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mephydoggo4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trio art (well, I use it for a ref, haha) for all the boyos in my Sonic RP server :) the OCs are Crystal, Arc, and Velaris!
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feyre-a19 hours ago
Nyx just keeps growing
I want it to stop,i wish i could have him like this forever
I鈥檝e always wondered when he will stop growing
At what age will his fae form be completed?
I need to ask rhys
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bananaaazinpyjamasa day ago
Why do I have this feeling that, if the opportunity presented itself, Rhys would try his best to keep Nesta and Elain in the Night Court, not solely for Feyre鈥檚 sake, but because of their powers and how they increase his political standing among the other courts.
I don鈥檛 want it to happen, but I can鈥檛 shake the feeling that it will.
Tumblr media
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fredobooklovea day ago
Tumblr media
Sternennacht 鈾
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fictional-traveler2 days ago
chapter 55 this, chapter 55 that
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celestialhighlady3 days ago
Title:Rhysand as your (non-bio) older brother
Requested: No
Type of post: Headcanons
Content warning/ trigger warning: some swearing, mentions of blood and fighting, mentions of a pub
Word count: 1289 Words
Author鈥檚 note: Is this me projecting my wants and needs on a fictional character? Yes. Do I care or am I ashamed of it? Absolutely not. Also I鈥檓 working on a request for Az but It鈥檚 killing me so please bare with me and thanks
At first you hated his guts, like 鈥極ne more word and I鈥檒l make you see the mother鈥 type of hate
Honestly, you couldn鈥檛 see why people liked him
Sure. he鈥檚 the Highlord and he鈥檚 crazy powerful, yada yada. but there is nothing more to it
For you, he was nothing more than an annoying prick
He would go out of his way to annoy and to tease you
鈥榃ho pissed into your tea鈥
鈥榊ou鈥檙e making such a sour face. Oh wait, that鈥檚 your natural face- My bad鈥
Overall, you can鈥檛 stand 2 seconds in the same room with him
That until you go out with the IC on a visit to the summer court and you hear someone bad-mouthing you
It really wasn鈥檛 anything new, people are meant to be assholes so you didn鈥檛 care what some random stranger had to say about you, especially someone you鈥檇 probably never see again
Still, it did sting a bit
Rhysand seemed to notice it, and before you could do anything about it, he found the person responsible
鈥楬ey, you鈥
鈥榊es, you. What did you just say about them?鈥
鈥楴-nothing, high lord鈥
鈥業t better be like that, because I do not appreciate my people being talked down upon. This time I鈥檓 letting you go out of respect for Tarquin. Next time won鈥檛 end that pretty.鈥
Suffice to say, you found the fact that he stood up for you strangely endearing
That doesn鈥檛 mean you didn鈥檛 smack the back of his head as soon as you could, because dud, that was embarrassing
From that day onward, you noticed that your relationship has gotten slightly better
Rhysand would still act like a prick, tease you and be mean, but you noticed that it was never too far
He knew when to stop and you appreciated that immensely
Overall, he wasn鈥檛 as bad as you thought and you鈥檝e grown fond of him (not that you would ever say that out loud)
He was like the annoying older brother you鈥檝e never had
He would constantly pull the 鈥業鈥檓 older so you have to listen to me鈥 card when you refuse to do stuff
Also he plays the High lord card
鈥楬igh Lord my ass鈥 you鈥檇 mutter while still doing the thing he asked you to do
On that note, he often says 鈥榃hen I was your age鈥︹ so you just counter with 鈥榃hen I was as dumb as you鈥
You have extremely weird nicknames for each other and with each day the collection grows
You guys fight over the stupidest shit in existence
One time you fought about the color of the carpet
鈥榃ho the hell thought that this color looks good鈥
鈥楧amn, you鈥檙e stupid AND you have bad taste in interior? I feel bad for Feyre鈥
鈥楽ays the one who doesn鈥檛 own a single pair of matching socks鈥
鈥楾f gotta my socks have to do with that鈥?鈥
At some point you guys started playing g麓fight for entertainment and then it erupted into a sparring match on top of the House of wind
It always ends up with either you or Rhy on the floor with a bloody nose because 鈥 You鈥檙e already ugly so a broken nose might actually make you pretty鈥
Mockingly repeating what you say to each other because you can鈥檛 stay serious
At day you always fight, but at night you guys are always at ease
Like, you guys lounge in the living room, drinking anything and having deep convos
One time, Mor wanted to get water from the kitchen and she saw the light in the living room on
When she saw you guys sitting across each other, talking in a hushed voice without fighting, she almost screamed
It was such an unnatural sight that she went straight back to bed
The next day she was convinced it was a dream because you were back to going at each other's throats
He randomly will knock at your door at 3 am and ask you if you wanna go to Rita鈥檚
鈥楤itch, bet. But you鈥檙e paying.鈥
鈥楤ecause you want me to with you鈥
On your birthday, he would get you some weird knick knacks and pretend it鈥檚 your gift but then he would give you your actual gift
He often acts like he can鈥檛 stand you, but if someone else insults you-
Oh boy, someone save us from the havoc
Both of you bond over food
He can cook while you鈥檙e more of a baker
So naturally, you have food competitions at 5 am in the kitchen
It鈥檚 a mix between you guy whisper-yelling at each other, laughing and trying not to wake up everyone else, and crying while cutting onions
The next day, everyone is wondering why the kitchen smells like the food and everyone is confused you just pretend to not know where the smell is coming from
I also should mention that you get along with Cas and Az
Cas is just extremely ecstatic that there is someone else around with whom he can annoy Rhys
As is just kinda amused because you get in Rhys nerves so well
You often team up with them for new prank ideas
Az is extremely good with coming up with weird shit to prank Rhys with
Cas is always just laughing his ass off and adding more bizarre shit to the mix
You and Feuer also get along pretty well
I mean, she鈥檚 the epitome of perfection??
You often joke with her and Rhys sometimes gets annoyed because you give her exclusive black mailing material
鈥楽oo, a little birdie told me you slipped up on floor once鈥
鈥榊ou mean a little devil told you?鈥
And once Nyx is born you make it your mission to tell him stories about his dad
Like, you took notes just for this moment because you want Nyx to know every single embarrassing thing
On a different note, you adore Nyx
Usually, you don鈥檛 care much about children but he鈥檚 literally an angel and you love him so much
It鈥檚 quite concerning actually-
鈥 I swear to the mother Rhysand,how did you, if all people, end up with such an angel as a child?鈥
Rhys just sulks while everyone laughs at him (鈥榯hey鈥檙e kinda right tho? I mean he probably has it from Feyre but still鈥)
Rhys gives good advice and is emotionally aware, I will die on this hill
He always fights with you but knows when you鈥檙e feeling down, so he will gladly listen to you and offer you some great advice
It really doesn't matter on what, this man is like a guide book to life
Sometimes you鈥檒l feel like an idiot after opening up because the problem that is bothering you isn鈥檛 really that significant but he will slap you and tell, you that it is significant because it鈥檚 bothering you
After some silence you鈥檒l just giggle and tell him it鈥檚 weird that he had good advice.
鈥榊ou kinda fucked up a lot, why didn鈥檛 you use that advice for yourself?鈥
Cue the pillow being thrown at your head
Overall, having Rhys is an older brother is quite the experience
He鈥檚 annoying at times, yes and you guys fight a lot, but you know he has your back and so do you
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feyre-a3 days ago
Well they went to the human lands
There鈥檚 signs that there鈥檚 been movement around the estate
But tamlin was nowhere to be found
Its strange
We are going to investigate a bit more
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feysandfeels4 days ago
Nobody asked for my opinion, but listen, to me, personally, the next book should be about Elain. Work in that who鈥檚 she going to pick angst, give us a Lucien pov, start to work on Azriel鈥檚 development, spy plot, revealed child drama, more found family, court politics, Jane Austen romance, all that,聽and then end with Elucien.聽
Then the next book would be more Az focused. He鈥檚 sad because everyone is happy but him or with that lingering feeling. However, instead of being a Gwynriel book it would be Moriel friendship-acceptance book: Have Gwyn as a hinted romantic interest for Az and a full on w/w romance for Mor (Emerie, come take the stage my love); the Az plot is not a romantic driven one, but rather the acceptance of himself, from himself, truly dealing with his attachment to women (which would have started in the previous book, but now he鈥檇 have to deal with the big one for him) and coming to love Mor for who see is fully and not the idea of her; and for Mor to find love and have the pining, the romance, all of it and tell her family.
By the end, Az doesn鈥檛 end with Gwyn, rather with the hint that in some time they will get together, now that he is in a much healthier place, while they smile looking at Emorie be happy flying into the sunset. The Mor and Az situation is the one that truly needs to get dealt with just because they are no longer romantic, doesn鈥檛 mean Mor and Az鈥檚 povs wouldn鈥檛 offer growth and an interesting dynamic. Finally, Mor deserves more than the novella where y鈥檃ll want to put her, just because there hasn鈥檛 been a clear ship to link her too (besides Emerie saying that she finds her cute).聽
Disclaimer: This is not to say that I do not think Mor should have her own pov book, because she is queen and she should. But being realistic Az is pointed to be one of the characters who will definitely get a book and Elain the other one - with this being said, Mor fits better with Az鈥檚 arc than Elain鈥檚 so yeah.
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thatknifechick6 days ago
The other day is was listening to Taylor鈥檚 version of You Belong With Me. I got this amazing headcanon锟 of Rhysand just Sobbing drunk on the floor singing his heart out to this song after the UTM.
And then like Cassian and Az are trying to Comfort him but also trying not to laugh.锟
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feyre-a6 days ago
Elain has been very quiet lately
Something is bothering her but nesta tried to talk to her and got nothing out of it
I think it could be related to her life here
I have a feeling that she isn鈥檛 truly happy yet
Like she is waiting for something, or someone?...
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helion-ism7 days ago
when lucien came to velaris for the first time and said that he could hear children laughing in the streets ... and feyre thinks:
I blinked. He said it with such ... quiet surprise. As if he hadn鈥榯 heard the sound in a long, long time.
cause ................... he didn鈥榯
can you imagine how it must have been like to all the fae in prythian, to live under amarantha鈥榮 rule for so long? to suffer? to not know if and when it鈥榮 ever going to be over?
and lucien ... lucien who had his eye taken out by that monster and was whipped by her too and when feyre came into his life, he wasn鈥榯 even safe with tamlin anymore 鈥 and who the fuck knows how he had to deal with his temper tantrums before 鈥 but this quote just shows in such a simple way how surprised he is at a simple sound of joy and innocence in a way ... like he had forgotten how it sounds like. the way children laugh. don鈥榯 mind me. I鈥榤 just gonna go cry.
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