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I’m a little drunk and a lot weird so I’m just gonna say.

One of my fave Venom fic things is demon!Venom seducing Eddie, either with Eddie as a priest or a human sacrifice. Or just them roleplaying as such - read that too.

Maybe it comes from me having Catholic family but being raised a lifelong heathen?

Also, in the comics the symbiote has a hellmark for a little while and legit gains demonic powers - but that’s with Flash not Eddie.

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I enjoyed the first half of venom as eddie tried to figure out wtf was going on but now it’s just alien monster vs alien monster snooze i’ve always found most fight/battle scenes boring

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venom (2018) and birds of prey (2020) are both films based on comic books that feature a bisexual lead character and their life post-breakup AND include scenes where they attack/kill law enforcement which is why both movies are so sexy and fun

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Nudibranchs are Symbiotes that came to Earth thousands of years ago and evolved to live independently in the oceans, where they could live peacefully.

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Chapter three

Eva woke up and look around and remember that she stayed the night at Eddie’s place, she smells food being cook in the kitchen. She got up and walk to the kitchen. Eva leans against the wall and Eddie turns his head to see her.

“I see you finally woke up. How did you sleep?” He finished cooking breakfast and put it on the table.

“I slept fine. Thanks for wondering.” Eva walk to the table and sat down, Eddie sat down across from her and they began eating.

“Are we going to give her a ride back home?” Venom asked in Eddie’s head. He looks up at her and put down his silverware.

“Do you need a ride back home?” Eva looks up at Eddie and smiled.

“I would like that if it’s not too much trouble for you?” He shook his head no and continuing eating his breakfast. After they ate breakfast Eddie and Eva walk out of his apartment complex and walk to his bike.

He drove her to the address she gave him, and they arrive at her apartment. He looks up at where she lives and whistle

“Do you umm live by yourself or do you have a roommate?” They got off his motorcycle and they walk inside and walk to her apartment.

“No I have my dad live with me, he’s..umm.. blind.” They stopped at her door and she turns around to look at Eddie.

“Here’s my stop. Will I see you two again?” Eddie smiled and take her hand and kiss it

“Ya, we’ll each other again! I know where to find you now.” Eddie walks away, and Eva smiled and unlocked the door and walk inside. She turns around and sees her dad staring at her, she knows that she was in trouble

“Morning daddy, did you eat?” She walks to the kitchen and grab leftovers and heat them up.

“Who was that you were talking to?” Matthew asked.

She froze up and turn her head to look over her shoulder.

“He’s a friend, daddy. He’s not a trouble.” His phone rang, and he stares at her and answer the phone and walk back to his room.

She released a breath that she didn’t know that she was holding. Eva felt her phone vibrate. She pulls out her phone from her pocket and sees that Eddie texted her and she smiles. She texted back to him.

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Chapter two

Eva couldn’t believe what happened to him and his story, but he reassured that the story he told was real and it happened. She leans over on the table.

“Can you show me, like can you show me him?” She whispered.

Eddie was in shock again that she really want to see venom.

“Well, are we going to give her a good show and scare her a little?” Venom asked, Eddie, grab Eva’s hand and walk towards the counter and paying for the meal and walk to his motorcycle.

Eva stop and see his motorcycle and it was very beautiful, he turns to see her looking at his motorcycle, he carries a second helmet to her and held it out to her

“We’re going on for a ride, you’ll be needing this so that you don’t mess up your beautiful hair~.” Eva blush and grab her helmet and put it on, Eddie climb on and help her on.

“This is a very beautiful bike! Where did you get it?” She might sell hers for extra cash for her father if his business goes south.

“Uh, it was a gift from someone that I know.” He responded.

They arrived at his apartment building and Eddie turns off the motorcycle and helps Eva to get off it. She giggled because she has her motorcycle but she loves him being a gentleman.

“Before showing me venom, I want to get to know Eddie Brock first if that’s ok with you.” She asked.

Eddie looked at her and thought that she wants to get to know her as well

“She’s nice. Do you think that she will accept us?” venom asked.

Eddie opens the front door and walks upstairs to get to his apartment door, Eva followed him trying to figure out who is real Eddie Brock, the one before he got Venom. Eddie unlocks the door and walks inside, Eva followed and walk inside his small apartment.

“So, what do you want to know?” Eddie asks as he was over to his fridge and grab a bottle of beer and a bottle of water, he closes it with his foot and walks to his couch that he replace when he had to fight those guys from life foundation. He handed Eva the bottle of beer while he drinks water because Venom really hates the taste of it.

“I want to know everything from the beginning Eddie, before the life foundation incident, before Venom” Eva replied.

Eddie sat next to her and took a deep breath as some wounds will be reopened. He looks at her and began to tell her everything. when he finishes, she touch his hand and look at him.

“That was…that was very deep Eddie. I’m sorry for what happened to you. Well, I guess it’s my turn to tell you about everything about me.” She said, he lightly squeeze her hand to tell her that it’s ok if she’s not ready to tell him. She took a deep breath and told him her story.

she had tears streaming down her face and she had her eyes close so that she won’t bust out crying in front of him. When she finished her story, she opens her eyes and looks at Eddie. He wipes away any tears were running down her face. He could see her pain in her eyes.

“Why don’t you stay the night. I’m sure your dad wouldn’t want you to be out this late, there are really bad people out there that would have no mercy in hurting you. You can sleep on the couch, I’ll have to set it up for, but you why don’t you wash up. I’ll have clothes for you” Eddie said.

She knew that her father wouldn’t like if she walks the streets this late, she stands up and he shows her the bathroom and left her to set up the couch for her. Eva took a long shower when she got out, she saw clothes on the sink, she gets dress and walk back into the living room and see the couch all set up for her.

“I ordered Chinese food, I hope that’s ok with you. I can get something else if you don’t.” Eddie said to her as he was leaning on the wall behind her, she turns around and sees him.

“No, I’m good for some Chinese. So before the Chinese comes, may I see venom? We wouldn’t want to scare the delivery guy.” He stands up straight and took a deep breath and let venom take over, Eva gasp softly as she sees the height difference between venom and Eddie, venom look down at her and see curiosity in her eyes and slowly walk to her not trying to scare her.

“You look smaller than what I see through Eddie’s eyes, how do we know that you won’t publish your work on us to everyone on earth? because if you try to hurt us, I’ll take drastic measures and it would be very messy on your end, dear.” Venom said to Eva as she looks up and looks at him in the eyes.

“I won’t. You have my word, Venom. I won’t try anything to hurt you or Eddie. You two treat me like an actual person than some people I know do.” Eva said with a sigh.

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Chapter one

Eva woke up in her bedroom, she gets dressed and start cooking breakfast for her and her dad. She loves her dad, but she wants to be like him fighting crime and taking down the bad guys, but he treats her like a fragile doll. She hears his soft feet walking across the floor.

“Morning dad.” She places the plates down at the table.

Her father always eats his eggs on toasted bread with a cup of coffee every morning.

“Morning Eva. How did you sleep?” She walks over to him and helps him sit down.

“I slept, fine dad. How’s everything at work, catch any good cases?” She sat down next to him and eat her breakfast.

Matt look at her direction and hold her hand, she looks at him and she knows that the gesture is to ensure her that everything is going to be ok, she looks at the clock and sees that she is going to be late. Eva rushes out of the apartment, grabbing her book bag for journalism and climb on her motorcycle.

which she brought herself for her eighteenth birthday. she drove off to do some journalist work, she caught a story about life foundation accident anniversary. She drove to a small cafe that she likes to go and do work, Eva park her bike and walk inside and sat down at a table near a window.

She pulls out her laptop and started researching everything about life foundation and the accident, she found out that a journalist named Eddie Brock did a report about secrets of life support and then he “disappear”, and life foundation shut down after Eddie “disappear” and a weird creature appear the same time when Eddie “disappear” and some people are connecting the creature to life foundation.

She tries to find out where Eddie Brock lives and where he works at, she looks out the window and she saw a glimpse of cops’ cars racing by with their sirens on.

She jumps up and grab her things and follow where the cop cars racing to and see a huge crowd where the cop cars stop at, she walks towards the crowd and push her way through to the front and see cops putting up barracks up so that crowd doesn’t get closer and put themselves in danger.

Eva saw an officer walk by and she pulls out her small notebook.

“Excuse me, sir, what is going on?” The officer turns around to look at Eva and walk towards her and see her small notebook and smirked.

“Well miss, we are dealing with a break-in gone wrong and there have been reports of the creature, but umm when you’re on the job maybe we can go on a date. What you say, toots?” She stopped writing when he asked her that and she closed her notebook and look at him.

“Sure, why not? I know a bar nearby we can go to” Eva responded, she wrote down her number and gave it to him. she walks away and she got a text from an unknown number and she read it.

“I heard that you want to talk, meet me at the cafe you were sitting this morning.” She looks around to see the person, as she walks back to the cafe, that she went into this morning and walk to the table she was sitting at and she sees a guy with a hood on his head, she guesses to hide his face and she sat across from him. he lifts up his head to look at her and she saw that the guy is Eddie Brock. she was in shock that it was him that texted her.

“Why are you looking for me?” He asked her. Eva pulled out her notebook and she looks over her notes that she wrote down.

“I’m a journalist and I was doing a piece about your incident with life foundation and I was wondering if it was ok to interview you about it.”

Eddie was shocked that she was one, a journalist, and two that his ex-Anne didn’t set him up on a blind date with a stranger. Eva looks down and a waitress walks over to them with her notepad in her right hand and a pen in her left.

“Hello. I’m Claire and I’ll be your waitress today. Now, what can I get you guys today?” Eva look at the menu, she usually doesn’t order anything, but it’s been a long day and she didn’t eat anything for lunch.

“I’ll have tea, and can I have a bacon burger, no pickles on it please.” Claire turns her head towards Eddie and waits for him to give her his order.

“I’ll have a slice of chocolate cake and the same with the drink.” Claire wrote their orders and look at them and nodded her head and walk off to give the order to the kitchen.

“Eddie, why are we talking to a journalist? for all we know that she would tell the world about us and our secret, we can’t trust her” Venom said to Eddie in his head.

Eddie looks at Eva. He started to question about her and why she wants to talk to him. Claire came back with their drinks and their meals, Eva carefully picks up her cup of tea and look at Eddie’s features and realized that she was staring too long.

“Is there something on my face?” Eddie as, knowing that she was checking him out, but he was doing the same to her.

Eva snaps out of her daze and apologize, Eddie chuckled and realized why they are there. “So, shall we get the interview started?” Eva excitedly pulls out her notebook and started writing as Eddie told her about what life foundation did, what happened to him, and lastly about Venom.

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Ok these are just sketches but it’s my first time drawing Venom and Spider-Man and I think they turned out alright. I’m very new to muscle anatomy and foreshortening. So any constructive criticism is definitely welcome!

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