impatience, without frustration.
‘I wish –’ Bertrand begins. ‘I mean, I’m not trying to be choosy, it’s just…’ He waves a hand toward the alleyway. ‘It could have been a little more dignified, don’t you think?’
And Vax’ildan, Champion of the Raven Queen, opens his wings. An expanse of black feathers encircles Bertrand’s back, like a shroud, like an embrace.
‘Bertrand Bell,’ he says. ‘You faced your fate without flinching, without fleeing, with your sword in your hand. And you leave something new behind you.’ He looks into Bertrand’s eyes, his voice firm, and so very kind. ‘You have every dignity in the world.’
Bertrand bows his head. Swallows again. He could say, perhaps, well, of course I do, young sir, or, was there ever any doubt? Instead he lets out a quiet breath and says, ‘Thank you.’
He looks over his shoulder again, at the slumped form in the alleyway that no longer seems to belong to him. ‘If it’s not an inconvenience, could you – give me a little time?’
Wordlessly, Vax’ildan nods.
The two of them stand and wait, outside the world, outside time. They watch until a soft amber light rises up into the alleyway, spreading slowly up the walls. The sky flushes red, then blue. Over the mountains, the sun rises.
Bertrand closes his eyes. He stands there a little longer. And then, satisfied, he turns to his companion. ‘All right. I’m at your disposal. Where to?’
They walk away together, their strides matched. The colours of dawn spill out before them, a warm and waiting light.
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