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#venom let there be carnage
sgt-dignam · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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horror-thot · 2 days ago
Eddie and venom: *bickering*
Eddie: im sorry, yes. i love you
Doc Ock: are they married?
Strange: not in their universe
Eddie: *kisses venom's forehead*
Strange: yet...
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lizz-go-brrr · 2 days ago
POV: Venom and Eddie in Venom: Let There Be Carnage (mostly Venom)
Tumblr media
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smokedbeans · a day ago
Tumblr media
Fellas, please remember to kiss your clingy monster boyfriend goodnight
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frying-panties · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mostly based on a scene from my Spider-Man fanfiction
Currently thinking about opening my very own PATREON, which would definitely include the usual early access, lots of sketches, request options, NSFW (In quality) and lots more!
Is there anything anyone willing to join my possible PATREON would like to see? (Characters, general pieces of fiction, actors, etc.) or any tips for tiers and so on?
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*at a zoo*
Venom: What are they in for?
Eddie: V, this isn't a prison
Venom: So they can leave?
Eddie: No, but-
Venom, pointing at a meerkat: I bet that one murdered someone
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bridoesotherjunk · a day ago
Can I take a moment to appreciate the costume design in Venom 1 and 2?
Specifically the City shirt we all love
-- Eddie re-uses and re-wears clothes!! Like a real fucking human person!!!!!
Hes not just cycling through an endless supply of new, fancy outfits like so, so, SO MANY movies and shows always do. Ones that come to mind are Friends and Legally Blonde. They never wear the same outfit twice. These are supposed to be real people who have limited closet space and a limited budget, but they're out there wearing clothes once and never again. (( Specifically the women never wear the same outfit twice. Sometimes men in shows and movies wear the same outfit a couple times, but even then it's rare.))
Eddie has a favorite shirt. And he wears it a lot!!
Like a real. Person.
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chimkennuggies69 · 2 days ago
I love that part where Eddie cried in the police station. Because I just like seeing him cry in general *runs*
But as much as I wanted to believe that was because he misses V, deep down I believe the reason isn't that. This looks more like a stressed out cry because "a serial killer is on the run and people might get killed because of ME and the serial killer is probably gonna kill me too, so I need to hurry and set it right but I dont have my symbiote with me."
Because I sure as hell would get stressed out if people got in danger because of my dumb actions
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crazymuff1n · a day ago
Tumblr media
symbrock might have gotten 31st place on ships but the movie is NUMBER 1!!! YEAH MONSTERFUCKER RIGHTS!!!
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unwellinthehead · a day ago
when it comes right down to it Venom and Hannibal are just pieces of media about a sweaty bisexual mess and his clingy husband who eats people and everyone else around them being completely exasperated
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lady-in-the-lair · a day ago
Eddie Brock character growth/change:
In Venom 1, he does a walkby of Anne’s house after the breakup, and it’s of course totally not creepy at all. In Venom 2, despite her not picking up his calls for like…months and months? (honestly that makes no sense, she was fine having that little stair chat with him in the last movie), he respects her boundaries and waits for her to call him back and they meet at a restaurant like two adults.
He was more gung-ho about being a hero in Venom 1, and that deleted car scene shows it was a bit of a complex with him (at least in the original script). In Venom 2, he just wants a normal life (I guess it’s not much fun getting stabbed/beaten/blown up—though Venom certainly seems to think so! He had a taste and is all about that hero life.)
Venom 1 had Eddie not taking responsibility for getting Anne fired (Venom makes him apologize like six months later), and Anne has to flat-out tell him, “You did this, Eddie. Not Carlton Drake, not the studio. You.” And then in Venom 2, Eddie blames Venom for things that happened before they even met. Venom retorts, “But you blew that all on your own” and Eddie actually admits he’s right—“Okay, yeah.” Then by the time Carnage escapes, Eddie is full-on taking the blame for things that aren’t his fault—Carnage’s existence is Venom’s fault, he’s the one who freaked out and let Cletus bite them. But: "It's all on me!"
^ Maybe in Venom 3 we’ll get him turning himself in for murders he didn’t commit or something. (<- that is a joke. I hope he commits more murders. All the murders.)
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