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mintedpotters · 20 hours ago
Here's this week's Hot Take straight from tiktok:
If you run a small business, particularly any small business in which you hand-craft any product, you should never ever charge more than *insert ridiculously low price here* because if you do charge more than *insert ridiculously low price here* then you're a greedy capitalist sell-out and a classist and you deserve to have your small business shut down for being unwilling to undersell your hard work, talent, time and effort for the sake of selfish brats on the internet who refuse to pay full price and instead insist on paying you in Exposure :) /s.
Basically, an etsy shop owner put out a sound on tiktok that says "it costs that much cos it takes me fucking hours" IN RESPONSE to arrogant little cunts trying to tell them that they're overcharging and that they should only be selling their HANDMADE CRAFTS for under $10.
And now more arrogant little cunts are mad because they're deliberately misinterpreting the song and claiming that the original creator means that "if you're poor don't shop here lmao" like? No? That's not what they're saying at all? Listen to the actual words for once?
Sometimes shit just isn't about you oh my fucking god! Get over yourselves!
Oh and for the smartasses going "ha I could make that myself though why should I pay money for it?" MAKE IT YOURSELF THEN. For fucks sake if it's so easy, do it yourself.
Stop shitting on small business owners for trying to make a goddamn living off their craft ffs. You're not cool. Move along.
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ithurtstoomuchtocry · 12 hours ago
why doesn’t anyone understand that i *want* to eat more. I look at pictures of cake until i care, i smell the pudding cups like i could get high off them. i watch mukbangs. i SMELL everything.
i want to eat so fucking desperately. it’s all i think about.
but i’m literally locked in a fucking prison controlled by this hateful cunt who torments me if i ever THINK of bread.
yelling at me to eat more is only going to do one thing. it’s gonna send me running into the arms of the prison guard. i’m SAFE here. it’s hell, sure. But it’s predictable and safe.
the minute you try to force me to eat the minute YOU stop being safe.
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xxxtoony-brosxxx · 3 hours ago
Ngl I feel so bad rn
Tw vent
Like I feel like the worst person alive bc rn I took the iPod from my sis bc we had an argument since I paid the most for it anyways and bc I wouldn’t give it back she hit me and I hit back to get her off of me
Like wtf is wrong with me!? I shouldn’t have hurt her, it’s hurts bc it makes me feel like I’m just like my abusers. And I feel so so bad that I did that, and then all I could think abt was how evil I am as a person that that stupid iPod is more loveable than me how she was willing to hurt me for it, my chin, lip, and elbow still hurt from it and I feel as if I deserved it.
I had all these overwhelming feelings abt what I did and how I only proved my family right, that I’m a wicked, cruel, evil, unworthy of love, fucking disappointment.
Idk why I can’t be good enough I always fuck up, I only hurt ppl, y tf can’t my fam love me, why do they all hate me, I can try my best but it’s never good enough and they tell me all the time how bad I am and it hurts, why tf am I so unlovable to them? What did I do wrong!! I think abt it and ever since I was a little kid my family hated me, I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry I’m a screw up, I’m sorry I was born, I’m sorry I’m alive, I’m sorry I fucking exist!!!!
A lot of thoughts came rushing in, my head hurts from it all, my eyes burn from crying for two hours feeling like I deserve to die.
My head is shrieking for me to self harm and kill myself
I had to rub my wrist roughly to keep myself from attempting to do so as I sobbed and trembled from the fucking horrible being that I am.
I wanted it to stop, all the pain, but it just kept coming until I just held my throat to imagine suffocating to make it end, I hate how it made me feel better to imagine dieing to escape the pain but I just wanted it to stop so bad I didn’t know what to do.
I feel numb and disappointed and disgusted in myself I wish I was good enough I wish I could feel like a good person, I wish I wasn’t bad, I wish I was loveable to my family, but Ig I’ll never be.
I say I want to be loved by my fam bc I was raised that if u hurt ur fam even if they hurt u ur a evil person and now, I believe it. I just wish they could love me like I love them. I feel like im drowning myself for them, I hate this fake disguise that I wear for them, the smile, the laugh, the kindness even after I’ve been beaten and told awful things that I can’t help but feel I deserve. I’ve grown tired of trying to be strong and hopeful, even if I don’t feel any hope left.
I wanna give up so bad sometimes, but I hold on. Not bc of someone or something but bc I’m scared of being judged after death. Like I’ve been judged all my life and my fam claims it’s selfish, evil, idiotic, and weak of someone to do so, I’m afraid I’ll have to hear the judgment spread like wildfire in my family, I don’t want those words to be my legacy and how I’m remembered, so I force myself to push even tho I’m drowning in a sea of sorrow where happiness is always in sight but always out of my reach as I’m chained to the wait of my burdens and pulled deeper every time I try to fight my demons, my chest burns with emotions that I can’t show.
Bc if they see, I’ll be judged, mocked, criticized, and beaten for daring not to be happy. I feel like a fuckin stranger in my own home, I can’t even look in the mirror without hating myself, I’m sick of being me I’m sick and tired of living, idk how much more I can take, but I promise to everything I am and everyone that I won’t kill myself even tho I want to. I’m sorry for everything, I’m so so sorry, and I’m so so tired of fighting. That hope of being happy has faded to a single lit ember and I hold onto it for dear life but it’s really hard for me to keep the light from fading I’m really trying I promise. It’s just too much- 💔
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shirodraws · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 3: Vent
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hyde-your-heart · 23 hours ago
just wrote a long ass post about how much I hate seeing posts that r like “dont let anyone judge you for ur taste in dark fic!” and you agree until u click on the op and there a pedophile. Complete with venting about my intrusive thots and how the map community use POCD as an excuse making out people with OCD To Be monsters. then deleted it.
So how are you guys doing today
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mentalwordvomit · 9 days ago
When phoebe bridgers said “I hate you for what you did but I miss you like a little kid” I was shot through time and space to see 8 year old me with my dad
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max-draws-art · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
haven't posted art in a long fricking while but here you go. *shrug*
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azusacorpse · 5 days ago
have tumblr as your main social media literally does something with your brain
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insadmnia · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What happens when ‘Silenzio Bruno’ doesn’t work?
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charlesoberonn · 4 days ago
Normal people: We're still in a pandemic. We need to wear masks, keep social distancing, and especially vaccinate to fight the disease.
Conservatives and Libertarians:
Tumblr media
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