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I’m spiraling again and I want to die and ruin everything I’m so angry it hurts I hate everything and everyone jts not fair jm so angry

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It happened, my parents and sister are fighting. Something about my sister getting impatient for waiting for me at a doctors appointment, now something about it’s being my parents house.

Also, cried in front of a doctor and my mom. They were talking about how teenagers don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents. It’s not because I’m a teenager, I’ve felt this way for almost five years now.

I haven’t eaten and I have a headache.

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“Fuck you my child is completely fine!”

your child lies awake every night wondering what they did so wrong that you’d ruin their life.

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im sorry im sorry im sorry

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dying from the inside out.

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don’t look at me,

you will break me

please break me

i can’t go down this road again

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