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#venom 2
i-eat-kid-hehe · 2 days ago
Ohhh, here's one more thing in Venom:ltbc i just noticed and absolutely adore. Remember when Venom asked Eddie what the bowling place they go to together is called? Well, the thing's that V has a pretty much perfect memory, so they should've probably remembered it themselves. I like to believe Venom just wanted to hear Eddie talk about a thing they enjoyed doing together, like when you ask a person to tell you about something you already know, just because you love the way they talk about it, this kinda stuff.
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elfwoodfae · a day ago
Devils Cry - Venom x reader
Warnings: maybe angst? Spoilers for Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage.
Author’s note: This is the first time I have written Venom, I hope he is not too oc, I used they/ them pronouns for reader. Let me know what you think. This is more of a small drabble.
Gif credits to the owner, I found this one on google.
Tumblr media
He had never liked you, at least not at first. You were the pest, the annoyance, the weak pathetic human that didn’t belong with them. You weren’t Anne. He had always let that clear, making sure Eddie wouldn’t forget it, that Venom didn’t like you. At first Eddie had given him time, always excusing him and hoping that with getting to know you, Venom would change his mind, he had to give you credit for how patient you had been with both of them. How patient you had been with Venom when he broke your favorite book, when he wouldn’t let Eddie see you, even when he scratched you, you had been patient.
He had never understood why Eddie wanted to be with you; to him it was as simple as pile of heads and pile of bodies that Anne was the one for them, even when Eddie had told him that she was never getting back with them. He was aware of how much Eddie adored you, how easy to be with you it was for him, how happy it made him. He remembered the first time Eddie saw you, the sweat on his hands as he tried to ask you out, the first time he had brought you over to the apartment and the first time you had met him. It all seemed so far away now. So lost in the moment, in the past. He was paying for his own actions now.
As your eyes filled with tears he remembered the last thing he had told you. Or at least the last thing he knew you had heard him said before everything had gone to shit.
“They are not Anne, and they will never belong to us Eddie. Why would you condemn us to a life with a weak human? Get rid of them and let me regain Anne for us.” He knew you were listening, he had waited for you to be within earshot to talk.
Eddie still hadn’t forgiven him for that, for the way he made you cry, for the way your lip had trembled and the way you had apologized with broken words over the painful stabs of things that you hadn’t even said. Over things that weren’t your fault. He had felt the pain, the rage and the sadness that had overcome Eddie when you walked out that door, and now he knew that he would never forgive himself either if he didn’t hold you harder, if he didn’t save you now, as you were falling to your death, as Carnage gripped at his neck and choked him out of life, the wound on his shoulder screaming and a single tear forming on his eye. He knew now he loved you, he knew now he felt the same thing Eddie felt for you, he knew now how much of a child he had been, how stupid and reckless, how scare of the change it would bring for them if they opened up to you after Anne. But maybe now it was too late, now he would never be able to redeem himself, he would loose you and he would loose Eddie, he knew Eddie would never forgive him.
“Let me go, he is killing you!” He heard you plead, even in this moment and after all the pain he had caused you, you were still putting him first, still putting them both first.
“It’s okay, it’s okay I’ll be fine, just let go of my hand and save Eddie.” He saw the way tears streamed down your cheeks, the weak attempt of a comforting smile playing on your lips as you nodded with your head, trying to convince him that he needed to save themselves over you.
“Never, I’ll never loose you.” He had hoarsely growled between gritted teeth as his arm stretched, as he pulled all the strength left in him to stretch it far enough for you to get safely to the ground, to make sure you were far away from the destruction that was about to happen when he managed to bring down the cathedral.
It went by in a blur, the pieces falling down, the fire the noise. It was over almost as soon as it had begun. By some miracle you were safe, as soon as he saw you he retreated, he let Eddie take control, feeling second hand the emotions, the relief flow through his other half in waves as he hugged you, as he kissed you and knelt down hugging your waist and apologizing over and over again for the way they had put you in danger. Your hand had found his hair, running your fingers through it, pulling softly to make Eddie look at you, smiling softly at him before kneeling too in front of him, hugging him and telling him it was okay, that you loved him, that you loved them both. He had kissed you, holding you so tightly he was making it hard for you to breathe. Words had been exchanged, apologies had been given and even if he knew he was nowhere near deserving your affection, he was grateful you had still allowed him to be close to you, to let him wrap a small tendril around your wrist, to feel your heartbeat. He had held onto your skin the whole night, not letting Eddie move too far away from you while you slept, needing to feel the warmth of you, needing to feel that he hadn’t lost you, that he still had another chance at fixing this, that after all, the fragile pathetic human he so wanted to despise at the beginning was theirs, and it was the only one they would ever want, the only one they would ever need.
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bridoesotherjunk · a day ago
Can I take a moment to appreciate the costume design in Venom 1 and 2?
Specifically the City shirt we all love
-- Eddie re-uses and re-wears clothes!! Like a real fucking human person!!!!!
Hes not just cycling through an endless supply of new, fancy outfits like so, so, SO MANY movies and shows always do. Ones that come to mind are Friends and Legally Blonde. They never wear the same outfit twice. These are supposed to be real people who have limited closet space and a limited budget, but they're out there wearing clothes once and never again. (( Specifically the women never wear the same outfit twice. Sometimes men in shows and movies wear the same outfit a couple times, but even then it's rare.))
Eddie has a favorite shirt. And he wears it a lot!!
Like a real. Person.
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alamogirl80 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More Symbrock...when your alien slime symbiant wants to comfort you.
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thaanguuy · a day ago
Did anyone find it strange when Venom's voice didn't change when it moved hosts in the 2nd movie? For example, when they jumped onto the female biker and yelled out "Sayonara," their voice still sounded like Eddie's. When Mrs. Chen hosted Venom, their voice remained same. Venom also talk to Anne in a masculine voice during the apology scene. I'm not sure if they were saving money by having Tom Hardy do all of Venom's lines or if this is a detail of Venom missing Eddie's voice. 🤔
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chimkennuggies69 · 2 days ago
I love that part where Eddie cried in the police station. Because I just like seeing him cry in general *runs*
But as much as I wanted to believe that was because he misses V, deep down I believe the reason isn't that. This looks more like a stressed out cry because "a serial killer is on the run and people might get killed because of ME and the serial killer is probably gonna kill me too, so I need to hurry and set it right but I dont have my symbiote with me."
Because I sure as hell would get stressed out if people got in danger because of my dumb actions
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realshadeslimmy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Who ordered the thicc venom combo # 4?
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demonsandmischief · a day ago
The Tree Hunt
A Venom Imagine
Eddie Brock x Female Reader
680 Words
🌲Day 1 of Christmas Countdown🌲
Tumblr media
-The Tree Hunt-
You make Eddie help you find the perfect Christmas Tree.
Happy December ❤️
"I don't understand why we had to come all the way out here," Eddie protested, the snow crunching under the weight of his boots.
"I wanted a real tree," you pouted. "Why are you so grumpy?"
He paused his stride, allowing you to catch up to him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder, and you wrapped your hand around his waist.
"I'm not grumpy," he said. "I guess it's because I have never done this before, and I have a perfectly good tree at home."
"An artificial one," you quipped, glancing at the towering green trees that surrounded you. There were so many different sizes and textures, and it smelled like Christmas. "Come on, Eddie. Where's your spirit?"
He caught your eyes, and a gentle smile graced his lips. He gave a little sigh, drawing you to his front. He used one hand to pull your hat a little further down your head.
"I love you," he whispered, his forehead knocking with yours. "Even when you drag me out to the middle of nowhere in the damn cold."
You chuckled, reaching up to peck his lips. "Love you most."
You pulled away and continued down the path. Finally, a tree caught your eye. It was perfect, with no bare spots and the perfect triangle shape. It was nice and full and would hold lots of ornaments. You were filled with excitement with the idea of decorating your first tree with Eddie and Venom.
"Isn't it perfect?" you asked. "It'll look so good by the fireplace. Our first Christmas."
Eddie couldn't deny his own bit of excitement, despite the fact that he did not find this activity enjoyable, but he would do anything to make you happy, and he adored the smile that lit your lovely features.
He glanced at the handsaw in his palm a bit unsure. He had never used one in his entire life, and he was a bit embarrassed to admit that to you.
"Wimp," Venom's voice said, catching onto his hesitation. "You couldn't impress a girl even if you tried."
"I don't need to impress anyone, I already have the best girl," Eddie whispered.
"We do," Venom corrected. "Allow me."
You watched Eddie talk to himself for a minute. You knew he had no idea how to use the saw. It was cute that he didn't want to admit that to you.
Eddie's arms grew thick and long and black as part of Venom emerged. He gripped the base of the tree and pulled it right out of the ground, roots and all. He dropped it harshly at your feet.
"That was easy," you grinned.
Eddie chuckled. You were so cheerful and cute. "Can we go now?"
You helped him move the tree to a tarp so it was easier to drag back to the car.
He extended his now normal flesh hand and you laced your fingers.
"We'll have to go ornament shopping too," you said, tugging on his hand.
"And get some hot chocolate to drink while we watch all of the Christmas movies," he said, rolling his eyes playfully. You had recited this to him a million times already.
"What color ornaments should we get?" you asked.
"I'm happy as long as you're happy, baby," he said sincerely. You smiled brightly up at him.
"Can we make gingerbread houses?"
Eddie stopped, turning towards you. "You're beautiful, you know that? But I draw the line at gingerbread houses."
"What do you have against them?"
You reached the car, shedding your jacket as the walk had warmed you considerably.
"Venom makes enough mess as it is," he said, following your move and shedding his own coat, stepping up behind you.
He was warm, pressed against your back, and you turned so you were facing him.
"I'm happy we get to start traditions together," you told him, hands winding around his back. He dipped his head, his lips brushing against yours.
"Me too. We can do them every year-"
"Oh, really," you smiled cheekily. "Did my tree hunting grow on you?"
He hummed, "Maybe a little."
If you want to be tagged in my Christmas Countdown, or want to read the other Christmas fics, please go HERE.
also here's my Masterlist
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sircrypts-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Goes to couple therapy and trashes the place afterwards
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always-detty · a day ago
Finally get to see Venom: Let There Be Tentacle Porn tonight 🥳
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venomthotss · a day ago
AU where Eddie and Venom are serial killers so Venom’s eating good and everyone thinks that Venom is the personality dominant one that makes Eddie kill people , but really Venom’s just feeding off Eddie’s thoughts because Eddie’s the one that has murderous thoughts even before Venom because Eddie Brock is a psycho bad little bitch
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alamogirl80 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I saw Venom 2... and fell for this preening amoeba idiot who loves Eddie.
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crazymuff1n · 18 hours ago
honestly after watching venom ltbc I feel like one of my old venom posts are even more right.
Venom gives eddie an actual heart for christmas “Its just like the song, Eddie!” “Where did you get this!?” “You’re not supposed to reveal the origin of gifts” “Whose heart is it!?!?” “Its for you :)”
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bulkhummus · 14 hours ago
id do 😩😩😩😩😩😩 anything to by able to buy venom 2 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 i haven’t seen the full movie yet 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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