smamhub · 2 days ago
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comfy night
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galaxy-ghoulie · 2 days ago
akskdkskdk i’m so sorry but if someone wants to drop me $20 for groceries??? that would be very appreciated :’)
v*nmo- KierraMF
c*ashapp- $kierramarief
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hotellax · 2 days ago
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I love these panties
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brokensoul-cam · a day ago
Im tired of spoiling myself, i deserve someone to spoil me now
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2stoned2converse · 2 days ago
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comfy cozy ready for bed 😋 anyway wanna chat & have some fun? heheh 😈 🥵
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newportmenthols · 2 months ago
hi i hav this post going around and it has notes but it’s pretty dead in terms of donations . ..
but basically im black and trans and disabled (im unable to do “traditional” work) i do OF and dog walk and my disability check went to other bills , food and transportation and this month i thought I would be caught up on bills and rent (i live in lousiana and i haven’t been able to catch up since ida) but immm still struggling a lot as i was starting to get in the red before that lol i need 465 for rent basically ! bill and food money would be cool too but mainly trying to get rent as that’s my biggest concernnn 💗
ca : $communitysaint // venmo : @Carter-Raquel // paypal : cnorris98
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nocturan · 8 months ago
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After an accident that has left me with a hairline fracture in my vertebrae, I am now in desperate need of additional funds in order to get an increasingly critical surgery to prevent paralysis or death. This is in addition to the already established itinerary of surgeries needed to remove the multiple growths in my spine that are expanding and growing everyday. I am terrified of what feels inevitable, and I am in so much pain. I truly need help. I am sorry to continue bombarding your dashboards with my pleas for help, but I wouldn't be doing it if this were not a life or death situation. Please share this, and if you are able, I sincerely need donations. All of my expenses are piling up on me all at once, and I can't number the amount of panic attacks this catastrophe has caused me to have. I am so terrified, and I honestly feel so much shame in having to ask for help to keep me alive, but if there is anyone that can spare anything out of the kindness of their hearts, I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me. You would quite literally be saving my life.
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I only have so long before irreparable damage is done to my spine, so I humbly plead with you all to share this and donate, if possible. I love you all, and wish the best for you. I sincerely hope that this is one of the last posts of this kind that I will ever have to make.
@posts-from-a-brighter-timeline @pancakeke @anime-penis @my-gender-is @that-twink-over-there @jacobgalapagos @bastiaan-deactivated20190305 @hathagay @thetrashchronicles @wereralph @incorrectstevebucky @misterghostfrog @arsarcane @hotelmaintenance @plantsplacesthings @gofundmereach-blog
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crybabyboyscout · 8 months ago
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Good morning. I have a post going around on the situation but I felt it would be beneficial to make a fresh one.
I am currently on strike at my job. I work at the main facility that is at the head of this strike. This is a struggle of Black and Brown employees. To clarify, we have demanded from them: Better pay, better working conditions and acknowledgement of sexual harassment and racism within the company. Only one of which they have been willing to work with. The money of course.
I say all this to say, I really need financial and emotional support at this time. Everything helps.
Cashapp: $NovsEyeView | Hugs & Kisses: 💙🧿
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shareyourdollar · a month ago
My 3yr old daughter is in the hospital we can't figure out why she's having seizures daily. We have no car and no family in the area. I have no car and have been living in a motel close to the hospital to be able to walk to and from the motel is $300 a week anything will help Cash app $mitchitomiak Venmo @mitchi-smith
submitted by @mitchiestonecold
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asapphicsunflower · 2 months ago
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had to take our son to the emergency room this weekend and are out $200. anything that you can give will be super helpful :) cashapp: $mvlla , venmo: myla-boyd
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slaybleist · 13 days ago
This is a targeted attack on working poor and disabled people, who depend on commissions/donations/freelance income to supplement inadequate/absent assistance
Especially Black, Indigenous and POC disabled people who are doubly excluded from most employment (racism + ableism)
Tumblr media
It’s even more of an attack on the disabled, as well as trans people, who might be fundraising for medical treatment or gender affirming surgeries
They should go after crypto transactions instead to target money laundering and human trafficking
I think this news item may get buried amid everything else going on but it’s very very bad news
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nyaahilism · 2 months ago
Urgent, please help!
so my last post has run it's course it seems. Luckily, but also unluckily, the death certificate has been handed to the lawyers. That may mean our rent check will bounce and we'll have to use Mom's disability to pay the rent. That's our only money for the month.
Also today I need 80 dollars just to get medication for my fever and my mom's cancer medications.
I'm hoping to raise anywhere between 450-800 for the month so we can get buy until everything is settled plus the 80 for today.
Please any amount helps and thank you to the last people who helped, you helped me feed my family for the week.
PayPal: @dunkindeezdonuts
Venmo: @blackcatemoji
cashapp: $nyaahilism
I also now have a ko-fi:
I will download any other app if need be to make donation eaaier, just message me bc I rarely check my ask box.
Thank you so much.
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shandiiiiiiiin · a year ago
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On Jan. 2nd, my cousin-brother and his family lost their home to a fire. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Thankfully he had fire resistant interior that helped minimize the damage, but they’ve lost a lot of their possessions to the fire. Their home also suffered from smoke damage. I’m grateful that they all made it out of the house safely but a few of them had to go to the ER for smoke inhalation and pain caused from being thrown/jumping out of their windows.
I’ve included screenshots of our family group chat and a picture of what he’s done so far for fixing their home.
Some of the things they’ve lost in the fire was majority of their powwow regalia. His family is well known in the powwow community here in Arizona and have performed for some politicians, entertainers, and even huge events in AZ. His entire family dances, including his little ones. I’ll included their pictures.
Anything helps and even sharing will help them out in anyway. As a family, we are coming together to help with the cost to fix their home.
CashApp: $calvertdixon
PayPal: @calvertdixon
Venmo: @CalvertDixon
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localdorkincombatboots · 8 months ago
My boyfriend got hit by a drunk driver while he was on a bicycle a year and a half ago and when he went to the hospital they didnt see that his l4 and l5 discs in his back are fractured apparently bad enough that when he went to the hospital a few days ago after a fall, the nurse herself said she had no idea how they missed it. Hes got prescribed lidocaine patches to help the pain but his insurance won't cover it and its over a hundred dollars just for a box of 5. Between that, another horrible diagnosis, taking care of an infant, toddler, and his elderly mother who has Alzheimer's and had multiple strokes, and my working some mornings and him finally starting a new job doing night shift we need help. Please, anything you can send helps.
My paypal is crackerjaxx7@gmail.com
Cashapp is $jayep7
Venmo is jayep7
If you cant donate then please please share this so someone who can might see this
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teababe27 · 2 months ago
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Help a Black nonbinary parent and their nonbinary kids move to a new home after years in a hotel!!
(Making a new post because the previous one lost traction)
This week, we at Reparations Roundtable are pushing a $1000 goal for Q, a nonbinary parent of two nonbinary children fleeing domestic violence to safety. We are covering moving costs and logistics for them. This family has been living in a motel for far too long; they are beyond ready for safety and stability. AND there is a $2,500 match on this, so if we can reach our $1000 goal this weekend, we will unlock the match!!!
Meaningful things you can do to support:
* Invite ALL your white friends to the fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/6067429983329044/
* Send funds
* Share the fundraiser (and include sending funds via PayPal friends and family to reparationsroundtable@gmail.com as an option -- ask folks to write "Q" in the memo field!)
* Call, text and e-mail friends to give
* Take the $100 challenge -- raise $100 this weekend in your network. If 10 folks do this, the goal will be met!
Link to the fundraiser to give: https://www.facebook.com/donate/6067429983329044/
Other links to use (put “Q” in the reason section and tell me how much you sent so I can keep track of my own $100 goal):
Venmo: @amanda-darer
Cashapp: $teababe27
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nocturan · 9 months ago
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@my-gender-is @ot3 @bastiaan-deactivated20190305 @finndeservesbetter @posts-from-a-brighter-timeline @wereralph @that-twink-over-there @gucciboooty @arsnof @dyormyne @jacobgalapagos @incorrectstevebucky @arodudejude @regicide1997 @misangremellama @bvrgundybxtch
Hi everyone. I still desperately need donations. I was able to have a minor operation, but I still have several more ahead of me. With each operation, my risk of paralyzation and death go down by a lot. Which is wonderful news! However, I am on borrowed time right now and I need to act quickly. So I am humbly asking you all to please consider sharing this and donating if you can
My next operation is scheduled for May 10th. I desperately need donations to be able to afford these medical bills. Thank you all 🤍
Cash App: $acorvelle
Venmo: acorvelle
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kissesofaprincess · a year ago
Hi I’m a Jewish Rromani Butch Disabled lesbian and I’m currently in the middle of “tr*mp country” if you would/are able to d0nate to keep me and my 70 yr old Jewish father safe please feel free to v3nm0 me at laladracula. If you can’t donate I please ask to boost this. My father was told he was being put on leave by his work for calling in for his safety.
update as of the 21st of august - my father has medical bills I need to help cover. Anything helps
update as of the 16th of October - I also have a c@sh@pp ($deathstarxo) now and we are still in need of some funding to pay the rest of his medical bills and possibly help getting a lawyer as he was @ss@tled around the end of Sukkot, which the 🐷 had gotten into custody the n*zi who did it, we just might need to pay a lawyer if we can’t find one who will automatically take the case
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chenoahchantel · 4 months ago
I honestly dislike getting on here to ask for money because I don’t have many followers and my posts don’t gain that much traction but I need some help.
I have some cavities that need to be filled that I keep putting off because I don’t have the extra money. And they are starting to REALLY HURT. If you’ve ever experienced tooth pain, you know that it’s The Worst.
I have two cavities between my teeth (floss regularly people!) which means I have to get 4 fillings. I first found out in December 2020 after I got my X-rays done and my dentist recommended getting this taken care of immediately but I have not been able to afford it. My dentist makes you pay the whole balance before you leave and I just don’t have the amount to cover it.
The estimate back then was close to $400 but that is going to be more now since I have to meet my deductible again because it’s a new year plus I know the cavities are worse so it’s gonna be more. I’m trying to raise at least $550 as soon as possible.
If you don’t have anything to give I completely understand but it would mean so much to me if you could share this post to help it reach more people who may have something to give. Also, don’t be afraid to give $1 if that’s all you have, any kindness counts and makes a big difference. Thanks to everyone in advance for sharing or donating.
Cashapp : $ChenoahChantel
Venmo : @ChenoahChantel
Paypal : @ChenoahChantel
PayPal Link : https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ChenoahChantel?locale.x=en_US
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superduperluthor · 8 months ago
There's a lady in my state selling a brand new TiLite wheelchair for stupid cheap...$300!!! Why do I have to be broke? It's customized for someone my exact size. Is this the universe taunting me? My brother-in-law can go pick it up for me if I could afford it.
My Venm0 is CaptK12 if anyone can help.
Here is the link to my GoFundMe.
Goal has been reached. Thank you!!!
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drewperrymore · 14 days ago
My boyfriend & I caught covid and wound up missing a lot of work because of how sick we were. Our power was shut off today and we need help. We thought we had more time, but apparently not. Our total bill is $429, it's a few months behind. We're all alone with no support from our families (homophobia), so we really have no where else to turn. I've linked our cashapp, paypal, and venmo below. Anything helps. Thank you everyone.
cashapp: $peterperrypan
paypal: https://www.paypal.me/peterperrypan
venmo: @DrewPerryBrown
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