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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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There’s no arguing that plant based eating is excellent for our Health and wellbeing in many ways. …………
#vegandiet #vegan #vegetarian #vegansupplements #healthyvegan #veganhealth #plantbased #veganwellbeing #supportavegandiet #veganfood #veganism #veganlife #veganlifestyle #vegans
(at Brisbane Livewell Clinic)

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Vamoooonos pues con la receta de LOS CHILAQUILES EN SALSA VERDE ASADA!! 🇲🇽
#amonosrecio #instarecipe
#subelealamusica 🎶 By @veganocosmico 💚
Por petición popular!! 😋
Lo importante aqui será que los tomates verdes, en el Norte de Mexico le llamamos “tomatillos” ajo, chile serrano, chile chilaca, cebolla; todito asado, chorro de aceite-opcional- sal al gusto-
Si no tienes hoja santa, epazote y si no vives en Mexico, 🇲🇽cilantro; porque aquí no nos detenemos. 😃
Para servir, queso chihuahua vegano, o queso fresco de Almendras, aguacate, cebolla de rabo -cambray- cilantro y más salsa verde… No olvides los frijoles !
#provecho !
Música: Cumbia del Mariachi @espinozapaz
#cheflilianaarellanes #veganocosmico
#vegan #veganos #vegano #plantbased #mexicanfood #veganfood #chilaquiles #chilaquilesverdes #veganosmexico #veganosespaña #foodporn #eeeeeats #foodgram #veganism #whatsveganseat #mexicanrecipes #veganfoodie #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #foodie #veganlife #simplefoods #simplemeals #veganeats #veganlife

(at West Hollywood, California)

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Look I’m all for talking to people about veganism, but it definitely comes to a point where I will block you if all your comments on my vegan posts are all about how you’ve had your steak today or how good bacon eggs and sausages are, if you haven’t educated yourself and you’re trying to learn? Awesome!!! But if you say you educated yourself, and still say being vegan is wrong and feel the need to comment those things on my post that’s not cute, or trendy, or cool, it’s so arrogant and rude and looking for someone to either get in an argument or just block you… this is how I’m feeling right now

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TW: animal abuse

Report this account on IG

They are a disgusting person.

They support animals being used as toys and for fighting.

They have made so many comments on small animal fighting videos on IG supporting animals fighting and using animals as toys in such graphic ways that I can’t show them because they are extremely triggering.

Using the excuses of

“ they’re just animals ”


“ for the animal it’s playing ”

They apparently have two birds that they refuse to touch at all.

they brag about the fact they refuse to touch them and how “ wild ” their birds act because they don’t give them basic care or basic human contact.

They say

“ I only feed them and that’s it nothing else.”

When people confront them on their disgusting ideals and how they treat their birds this sicko falsely claims to be a animal vet.

Please report this person.

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Homemade gluten-free, vegan biscuits and tempeh gravy

RECIPE BY: NoraCooks


Baked once before and I was a disaster. Thus time was a success. Easily done given the right counter space, time management skills, and of course patience


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So to sum things up, according to Tumblr. It’s absolutely fine to: 

- Threaten a person with rape for being vegan

- Repeatedly tell a vegan that they’re the sole reason for racism, ableism etc. and tell them that the world would be a better place if they were dead 

- Tell vegans that they’re unworthy and unable to be loved, undeserving of self-compassion, tell them that they’re somehow worse that child molesters, the KKK and Nazis because why not? 

- Gaslight me 

- Harass, abuse and destroy me to the point that I’m now so fucked in the head I trust absolutely nobody. 

- Drive me to suicide attempts and self harm to the point where I lose my family, friends, school etc. and put me in a mental institution and left to rot 

- Tell me that I don’t deserve the right to live, that I’ve lost my right to be considered human, and that nobody would miss me if I killed myself 

But it’s apparently not okay to: 

- Hate the people who did this and want them to die out of pure revenge. 

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