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#venom one shot

Stop licking me! || (venom x reader)

Genre: smut.smut.smut.

Warnings: there’s alot of cursing.

A/n: this is short because i’m lazy.

Pls excuse my messy english


You’re laying on your stomach, it was a long fucking day you were tired and all you wanted to do is sleep, but someone had to ruin your plans.

“Venom stop licking me!” You growled “Don’t tell me what to do!” He grabbed your ass than started shaking it “THIS IS MINE!” He snarled

You laughed at his childish reaction, then you bit your lip when you felt his tongue going deep inside of you “stop,please.” You whined

Fuck, you were trying your hardest to not give in and moan, but the more his tongue goes deeper the more you get wetter and you don’t want to give him the satisfaction of you enjoying this.

Sometimes you ask yourself how the hell did i stuck with this beast.

You rolled your eyes from the climax that you almost about to reach, you grabbed the pillow and hold on to it so tightly so you could control yourself.

Suddenly venom grabbed your hair “Come on scream for me.” He growled lowly

“Fuck!” Your eyes began to water as he slid his tongue deeper into your pussy hitting your g-spot repeatedly You screamed as you reached your climax, you felt venom pulling his tongue out of your pussy as you were trying to catch your breath, You turned around so you can look at him only to find his dick is ready for you.

He smirked at how messy you looked “We’re not done yet.”

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Originally posted by kunikidaz

After the perfect date night with Eddie (and Venom), he is a little hesitant about how to end it. He could kiss you, but he doesn’t want to rush things; and if he doesn’t kiss you, you might think he isn’t interested.

When you arrive to your aparment, his doubts are solved as you ask him if he wants one last drink with you

“That…that would be great, Y/N. I would like that a lot”

“Yeah, we would love that”

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Originally posted by marvelheroes

You, Eddie’s girlfriend, were almost killed and raped by your ex boyfriend. Eddie had known since you started dating five years ago. But now that he has venom with him, he is more than ready to pay your ex boyfriend a little visit to jail…

“Leave the door closed, sir. And don’t come in for a while. It’s gonna get nasty”

“Food, Eddie”

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Originally posted by urbannoizeremixes

Plot: Eddie and you have been friends as long as you can remember. He has ruined your life, but it’s not like you can hate the man you love.

You have known Eddie since you were children. Living across his house, you soon became best friends and started working together. When he got the job as a reporter, he insisted in taking you as his camera girl; not that you really had a lot of experience, but you needed the job and he was your best friend. He soon met Annie, and with her help, got a nice house and a nice life. On the other hand, you got stuck with a small apartment and a crush of Eddie that didn´t seem to go away.

Annie is a nice girl, gorgeous and kind to you, so you can’t say that you hate her. After work you end up most of the time at her house with Eddie, but lately you have been doing extra hours to finally move out of your shitty apartment. You have almost enough money to do it when Eddie crash his interview with Carlton and get both of you fired.

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Currently looking for submissions and prompts for one shots and imagines.

Whilst i am mainly looking to write insert reader pieces i also take requests for canon ships

Requests can be sent through my submissions - should you have any questions before submitting by all means shoot me an ask !

I am invested in a large variety of fandoms and have well over a hundred that i am capable of writing for however my main do include that of:

- marvel

- dc

- supernatural

- teen wolf

- x-men

- venom

- peaky blinders

but nonetheless, feel free to shoot my anything.

popular fandoms i however am not apart of is anything to do with anime, star wars, doctor who etc.

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