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#venom imagine

Summary: With everything going on in the world today, this is just a bit of my ramblings wrapped with some Eddie and Venom.

Pairing: Eddie Brock/Venom x Original Character

Warnings: Anxiety(Mostly about what’s happening in the world right now)

Wordcount: 1.2k

A/N: I apologize in advance, this is just a lot of rambling with how I have been feeling lately. Hope you guys enjoy anyway xx

Tag list: @deaflikehawkeye @evelynshelby @shadow-of-wonder @97freaknik @advictedtohim @mollybegger-blog

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Eddie +5

Send me a number and a character and I’ll write something based on the song that comes on shuffle.

Song: “Doubt Me” by Sylar (“Seasons change just like hearts do”) 

Warnings: Mostly fluff

Life moved along after the whole Carlton Drake situation. Venom recovered and they fell into a bit of a routine with Eddie. This routine consisted of work now that Eddie had his job back, eating tater tots and chocolate much to Venom’s delight, eating bad guys when Venom called for it and trying to win Anne back. 

The last one was more Venom feeding Eddie with ideas they were sure would win her back.

Eddie knew though, Anne was never going back to him. Why would she? She was with a great guy. Eddie liked Dan, and so did Venom, and he knew she deserved him. Dan was better than he could ever be for Anne.

Though Eddie knew all of this, he couldn’t help how he felt. Even though it had been more than two years now. He had a hard time moving on from her. And it didn’t help having a parasite.

STOP USING THAT WORD!” Venom grumbled mournfully still hating that word no matter how many times Eddie said it was his way of showing his love to the symbiote.

Eddie was lonely. A type of lonely not even Venom could help with. At least not completely.

It was another Friday night. These nights always reminded him of those spent out with Anne. Date night. Sometimes he wondered if moving from San Francisco would be better because it never helped that every corner he turned sparked another memory.

He made his way through the city after a long day at work. Forever grateful he at least got his job back because he didn’t know what he’d do with himself at this point. Something was better than nothing. Turning the corner, his destination came into view. The bar he frequented when he needed a drink or two to try to forget. 


Eddie’s life was pretty much dedicated to Venom now. Everything revolved around them. If he wanted to drink once a week though, he would. He wasn’t about to let everything be taken from him. 

Sighing he said, “I know you hate it, Vee. But it makes me feel good.” 

LIES.” Venom hissed.


Walking through the door saying his hellos to the owner and a few regulars, Eddie made his way to his usual seat. Ordering himself a beer, Eddie sat and looked at one of the TVs watching that night’s news. 


“Vee…” Eddie started.


Eddie loved Venom. But the stubbornness would be the death of him.  They couldn’t take no for an answer no matter how many times Eddie told them he couldn’t just tell Anne he
wanted her back. She was happy with Dan. It
was more than enough for him that he and Anne were even friends again. Even if it
killed him.

Rubbing his face with his hands, he said, “Anne’s moved on, Vee. We have to respect that.”


“All I need is us, Vee.” Eddie replied even though that was far from the truth.

He looked around the bar noticing it was a lot more crowded than usual. Ordering his second beer so he could get out of here sooner than usual because Eddie knew Venom would start
to get itchy, itchier than normal, over the crowd and sounds. 

Taking a sip, he heard someone sit on the stool next to him. Eddie turned to see a young woman asking the bartender for a water.

Slightly amused that someone would be asking for just water at the bar he asked, “Not much of a drinker?” 

The woman turned to look at Eddie and chuckled. “Not a drinker at all actually. Out with some friends who wanted to make a pit stop here but I don’t think we’ll be leaving
any time soon.” 

She was a little more dressed up than the usual customers who came to this bar with a short black dress on paired with a light grey jean jacket and a pair of red doc martens.

“We were supposed to hit up a restaurant nearby for dinner but somehow we ended up here instead not that there’s anything wrong with the place, but I was just really craving
Italian food.” She sighed dramatically.

Eddie laughed, “Well, if you’re gonna be here a while they have a really good pulled pork sandwich.”


Shocked that Venom was interested at all in this conversation, Eddie smiled softly as he continued, “Oh and the fries. They’re the best here.”

She turned to look at her friends who didn’t look like they were leaving anytime soon and looked back to Eddie, “How are the onion rings? Ya know what, at this point I don’t
think I care too much. I’m so hungry.”

He was amused by her rambling. Sticking his hand out to her, he introduced himself, “Eddie.” 

Smiling at Eddie, she shook his hand giving him her name. “Hanna.”

Waving the bartender down so she could order some food, Eddie didn’t miss her ordering two
of the sandwiches and two fries. 

“That hungry?”
Eddie laughed.

Rolling the sleeves of her jacket up, Hanna smirked at Eddie. “I figured if you were staying you could have something to eat too since it doesn’t look like you have yet,” she
said gesturing to the two now empty beer bottles in front of him. “You seemed
to like those fries a lot too, so…”


Biting her lip at Eddie’s silence, she continued, “You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. I
just thought. I don’t know. You could take the food to go. My treat and all.”

He grabbed her shoulder softly and chuckled, “No worries, Hanna. I could eat.” 

Hanna’s face lit up at the sight of Eddie’s smile. Giving him one of her own back, she couldn’t
help but think about how handsome he was. Laughing to herself, she thought it was funny how she was supposed to be hanging out with her friends but here she was having dinner with a complete stranger. 

At least he was cute and didn’t seem like a creep. 

They talked about random things as they waited for their food. Hanna found out that he was in fact Eddie Brock, Investigative Reporter. She felt like such a dumbass for not recognizing
him, but in her defense, she didn’t know everything there is to know about the man. She was only aware of who he is. 

“It’s kind of nice when someone doesn’t know who I am right away.” He laughed.  “Most people seem to think I’m an asshole anyway
because of my approach with things. At least how I used to go about things in the past.”

Hanna shrugged, “Eh, you seem nice enough to me. I’m sure if you had done anything COMPLETELY terrible, I’d have heard about it.”

Their food came and the two immediately dug in. Hanna almost moaned because the sandwich really was as good as Eddie said, if not more. Between bites they talked some more about things like their jobs. Eddie talked about another piece he was working on about the homeless around the city and how there needs to be more done to help them. He’d talk about the need for help for those in need until he was blue in the face. Because how could anyone turn their backs and not even try to help
these people?

Hanna worked in a typical office job in one of the buildings in the city. Nothing too interesting
to report there but it helped pay the bills and she met some of the best friends there. Even though they were almost out of sight right now. But she wasn’t about to complain because she was enjoying Eddie’s company. Hanna knew
they’d understand. She was content sitting here with Eddie talking about themselves and random things.

“So, what do you really like to do since sitting in a bar doesn’t seem to be at the top of that
list?” Eddie asked between bites.

Hanna laughed, “I don’t hate it, not here at least, but sometimes the crowds can be too much, ya know? Never know if someone is gonna be a total creep and get too handsy.” She
took another bite of her sandwich then continued, “I’m down for almost anything
within reason really. But I love going to the beach or going to a concert. If I could I’d go to a concert every week.” 

Eddie whistled, “I haven’t been to a show in god knows how long.”

“You’re missing out, Eddie.” Hanna quipped as she started on the fries. Eddie was right, they
were really good.

Sighing she said, “I could go for a chocolate sundae right about now.”


Eddie laughed at both Hanna and Venom’s comments. “Well, I don’t think you’ll find one of those here

Hanna pouted, “Guess we can’t have it all.”

Finishing off his fries, Eddie got an idea, but he wasn’t sure if Hanna would be up to it especially having only just met him. Then he was hit with the thought that he was actually
trying to spend time with someone else for once. A woman who wasn’t Anne and
that scared him. But this felt so natural to him. Maybe he could move on? Baby


Venom was right. And she was pretty. Really pretty.

Swallowing the last of his water, he started, “Uhm. I know a place that has good ice cream. It’s literally down a few blocks if you’re still interested in having that sundae?” Eddie was
silently hoping she would agree to his request.

Hanna’s heart felt like it was beating out of her chest. How did her night turn around like this
after almost resenting her friends for changing plans and dragging her here?

“Your treat?” She asked with a smile on her face.

SAY YES, EDDIE. WE WANT CHOCOLATE!” Venom was practically bouncing inside his head.

Eddie smirked, “My treat.”

Tag list: @deaflikehawkeye @advictedtohim @evelynshelby @97freaknik @shadow-of-wonder @mollybegger-blog

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Imagine # 551

Gif NOT mine. (Found on Pinterest.)

If this gif is yours please let me know, so I can give you credit.

Gif credit goes to - Unknown.

Year posted - 2020


“Eddie we need to talk.” (Y/n) sighed leaning back in her office chair a little. “I figured, what’s up?” Eddie smiled a little trying to lighten the mood. “I’m pregnant… And you’re the only man I’ve been with for some time.” (Y/n) took a deep breath recalling their drunken passion just over a month ago. “You’re sure?” Eddie broke the silence. “I went to my doctor, they confirmed it.” (Y/n) began toying with her hands, an old nervous habit. “Well… I wasn’t expecting this.” Eddie hummed leaning back in his seat. “But I can honestly say I’m happy.” He added with a chuckle under his breath. “Really?” (Y/n) laughed through her nose surprised by his words. “Of all the women I could’ve gotten pregnant, I’m glad it was someone as awesome as you… Besides we’ll be awesome parents!” Eddie smiled like a dope leaning onto (Y/n)’s desk. “We?” She arched a brow at her best friend. “Yeah we.” Eddie held his hand forward for her to take, smiling from ear to ear when she took his hand. “Not to mention with you being pregnant now I can admit that I’ve always loved you.” He winked causing (Y/n) to roll her eyes. “Oh really?” She chuckled softly. “Why do you think I always scare off your boyfriends?” Eddie smirked with a certain glint in his eye. “You’re an asshole.” (Y/n) giggled playfully tossing his hand away. “You love me.” He teased knowing damn well that he was right.

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@ke-roero​ Requested: eddie and venom going out for a stroll but venom is acting up and he senses something and forces eddie to follow the feeling he’s having only to find reader, and later on in their relationship he finds out that she’s been hosting a symbiote as well

a/n: This one was really fun to write, so I hope you like it!! Also sorry if you hate the symbiote name, I used a random name generator to pick it because I had no ideas! and i may or may not have changed the prompt a little. Hope that’s cool! Feedback is always appreciated and requests are always open!

Eddie was walking through the park, tapping his pen on his notepad. He had used some of his vacation time at work so he could clear his head and try to think of real story ideas, rather than just pick something dull and spit something mundane out. 

It wasn’t going so well, seeing as the only story he had written down was the one that had burned him out. He stared at the barely legible scribbles on the paper and sighed.

“Maybe we could take about all the stray dogs running around the city?” Eddie asked Venom quietly, as to not bring unwanted attention, “Maybe just ….talk about the homelessness?”

He wasn’t getting an answer.

“I’m.. Asking for suggestions.” Eddie paused, “And you know I’m desperate because I’m asking you.”

Still nothing.

“What? No snarky remark? No name calling?”

Radio silence. 

“Listen, man-”


“Excuse me?”

“Did I stutter, Eddie.”

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Something’s here…”

“Descriptive.” Eddie chuckled, “Mind enlightening me?”

“I can sense another presence here.”

“What kind?”

Venom sighed, “Do I have to spell everything out?”

“I am currently utilizing the one brain cell I have, buddy. I need all the help I can get.”

Eddie could feel Venom’s sarcastic ass eye roll, “A symbiote.”

Almost as if it was routine, which it probably was, Eddie went on high alert. There was another symbiote just out and about?

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Carlton managed a soft smile. Today was particularly rough, for the both of you. You couldn’t stomach anything solid the whole day, your stomach rejecting any food he’d cooked knowing it was your favorite. You looked flushed, weaker, more tired, taking longer naps through the day. You hadn’t even woken up when he changed your IV drips. In the lab, Carlton hadn’t been able to find anyone who could take on a symbiote. He had to try it on strangers, random people he couldn’t give a second chance thought about, because if he’d tried it with you, it could kill you, faster than the disease already was. He was doing this all for you, to save you your life, beat the odds. No one could tell him there was nothing he could do. There was, he’d find a way to save you, cure you.

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a couple doors down - eddie brock x reader


Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

summary: when a cute neighbour, aka you, moves in down the hall eddie has to work over time to control venom so that the symbiote doesn’t ruin his chances with you

  • pairing: eddie brock x reader
  • warnings: [n/a]
  • fandom: venom/marvel

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Eddie Brock + 2

Send a number (1-20) and a character for a drabble


Warning: comfort and fluff, a HEALTHY relationship

Float On by Modest Mouse

Bad news comes, don’t you worry even when it lands. Good news will work it’s way to all them plans.

I pushed the key to the apartment I shared with Eddie into the lock and held it for a moment, taking a deep breath, then turned the lock. It felt like everything that could go wrong today did and I just couldn’t get out of my own way. I pushed the door open as quietly as I could, hoping Eddie wasn’t home yet so I could wallow alone.

Of course that didn’t go my way, either.

Eddie stood at the counter near the sink with Venom hovering over his shoulder, cutting vegetables and reading a recipe from the iPad that was resting on a stand. He smiled when he saw me walk into the kitchen, but it immediately dropped from his face the second he looked at mine.

“Hey,” He moved over and gave me a quick kiss, “you alright?” 

She’s been crying, Eddie,” Venom’s deep voice growled in distaste. “We must find scum that did this. And eat them.

“You’ve been crying?” Eddie’s voice turned to worry. He brought his hands up to cup my face and I caught a whiff of what he’d been chopping.

“You smell like celery,” Eddie whispered a quick ‘shit’ before turning to go wash his hands, but I quickly grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him towards me. “It’s fine, Eddie, I’ve just…I’ve had a really bad day and,” I could feel my bottom lip start to wobble and the familiar sting of tears begin to build as Eddie wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest. I felt the familiar warmth of the symbiote as it rubbed its head against my cheek, much like a cat giving comfort.

Taking deep breaths to stop myself from crying, even though Eddie’s warm -firm- chest was incredibly inviting, I had to make an exit. I pulled away from him, albeit reluctantly, and gave Eddie a sad smile.

“I’m gonna go lay down for a while, alright?” My voice cracked halfway through the sentence. Eddie’s brows furrowed deeper into worry, the symbiote having disappeared after its display of affection, and he nodded. I set my bag down on a spare barstool and took my jacket off, draping it over the sofa, and lugging my boots off as I went. I’d pick them up later.

The bedroom door clicked softly behind me and I didn’t bother turning the light on as I slithered into bed, still in my work clothes. Finally, facedown in my pillow, I let the tears fall. Nothing of great importance had happened, but small things added up throughout the day that just added to the growing pile of frustration that had finally met its tipping point. It rarely happened, but when it did…it felt like a mountain was crumbling on top of me.

I pulled the down comforter over me, messing up the whole bed in the process, but I couldn’t have cared less at that point. I just needed to be swaddled up like a baby and left to cry it out.

It was about half an hour later, more or less, and my burning eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the bedroom when the door opened a crack, letting a streak of light enter against the far wall. Fortunately, my back was turned to it. A moment later, the click of the door closing sounded like a shot in the otherwise quiet apartment. When the bed dipped behind me, I knew Eddie decided he had given me enough space. And he knew I wasn’t asleep.

“Y/N?” Eddie poked at my back through the thick blanket. “We know you’re awake, Y/N/N,” He rolled me over onto my back and turned a lamp on next to the bed. “Move over,” He ordered, softly. I scooted as far as I could in my current burrito status, but it left him enough room to lay down with me. My eyes felt puffy and irritated as I blinked at him. 

The black entity of the symbiote covered one of his arms and he used it to lift my body, blanket and all, and turned me over to lay parallel on him. I felt the humming energy of Venom as it encased us both, cocooned us together in a comfortable bubble, and as we got situated, it opened around our heads. I wiggled my arms out of the blanket and wrapped them around Eddie’s waist, and rested my face on his chest -taking in what I had denied myself earlier. 

“Everyone is allowed a bad day, ya know? You especially.” Eddie’s voice was raspier than usual. “How many of my bad days have you dealt with without a single complaint? Huh? When I have my days, and I’ve had some pretty messed up days if you can recall- you’re right there to do whatever you can to make the situation better because that’s just who you are.” I felt his lips press onto the crown of my head affectionately. 

“I’m also here to do whatever I can for you, alright? I’m a little inexperienced because nothing ever seems to bother you, but I can show you that I love you and that you’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. The world will keep turning, and when you get up tomorrow, it’ll be a new day.” His hands moved to rub my shoulders and along my back. 

“What’s that thing you always tell me?” I tilted my head to look up at Eddie, his features glowing in the lamplight. “Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean that it is a bad day? Right? If you want to stay in bed, that’s fine -I understand-, but I have dinner in the oven and anything you could ever want to watch waiting for us in the queue. We can end the day nice and easy,” Eddie offered, bringing one of his thumbs to rub against my flushed cheek. I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of love for this man -and his symbiote. 

“Thank you,” My voice was still thick with tears as I wiped under my eyes. 

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“Life hurts, Eddie. It just does.”

“It’s been hurting a lot lately.” Eddie admitted. You’d been having relationship problems for a while. Venom wasn’t the cause, but he complicated things a lot. He was the final straw. Eddie couldn’t see that until now, when you’d already moved out and try to move on. There really was no relationship in the end. There were no more date nights or sweet surprises, you were barely even talking. By the time Eddie got home, you were already asleep, having to get up early the next morning for work. You were coexisting.

The cashier simply shrugged. She always knew when he was going through hard times, but she also knew he’d get through them. It wasn’t a major fight, the dramatic ending people expected from hearing about the end of a long relationship, you two had grown apart, wanting different things. You wanted a house, a family, while he was content with the way things were. You knew what you wanted. There was no forcing him into it, it was just better to call it quits. You could still be friends, but nothing more. You both deserved someone who wanted the same things from life, who wanted the same things as you in the future. Simple as that.

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Some headcannons for Xenomorph and/or Venom? My little monsterfucker heart don't know what exacly do with them sometimes

[its a crime and a shame I haven’t written more nsfw headcanons for them. These also got really horny really fAST]

Xenomorph Headcanons:

  • Hugely territorial over their s/o. Not only will they leave bites and marks on your skin to signal that you’re theirs, they’ll make sure their scent is on you and that you are visibly CLAIMED as theirs and theirs alone. Xenomporphs have no time for people who even think of stealing their beloved
  • Wraps their tail around you constantly, using it to pull you close and nuzzle into you like a sort of hug!
  • Since Xenomorphs are a hive-based society and don’t necessarily reproduce with each other, their sex drive isn’t high and I don’t personally think they get ‘heats’ or ‘ruts’ a lot
  • They do, however, want to please so if you express interest in fucking your Xenomorph partner then, by god, they will do their best for you because they want to make you happy
  • Secretly they think the faces you make when they fuck you is super cute too and are always happy to see more of them 
  • Scratch their head or under their chin and you’ll hear your partner purr for the first time (they get embarrassed because of it, just let them know you think its cute)
  • Their cum is absolutely neon green 
  • Scratch marks ALL OVER YOUR BODY
  • They love tracing said scratch marks and bite marks after you two settle in together, clicking and cooing with delight over the mess they’ve made of you
  • Gets jealous very easy and will kill the person they are jealous of unless it makes you upset
  • All-in-all a very territorial but loyal lover!

Venom Headcanons:

  • Constantly asking Eddie for romantic advice. 
  • ‘Eddie how do you woo a human? Do they like teeth? I could get them teeth-’ ‘No-hey-don’t… Don’t do that here I’ll help but do not rip out people’s teeth’
  • Is pretty straightforward about its declaration of love to you, and when you reciprocate it it gets very very happy!
  • Hugs hugs SO MANY HUGS. Venom will just wrap you up in his form and squeeze you to him, purring the whole time as he fawns over you
  • Gives you cute nicknames, most notably ‘my little human’ or something of the like
  • If anyone tries to kidnap you or hurt you, Venom will eat their heads off without hesitation
  • Loves to dominate you and cover your entire body with his, making you surrender to him so that he can spoil you and give you the utmost pleasure as best as he can
  • When he fucks you its all about you. He’s a generous lover, always making sure you’re prepared and stretched and have had at least three orgasms before he even considers having one
  • Lots of dirty talk too
  • ‘That’s my little slutty human… Does it feel good? Do you want more? Beg for it. Let me hear my name from those lips~’ 
  • Eddie apologizes for it later
  • Same with the Xenomorph, a lot of scratches and bite marks to signal that you’re his
  • Traces actual human words on your skin with his claws though. Your ass or collar or sides will read ‘mine’ or ‘venom’ with a heart and take at least a week to heal away
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Originally posted by b-n-a-o

Eddie Brock x Reader

Part 1 of 2

Word Count: 2,474

AN: I don’t typically write in the first person point of view, but I thought I’d do a little experimenting. Please let me know what you think about it! This is also my first Eddie Brock/Venom fic, so please be gentle. Tom Hardy did such a great job with this character that it’s hard to not fall in love with him!


I looked at my watch for what had to be the tenth time in as many minutes. Ready to give Eddie a piece of my mind, I took a deep breath and flew from my apartment to him and immediately knocked on the door before I could chicken out. 

He obviously didn’t answer and I couldn’t hear any noise on the other side, so I just let it go and went back to my own apartment.

Frustrated, and growing increasingly irritated by the second, I pulled out my phone and shot Eddie a text.

-You were supposed to pick me up an hour ago. 

-If you changed your mind, you could’ve let me know instead of just flaking.

I gave another passing thought.


Then pressed send. Locking the phone, I tossed it onto the coffee table as I began to take my jewelry off. What was that song by Meatloaf? All Revved Up with No Place to Go? That was exactly how I felt. Eddie and I had flirted here and there in the hallway of the complex, being neighbors made it even easier for me to get a ‘good morning’ here and there. Nothing too crazy, but there was obvious attraction from both sides, or so I thought.

 I sat on the sofa, absolutely mortified at being stood up by my neighbor.

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Gif source:  Here

Imagine you are the host of another symbiote, one that Venom has always liked, and become closer to Eddie due to Venom always wanting to be around you.

———  Request for @two-unbeatable-beaters  ———

Symbiosis was something that you had thought no one could ever understand, because, after all, you hardly understood what was going on between you and the creature inside you. Partnership, was as close a word as you could think to describe it, but even then, it hardly did it justice.

Then, you had met Eddie, found yourselves thrown together through the collective draw of one symbiote to another, and you began to understand what it meant to be a host, and more about your own symbiote.

“You like Venom,” you state, watching them disappear beyond the rooftops, feeling the liquid cords part from your face.

Like… humans use such strong words.

You huff, annoyance lighting your tone at the voice ringing in your head, as you clarify, “You don’t want to eat him. It’s about as close to liking someone as I’ve ever seen you come.”

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Cloud: Part Two

Summary: Emma never expected to find love shortly after moving more than halfway across the country. What happens when third party is added?

Pairing: Eddie Brock/Venom x Original Character

Warnings: Fluff(more to be added later possibly)

Wordcount: 1.1k

A/N: I have already posted both chapters on AO3 and already so I figured why not make a new account and post them on here as well. Still not sure where this story is going to end up but things keep flowing between these two for me. Writing is completely out of my comfort zone as I’ve never written a fic before at all yet this has been refreshing for me so far and helping a lot with my anxiety. I am in the middle of drafting part three and will have that up as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy!

It was on one of their rare nightly outings on a Tuesday, Emma found out what Eddie meant months ago when he referred to himself as “we.” The two had stopped at one of the ice cream shops not too far from Battery East Vista where they would sit at their usual bench talking about whatever came to mind. It may have been the beginning of November but it was still warm enough to enjoy the cold treat.

“Your fiancé, what happened with her after the Life Foundation incident?” Emma questioned. She wasn’t sure if the topic of Anne, Eddie’s ex, was really a good choice of topic but she was curious and had been wondering about her ever since Eddie told her about it.

Eddie not even hesitating while eating his double chocolate ice cream cone covered in chocolate sprinkles, “Anne’s better now. She’s a district attorney now and engaged to a really great guy, Dan.” He had a soft look on his face as he spoke of her.

“Sounds like you two patched things up.” Emma stated. She could tell just by the look on Eddie’s face he still cared for Anne and had a special place for her in his heart. “We did. 6 months after losing everything I showed up on her doorstep, which was our old place, thinking I was going to win her back. That was until I saw Dan get out of the car with her. I couldn’t even hate the guy. Despite knowing who I was and what I had done to Anne, he was so kind to me.” Eddie paused. “I knew I had lost her completely then and it took me a little bit to accept that and move on. Now I’m happy for her and she deserves the happiness and love Dan gives her which I wasn’t able to.”

She didn’t know why she asked the question or why she needed to know. The past couldn’t be changed and it never helped dwelling on the “what ifs” but she asked anyway.

“Do you think you guys would still be together today had you not had that interview with Carlton Drake?” She was almost afraid of Eddie’s answer but she didn’t know why. Not really.

“I wondered that question everyday after she left me and I don’t think I’ll ever truly know the answer. We were in love and probably would have gotten married like we were supposed to. But, in a strange way I think what happened was supposed to happen, ya know?” Emma nodded understanding Eddie completely.

Eddie continued, “I think somewhere down the line something like this could have happened whether I took that interview with Drake or not.” The sun had set and the area grew quiet as people ventured home or any other location to continue their night.

Eddie took Emma’s hand and rubbed his thumb over hers. “I know we haven’t really touched on what this is between us but.” He paused. “I really like you and enjoy your company. You don’t know how happy I am today that you bumped into me and knocked my coffee all of myself.” Eddie laughed as he could tell that moment was still a sore spot for Emma even as she found herself laughing with him.

Finishing off her vanilla milkshake, Emma replied with a small smile, “I like you too, Eddie.” She truly did. Off in her own thoughts for a minute, Emma missed the flash of Eddie’s eyes that could have easily been blamed on the poor lighting of where they were sitting but was actually something more.

She was soon to be 29 and found any feelings she thought she had for potential partners before didn’t hold a flame to how she was feeling about Eddie.

Every time she was around him she felt lighter. He made her laugh, a lot. Even if it was at her own expense sometimes. She could tell he had a good heart just by how caring he was to the homeless people throughout the city. Whenever they met up at their coffee shop, he always beat her there and had her favorites waiting for her. The little things he did for her are what made her heart almost jump out of her throat sometimes.

She could almost go as far as saying she was falling in love with the guy. But, she wouldn’t get ahead of herself just yet. It’s still only been 3 months.

“We should probably head back now before it gets too late. Wouldn’t want Raya killing me for having you out past curfew.” Eddie giggled. “You’re such a dumbass, Eddie.” Emma rolled her eyes as she laughed at him. “You love it,” he quipped.

She really did.

“So I was thinking,” Emma started nervously. Eddie squeezed her hand in reassurance. “What’s up?” Emma bit her lip unsure if she was maybe moving too fast with what she was about to propose to him. Still feeling like this was all new territory for her never getting this far into a relationship to even make plans like this, she asked anyway. “Do you think maybe, well, Thanksgiving is coming up in a few weeks and I just thought.” Emma paused and mentally screamed at herself to get a grip on yourself. “Would you want to spend it with me?”

Looking up to Eddie’s face and noticing him smiling at her, she couldn’t help but blush. “I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else.” Eddie continued smiling as they made their way to Emma’s apartment.

Feeling relief Emma started rambling on plans for the holiday. It was decided the dinner would be at Emma’s apartment so Raya could join them, of course. Emma was almost shaking with excitement that things were going so well and knew this was going to be a big step in their relationship.

As if the universe hadn’t laughed at her enough throughout her life, things took a drastic turn on what would’ve been an amazing night for Emma.

One minute they were talking about the desserts they would have for this thanksgiving dinner, Eddie was very adamant about all the chocolate. Emma couldn’t argue with him on that one not being a fan of the more traditional thanksgiving desserts such as pie. The next minute a man holding a gun decided he wanted Emma’s purse and whatever else he thought he could take.

Emma, scared pretty much shitless, was prepared to give the man whatever he wanted just so he would leave them alone. What she wasn’t prepared for was to experience fear like she never felt before to the point of passing out.

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Ohhhh, I’m totally requesting a Valentines Day drabble. It’d be to hard to pass up seeing what could come out of prompt number 27 with Eddie Brock
  • Requested by @locke-writes
  • Prompts: #27: Did you just say ‘I love you’ to me for the first time?
  • Word Count: 440
  • A/N: thanks for requesting, I hope you like it!! your fics are awesome!!

Originally posted by joaquins-phoenixs

Standing by the curb all alone in your new outfit was not how you planned on this night going. The cold wind tore at you. You pulled your jacket tighter. Down the street, you heard footsteps, a shout of profanity, and then a scuffle that ended in a scream. You inched back toward the door to the restaurant. Whatever was going on, you didn’t want to get involved. The fighting seemed to have ended, though, so you stayed outside, sending another impatient text to your date.

The next thing you knew, you were flat on your ass on the sidewalk, with a painful jolt traveling up your back.

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Gif source:  Them

Imagine you’re a vigilante and you and Eddie/Venom have been dancing around each other for a few weeks, until one night they manage to unmask you, only to discover you’re their shy and sweet neighbor who moved in only a couple months ago.

———  Request for anon  ———

The black figure catches your mask, shredding the seam and snagging as you retreat just a hairs breadth to keep claws from cutting your skin. A gasp slips past your lips, and you know your face is revealed, not entirely, but just enough to be recognizable.

We were wrong about you,” he hisses your name, realization on his tongue, and you wrack your brain for where you could possibly have met this thing before, for him to know you so easily.

“You know my name,” you try to settle the adrenaline in your veins, but it’s of no use, so instead you demand of him, “It’s only fair I know yours.”

The face peels back, black slime and fanged teeth giving way to soft skin and hazel eyes. Familiar, you recognize, as the edge of stubble frames pink lips, but the voice adjoining his own is just as inhuman as before. Nothing like the way he had spoken to you over these past months, when you caught each other at the mail and in the hallways of your apartment building.

“We are Venom.”

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Commission sheet!! Monster lovers special edition 💕✨

Any monster (From any show) x human ( OC, Canon Character, Self Insert ) you want! ( incest, rape or violance are off table )

Couple sketches: 5$ dollars

Couple icons ( reference can be seen here): 15$ dollars

Couple Full body complete art ( reference can be seen here ): 25$ dollars

Payment via PayPal only, you chat with me for more information here or by email:

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Eddie +9

Send me a number and a character and I’ll write a blurb based on the song that comes on shuffle.

Song: “Tutta colpa mia” by Elodie

“Ogni giorno mi sveglio e tu sei già andato via. Ancora.” (Everyday I wake up and you’re already gone. Again.)

Individuality and personal space were things that you greatly cherished. And that’s why at first you had reserves on getting into a relationship. You knew that it wasn’t really fair to be with someone when you didn’t want to spend all your time with them. But then you realised that yes, you could still be with someone and keep your necessities untouched. Sure, finding a balance between what you wanted and what the other person wanted wasn’t easy and was also the very reason why so many couples fell apart. However, with Eddie things seemed to be working out just fine. You were both pretty busy so it wasn’t unusual for you to spend some much needed alone time without it being a strain on your relationship. With this being said, you’d never had thought that one day you would be in a place where you’d willingly throw away your need for personal space if that meant being with him.

 You had really underestimated Eddie’s busy agenda until it got to a point you weren’t spending evenings alone because you needed it to recharge your batteries but rather because he wasn’t available. So it was Netflix and chill by yourself anyway. At first, you didn’t really notice so you didn’t complain but it had been a couple of weeks now and you found yourself missing him. Eddie was usually the life of the party compared to you, ever so jolly and outspoken, he brought a dash of extravagance and unpredictability in your life. Not wanting to sound needy or overbearing, you tried to be sneaky about it and just send him a message asking to see him. You never did before and that alone should have been a sign enough for him that things weren’t great. Thanks to you, Eddie was a very observant guy and had come to know you pretty well. So the night to the same day you had reached out to him, he surprised you with food and your favourite film. 

“If this is what happens when I ask you to meet then I’ definitely need to do it more often.” Welcoming him in, you joke after seeing the bags in his hand. Not that he wasn’t thoughtful usually. but it felt like ages ago from the last time you had seen him.

“Your wish is my command, my lady.” Always his charming self, Eddie swept you off your feet and he soon made you forget the weeks of absence by engaging you into a very intense recollection of his most recent scoop. He was so passionate about his work, you had always admired that. 

“How about we continue this some other place, eh?” He could also be very passionate about other activities if you know what I mean. Wrapped around each other you soon find your way to your bedroom. Gosh, how you had missed feeling his skin on yours. There was nothing quite like it. Not even your favourite book came close. And that was saying something.

“I missed this. I missed you so much, Eddie.” You confessed, shivering from the pleasure he was giving you, deeply buried inside you his forehead resting on yours.

“You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you Y/N, I don’t think I can be without you for long.” His words were so comforting they felt like ambrosia and they managed to push you to reach your peak.

Cuddling to his chest, him holding you like you were his most precious belonging, you felt contempt like never before, bashing into the aftermath and the feeling of having him so close to you. However, as the sunlight filled your room and you rolled over to his side to find it empty, you couldn’t help but remember his words with disdain. You should never trust the words of a man close to his orgasm, you thought as disappointment filled you turning a perfectly beautiful morning into a bad day.

(Again, Idk if this is worth tagging) @mollybegger-blog @deaflikehawkeye @br0ck-eddie @shadow-of-wonder @fandom–0verdose @evelynshelby @innerpaperexpertcloud 

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Cloud: Part Five

Summary: Emma never expected to find love shortly after moving more than halfway across the country. What happens when third party is added?

Pairing: Eddie Brock/Venom x Original Character

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Anxiety(more to be added later)

Wordcount: 1.6k

A/N: Ahhh, I’m so sorry it took me a bit longer to get this part out. Life was happening and other stories had my attention a little bit more. I’m still not sure how long this story is going to be but I’m just really loving writing these two, or well three. Please let me know how you guys are liking the story and if there’s anything you’d like to see.. I love hearing from you guys. Hope you all enjoy!

Tag list: @deaflikehawkeye @evelynshelby @shadow-of-wonder @97freaknik @advictedtohim

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Requested by anon: Hi, can you write Eddie Brock x reader when she gives him the silent treatment after a fight, please?

A/N: I think I had a bit too much fun writing Eddie in this. thank you so much for your request! If you have anymore, feel free to drop them in the inbox! Also, sorry if it seems a bit short!  and lame. <3

If you were being honest, the fight wasn’t that bad. It’s just that Eddie was being such a jackass and not listening to anything you had to say, so, you decided to just say nothing at all. He didn’t notice at first as he had stormed into the bathroom to take a shower and hopefully relax. 

You, on the other hand, had decided to just go to the living room, plop down onto the couch, and turn on some shitty tv show. Just your luck, it was some stupid game show. Normally you and Eddie would try to answer the questions right, more often than not, you were right. Sometimes Venom would get involved, and then mope when he couldn’t get the stupid human answers right. It was honestly adorable, seeing as he did try his best to impress both you and Eddie.

You tried to just enjoy the show, but of course, Eddie had to finish his shower rather quickly and soon he was sitting on the other end of the couch. He tried to make small talk, seeing as it was always easier for him to apologize after he’s made you chuckle a few times.

You rolled your eyes at him and started flipping through the channels. Movie, movie, show, movie, oh that looks interesting, movie, show, show- Nothing seemed to grab your attention, so you dropped the remote next to Eddie and grabbed your book off the table and flipped it open. You weren’t going to read, you were just going to look like it, so maybe Eddie would notice.

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