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This piece of trash remains my favourite thing I’ve ever drawn.

Fun fact: The Venture Bros was my magical “get better at art” button. When I started drawing Venture Bros fanart, something in my style instantly clicked. More than a decade on, I can still see a lot of the same influences in my work, particularly around the faces and hands. The style really suits this tendency I have to exaggerate sizes and proportions in a way that still feels rather natural.

12 notes Here’s the facebook for Dark Horse comics. DON’T SPAM THEM PLS. but as much as possible, keep on suggesting and recommending them to publish venture bros as a comic series. 

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Forever obsessed with the way Doc and Jackson draw her

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redraw of the first fanart i made of these two like 3 years ago lmao :,)

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Lance being bitchy for no reason

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I had this horrible realization that when Dean went through his emo phase he probably listened to the song Numb by Linkin Park like all the time

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you keep telling yourself that, rust

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From Adult Swim’s THE VENTURE BROS.: the underachieving son of legendary super scientist Jonas Venture and father of Hank and Dean, the Venture Bros. themselves, here’s 5” of screamin’ hot Rusty. The Venture Bros. were created by Jackson Public, and the series was written by Publick and Doc Hammer.

This Rusty Venture was sculpted in Super Sculpey over an aluminum and apoxie armature, molded with Smooth-On Equinox 40 and cast with Smooth-Cast 325. The glasses were fabricated with tiny wooden and styrene rods, then molded and cast separately (and were in incredible pain). The base is a wooded blocked, sanded and distressed, and it was all painted with acrylics and finishes with a Lazertran decal. It stands 5” tall.

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