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I never uploaded these here but heres some old 2018 drawings / doodles of agent venom + antivenom eddie. eddie gave up crime fighting & bullying spider-man to raise the awful kid he (accidentally?) adopted & mentor flash even though eddie is really, really bad at setting a good example

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Hi, anon 😊 of course I can do another part

  • Eddie and Venom are really happy that you’re home for 2 weeks
  • So
  • Venom thinks of taking you out to a nice restaurant
  • Eddie agrees
  • For once with the symbiote
  • “go wear something nice.”
  • “Eddie, the only nice wearable things I have are sweatpants, jeans, shirts, hoodies and your hoodies.”
  • “okay. Go wear one of those, then.”
  • That’s what you did
  • Sweatpants, a simple shirt and one of Eddie’s hoodies
  • Once at the resturant
  • Venom annoys the hell out of Eddie to get one of the live sea animals
  • Venom is gonna eat what he’s given
  • Anyway
  • Back to the point
  • You and Eddie are having a nice conversation
  • Venom became a blob to settle himself in your lap
  • A notification ding from your phone cuts your conversation off
  • [We need you back at base immediately.]
  • You throw your phone onto the table
  • Pissed off that you need to go back
  • Even though you were home for a day or so
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • “they need me back at base. I even double-checked with them if they need me there, but they said no. Now they changed their fucking mind”
  • “I can always eat their heads before eating their bodies”
  • “it’s okay, V.”
  • The three of you leave the resturant and back to the apartment
  • Your bag was half emptied
  • So you just repacked it until it was full
  • At the airport, Venom is clutching onto you like a child
  • Eddie has his arms around your waist, your arms limp over his shoulders
  • “I’ll be home soon.”
  • “you better. And you better call me.”
  • Venom would not let you go
  • He even said that he’d want to come
  • Ha ha
  • Nope
  • Say bye-bye to the baby blob symbiote
  • And you better give him a kiss
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Watch “Eminem - Venom” on YouTube

I’m in the monster mood today after reading @threeminutesoflife venom fic

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Venom joins Nick Fury’s task force. 

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While DC is trudging through Future State, the Owlets decided to blindly jump into Marvel’s King in Black event! Click the link to check out th comics they’ve read for the ongoing event, or listen wherever you may listen to your podcasts!

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venom 2 will be R rated, anne will get to say fuck whenever she wants, tom hardy will have his ass ate on screen by his alien spouse i am speaking it into existence i am planting the seeds and i will see them blossom

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Strap in

1. Lucifer Morningstar and Gary Green

2. Lily Stein and Zari Tomaz

3. Hannibal Lector and Eddie Brock

4. Leonard Snart and John Constantine

5. River Song and Melinda May

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So chapter 1 of my new fic is up, yay! You can find it on AO3 here. It’s called Symbiotic and it’s a 9-1-1/Venom crossover! 

Eddie Brock and Venom investigate a serial killer who targets firefighters. They believe that Buck is his next victim and try to stop it. Then things go totally wrong; Eddie and Venom are separated, Buck and Eddie B are kidnapped, and the serial killer suddenly has two victims. It’ll be up to Venom and Eddie Diaz to team up to save the men that they love.

I’m really excited about this, even though I know a lot of people don’t like crossovers so it probably won’t get much traction. The next chapter will be up within a week. 

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Man I feel like an asshole because I have posted the request I’ve received. I’m working on them now. But I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post them. My internet sucks ass and I can’t work on my computer. So I am using my phone!!! 🥺 I’m sorry! 🥺🥺🥺

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