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#vera my beloved
mokocchi-x3 · a month ago
OK SO I’M KINDA OBSESSED WITH MONSTER PROM NOW??? i have too many screenshots to post, so i’ll just give you all these meme i made to cope with my feelings
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lost-kiwi-dev · 2 months ago
GEM!!! i'm playing through your demo right now! tbh i thought it was gonna be an rpg interactive game, however coding is already a pain in the ass so imagine if you have to format it that way lol. but this is good too AHHH! also i've fallen in love with c(hangjie) help dsvndsjvnf.
ahhhhh sorry that you were misled but you are absolutely right, i just do not have the sheer brain power to read instructions on how to implement rpg features, let alone actually code it 😂
join the club, vera, because i am also in love with C. we are lost causes 😌
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weirdpastelflower · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fan art of @cry-witch oc Vera because I absolutely love and adore her!!!! <3 she baby
also featuring Clover fawning over Vera because why not?! Clover loves kids and will adopt any child they see hvgdvcjdbk
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plaguedoctoraeneas · 7 months ago
I would’ve survived Agatha Christie’s murder mystery And Then There Were None.
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raven-feeder · 28 days ago
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I'm gonna shoot you all, I got a trigger like a gun
I only take it and shoot it for fun
I shoot everywhere, I shoot holes in the sun
Photo by @ssevth
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fairy grunge ilse my beloved
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hanilecter · 24 days ago
it's milf & dilf appreciation night in our flat, also known as rewatching one of the conjuring movies
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leafsheep-art · 4 months ago
audrey wandersong 🏳️‍🌈
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diversity win! the hero who just electrocuted you is trans!
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officialleotolstoy · 4 months ago
Tell me more about Vera please
Oh my gosh I’m sorry this is so late, it got lost in my inbox
The thing about Vera, for me, is that her entire family doesn’t like her. The only possible exception is Ilya, but everyone else we see interact with her is cold, dismissive, or straight up hostile. This isn’t to say she’s not rude to them - but in that context, I think her rudeness stems from a sense of superiority that she had to develop because the only other option was believing she was the worst. She had to decide “my whole family is wrong and stupid and I’m better than them” so she wouldn’t believe what they said about her.
Now I’m not absolving her of her naturally mean and snobbish character, that’s definitely there too, but Countess Rostova explicitly states that Vera was raised differently than her siblings, so it’s not like she was treated the same and was just so mean everyone couldn’t help but hate her. We don’t know what that different treatment means, but since she’s the oldest I’m pretty sure it involved a lot of expectations that she clearly didn’t meet (ie being a demure, submissive, humble wife), so she’s looked at as a bit of a failure. I also think it’s telling that when she married Berg, her family was glad to be rid of her, which is kind of awful!
The parts of Vera’s family interactions we get to see in the book are rather antagonistic and mean; she’s clearly not blameless in that relationship. But I do really wonder what made her that way, and her own family’s treatment of her is the number one suspect. Tolstoy probably didn’t think that deeply about it but she’s mine now <3
I don’t have time to ramble about Vera/Berg right now but one day. One day.
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greyvvardenfell · a month ago
uh oh sisters it's 2am and I've gotten like three hours of sleep in the past two days and now I'm Scheming to have all of my new elder scrolls ocs be part of the same bloodline 😳
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kmorecoffee · 3 months ago
💜 for the bleeding hearts bday game please!
so anatolijus and marie is not a very featured ship in the story but i absolutely adore them :)
Tumblr media
and bill and vera ugh, i love them so much 💜💜💜
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chimreaper · 2 months ago
Blew, hot orange, fashionable olive, wheat bread, gay <3
I have typed this reply out 5 times and it keeps deleting so that’s try this again
blew: build a bear run let’s go bby!
hot orange: I’m embracing you back so fondly rn
olive: I follow u bc YOURE THE witty beautiful genius and I am in awe
wheat bread: I firmly believe you would devour anyone who hurt me and I love you for that
Gay: I’m definitely larger than you but I’m sure we can find a way to fit me in a pocket <3
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trickorgetgarthed · 7 months ago
Cannot believe just how much I care about the OCs in DTA. Actual canon Supernatural characters, as far as I'm concerned.
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