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boobiekisser02 · a day ago
Tumblr media
i am so fucking pissed off at everyone and everything and it pisses me off even more that i think i have the right to even criticize anyone when im this pathetic and useless and i just want to cut so fucking bad rn and bash my head against the walls and starve and i want to stab my throat out and end this stupid bullshit but no, im a stupid coward bitch and no wonder that she's so much better than me at starving and everything she was able to go to the hospital many times from how badly she was depriving herself of both water AND food while the worst i did to myself only got me an emergency referral to a psych and i can't stand how pathetic she must think i am for not being as sick
i love her but she makes me feel so weak in comparison and i just wanna be better than her even though i know that's selfish and makes no damn sense i am so damn jealous over something i shouldn't want at all and i hate myself for that too
jesus i want to die so much rn
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lilwarehouse · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
One word from you and I would jump off of this ledge I'm on.
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