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You cried, pleading at his feet, your cell the only thing keeping you from clutching his shoulders and physically shaking him. You’d been held against your will, taken when you were looking for your husband. You knew the last place he’d went was to talk to Carlton after he’d kicked him out the first time he interviewed him. Carlton simply stared, his eyes down, disproving at the lack of emotional control. You couldn’t help it. Eddie meant the world to you, he was your whole world, and Carlton was planning on hurting him. You wished to change places, for him to be set free, and for you to be put through all the things he had planned for Eddie. You didn’t care if it was going to hurt, you couldn’t stand by and watch it happen to him. Carlton moved between the two of you, deciding what to do, who would actually survive the symbiotes.

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He couldn’t believe it. No matter how many channels the bartender flipped through, the same face was displayed across the screen, microphone in hand, pride in your eyes. This was your big break! The case that would make your career, popularize your name, make you one of the best. Eddie wasn’t sure what to do. He wanted to call you, or at least text, congratulating you, but he wasn’t sure if he should… You’d broken up a few weeks ago. It was a mutual ending, but still, and end. Do ex-boyfriends congratulate their ex-partners on things like this? Or was he supposed to act like he didn’t even see it? Would it be awkward if you two had a story together later and he congratulated you then? Eddie really was proud of you, he knew how much time and effort you put into your work. He wanted you to know you should be proud, but was it okay coming from him?

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69. “Shut up and take your clothes off”


Originally posted by joaquins-phoenixs

  • pairing: eddie brock x reader
  • warnings: adult themes
  • fandom: venom/marvel
  • author’s note: did I realize before now that I put that prompt with that number of all numbers? nope! is it hilarious that I did that? absolutely!

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Originally posted by phsfg

  • You already have venom wrapped around the two of you while eddie holds you firmly fully embracing your want for cuddles, no need for anything else they got you covered
  • If leaving the window open for the blurred sounds of the city and nature combined together isnt enough white noise for you eddie will order a audio machine for you, hoping the settings such as ‘tropical rainforest’ will sooth you to sleep just as much as any other video you might listen to, though he knows quite well it probably isnt
  • What kind of asmr do you listen to? Might seem a bit obnoxious but you already know how dedicated they are, venom wouldnt have a problem whispering out loving comments and fill in any thoughts you might be having that keeps you from sleeping, eddies there to keep your mind occupied if you want to listen to some story, has dozen of them from his career as a reporter that hes way more than willing to tell you
  • If its anything along the lines of someone tapping their nails against something or cutting soap Eddie would just give up. Your allowed to listen to Asmr but it means all of you have to so pick something appropriate, the phone will always be underneath eddies pillow sticking out just enough for the audio to flow naturally.
  • He may be fast asleep before you are but dont think Venom wont pin you down the moment you even attempt to reach for the phone
  • You can excuse it as just trying to change the audio but venom isnt having that shit, neither is eddie. Theres no punishment but the phone will have to be put in a barred like container, locked so you cant get your hands on it 
  • They want you to have a restful sleep but that doesnt mean theyre willing to risk everything theyve done to get you to love them.
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Summary: The one where Eddie scares you.

Pairing: Eddie Brock/Venom x Reader

Warnings: None(that I know of, please let me know otherwise!)

Wordcount: 1.3k

A/N: This was just a completely random idea that popped into my head. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you watch a scary movie when you shouldn’t. I’ve been doing that way too much the last week and my sleep schedule has been paying for it, LOL. Hope you guys enjoy! xx

Tag list: @deaflikehawkeye @evelynshelby @mollybegger-blog @shadow-of-wonder @of-love-and-of-the-sea @97freaknik @queencoraline3 @inkinterrupted @advictedtohim (Please let me know if you’d like to be added!)

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Would anyone hate the idea of me adding more characters to the list? I kinda want to write for Spider-Verse characters because I think they’re neat.

If you have any ideass or just want to tell me that its a stupid idea, leave a comment or drop a message in the inbox! 😊

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Summary: You’re Cletus Kasady’s younger sister, but you’ve never told anyone. Now his name is everywhere in the news and everyone wants your side of the story.

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, panic attacks, swearing

Mood music: Lover is a Day- Cuco

A/n: Aaaaye, sorry if this is a dumb idea. I just haven’t seen anyone write this type of story? If someone has, anyone wanna link me a fic? Feedback is appreciated and requests are open! My queue is filled with the last batch I got, so expect those soon!

You almost dreaded leaving the apartment anyone. All you saw was his big, stupid, ugly face everywhere. Oh, he did that, oh, he did this, let’s remind everyone that he’s a monster in prison! Oh, but there’s a plot twist; You hated it because you were, unfortunately, related to the guy. Nobody outside your adoptive parents knew. 

You didn’t like talking about, you didn’t even like thinking about it. You had to put up with so much shit because of that guy. You were grateful that you were young enough that nobody knows or remembers what you look like now. You even changed your last name a few times. First, you changed it to Smith when your parents adopted you, then you changed it to Brock when you got married to Eddie.

It shouldn’t bother you, you’re a Brock, not a Kasady. However, you couldn’t help but feel like that was just your identity. Once a Kasady, always a Kasady. You felt even worse because Eddie had taken up on the Kasady story as a huge part of his new job. 

You were proud of him for finally getting back to what he loved, but sooner or later his trail would come back to you. What were you supposed to tell him?
It felt like the walls were closing in on you, and that there was an anchor slowing crushing you. You had to remind yourself to just take it all in one breath at a time. This is just some fad, some story. It’ll all go away.

What if it doesn’t?

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Chapter One | Chapter Two

A/N: After a few changes and being anxious about posting it, here it is! Sorry that took so long, I tried to cram so much story into one chapter, so I just split them up for the next chapters.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of past relationships

It was rare that Quentin was ever actually happy. Sometimes you wondered if he was just a good actor, because it was so easy for him to just not be happy. But today, something had put him in the best mood. 

He didn’t tell you, because he said, “It has to be a surprise.”

“How come?”

“It’s going to change everything.”

“In a good way, right?”

“In the best way.”

You weren’t sure why, despite the atmosphere, and he joy, something felt wrong. Something felt really off, but you couldn’t tell what it was. You didn’t want to start another argument, seeing as you were being ushered out the door. 

Quentin was taking you out, for the first time in months. He’s so preoccupied with his work, you were certain he had forgotten about you. You felt bad for doubting him. Surely, whatever he was working on, was meant to make life better for you two.

That’s what he kept telling you. 

“It’s for you. It was always for you.”

Whatever it was, whatever it possibly could’ve been, had to be a blessing. You’d just have to wait and see, because he certainly wasn’t going to tell you anything that wasn’t a vague response.

All you knew is that he finally found a way to make his love of movies and special effects- A reality. Heavy emphasis on reality. Maybe, sure a bit out of character, but maybe he was taking acting classes and just felt embarrassed to say anything.

Again, he would never say.

To this day, you still don’t know what it was he was going to show you, because it seemed from that point on, Quentin’s greed and ego had gotten the better of him. Not a wound you wanted to reopen, or, you tried not to.

You weren’t going to lie to yourself. You kinda missed Quentin. You weren’t sure what it was, but you still loved him. You weren’t sure if you’d ever stop loving him.

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Originally posted by kunikidaz


Can we keep them?


Why not? They smell good.” Eddie rolled his eyes, looking back at your apartment one last time. “See, you like them too.” 

“Venom, please. It’s not up to us about whether we ‘keep them’ or not.” He said, then paused in his stride for a moment. “Wait, you like them?” 

Yes. They’ll make a very good mate.

What?” Eddie spluttered, frowning to himself. “That’s not the reason you like them, and we both know it.” 

I do enjoy their company -

“- Because they give us chocolate -”

- Because they give us chocolate!” 

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Summary: With everything going on in the world today, this is just a bit of my ramblings wrapped with some Eddie and Venom.

Pairing: Eddie Brock/Venom x Original Character

Warnings: Anxiety(Mostly about what’s happening in the world right now)

Wordcount: 1.2k

A/N: I apologize in advance, this is just a lot of rambling with how I have been feeling lately. Hope you guys enjoy anyway xx

Tag list: @deaflikehawkeye @evelynshelby @shadow-of-wonder @97freaknik @advictedtohim @mollybegger-blog

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Eddie Brock + 2

Send a number (1-20) and a character for a drabble


Warning: comfort and fluff, a HEALTHY relationship

Float On by Modest Mouse

Bad news comes, don’t you worry even when it lands. Good news will work it’s way to all them plans.

I pushed the key to the apartment I shared with Eddie into the lock and held it for a moment, taking a deep breath, then turned the lock. It felt like everything that could go wrong today did and I just couldn’t get out of my own way. I pushed the door open as quietly as I could, hoping Eddie wasn’t home yet so I could wallow alone.

Of course that didn’t go my way, either.

Eddie stood at the counter near the sink with Venom hovering over his shoulder, cutting vegetables and reading a recipe from the iPad that was resting on a stand. He smiled when he saw me walk into the kitchen, but it immediately dropped from his face the second he looked at mine.

“Hey,” He moved over and gave me a quick kiss, “you alright?” 

She’s been crying, Eddie,” Venom’s deep voice growled in distaste. “We must find scum that did this. And eat them.

“You’ve been crying?” Eddie’s voice turned to worry. He brought his hands up to cup my face and I caught a whiff of what he’d been chopping.

“You smell like celery,” Eddie whispered a quick ‘shit’ before turning to go wash his hands, but I quickly grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him towards me. “It’s fine, Eddie, I’ve just…I’ve had a really bad day and,” I could feel my bottom lip start to wobble and the familiar sting of tears begin to build as Eddie wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. I felt the familiar warmth of the symbiote as it rubbed its head against my cheek, much like a cat giving comfort.

Taking deep breaths to stop myself from crying, even though Eddie’s warm -firm- chest was incredibly inviting, I had to make an exit. I pulled away from him, albeit reluctantly, and gave Eddie a sad smile.

“I’m gonna go lay down for a while, alright?” My voice cracked halfway through the sentence. Eddie’s brows furrowed deeper into worry, the symbiote having disappeared after its display of affection, and he nodded. I set my bag down on a spare barstool and took my jacket off, draping it over the sofa, and lugging my boots off as I went. I’d pick them up later.

The bedroom door clicked softly behind me and I didn’t bother turning the light on as I slithered into bed, still in my work clothes. Finally, facedown in my pillow, I let the tears fall. Nothing of great importance had happened, but small things added up throughout the day that just added to the growing pile of frustration that had finally met its tipping point. It rarely happened, but when it did…it felt like a mountain was crumbling on top of me.

I pulled the down comforter over me, messing up the whole bed in the process, but I couldn’t have cared less at that point. I just needed to be swaddled up like a baby and left to cry it out.

It was about half an hour later, more or less, and my burning eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the bedroom when the door opened a crack, letting a streak of light enter against the far wall. Fortunately, my back was turned to it. A moment later, the click of the door closing sounded like a shot in the otherwise quiet apartment. When the bed dipped behind me, I knew Eddie decided he had given me enough space. And he knew I wasn’t asleep.

“Y/N?” Eddie poked at my back through the thick blanket. “We know you’re awake, Y/N/N,” He rolled me over onto my back and turned a lamp on next to the bed. “Move over,” He ordered, softly. I scooted as far as I could in my current burrito status, but it left him enough room to lay down with me. My eyes felt puffy and irritated as I blinked at him. 

The black entity of the symbiote covered one of his arms and he used it to lift my body, blanket and all, and turned me over to lay parallel on him. I felt the humming energy of Venom as it encased us both, cocooned us together in a comfortable bubble, and as we got situated, it opened around our heads. I wiggled my arms out of the blanket and wrapped them around Eddie’s waist, and rested my face on his chest -taking in what I had denied myself earlier. 

“Everyone is allowed a bad day, ya know? You especially.” Eddie’s voice was raspier than usual. “How many of my bad days have you dealt with without a single complaint? Huh? When I have my days, and I’ve had some pretty messed up days if you can recall- you’re right there to do whatever you can to make the situation better because that’s just who you are.” I felt his lips press onto the crown of my head affectionately. 

“I’m also here to do whatever I can for you, alright? I’m a little inexperienced because nothing ever seems to bother you, but I can show you that I love you and that you’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. The world will keep turning, and when you get up tomorrow, it’ll be a new day.” His hands moved to rub my shoulders and along my back. 

“What’s that thing you always tell me?” I tilted my head to look up at Eddie, his features glowing in the lamplight. “Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean that it is a bad day? Right? If you want to stay in bed, that’s fine -I understand-, but I have dinner in the oven and anything you could ever want to watch waiting for us in the queue. We can end the day nice and easy,” Eddie offered, bringing one of his thumbs to rub against my flushed cheek. I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of love for this man -and his symbiote. 

“Thank you,” My voice was still thick with tears as I wiped under my eyes. 

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Originally posted by b-n-a-o

Eddie Brock x Reader

Part 1 of 2

Word Count: 2,474

AN: I don’t typically write in the first person point of view, but I thought I’d do a little experimenting. Please let me know what you think about it! This is also my first Eddie Brock/Venom fic, so please be gentle. Tom Hardy did such a great job with this character that it’s hard to not fall in love with him!


I looked at my watch for what had to be the tenth time in as many minutes. Ready to give Eddie a piece of my mind, I took a deep breath and flew from my apartment to him and immediately knocked on the door before I could chicken out. 

He obviously didn’t answer and I couldn’t hear any noise on the other side, so I just let it go and went back to my own apartment.

Frustrated, and growing increasingly irritated by the second, I pulled out my phone and shot Eddie a text.

-You were supposed to pick me up an hour ago. 

-If you changed your mind, you could’ve let me know instead of just flaking.

I gave another passing thought.


Then pressed send. Locking the phone, I tossed it onto the coffee table as I began to take my jewelry off. What was that song by Meatloaf? All Revved Up with No Place to Go? That was exactly how I felt. Eddie and I had flirted here and there in the hallway of the complex, being neighbors made it even easier for me to get a ‘good morning’ here and there. Nothing too crazy, but there was obvious attraction from both sides, or so I thought.

 I sat on the sofa, absolutely mortified at being stood up by my neighbor.

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Gif source:  Here

Imagine you are the host of another symbiote, one that Venom has always liked, and become closer to Eddie due to Venom always wanting to be around you.

———  Request for @two-unbeatable-beaters  ———

Symbiosis was something that you had thought no one could ever understand, because, after all, you hardly understood what was going on between you and the creature inside you. Partnership, was as close a word as you could think to describe it, but even then, it hardly did it justice.

Then, you had met Eddie, found yourselves thrown together through the collective draw of one symbiote to another, and you began to understand what it meant to be a host, and more about your own symbiote.

“You like Venom,” you state, watching them disappear beyond the rooftops, feeling the liquid cords part from your face.

Like… humans use such strong words.

You huff, annoyance lighting your tone at the voice ringing in your head, as you clarify, “You don’t want to eat him. It’s about as close to liking someone as I’ve ever seen you come.”

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Ohhhh, I’m totally requesting a Valentines Day drabble. It’d be to hard to pass up seeing what could come out of prompt number 27 with Eddie Brock
  • Requested by @locke-writes
  • Prompts: #27: Did you just say ‘I love you’ to me for the first time?
  • Word Count: 440
  • A/N: thanks for requesting, I hope you like it!! your fics are awesome!!

Originally posted by joaquins-phoenixs

Standing by the curb all alone in your new outfit was not how you planned on this night going. The cold wind tore at you. You pulled your jacket tighter. Down the street, you heard footsteps, a shout of profanity, and then a scuffle that ended in a scream. You inched back toward the door to the restaurant. Whatever was going on, you didn’t want to get involved. The fighting seemed to have ended, though, so you stayed outside, sending another impatient text to your date.

The next thing you knew, you were flat on your ass on the sidewalk, with a painful jolt traveling up your back.

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Gif source:  Them

Imagine you’re a vigilante and you and Eddie/Venom have been dancing around each other for a few weeks, until one night they manage to unmask you, only to discover you’re their shy and sweet neighbor who moved in only a couple months ago.

———  Request for anon  ———

The black figure catches your mask, shredding the seam and snagging as you retreat just a hairs breadth to keep claws from cutting your skin. A gasp slips past your lips, and you know your face is revealed, not entirely, but just enough to be recognizable.

We were wrong about you,” he hisses your name, realization on his tongue, and you wrack your brain for where you could possibly have met this thing before, for him to know you so easily.

“You know my name,” you try to settle the adrenaline in your veins, but it’s of no use, so instead you demand of him, “It’s only fair I know yours.”

The face peels back, black slime and fanged teeth giving way to soft skin and hazel eyes. Familiar, you recognize, as the edge of stubble frames pink lips, but the voice adjoining his own is just as inhuman as before. Nothing like the way he had spoken to you over these past months, when you caught each other at the mail and in the hallways of your apartment building.

“We are Venom.”

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!!! fan-fiction is cursive, headcanons non-cursive



The Middle of the Night


Scaredy Cat (Halloween Special)

The Hunter and the Huntress (don’t read this, it’s my first)


She is a freaking Angel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Discontinued)

What should I do without you


Sorry for keeping you waiting, love



So what?





It’s not your fault







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Thirst season was never gone 😏

(BTW, I’m sorry, but tumblr keeps unfollowing people and I don’t realise until I go to their blog and follow them again 😓)


(I’ve watched Venom SO MANY times during my time way from Tumblr, it’s not even funny 🙈)

Eddie is a danger for the weak hearts 🥵🔥 Especially when he gets all flirty, after a drink or two 🤭

The loud music is the perfect excuse for him to whisper in your ear and the distance between your bodies is progressively smaller. With each word you can feel his hot breath and his chuckles against the shell of ear, as his hand unconsciously rubs your leg.

Eddie drives you crazy even when he doesn’t want to… Except, he gradually starts wanting to 😏

He plays with your hair, as he nuzzles his nose against your neck. When his soft lips start dancing upon your soft skin , you know there’s no turning back. A tingling sensation invades your whole body and next thing you know, you’re dragging him out of the club. He’s too drunk to drive and too hungry for you to wait, so you both make your way to a quiet spot on the backstreet.

“This is not how you treat a lady, but…”

You stop him, sliding your finger across his lips, as your other hand works it’s way inside his pants.

“And I don’t want to be treated like a lady tonight…” - A playful smirk forms on your lips and you pull his cock out.

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TW Violence, Swearing the usual *cue Venom by eminem*


Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

“This ones strong” Venom said loudly inside your head and you looked up at Kara as you sat on the floor feeling incredibly sick

You grabbed your head “well yeh she’s freaking supergirl!” You called out and Kara gave you a confused look

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Imagine being so in love that he could fuck your guts out one second and the next second he’s holding your hand in the car while he drives and he kisses your hand and says he loves you I-

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