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sticksandsharks · 6 months ago
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I am not powerful enough to do hourlies, but I did draw these two comics about walking my dog
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vermillioncrown · 2 months ago
it's ib-brain since i spent the am of last night collecting all the paintings on steam
but i keep thinking of a ib-au of wangxian
(i had a post-canon "together forever"/"forgotten portrait" fic musings from '13, but that's... another story lol)
wwx is pretty good at 'art', right? and i say 'art' because we don't get too much in canon besides his teaser sketch of lwj, the fact he was raised like a prodigious young master that should have mastered the 6 skills and 4 arts
people made up all sorts of things about wwx as the yiling laozu, yeah?
modern-ish au, college student lwj needs to attend an art gallery for an assignment. the pieces on display are all by the enigmatic yiling laozu. he's not really into the art; in fact, a lot of the pieces are off-putting to look at
ends up trapped in the gallery, the ib routine, blah blah
periodically encounters two other patrons that have been trapped as well - the obnoxious wwx, who helps him pass through obstacles with ingenuity but infuriates him in turn before lwj stalks away; the shy mo xuanyu, who flees from lwj, but whenever they need to work together he provides new insights into the pieces that they see and their environs in the cursed gallery they're in.
"oh? we're in orchestra together! granted, i'm in the winds section..."
"... i'm in the same art history course...?"
lwj - he can't recall either of them. not that it's very alarming, since he usually doesn't bother with the other sections of the orchestra (that's his brother's problem) and he actively ignores the overwhelming student body in lecture halls
"so, which one is it really?"
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tickly-oni · 7 months ago
👁 Hello PLEASE tell me about your One Piece tickling opinions so far...
HI OKAY SO!!!! I was literally unable to sit down and write out a single coherent thought til now bc I just wanna wreck everybody so bad and thinking abt it makes me AAAAA
But here we go! Some (A LOT) of unsorted ramblings/hcs/general tickle thoughts under the cut bc this is LONG. Many thoughts, head full. and also heart full.
Also note: I just finished the Alabasta arc yesterday (and mighta cried a little bit but shh) meaning im nowhere near up to date with some of the future stuffff✨✨✨
Lemme start off with maybe the most predictable of my favs.
Sanji. Ohh, Sanji...
Can I just say he has the most stylish hair? Like wowie, what a looker am I right?? And also the cutest freakin personality uaghd One moment hes acting like a hardass toughie and the next he’s a lovestruck simp?? He’s both strong and charming and utterly pathetic at the same time and he is a BLAST to watch just hrgenfb he’s so cuteEEE!!
I'm a dude so Mr. Darling Prince here likely wouldn't let me lay a finger on him (at least not without a fight) but y’know what? I can work with that... After all, it's practically impossible to stay mad and intimidating when you're too busy laughing your head off... ( ̄▽ ̄) And there is not a doubt in my mind that our lovely Sanji here is incredibly freaking ticklish. So as long as I get to strike first, I'd make sure he wont be able to recover long enough to break my jaw lmao.
I don’t think I have much for specific tickle spots in mind, I tend to hc everyone I like as kinda ticklish all over but I'm especially fond of the idea that behind his knees are a death spot. But honestly probably any spot on his legs is, huhhuh.
I LOVE the thought of making him lose his cool by tickling him while hes cooking or carrying plates or something. And he better not drop anything! We wouldn't wanna waste any food after all, do we~? Idc if he tries to kill me after, I just wanna have some fun with him hehhrgeh.
He's so crazy strong though that restraining him beforehand would probably the best way for me to get him without getting murdered first. Dunno how exactly I'd go about that but I'll figure something out!! I just know that the sight of him breaking down into giggles and watching him slowly switch from insults to begging would be just!!! the cutest!! Ougrhehs
I dont know the context for it yet but I actually came across a clip of him making fun of Zoro and laughing the other day and he like, fell back and was kicking his legs and I'm just thinking Oh my god. That. Is the cutest shit. So now I hc that he totally flails and kicks when getting tickled.
OH! Wait Actually, I remembered, I can’t stand him! because he wears closed shoes. without. socks.
And listen I don’t CARE if he showers daily! That’s just NASTY and it’s gotta smell so he’s gotta stop!! Good thing I have a great plan how to teach him a lesso- ahem- convince him to start wearin socks! I would say simply tie sit him down and give his feet a good, thorough scrubbing and he’s bound (heh) to promise to change that habit of his in no time! Or at least I’m sure he would if it was still possible to understand a word of what he was saying through his hysterical laughter at that point ghsgjhdb
Is that mean? Yeah, maybe. But its his own fault for bein so cuteee✨
Oh man, what I wouldn't give to completely wreck his stringbean ass. Why did he have to have such a cute laugh?? And whenever he takes his jacket off and walks around in his stylish little dress shirt? I just wanna GRAB his waist n sides so bad and watch him bark out some surprised laughter. Gyah... Wehh....
Also I’m in love with the thought of him getting tickled by a lady he fancies. He would die, but like, In the best way. And I would also die bc it would be the cutest shit to watch!!
Anyway!! As much as I could sanjipost all day long, He's not the only boy I wanna bully!!
Listen. I would freaking die for Usopp. My sweet cute darling boy. Sunsine sweetheart little warrior of the seas. He triggers my cute agression and I just wanna Pick him up and swing him around while he kicks and panics and asks me to put him down or something.
And speaking of panicking. His freaking. Panicked screaming and complaining sometimes sounds like desperate laughter and it KILLS me.... Help I wanna tickle him SO SO bad okay hbrgebd
The fact that he doesn’t wear a shirt in both his pre- and post- timeskip designs makes me gravitate to hc his armpits as a deathspots but once again, he's probably ticklish all over bc I say so lol
I like to think that when you catch him off guard, he'll let out kind of a squawk-scream. And once he falls into laughter, he just doesn’t shut up. Begging, pleading, complaining, trying to distract you so he can find an opening to escape. Anything to save himself from your evil tickly fingers bc he’s just so, so ticklish. If you're a meanie (like me!) and don’t let him get away he'll become completely incoherent super fast and it's quite adorable hrbehd.
Also man, teasing this guy would be the most fun thing in the world. Like okay! Him working on something, just making ammo or something and he’s like, leaning over his work as usual, right? I wanna come up behind him and ask him what he’s doing and while he’s in the middle of telling me I’d just drag my finger down his spine so he cuts himself off with an “-EEP!“. And when he turns around to ask me what I think I’m doing?! I’d wiggle my fingers at him and tell him to “remember to take a break and loosen upppp~” And then watch his expression change and scramble up to get away cos he realizes I’m gonna tickle the shit out of him HEHEHEHEE
And his tendency to lie. Gosh It makes for the perfect reason for punishment tickles! Ask him if he's ticklish and he's already running for his life, since he just knows he's gonna get it no matter what he sayssss.
He’s just. Haaaaa he makes me smile whenever his little eyecatch comes up on screen. The comedy with him, his energy, everything! He's such a joy to watch and makes me laugh alot... And I juuust wanna return the favor and make him really, Really laugh aswell, is allll! Ahuhuuhu~
His dumb shirt makes me lose my damn MIND when I look at it. I want to tickle him SO bad you have no idea! I'll never stop thinking about how he was all tied up in his first appearance. And then he's always napping with his arms up. I'm- this- I swear it's a crime.
Hrurgehgrh The ler urge to just wiggle my fingers in his armpits when he's sleeping again. There’s a pretty big chance that he might reflexively pull down his arms and crush my fingers but I'm fast. and that is a risk I am willing to take lol
As always Imma say he’s pretty damn ticklish but I do feel like he's probably pretty good at holding back his laughter for a bit! He just... can't keep it in forever, hehe. And especially not if you Break his focus and try to get into his head with silly stuff. Like if you somehow manage to make him crack with a joke or something, he's not recovering from that again.
And once the floodgates are open, he has the most lovely, rowdy laugh. It's very wild and deep and pretty!! ...That is until a few minutes in, when it’ll turn more hysterical and a voice crack or two might slip out. How embarrassing!
Also the thought of tickling tiring him out really fast is super funny to me. Like he's INSANE with how much he trains and how powerful he is. Gets lethal injuries all the damn time and then he just? Sleeps it off no problem. Zoro is a BEAST. And that’s exactly why I think a bit of tickle-tickle being the thing that brings him down would be the best.
Like once he's really laughing he’d get too weak to push you off of him. Just feeling so giggly and silly that he loses all strength and his muscles feel like jelly. He'll just lie there and have to take it ‘til you decide he's had enough. And once you stop he falls asleep right then and there. Just instantly zzzz
But really, that's no weakness fit for the guy who wants to become the world’s greatest swordsman, is it? He might wanna do some... hehehe, special training to try and build up a resistance to it. Something I'd totally looove to help him out with Ahuhehegeheeh!✨
Listen. Luffy bein canonically ticklish makes me so happy. He’s an idiot but a damn cool one and I think having a tickle fight with him would be a lot of fun! He’s just such a bundle of energy and let’s be real here, he’d be a pretty terrifying ler and would probably win against most ppl but yknow what? So am I! So I would win against him for sure. And he wouldn’t even mind because we’d both have a great time, ahuheh!
Oh, and Speaking of terrifying lers. Robin? Hello? I’m-. Thank you Queen Thank you for your service! Thank you for using your powers for the BEST purpose MULTIPLE TIMES ALREADY!!! I JUST-!!!! I don’t actually know a whole lot about her yet but when I tell you I LOVE this lady for what she’s already bringing to the table!!
Gosh, I want her to help me bully Sanji. She seems like she would have fun teasing him too and with her help he wouldn’t even try to fight it and it would be so cute I’m fbhsdbfghba I WAS DONE TALKING ABT SANJI SORRY!!!
Lemme talk about an extra special flashy fella for a sec.
Buggy. I. Okay listen he's.
I love Buggy so fucking muchhhh. He's a clown. He's canonically ticklish. He has a GREAT laugh... Please... I wanna tickle him hrgejdnfns
The fact that his feet are the only part of him he can’t move around freely with his ability and that they happen to be ticklish too is just. Too good! I wanna steal em when he doesn't expect it, run off and hide somewhere where he can’t reach me and watch him try and fail to make me stop tickling em, Auhuhuuu!!
I feel like it would be SUPER overwhelming for the poor guy but TOO BAD. If doesn't wanna get tickled he shouldn't be so fun and flashy~! Cause trust me if I got my hands on that clown I wouldn’t let him get away until the rest of his face is as red as his nose (but please don’t tell him I said that he’d get upset)!!!!
God, seriously though. Why does everyone have to have such good laughs?? I can’t handle this, I swear aaaaahrghd! ESPECIALLY some of the villains, gosh, they're just always havin suuuch a good time, huh? Well, until they aren’t but yknow. But still listen. Everytime some of the baddies, Specifically Arlong and Crocodile did their like, obligatory “Ohh I’m so horrible and menacing”-laughs I couldn’t focus bc I was just thinking “What I wouldn’t do to wipe that shit eating grin off of their face and make them replace it with a more desperate one”. Every Damn Time GyaaaaHuhfgjhgh
Alright, I think? I think I'm done for now fbdshjfb If you've read all this you're powerful and super cool! ✨
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dyketubbo · 10 months ago
sighs.... *thinks about ran and jackie in the future*
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books-are-my-life-stuff · 22 days ago
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N deserves to be happy. He looks so excited for the summer festival and I'm really glad that he can experience the excitement of festivals.
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tainted-arahabaki · a month ago
im trying to be normal about noragami but I love how they talk about gods and their loneliness because you would think that being a god and being so close to the heavens to immortality, that you would be satisfied with your powers and wouldn't relate to humans but in actuality earthly gods are represented just like us in so many ways
Tumblr media
bishamom for example, a god of war, most respected out of the war gods, isn't haughty or fearful but is kind and opens her home up to as many spirits as she can.
she knows that taking in so many vessels is harmful, because they were once humans so they're prone to sin whether by accident or on purpose but she still takes them in ! she still has a smile and she still cares for them
being on earth for so long and seeing decades of war and killing and death, bishamon still chooses to want to raise some sort of family, to have some sort of home that is full of love and happiness and she fights so hard to protect them and their mortality and I just cry everytime
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inanotherworldarling · 6 months ago
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Re:Coded was an experience
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nebquerna · 26 days ago
the sea beast was incredible!!
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sillyfudgemonkeys · 28 days ago
One side: P3P is the definitive version of P3! Another side: P3FES is the definitive ver of P3! Me, who knows that both lack what the other has and that P3 could/should/would benefit more from a remake/remaster that includes both elements while also adding more because P3 deserves and can easily have more content added to it: *sighs*
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sanstropfremir · 3 months ago
ooooooooh about tan the english version of du du du is in a different key right? i also think it’s one of the only kpop english versions that’s just as good if not better than the korean ver
i'm like 99% sure the korean version is in a higher key for ease of dancing (head voice is easier to maintain when doing physical activity), but i couldn't tell you what key either of them are actually in bc i was always horrible at that. but yes, it is one of the only kpop english versions that is as good as the kr version. i do actually think the english version is superior because it fits the lower key better, but i really like jooan's growl and he really leans into it in the performances. the english version is the one with the numbers on my spotify tho, i won't deny
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ask-sunky-mpeg · 8 months ago
Ayo they made a new version for milk
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sticksandsharks · 5 months ago
Pls can we see Penny in all her derpy glory 🥺
I will allow it
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She is a 9 month old lab and has a funny sit
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seilon · 9 months ago
god damn it i’m using a character from sk8 the infinity as a voiceclaim because it’s a perfect match to one of my characters and looking thru stuff i just.......the voice actors seem so fucking fun i feel like im being lured into watching this damn show 
#kibumblabs#im TEMPTED#the dub is so good though honest to god like what the fuck they let so much slide nowadays#i sound like a boomer i know but like seriously dubs ive seen as of late are so much more realistic and casual like is that just me???#but yeah i absolutely adore the fact that there was not a single voice actor i recognized on the list at first like that is GREAT#i ADORE having newer/younger/less popular voice actors be the forefront and it seems like this show really presents how well it pays off#to cast new people instead of having todd haberkorn play his 5000000th role as someone who doesn't even make sense for his voice#yes im talking about haru free yes i'm still mad. watch 50% off instead. the real dub is absolutely garbage except like....sousuke#rei is ok too like i know thats j michael tatum whos also a big big big voice actor but that was a very good casting choice so yeah#sousuke's voice is one of the most realistic and imma be real by FAR the sexiest and hes a new character what are the odds#nagisa haru and rin piss me off to an absurd level like those voices. were absolutely garbage choices. and theyre three main characters.#other ones i was okay with were gou and kisumi#i didnt watch all of the dubbed ver so i dont remember some of the voices but those ones were okay#both were big voice actor names though i think- like im pretty fuckin sure kisumi was eric vale. i know eric fuckin vale when i hear him#and gou.......jamie marchi? yeah jamie marchi wow my memory of voice actors is pretty damn good. yes i recognize most of them from hetalia#what are you gonna do. i cant erase it from my memory so fuck you. anyway i got off track here alot point is the sk8 dub is very good#and so is haikyuu's from what i can tell so im pretty interested in both now hhhh they just seem honest to god really funny w/ the dub
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nbvethbrenatto · 10 months ago
god I adore approaching femininity and womanhood and those vibes from the other side,, like i know its weird but I feel kinda transfem,, which is silly and odd, esp bc its not like i pass as a dude or anything,, but idk,, its just a feeling I can’t quite get over
#magnus talks#im in the process of egtting drunk#bc i have had shuch a shitty day so im gonna drink the rest of my alchol and have a nice time#and i was just rewatching some awae and remembering the first time i watched i thought cole was a trans girl#but i htin i understand his reltionhsip to feminity u kno w??#idk#i just often think abt wanting to be a cis dude who gets to explore everythign that i was forced to do u know ??#idk i just have so many gender feelings !!#and the fact out of all the neopronouns ive trie and liked#the ones that ive really vibed with are obviosuly taken from/inspired by her/her#and i obv havent used them irl or anything#but when it hink abt them for myself they make me the happiest#like ver name is magnus and ve had a shitty day#and just... the euphoria alone#adn its been a few months#the rest i tried i liked but none as much as these#but i felt weird bc they are fem ones !!#idk dude gender is conusing#adn awesome but also hard and idk#i like that we have all tese descripters and feelings#but its tricky when u feel like u relate to one that isnt made for u#idk.#just some feelings i wanted to put out there#i guess teyre also coming full force mre bc i have started up my stranger things fic#and theyre all afab and one is nb (agender i rekcon) and anotehr is a trans girl#so i get their heads but also theres a reaosnrigh t ?#i feel like i understand their feelings#idk tho just its weird right ??#also i just reate to a lot of butch stuff even tho thats not a label i have ever sued or rly felt connecte to#idk i just gender feelings as always lol
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bahrain-gp · 8 months ago
I can’t believe that redbull is done with comparing ver with their rivals and they start comparing them with their only champ who gave them the 4 championships , someone should tell them to go to therapy.. anyway seba doesn’t give a✨fuck✨ he even said that he wants ver to win because of shumi not because it is his old team 💀💀
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jyfrnd · a year ago
rymin masquerade/ballroom/prince au my beloved <3
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epsilonhybrid · 7 months ago
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