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simandy · 9 hours ago
I think im going to die i cant breathe i need my meds i feel sick i want to be productive i want to explode what if i lay down and do nothing all day even though it will make my anxiety worse i hate switching meds
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ithurtstoomuchtocry · 5 hours ago
why doesn’t anyone understand that i *want* to eat more. I look at pictures of cake until i care, i smell the pudding cups like i could get high off them. i watch mukbangs. i SMELL everything.
i want to eat so fucking desperately. it’s all i think about.
but i’m literally locked in a fucking prison controlled by this hateful cunt who torments me if i ever THINK of bread.
yelling at me to eat more is only going to do one thing. it’s gonna send me running into the arms of the prison guard. i’m SAFE here. it’s hell, sure. But it’s predictable and safe.
the minute you try to force me to eat the minute YOU stop being safe.
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decaying-iris · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
You're not my mother
Stop treating me like a child
I'm an adult
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somft-bean · 17 hours ago
One of the main reasons I keep thinking that I'm faking my ed is cuz I don't workout . I want to . I fantasize and dream about working out for 2 hours straight or more and dripping with sweat , burning all that shit . But I never put those into action and I hate it . I'm just too lazy and demotivated to do it and everywhere I go on this Hellsite , all the other peeps with ed workout so much and I just feel really guilty for not doing the same . The longest I've worked out is 30 mins 💀 and the maximum I do now is 10 minutes and that too if I'm lucky . I'm feeling scared too because I feel like I'm gaining with each bite I take.
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topknotking · 9 hours ago
Oh god i know where ur coming from. My family has always been the best they could be and my parents tried their absolute best to raise me right, but as a feminine afab genderqueer individual i know they would not respect my coming out.
I sincerely hope your family comes around, you dont deserve to be treated like that
I understand it must be hard for them, since I love them and they love me - I know that. They don't see what is going on inside and even if they don't have the intention to do harm, they do not support who I am.
I'm sorry you also go through similar things! 😟 I hope you also soon find understanding or a safe place with people who support you! There's nothing wrong with us, and everything will be fine. ❤
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teaboot · a month ago
My parent's generation: "All this talk about pollution and climate change and super-viruses... In my day, we were all worried about nuclear war, and it never happened! These things are always blown out of proportion. Calm down."
Me now, an adult, soaking wet and stripped down to my underwear, taping tinfoil over my windows to keep the twenty-degree-above-normal heat out of my uninsulated split apartment so my roommate and I don't die of heat stroke while self-isolating to suppress the spread of the global pandemic that's kept the whole world in lockdown for the better part of a year and a half, while the sky grows grey and hazy from the distant wildfires that we now expect to come annually and block out the sun in the middle of the day: I miss my friends
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terminallytwee · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yellowpoet · 4 months ago
Really hate how hyperfixation and infodump and other such words have had their meaning diluted by neurotypicals using them as if they mean "thing I like" and "talking about the thing I like" rather than their actual definitions, and now I'm starting to see tumblr posts with people saying shit like "Hyperfixation this, infodump that, just say you're obsessed with voltron and go" as if they're just some cringy tumblr fandom words weird people use instead of actually being terms adhd/autistic people use to describe their experiences
it's like the current use of gaslight or going back even further, trigger, it just keeps happening and online communities especially are so awful for it
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stupiddangel · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
2021 and i still sound like a broken record.
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bingingblackcoffee · a month ago
Tumblr media
why recover when i can just make myself worse
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cryptid-fairy · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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