pastel-purity13 · 2 days ago
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hel7l7 · a day ago
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Maybe I'll give up on sleep. Maybe that's the only way I can stop dreaming about you. And maybe if I stop thinking about you then I'll stop embarrassing myself. Will let someone else ruin my nightmares. And maybe I'll forget about you after all.
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tonya-the-chicken · 2 days ago
Bitches on Twitter will see the phrase "BIPOC Ukrainians" and have mass hysteria
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death-will-feel-good · a day ago
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more tips to stay safe:
clean your tools!! if you don't, you risk getting an infection
always wash the blood away where you SHed, it helps cleanse out any germs that got in the wound
covering wounds is very important!!!! if not, they can irritate for longer and get infected!
NEVER pick at SH scabs, it just takes longer to heal.
please be safe, and have a good day (^_<)
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loveblogg · 2 days ago
so one day i was born. yeah. as if that's my fault ☹️
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intersexfairy · 2 days ago
i just want to be proud to be transmasc, but i can't be anymore. i don't reblog posts about being transmasc often because i don't want people to know i'm transmasc. even the fun silly ones remind me of how i'm ashamed of my transmasculinity. it shouldn't be that way. it hurts to say i'm transmasc here, but i'm just so tired of feeling like this.
i know i'm (unfortunately) not alone in this, but i feel so lonely, and irrational for feeling this way. some reassurance that it's okay to be transmasc & that i'm not alone would be very appreciated...
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charlesoberonn · a day ago
I got writing block :/
I know what to write, but I can’t bring myself to write it. And even if I do, I hate what I produce.
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rottenn-angel · 2 days ago
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zombglitz · 2 days ago
nah the fact I just saw someone get called a terf for saying “Lesbians aren’t attracted to men and gay men aren’t attracted to women” that included trans ppl pisses me off like bitch transmen are men and transwomen are women and if you want lesbians to date transmen or gaymen to date transwomen ur a fucking transphobe straight up dear god.
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lobotomynursery · 2 days ago
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yes pls
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family-oddity · 2 days ago
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pastel-purity13 · a day ago
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cook-ie-chip · 10 hours ago
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This is kinda vent art since I've been feeling very self conscious of my body lately and depression coming to kick my ass. So enjoy some wholesome comfort from... uh... *looks at smeared writing on hand* Floof and Chadlo?
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asexuelfs · 13 hours ago
tbh i'd like found family a lot more if it didn't suck so badly. "they're forced into a nuclear family dynamic where they never actually interact outside of behaving in these artifically invented roles!!!! and not even in a kinky way!!!! 😍😍😍" girl you are so boring fr
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sleepsentry · 2 days ago
I struggle with the thought:
"Is my art up to interpretation?"
I don't think so.
My art is an expression of my interpretation of someone else's art.
FANart, fan is the key word there.
I would like my interpretation to be respected as I try to respect others.
I hope I haven't come across as dismissive or angry simply because someone doesn't have the same interpretation as me.
To be clear, that's never what gets me upset, it's the opposite in fact.
The fact that it goes both ways, and people not letting different interpretations co-exist, or pretending there's is the default is what frustrated me.
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randomreasonstolive · 5 hours ago
Reason to Live #7390
  Writing something that is just a vent, but is actually very smart. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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smilesrobotlover · 2 days ago
Sometimes I feel terrible about the stuff I make and I compare it to everyone else’s stuff and how popular it gets and I have to remind myself that I’m making this stuff for me. To improve myself and I’m also making it for younger me, who dreamed of the things I’ve been making for years
I always dreamed of having a certain style and I have it now. I dreamed of making comics and I’m actually doing it. I dreamed of writing stories and I do it all the time. I have to remind myself of these things so I stop hating myself and the stuff I do.
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spacemancharisma · a day ago
fucked up fucked up fucked up
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bug-girlfriend · a day ago
man, I genuinely miss talking to you so much. It isn't often I make solid connections with people the way we did. I mean, I have friends and people I love dearly but I always thought there was something more unique there. It sucks. It hurts. I feel like I don't deserve to express these feelings but I still think about you every day. I worry about you and hope you're doing okay. It seems like you are, which makes me feel a little better. I also wonder a lot if you hate me. I miss the goofy conversations we had the most, the silly little antics. You made me laugh and smile so often. That one is selfish, I know. I miss hearing your thoughts and opinions on things. I still wish things could go back to how they once were but I know it will never happen. I still have to learn how to move on.
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lovesick-valentin3 · 17 hours ago
I love you
I want you
I need you
I’m sick in the head with only a need for you
no one else.
we should only interact with each other
you should only talk to me
only touch me
only love me
I need you to need me.
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