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#vedu <3
humansdni · 24 days ago
knock knock
kaun hai
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gopikanyari · 4 months ago
best way to eat soup is with hand
I was coming to that bestie
atma nirbhar ✊🏼😔
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noor-e-nazr · 4 days ago
sonsg you think are underrated GO
mann kasturi from masaan
jia, omar mukhtar
jiya dhadak dhadak jaye, rahat fateh ali khan
meri sanson mein, udit narayan
filhaal, towers
harmukh bartal, jaan nissar lone, sniti mishra
choo lo, the local train
nasha, ali noor
breathless, shankar mahadevan
aaj kal, umer farooq
ambar, raghu dixit
rangi saari, kavita and kanishk seth
yea i guess that's it
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aadyeah · 4 months ago
Dil se pooch le
jaan se pooch le
jahaan se pooch le
Dil se pooch le
jaan se pooch le
jahaan se pooch le
Tujhpe hai sirf mera haqqI love you o girlboss
I love you o girlboss
i love you o girlboss
koi shaq wassup
I love you o girlboss
I love you o girlboss
i love you o girlboss
koi shaq wassup
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zehenaseeb · 6 days ago
loving this theme so much BYE
aw thank yOU VEDU
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more-like-reyna · 3 months ago
"we used to hook-up" PAXTON HALL YOSHIDA STOP IT (also bestie im on the seventh episode and thank you for tagging spoilers 😭)
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psycho-mocha · 4 months ago
woof woof woof
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tellywoodtrash · a month ago
bade acche lagte hain 2 30.08.21 lb
this better be worth the time i'm not using to watch my hotass korean show (Mad Dog) or i'm gonna get captain holt lvl of huffy.
Tumblr media
entry of nakuul sir to sad khnh heartbeat theme to establish sadboi credentials.
damn, ib camera work really did the most to make him look taller and more imposing huh? dude looking kinda puny here.
chick he's here to meet for...... breakup/goodbye/whatever looks suitably apologetic for the misery she about to cause.
he's promising this woman (vedu) that he'll accomplish something (oooooooooh mystery, but lbr, it's prolly that he'll move on/get married or some such shit) by agli baarish. seems like a weird way to establish a deadline, what with climate change and our weather patterns being totally fucked up, but.... ok whatever works for y'all.
music has transitioned to prem's tune from dum lagake haisha to REALLLLLLLLLLLY drive home point ki THIS IS A GOOD MAN WITH LOTS OF HEART, HE IS WORTHY OF TRUST THIS SOFT MAN. he better be coz i've put up with 3+ years of him playing an absolute demon, so........... i deserve this.
ok some creep is chup ke taking video of them. ok??? they're just standing a very respectable distance apart and talking very calmly. what's the point of taking video of that????
oh god samajh gaye na ki achcha aadmi hai, itna bhi don't beat us over the head with his niceness.
anyway, phir se resolute vaada has been delivered that he'll fulfill her wish by next year.
vedu going in for grateful feelsy hug but weather is cockblocking.
ofc he is a manic pixie baarish enjoyer. pft.
vedu like yeah ok mereko pneumonia nahi chahiye and peaces out, while sir vows internally his ek tarfa pyaar will last all life. yeah, let's see, bro. let's see.
video lene waale creep ka creep boss decides to hang on to that totally fucking non-controversial video as blackmail material. ok?????? such low stakes bs i swear.
1 saal baaad......... ram has upgraded to shiny silver shoes. guess he's been pandemic shopping for absolute nonsense things to just feel something on the inside, like the rest of us,
his friend/chamcha/whatever is asking him about the promise he gave vedika a year ago, and there's something about behen ki engagement, while ram is too busy snacking. same, bro, same.
his delhi waala asst introduces himself as varun and ram's like.... i'll call you tarun, i call all my assistants tarun. um ok wtf????? you can't be arsed to just remember the names of ppl who work with you????? ALSO IT'S JUST ONE LETTER DIFFERENT, YOU CAN'T REMEMBER THAT AND CALL HIM BY HIS GIVEN NAME????? GOD. I HATE RICH PPL.
backstory time; vedika went and married someone else, and wants her brother in law to marry ram's sister shivi. ok idgi, ismein itna bada promise waali kya baat thi???
anyway sadboi ram is like oh it's gonna be sooooo great, it'll be me and vedu, pandit hoga, dj hoga, ppl will come and dance and celebrate.... but it'll be someone else's shaadi. and i'm totallyyyyyy fine with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
friend/chamcha is like........ ummmmm ok sus, but whatever, i don't have the mental bandwidth to delve into this, so come let's do some random comedy. (which still isn't nakuul's strength. he only works when he's playing straight man to shenanigans happening around him, than participating in it himself.)
blah blah meeting time, where he throws around lotta buzzwords and jesus christ, i am so glad i don't have to sit in corporate meetings anymore.
character exposition time from chamcha to new asst varun/tarun: ram is best dealmaker businessman ever, a hypochondriac, insomniac, has sabse bada dil, loves his family beyond all else, and is a foodie extraordinaire. wow what an innovative and never seen before type of character played by nakuul mehta.
varun/tarun is asking chamcha friend what hopes he has for ram's life and future and like........ who are these ppl who think about their bosses like this? like, i don't give one flying fuck about my boss's life outside of work hours; as far as i'm concerned, they go back and lie in their coffins like vampires, till it's time to rise and make employees' lives difficult again.
anyway chamcha friend is like my friend is a lost child and i just want someone to help him come home. man fuck off, this dude looks perfectly sane and sensible and like he has a handle on all the shit in his life, so fuck off with this infantalizing bs. he doesn't need some woman to "fix" him.
moving to some college debate class where a chick is raving about mumbai ki baarish being an ~~~~~emotion~~~~, and like..... dude, have you seen your city's infrastructure????
the gen z college audience is like snapping their fingers to show agreement, and omg lol whutttttttt??????? is this a real thing young'uns do these days???? can't wait for when this gen reaches parliament.
priya is sitting in this class (evaluating/auditing it?) and scoffing at this trite romantic bs and gotta say she's a WHOLEASS MOOD.
snotty backbenchers are judging her (the new eng lit teacher.) whatever brats. focus on your snap streak or reel transitions or whatever it is that you kids these days care about.
passionate rain loving girl is like EXCUSE YOU MAAM WITH THE ROLLY EYES DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY BASICASS BAARISH LOVING PERSONALITY and priya's friend is like oh god don't start, they're just rich spoilt kids...... priya is like, if they're rich and spoilt, they're not kids, and if they're kids, they shouldn't be so spoilt..... logic is shaky but passable, but this isn't going to execute well sis.
priya destroys this pluviophile college crowd with her middle class logic and rationality and they cannot seem to handle the realness, coz they all like...........
Tumblr media
cut to ram wanting pakode coz its thundering. casually skipping over fact that he just got a 400 cr deal signed in that meeting. pft.
cut to snotty kids bitching about how priya is pakau coz she's 32 and single and is "frustrated". because.......... we can't give ourselves orgasms????
anyway priya and her friend roll their eyes at the kids and their belief in "true wuv" as they discuss friend's divorce case and alimony issues, with patented balaji heroine dukhiyaari theme music in bg.
kids following her and saying the only man in her frustrated life is her autowaala. and honestly lemme tell y'all, that's the only reliable man needed in life.
priya's brother is ram's sister shivi's ex and he's depressed about her engagement to someone else and she has to go to some bakery to cheer him up or something.
shivi is in a snit about wanting last minute vegan cupcakes and not liking any of the shoes she has at her disposal, while ram tries to talk sense into her but..... ok i think i just don't care about ppl who are rich AND young. their issues are extra unworthy to me.
ram like she wants leather shoes and vegan cupcakes???? make it make sense, pls. he's right and he should say it.
anyway i think priya's fam runs the bakery snob sister wants her cupcakes from.
priya surrounded by a buncha lovelorn idiot siblings and is the only voice of sense here.
ram is calling to order the vegan cupcakes which should have no anda no sugar no maida and he's like what's even in these, hawa????
priya is like yeah these are our special ameeron ke chonchlein waale cupcakes with extra hawa, thanks for asking.
some bantering and bickering about him being kind of a rich dumbass and her totally not here for that bs.
lol he's like can i have a normal non healthy waala cupcake and she's like ok these are all the flavours we have, and he's like is there an "all in one" type, and she's like "nahi, aaj tak kisi ne itna laalach nahi kiya." lmaooooooooooooo.
before hanging up he asks if it's raining in mumbai (he's in delhi) and she's like oh great another fucking one of these baarish loving freaks.
omg one of his..... brothers???? is that ponky fellow from naagin 5. he has done cupcake pickup (800 cupcakes fit in in the trunk???? huh), one of which ram swiftly shoves in his gaping maw.
priya's siblings trying to keep her in the bakery after closing time, idk for what joy; while ram obsesses over gaadi ka ac not cooling enough and his eyes being red or some such...... idk man, i really don't care for rich ppl's problems.
he's switching out his silver shoes for gold ones. ick.
chamcha friend's name is adi and his wife is calling and she's mad and ram has been put on video call to cool her down. post hanging up, some stupid haha wives suck, they only feed you tinde kinda bs jokes.
priya is getting little toooo worked up over this romantic baarish spiel. sis, it's not thaaat deep. chill.
adi making some jab teri shaadi hogi jokes and ram gets all smiley sad again with khnh sad tune in bg.
priya ka bhi koi past heartbreak trauma ubhar aa raha hai and like...... get therapy sis.
ram ka car breakdown. rickshaw lena padega.
guess who else is standing on same street, cussing at the rain, and has her hand out for an auto.
she gets the auto first and he's standing outside haggling saying he'll pay double triple and all (they can't see each other coz she's lowered the rain shade on that side) and auto waala is like fml i hate my job i just wanna go home.
auto starts to drive away when priya hears ram lamenting ki meri behen ki sagaai hai yaaaaaar, and stops the auto to let him in, but his friends hailed another cab or something by then and he heads towards that.
precap: ram rushes in saying omg everyone must be waiting for meeeeeeee and i delayed the function, while engagement is full on going ahead without him only. priya's brother asks her how she felt about some maitreyi didi marrying her ex bf and she's like idgaf. shivi seems to have run away and come to priya's house (i guess back to her ex?) and ram's mom proposes priya and him get married. phew. too much information in 30 seconds.
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thepanipurisimp · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
hello vedu <3
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humansdni · 24 days ago
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Yes imade a presentation!!
(and yes it's the one I made for vedu but I didn't wanna make another presentation dddf)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also you should try Cinderella is dead i liked it <3
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noor-e-nazr · 4 days ago
sometimes i forget youre in eigth grade small baby uwu 😩
im in eighth grade but im a demon child uwu
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aadyeah · 3 months ago
your current “on repeat” song
a song your friend introduced you to that you ended up loving
a song that speaks the words you couldn’t say
a song that captures your aesthetic (can be ideal!)
hi! please dont make me choose one (1) song <3
1. your current “on repeat” song
check it out tysm
2. a song your friend introduced you to that you ended up loving
@some-major-ishues has great music taste (honestly, its whatever buzzing on tiktok but i didn't say that) NO BUT FOR REAL FAE HAS GREAT TASTE in music
out of the h u nd r e d s of songs they've made me listen to my faves are
cupids chokehold
hug all your friends - cavetown
t h e e n ti re ma ne sk in d i s co g r a p h y
me and my husband - mitski
3. a song that speaks the words you couldn’t say
4. a song that captures your aesthetic (can be ideal!)
honestly, id say this entire playlist @weird-u made for my birthday
thanks for the ask!
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da-nije-ljubav · 11 months ago
ljubav je smisao života
priča mi čovjek za šankom
dok cigaru mota
Ljepota njena se ne može
ni s čim mjerit
reče mi krvavih očiju
i ode rakiju potegnut
Zove se Alma
i sjedila je sama u klupi
ja joj prosu
neki fazon glupi
Reko dže si curo zgodna
ona kaže da me pozna
ti si Mahir osmi dva
već te dugo gledam ja
Bilo je pola dva, april peti
Mahir se sjeti
odmah smo se zaljubili
i pred svima poljubili
Hodali smo skolom
držali se za ruku
djelili istu klupu i užinu
i imali istu družinu
Istu srednju školu
s njom sam pjevo u horu
izigravo foru
vozili se na mom motoru
Ja, Alma i Tomos
imali smo mali kosmos
svoje drvo uz Savu
stotinu djece u planu
Svoje pjesme, svoje priče
naša hrana, naše piće
nase zvijezde i nas grad
sjećam se ko sad
Rekla je Mahire bojim se
pazi da me ne boli
bojo sam se i ja
al' sam znao da me pravo voli
Ja i Alma goli
i njoj i meni prvi puta
bilo je ljeto i Ficibajr
naše drvo pored puta
Nikad neću zaboravit
taj miris trave
u očima zvjezde kako sjaje
topli vjetar sa Save
Taj dim cigare
moj izgubljeni pogled
jednog dana bit ću ti žena
a ti moj čovjek
Konobar, daj još jednu
ja izvadi siće
donesi Mahiru piće
da čujem ostatak ove priče
On svoj konjak sastavi
pa priču meni nastavi
Almini starci
su bili na rastavi
Nije mogla više trpit
non stop svađe
pa je kod mene živila rađe
dok se sama negđe ne snađe
Međutim to se odužilo
na jedno dvije godine
pa smo prešli u stan
kod moje bližnje rodbine
Reko hajmo se oženit
datum svadbe 3. maj
na svadbu ćemo pozvat
cijeli nas kraj, tu je bio kraj
Dan prije vjenčanja
došlo je do sranja
ona bila je kod matere
tam' će dočekat svatove
Al' umjesto svatova ljudi
pale su granate
pobjegla je s materom
kod svoje tetke Fate
Svi znate, bila je panika
spasi živu glavu
ja sam preplivo Savu
imo sreću pravu
Probo sam je nazvat
međutim pukle su veze
Alma je mrtva, Alma je mrtva
to su bile riječi Kreze
Krezo lažeš, lažeš Krezo
jebat ću ti sve
ne lažem Mahire matere mi
evo pitaj Alije
Alija reci nešto
ljudi nemojte me sad zajebavat
vidio sam kako je pala
kad je pošla pretrčavat
I mrtva je sto posto
jer ja sam zadnji osto
poginuli su još dvojica
Što sam ih po nju poslo
Bez zraka sam osto
sedam dana nisam mogo jest
čeko sam svaki dan
da neko kaže neku vijest
Al' ništa ni vijesti
ni života u meni
samo alkohol u mojoj veni
i sjećanje o jednoj zeni
Otišo sam u Njemačku
i počeo tam' radit
reko lakše ću je zaboravit
i malo ću se oporavit
Dan za danom, 12 sati dnevno
radio sam vrijedno
poso i rad samo
da zaboravim na rat
Godine su prolazile
i naniza ih se već 6
završen je rat
u Bosni je to već stara vijest
Šta cu dole, nemam ništa
tu sam sebi život stvorio
ma hajmo dole na par dana
moj frend me nagovorio
Došo sam dole
i bilo je sve u najboljem redu
dok nisam sreo, koga
Alminog rođaka Vedu
Đe si Mahire, đe si Vedo
evo kaže baš sam sada
kod Alme kreno
zar si seno Vedo šta me zezaš
pa Alma je živa šta ti to ne znaš
Noge mi se odrezaše
i sve slike naše došle mi na oči
vodi me Vedo moram do nje doći
ma neće moći, reko molim, on mi
kaže, pa Alma se udala za kebu
s njime čeka bebu i to drugu
prošle godine mu je rodila curu
Dade mi broj telefona
odma sam je bio nazvo
reko halo Alma izvini
jebiga nisam ni ja znao
Tako poče razgovor
2 sata smo plakali
jedno drugom se jadali
dok smo zajedno razgovarali
Izvini Mahire
takva je sudbina bila
ako ti išta znači
kćer mi se sad zove Mahira
Nisam znala đe si nisi mi se javljo
udala sam se za kebu
i sad ga volim ono pravo plaho
hajde zdravo, zdravo, vidimo se sutra
Evo sad sam tu
konobar daj nam sad
još jednu ljutu
Pa reko šta ćeš sad
hoćeš se ić nac s njom sutra
sjedi Edo pit' ćemo do jutra
kapnu mu suza ljuta
Diže se on, kaže, izvinite ljudi
odoh sad pišat
zaću se pucanj
i sva raja poce vrištat
Izletio sam odma da vidim šta je to
mercedes, krvavi pištolj
i Mahir se je ubio
(ubi se, a šteta bio mlad čovjek)
Edo Maajka - Mahir i Alma
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more-like-reyna · 3 months ago
kamala LOML
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psycho-mocha · 7 months ago
i know you are writing an exam rn but im providing you lobe by keeping your phone warm from all the asks and messages uwu
you’re keeping my phone warm enough to iron my damn shirt with it <3
i love it dont stop
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some-major-ishues · 7 months ago
💧- I’ll send some iconic texts ❣️ - I’ll tell you which vine you remind me of 🍁 your song is Latas theme. im sending dis on anon cuz i don follow da rools, (pls tag me in the answer ishi ily you perfect hoe oki bye)
"don't follow da rules" swag swag sis
💧 :
Tumblr media
where king simp is @arrigatoroy 😌
❣️ :
you remind me of this vine :)
🍁: I'll give you three songs that remind me of u
1) Kabhi Kabhi Aditi
2) Tere Naina
3) Hrudayat Vaje Something
4) Dil to Baccha Hai
+ tandoori naits ofc :)
@weird-u uwu hope u like dis :3
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with-love-anu · 9 months ago
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humansdni · 24 days ago
गुड़ मॉर्निंग 😋🍌मैसेज😲 देख 👀कर 🙃कभी💬 नाराज़😣 मत👎🏻 होना🤘🏻 मेरे 😊दोस्तों💞🤝🏻💕 ये👈🏻 कोई😏 *टाइम पास*🐍🥵 नहीं, ❎🤬 आपकी🤩फ़िक्र😩🤘🏻 का😒 एहसास 🍔है😢👌 । सु 🥺परभात💐🎂 Very🥰gud🙋🏻‍♀️mornen🌱💕
choose your weapon
Tumblr media
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imaginejolls · 11 months ago
český Tinder je peklo
tady je několik důvodů, proč prostě nefunguje:
1. lidi absolutně odmítají psát jako první. nevím proč. mně to vůbec nevadí, vyberu si něco z jejich bia* a zeptám se na to
* 2. lidi nemají bia. nevím, jak si pak představují, že s nimi ostatní začnou konverzaci, když se není absolutně od čeho odrazit
3. lidi nečtou bia. hned druhá věc, co se o mně člověk na Tinderu dozví, je, že jsem Češka. valná většina lidí, se kterými vedu konerzaci, je strašně překvapená, když se dozví, že jsem Češka. lidi, nevím, ale klepnout na něčí profil zabere 2 sekundy a většinou se tam dozvíte aspoň něco, od čeho se pak může vyvíjet konverzace
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