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Temple of Roma and Venus & copy of Capitoline Venus seen from the other side of Colosseum.

Rome, July 2007

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Daily Weather, 2.26.21

Venus enters Pisces

Yesterday, Venus joined the Sun and Neptune in the sign of Pisces, just two days before the Full Moon. Venus, planet of intimacy and connection, is said to be “exalted” in this sign, meaning it carries special dignity and “fame” when traversing this terrain. If the zodiac signs are likened to physical places or kingdoms, an exalted planet could be seen as an honored guest in a foreign land. While they’re not completely at home there, they are given special honors and recognition. I like to see exalted planets as having the strength of the planet’s original signification but with a more balanced twist to it. With Venus, for example, we’re dealing with how we find pleasure, value and intimacy in this world. With its domicile placements, this desire is confined to either an inner relationship (Taurus) or an outer one (Libra). With Pisces, a sign that seeks to dissolve attachment and boundaries, the love it is seeking is boundary-less and all-encompassing. There’s a divine quality to its love that makes us all a little more forgiving, a little more sensitive to the needs of others, and, hopefully, a little more intuitive about the needs of others. This next month is a great time to take inner journeys or meditative quests, especially with a loved one, and engage in erotic activities that go beyond the sex act. Can opening a can be sensual? Can just sitting and breathing with the earth be so? Watch for getting too caught up in the feelings of others, as boundaries can be harder to cohere, and be sure to practice proper emotional hygiene. 

Otherwise, enjoy this exalted benefic and pay special attention to the Full Moon tomorrow (which will oppose Venus) for more information on how this transit will affect you. 

In the meantime, read on for your dose of divine love. 

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  • you put your eyeshadow on with your fingers because 1) it’s easier and 2) it looks softer and more whimsical that way
  • your eyeshadow is also almost always sparkly
  • eyeliner. that’s all
  • you have a very strong opinion about lipgloss vs lipstick and you won’t be swayed
  • you wear SO MUCH highlighter and you have so many different highlighter palettes and compacts
  • you fall in love with people for reasons that you can’t make sense of
  • you’ve often thought that love is both so simple and also the most complicated thing in the world
  • there’s one person who Fucked You Up, and you don’t think you’ll ever truly forget what it was like to love them with your whole entire heart
  • almost all the people you’re close with now were intimidated by you at first
  • “i thought you were mean before we became friends”
  • you run late all the time because you change your outfit because of last-minute outfit or hair changes
  • you ALWAYS have at least one hairbrush
  • either pink or black is your favorite color and you can’t decide between them
  • rosé wine is your favorite alcoholic drink and cherry or vanilla coke is your favorite soda
  • you’re a really good listener and you’re the person your friends go to for advice or validation
  • people have made fun of you for reading novels that mix romance and fantasy, but you know they just don’t understand
  • you’re really soft, sweet, and affectionate, but, with good reason, you will not hesitate to Fuck Shit Up
  • (if you’re a girl) engaging girl on girl pettiness is NOT the move
  • hating it when people call other people ugly just because they don’t like them (on that note, ugly isn’t a thing because eurocentric beauty standards are invalid)
  • you’ve gone through so many different fashion phases that they all just blur together and there’s no telling how you’re going to dress the next day
  • you loved pretending to be a mermaid in the water when you were younger (say what you will about poseidon, but that’s an aphrodite thing idc)
  • sometimes you say really sarcastic or petty things without thinking but you almost always feel bad after (but sometimes they just needed to be said)
  • you think thrift stores are always more fun
  • you know that actually you’re not overdressed, everyone else is just underdressed
  • you’ve always thought valentine’s day is NOT just about romance, it’s also about friends, self-love, and embracing your glamorous feminine side
  • you know all the good tips and tricks for skincare, face and full body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks, makeup, color palettes, non-toxic metals for jewelry, etc
  • you hate it when people underestimate you because of your more “materialistic” interests, “it’s your loss that you think i can’t wear sparkly pink lipgloss, and also carry our biotech lab group on my back for the quarter”
  • you love switching up your accessories, hair dye and hair cuts/styles, makeup, fashion)
  • you’re either fluent in a romance language, took one in highschool or college, are taking one now in highschool or college, or have always wanted to learn one (it’s never too late!)
  • disco music hits different for you
  • you love writing poetry and long ramblings (waxing poetic)
  • you’ve always had a knack for reading emotions and body language and deciding how to respond to them for the best outcome, as well as the best way to comfort people depending on what they’re dealing with
  • you’re trying to drill it into your head that people who don’t appreciate your flair for the dramatics are people you don’t need in your life
  • you know love and beauty are underrated as values and that needs to change
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Day in the Moon - Feb 26th


The Moon is still in Leo, and we are just as striking and extravagant as ever. Or at least we should be. If you’re like me, your day yesterday was rather shitty. BUT, if you aren’t like me, hopefully, you have been doing well.

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Very intense and passionate people, they see through superficiality and have no need for small talk. They’re motivated by deep desire and are stubborn about getting what they want, sometimes willing to manipulate others in order to get it. They can be possessive yet loyal lovers, but they need someone who will match their intensity who they share a very powerful connection with. They want a ride or die relationship, the ups and downs don’t scare them at all, as long as the connection they share with their partner is on a soul level. They don’t trust easily so they really need that deep love connection in order to open up to their partner! I would say they are most compatible with other Water Signs and Saturn/Capricorn energy.

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Venus Enters Pisces

Rubys Astro Readings

Venus Enters PiscesFor All Zodiac Signs

Venus, the planet of pleasure, shifts into dreamy Pisces from February 25 through March 21.

This transit fires up our fantasies and can turn our love lives into a dream.

The Piscesan energy wants us to share our feelings as it has no bounds in love. We have more compassion and are attracted to people who are left out, overlooked, or…


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Supe que estaba realmente jodida cuando aquella tarde el cielo se tornó con tonalidades violetas y fuiste tú quién se cruzó por mi mente. No importó quién estaba ahí, quién me rodeara o la hora,

Eras tú.

Joder, siempre serás tú.


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It may look like a scratched comic book image from Dan Dare or a long lost shot from the Original Star Trek series, however this is a real image captured by NASA’s Parker solar probe as it passed near to the Planet Venus.

The camera was designed to be sensitive enough to pick up charged particles, and that is exactly what has appeared on the shot.

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