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#venom: let there be carnage
shurisneakers · a day ago
venom 2 was one of the best movies i have ever seen in my life ever. yes i will elaborate. venom and eddie are BOYFRIENDS and they have the most fucked up relationship in the WORLD and everyone just runs with it. eddie hits venom in the teeth and there is the most cartoonish glass shattering sound effect i have ever heard. the PETTINESS venom exudes the entire movie. "I am coming out of the Eddie closet" fucking TERRIFIC you gay hentai tentacle alien. no one in this movie is taking anything seriously and you can see it because the performances are so fucking WHACK. andy serkis is directing. what the fuck. amazing. i am not a monster fucker but in spirit i saw venoms thighs and forgot where i was for 10 seconds. my mother was right next to me how can i explain THAT to her that i suddenly understood The Feeling. cletus kasady straight up bites a guy because venom went into boyfriend mode. the doctor lobster dan is just there. token boyfriend.
what a fucking fantastic movie. this is what films were made for. no i will not take criticism because you cannot give me any. i saw god in that cinema theatre when that sentient squid ink told his bf that he loves him. venom has domesticated CHICKENS. thank you mr venom hardy i want to kiss you on the MOUTH
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huffle-puff-ego · a day ago
Venom, when Eddie won't get the symbiote a happy meal from McDonald's:
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realegypciansilk · 2 days ago
for real tho, you know what i really liked about the movie? the first time i saw it, i wasnt convinced on keeping pushing on anne's and eddie's relationship and possibly forcing that romance on happening again. but the second tho, it all makes sense, venom keeps trying on anne because (obviously) he can feel their host's emotions and memories, that's how in the first place he knows eddie's name because of being previously on maria's body. when he bonds with anne and goes with eddie, he undestands anne too, she doesn't feel anything towards eddie anymore and just respects and accepts that, like, kudos for that, and also not using the tongue thing this time and instead making them hug as a sign of "goodbye" i think its pretty sweet way of showing a closure between anne and eddie & a new beginning to eddie and venom.
(also when eddie asks her if she was going out to kiss him and she pushes him and just says no, eddie can't tell whose feeling was, so... )
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runtosleepdreamer · a day ago
Maybe I’m just looking into things too deeply but when they’re on the beach and Eddie goes “it’s beautiful, huh?” And Venom goes “mhm” and nods…
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bart-school · 9 hours ago
I couldn't find the beach scene anywhere online so I'm posting it here so eat up gays
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bimania · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Venom was a fantastic movie
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lady-in-the-lair · 8 hours ago
Can any non-English-speaking fans drop info on how their country’s dub translated the final two “love”s? For those languages that differentiate between the platonic and romantic forms of “love.”
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whitetyger123 · 2 days ago
Venom 1: The bond between a symbiote and a human is physical
Fans: Make sense
Venom 2: But also! Emotional
Fans: Awwww!
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disparatepeace · a day ago
So what exactly was Cletus’s connection to Eddie anyway? The movie kinda left out that detail.
Dude was deadass writing Eddie’s name on the cell wall, sending creepy ass letters to him, asked for him personally and somehow knew about his entire childhood.
I know in the comics they were cellmates (which was how Carnage came to be). But that sense of familiarity seemed to be missing from the film. Hell in the trailers, they made Cletus sound like a crazy ex/creepy stalker!
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kai-queen · a day ago
Eddie: Wait! You’re forgetting something.
Carnage: What?
Venom: Well, being an evil villain, you are contractually required to explain your plan before you get rid of us.
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ellayuki · 16 hours ago
Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Symbrock
"So," Eddie starts, as casually as he can, as they watch the moon rise. It's getting a bit chilly. "What did you do while we were… separated?" And ah, doesn't that sound- He clears his throat. "I mean, aside from eating people and possessing Mrs. Chen, apparently?"
Venom huffs, head settled on Eddie's knee. He doesn't look at Eddie, seemingly content to just lay there. "To a party. Full of weirdos like us."
That. Okay, he didn't expect that. "A party. Well. That's. Nice."
"It was, yes."
The moon looks nice, reflected onto the water's surface.
"...Wait. 'Weirdos like us?'"
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alwaysahiccupandastrid · 12 hours ago
The fact that Venom: Let There Be Carnage managed to have a Stan Lee sort-of-cameo by having a magazine with his face on it on display is so beautiful, I love that
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runtosleepdreamer · a day ago
Do you think because Peter messed with the timeline, Eddie and Venom don’t have to be on the run anymore?
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strawberry-peach · a day ago
So what about Dan going batshit improvised flamethrower on carnage on his own very human and fragile self? Like I almost whoot and applaud him, I was so happy. He might be a little punny, symbiote-less, superpower-less human doing what little he could but he almost ended that angry ketchup nightmare on his own. I dunno, I just thought he was cool.
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lovelygooboi · a day ago
After first watching the only thing I have problem with is that we didn't get more time to see how Eddie and venom were missing each other. I really wanted moreee. And I wanted Eddie's apology to be more sincere and emotional, because this one was just awkward and rushed to me. Too bad. But except this, the movie was 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌Loving this shit
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