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► Name ➔  “Silke Doomflare. And yes, it’s got something to do with my profession!”

► Are you single ➔ Silke’s eyes suddenly get a bit wider. She blinks, and then purses her lips, becoming oddly interested in the nearby wall. “It’s complicated.”

► Are you happy ➔  “Mm, yeah, I guess I could say so”, she states after thinking for a moment. “I’m studying things I love, my family is safe and alive, I have a handful of people I could consider my friends.. Can’t really complain, although a little bit more gil wouldn’t hurt…”

► Are you angry? ➔  “Well, usually not. Though, at the moment I’m a bit pissed off at a certain colleague of mine who loudly and unnecessarily harshly judged my thesis of pyromancy in front of our professor and classmates. Like, hellooo? You can give critique and still be polite about it, geez…”

► Are your parents still married ➔  “They are”, Silke nods proudly. “I’ve seen so many broken families lately. I feel very privileged… and lucky.”

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Race: Veena Viera

Age: 50


Formerly a captain of a pirate ship after she ran afoul of a rival captain she chose to leave the sea and made her way to Limsa Lominsa.  Once there she joined the Upright Thieves and aided them in their endeavors to uphold the code.  During her time there she met and befriended Aina the Detective of Maelvaan’s Gate.  She also met and worked often with Gildemont when he was in Limsa in its seeder parts.  This led to a bit of a fling nothing long term just two people enjoying themselves.  

Personality- She carries herself with a commanding presence a hold over from her captaining days.  Quick of wit and keen of eye not much escapes her searching gaze.  Serious when she’s on a job she will also not hesitate to quip a sarcastic remark when she feels a need.  Her tongue is as sharp as her daggers and she is not shy about speaking her mind.

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Prompt: Ultracrepidarian


Ryna strode into the Seventh Heaven the tavern as noisy as always.  In the corner the wandering minstrel that frequented the establishment was singing yet another upbeat tune.

Snippets of conversation drifted past her but one caught in her ears.  At one table surrounded by a group of adventures sat a young overtly green boy.  He was eagerly telling his fellows about his latest bed conquest.  Trouble was for the boy the maid he claimed to have bedded was her.

In on corner sat Thancred and Yda, both Scions looking like they were about to jump up and pummel the hapless fool.  Ryna caught their eyes and shook her head.  Then stated softly but in a tone that dominated the loud room, “Is that right?”

Suddenly the tavern fell silent and all eyes turned toward her.  The young adventurer looked as well and his face paled in terror.  The only sound to be heard was her measured bootsteps and the scrape of the chairs and scrabble of the adventurers who’d gathered round the boy giving way to the Viera.

Once she reached the lads table his mouth was opening and closing like a landed fish.  His eyes filled with fear.  She looked him up and down and snorted, “I don’t know what’s more insultin, ye thinking ye can claim such or that some fools would think I’d take a milksop like ye te bed.”

The Veena leaned down and grabbed the boy by the front of his armor yanking him close and letting him see fully that Amber who was perched on her shoulders was ready to strike.

“Now ye listen ‘ere boy, ye best count yerself lucky that I’m feeling charitable n not decided te feed ye yer manhood fer daring te claim ye know me, much less 'ave bedded me.”

She then let him go her amber eyes locked on his, “This best be the last o these tales ye tell or I’ll take the time te locate that tiny member o yers and nick it off with me knife tip, ye ken.”

At his terrified nod she gave him a feral grin then growled, “Now get!”

Yelping in terror the boy fell backward from his chair and scrambled out.  Howling in pain as Amber launched a searing hot rock right into his ass as he bolted out of the door.

Turning to the adventurers who’d been listening to the fool she stated, “Ye best be makin sure 'e don’t do it again, or you’ll be sharing 'is fate.”

The other adamantly gave their assurances and followed the scrabbling adventurer out of the door.  Shaking her head she turned toward the minstrel and stated, “Ye don’t have te stop on account o me.  That was a pretty good tune ye were playing.”

Nervously he nodded and began playing once more as Ryna went up to the bar and got herself a drink before making her way into the Rising Stones.

Thancred looked at Yda and chuckled, “I told you he was lying”

Yda nodded, “I kind of thought so when he started saying those things bout how she was simpering up to him.”

The Midlander laughed, “Aye, Ryna is many things but she is by far no swooning maid.  I doubt till she came in he’d ever met her much less spoken to her.”

Yda gave a smile, “Well the way she handled it.  I doubt we will have to do anything further.”

Thancred chuckled, “Aye, if the boy dares again doubtless his fellows will ensure he doesn’t for the sake of their manhoods.”

Yda giggled at that and the two of them went back to drinking and eating their meals before returning to the Rising Stones themselves for the evening.

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…what is this? Why’s an old camera in an abandoned house?”


“Creepy place… If this thing works, I’ll get some pictures.”


“…when did the lamps light up…? Someone must be here.”


“Wait, did that doll just move?”


“Uh, sir? Do you live here?”




“What is she even doing…? Is that blood?”


“That… She… She wasn’t there a minute ago…”


“That’s it! I’m out of here!”


“I never should’ve left Ul’dah!”


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