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I wanna be Diavolo and have a S/o who likes to spoil me with love and affection🤧. Thank you for your request, my dear Diavolo anon💚

Diavolo x S/o who spoils him with love and affection

Warnings: swearing

  • Diavolo is like a big cat, he almost purrs into S/o’s arms every time they cuddle him. This man is touch-starved, though he doesn’t admit that, even the smallest contact like stroking his hand brings this man shivers running down his spine
  • But it wasn’t always this way, in the start of their relationships almost on every physical contact that S/o initiated Diavolo reacted harshly and even aggressively. “Tf you want from me? Why are you always doing this weird shit, huh?” But it was also because Diavolo didn’t expect his always calm and assertive S/o to be that touchy and clingy
  • The strangest thing for Diavolo in relationships with S/o is still pet names. Everytime S/o call him somethingsweet like “pumpkin” or “bunny” Diavolo gets in attacking mode - “Who are you talking to, weirdo? Use my name while talking to me!” But as time goes Diavolo gradually gets used to S/o calling him different nicknames and doesn’t react that hostile on it
  • His favorite part of the day is going to bed. Both S/o and Diavolo lay in their shared bed, nuzzling into each other and talking about nothing. I mentioned in a previous post dedicated to Diavolo, that he struggles with insomnia and seeing S/o’s peacefull face in a moonlight soothes mafioso’s worry and relaxes him a little
  • Diavolo doesn’t say it out loud but he loves when S/o touches or plays with his hair, especially when they comb it. Sometimes he even lets them braid and style it but mostly it doesn’t end well(mostly S/o do some weird and cringy stuff like schoolgirl’s braids with cute hair ties or tens of ponytails so Dia looks like an alien)
  • S/o have Diavolo tightly wrapped around their finger, even the smallest want of theirs will be fulfilled, they can and will have everything they want, Diavolo will make sure of it
  • S/o know Doppio and often see him when they are in public, but Diavolo prohibits him to chat with S/o and especially touch them. Dippio follows the rules because if he doesn’t, than he’ll be brutally punished by his boss
  • S/o are the only person who can calm him down during his outbursts. Diavolo doesn’t understand how they always find the right words, they say things that he needs to hear the most in those moments. Maybe that’s because they know him better that he knows himself, but, who knows?


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Oh wow I have not actually but damn that means he cheated not once…but TWICE???🌚 That’s some Top Tier scum activity in my book🌚😂

But that would mean Ris might’ve been adopted as a kid into a family where his ‘cousin’ was probably the most accepting to him 🥺

But why couldn’t Joseph find him tho? If he was able to find out about Josuke, I’m sure he would’ve been able to find out about his slightly older son🤔 unless it was bc he was harder to track down since yk… invisible assassin 😂 but that also implies Giorno (DIO’s son) being indirectly related to Ris’ (Joestar’s son) death🌚🌚🌚🌚 JOKWZIIXLW this is really interesting omg🤩 especially since jojo’s seem to have a bit more luck on their side in the endgame, but ris ended up losing the fight AND dying 💀

Do lemme know more about this HC, anon! I’d love to know the details to it🤔

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He is dedicated completely to being your daddy and finding new ways to ravish you. So if pinning you down by your throat and bending you in a mating press for hours is going to make you happy, then Daddy will do it. Once he discovers that you’re a kinkster like him, he would immediately jump at the chance to be rough and filthy with you. He loves to see how docile and sweet his princess becomes when he desecrates you. Sometimes he’ll call in Sticky Fingers and they’ll spitroast you for the hell of it. 

Bruno is a bastard and he loves the rough shit 1000000%. 👀 He thinks your feet are very cute and he likes to spank the bottoms of them when you’re feeling particularly bratty. He also has a spit kink so ordering you to open your pretty lips for him is a fave. 

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Anon I looked at this before work and literally could not get Daddy Bruno off my brain the whole tome omggg. 

Honestly that’s highkey one of the most self-indulgent fics I’ve ever written asdkfhasdkjf. Daddy kink Bruno is soooooooo good. He loves it, in and out of the bedroom. Knowing that you need him, both emotionally and sexually is such a turn on for him. Bonus if you allow him to buy you special clothes and wear them around for him. It gives him so much pleasure to know that his thick cock is the only thing that can make you scream. He especially loves to hear you beg for daddy to breed you while his balls slap against your ass. 

He is such an anal fan too, he really lets his freak flag fly. He loves to gape your ass and fuck you in both holes. He often judges which he can get to gape the widest. He also eats ass like no tomorrow–you just say the word and his tongue is between your cheeks, no problem.

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Sleepover headcannons Narancia and Fugo

🍊Okayyy so I feel like the only one reason Fugo would go to a sleepover is to tutor you and Narancia so you’d have to ‘promise’ to do SOME type of work…

🍊Fugo our sweet misunderstood boy wears strawberry print pyjamas AND ITS A MATCHING ROBE AND SLIPPER SET TOO.

🍊 I also feel like he’d research or prepare and research things for you guys to do as well like ordering food and playing board games (there’s gonna be knives pulled during monopoly)

🍊Honestly Fugo probably knew that work was not going to get done properly but he luvs you guys so he decides to go along with It

🍊But I do feel like Fugo might schedule times for certain things like order pizza by 8:30 and we HAVE to play monopoly after that but I feel with Narancia and you helping to let him know he can let loose and act like a 16 year old

🍊I may get slandered for this but I feel like Fugo orders pineapple on his pizza

🍊Narancia on the other hand would literally rather eat a shoe than pineapple on pizza he prefers the classic Mozzarella pizza no deep pan

🍊Narancia usually sleeps only in his underwear but for this special occasion he brings out the big gunzzz,his wordsplosion pyjamas!!!!!(the ones with BANG, POW and stuff) he also sleeps wearing socks

🍊In all honesty the sleepover is a disorganised mess it’s loud it’s messy Narancia accidentally stepped in Fugo’s Pizza,

🍊Fugo is stressed to the max for a while but sees that it’s not so bad to not be in control and decides to play truth or dare with you and Narancia…

🍊Narancia ends up streaking

🍊You go with truth after you overheard Narancia telling Fugo how he plans to dare you to wax off one of your eyebrows

🍊You and Narancia end up knocked out with the lights still on and his favourite snoop dog song he literally just put in before laying down

🍊Which leaves Fugo the last one awake he probably really appreciates the fact that he was even invited and that he was able to let loose and just act like a kid and realised that he appreciates you and Narancia so much and that you’re probably his first ever true friends that don’t use him for his smarts (obvs passione are his friends too and they would never use him for his brains or stand)




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