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Salma Hayek eating tacos in Coatzacoalcos Veracruz Mexico (1995)
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Decorative Sunday: La Ceiba Gráfica
In 2013, Per Andersen and Martin Vinaver of the Veracruz, Mexico printmaking workshop La Ceiba Gráfica attended the annual conference of Southern Graphics Council International held in Milwaukee that year. Working with UWM Senior Lecturer in Art & Design Raoul Deal, they mounted an exhibition of large color prints by young artists from the workshop at the Walker’s Point Art Center. 
To commemorate their time in Milwaukee, Anderson and Vinaver donated a boxed portfolio of ten prints, Color Grafica Joven Veracruzana, to our Special Collections. Produced in an edition of 35 copies, the ten 60 x 49 cm prints shown here demonstrate a range of printmaking techniques, including lithography, engraving, woodcut, collagraph, and Japanese mokuhanga wood block printing.
Located in Coatepec, Veracruz, the mission of La Ceiba Gráfica is to use art, education, environmentalism, and collective artistic work to create a model of social transformation that generates empowered communities that are aware of their responsibility in caring for their natural environment. The artists represented here are Edgar Cano, Sr. González, , Daniel Berman, Uriel Marín, Sebastían Fund, Rodolfo Sousa, Lucia Prudencio, Abel Zavala, Nicolás Guzmán, and Jimena Ramos. 
View more Decorative Sunday posts.
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The Infinity Cube Part 9
Main Pairing: Marcus Pike x Female Reader
Chapter Pairing: Veracruz x Female Reader
Word Count: 1400+
Series Summary:  When you play with a strange cube, you’re transported out of your current reality with your boyfriend Marcus into brand new ones starring alternate versions of your boyfriend who look and act entirely different every time. With each encounter, you start to wonder if you’ll ever make it back to your real universe?
Warnings for the chapter: Language, Violence, Guns, Blood, Spanish in italics, Possessiveness 
Author Note: Thank you everybody for your kind support of this fic! I appreciate every like, comment, and reblog 💝 Say what you want about the movie itself, but I think we can all agree that Veracruz is gorgeous. 
PART 1 / PART 8 / PART 10
Tumblr media
You’re in a tent. 
That’s the first thing you notice about your new reality, taking in the dark green canvas walls surrounding you. You’re sitting on a cot, a pillow to your left and a neatly folded blanket to your right. In front of you is a desk with a pistol lying deceivingly innocently next to the Infinity Cube and a flashlight. The three items are acting as paperweights holding down a massive map. Tilting your head for a better look, you try to recall your high school geography class as you study the names of cities, rivers, and mountains, but it isn’t until you spot Bogotá circled in red that you realize you’re looking at a map of Colombia.
You’re in a tent in Colombia for reasons currently unknown. And there’s a gun within reach. Nothing weird about that at all. No potential red flags to be worried about. Nope. Maybe you’re just here camping and the pistol is to scare off bears? 
You exhale slowly, gaze lifting from the map to the cube. The sunlight slipping in through the tent’s front opening makes the golden metal appear unnaturally shiny. Of all the locations in the world, it’s strange it has brought you to almost the exact same place twice. You subconsciously rub at your chest, feeling a distant aching pang at the thought of Javier.
Before picking up the cube, you hadn’t been much of a world traveler. You were more of a homebody, content to explore the restaurants and sites of your own little neighborhood than those overseas. And the few times you did travel, it was strictly for FBI business connecting with other foreign government agencies investigating art thefts. You always followed a strict schedule outlining what was expected of you for every hour of your trip. 
Now...there is no plan for you to follow step by step.
Sure, you’re supposed to solve the cube and return the thief’s heart but there’s no specific instructions. No guidelines telling you who to talk to or what to expect next. 
Or, most frustratingly, what the damn hearts engraved on the cube mean. They were too distinctive not to mean anything important. Six hearts. Six different designs. Six potential meanings. 
Then again, the thief hadn’t even made one reference to them. Maybe he forgot, or maybe the curse prevents him from mentioning them, or maybe…
Maybe this is one mystery you’re not destined to solve.
You’re on the verge of pulling your hair out when shouting from outside the tent hooks your attention. The voices are arguing in Spanish, each one raising their voice to be louder than their verbal sparring opponent, sounding seconds away from tearing into each other.
“Veracruz,” you whisper under your breath, concern for his well-being overruling every instinct telling you to stay put. 
Stepping outside the tent, you raise a hand to block the piercing sunlight. You’re here camping, you realize, spotting a cluster of matching dark green tents blending in amongst the surrounding jungle landscape, but definitely not the recreational kind. There are men wearing military fatigues everywhere you look, armed with no less than three weapons each. This is a militia camp, suspiciously remote and well-fortified, the kind you’ve seen in blockbuster action-thriller movies full of explosions and epic one-liners. 
You spare a quick glance at your own clothes, thinking your black t-shirt and camouflage-patterned cargo pants aren’t even a fraction as intimidating as their attire. God, you wish this were actually a movie set, if only so you could ask the wardrobe department for an upgrade. 
A group is gathered by the pavilion in the center of camp, and as they notice your approach one by one the soldiers shift and avert their gazes to the ground, moving away from you like you’ve got some contagious disease they’re scared of contracting. You find their behavior weird, to say the least.
The argument reaches it’s furious peak at the same time the last soldier steps aside, allowing you a clear view of two men standing so close they’re practically spitting on each other with every venomous word exchanged. Veracruz’ back is facing you, but even without the view of his face you’d know it was your lover based on his broad frame alone. 
Your arrival catches the other man’s attention, his beady, rodent-like eyes flicking towards you before his lips curl into the sleaziest smirk you’ve ever seen. 
“Aquí está,” he says, and you catch the immediate tensing of the Veracruz’ shoulders beneath his tactical vest. “Tu perra metiendo la nariz donde no pertenece.”
A bitch, a quiet and remote part of your brain translates, pulling apart the words only to be hurt by the end result. Not even just that, but a nosy bitch. 
A hush falls over the entire camp. The kind of foreboding silence promising nothing good will follow after it. You’re not the only one upset by the asshole’s cruel remark.
Either oblivious to the tension or feeling recklessly empowered by being the center of attention, he foolishly adds, “Tal vez si estuvieras dispuesto a compartir…”
A gunshot rips through the air, a resounding blast that has you instinctively covering your mouth with both hands to stifle your cry of shock. The asshole’s legs give out, blood spurting out of his mouth, and he collapses into a dead heap upon the grass with a bullet wound in the middle of his chest.
“I never share what’s mine,” Veracruz growls, possessive and blunt and with absolutely no room for argument from any of his men. 
He holsters his gun and as he turns around, brown eyes connect with yours. For a brief moment, neither of you say anything, merely watching each other—one stunned, one calculating—before he marches forward.
“I told you to stay in the tent, dulzura,” Veracruz says lowly, guiding you back there with a firm hand on your lower back. “The jungle has a strange effect on men, makes them think with their cocks rather than their brains. It’s safer for you to remain out of their sight.”
You struggle to adapt to his personality shift from coldblooded murderer to protective lover. This man is so vastly different from your Marcus: tough, severe, short-tempered. Veracruz commands his men using fear and the threat of violence, while Marcus leads his team of agents with genuine camaraderie. 
But the way he holds you when you step inside the tent, callused hands gentle and expression soft with concern—it’s surprising how you think of his closeness as comforting rather than upsetting. Your teeth sink into your bottom lip, wondering how a man with so many rough edges has the capacity to be soft around you.
“You don’t need to worry,” he says, mistaking the way you bite your lip as a sign of anxiousness. “I’m never going to let anyone else lay even one finger on you.”
“Good,” you murmur, pulled forward by some invisible string. You loop a hand around the back of his neck, toying with the soft hair along the nape. “I love it when you're selfish, Brown Eyes.”
His gaze turns heated, but a call from outside interrupts him before he can speak.
“¡Comandante, señor, el estadounidense ha sido visto!”
Like putting on a mask, any trace of warmth and affection is wiped from Veracruz’s face. He untangles your fingers from his hair and drops your hand as if you’d burned him. You swallow thickly, a wave of nausea rolling over you.
Veracruz points a firm finger at you. “Stay.”
You watch him leave the tent, arms wrapped around your stomach. A quiet voice in the back of your mind wonders if maybe you are his bitch after all. The way he’d just spoken to you...It was like he turned off his emotions and stopped seeing you as someone he loved, let alone as someone human. 
Taking a deep breath, you roll your shoulders, shaking off the tension clinging to them. This place is only temporary, you tell yourself. A bad pit stop soon to be forgotten.
Picking up the cube, you subconsciously press your thumb against one of the broken heart symbols. 
“You’re not going to break me,” you say aloud, grabbing the bottom layer of it. “So enough with the doom and gloom. Nothing is going to stop me from going home, you hear me?”
And maybe it’s just your imagination, but the cube almost seems to glow right before you twist it. Like it’s heard your challenge and stubbornly refuses to admit defeat. 
But that would be ridiculous. The cube is magical, not sentient. 
Aquí está, -- There she is -- Tu perra metiendo la nariz donde no pertenece -- Your bitch sticking her nose where she doesn't belong
Tal vez si estuvieras dispuesto a compartir… -- Maybe if you were willing to share
¡Comandante, señor, el estadounidense ha sido visto! -- Commander, sir, the American has been seen
Dulzura -- Sweetness
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amanecer en orizaba
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My asks/requests are always open unless I say otherwise! Please be aware that it may take me more time than normal to get to your request but I'll get there! I know it can be hard to come up with an idea or a prompt to send in, so I decided to make a list of some!
Also, I'm always open for drabbles/one shots for any of my established chapter fics, whether ongoing or finished, unless I explicitly state it somewhere on that stories' masterlist.
Prompt lists
Tumblr media
Frankie Morales
Oberyn Martell
Pero Tovar
Zach Wellison
Max Phillips
Dave York
Maxwell Lord
Din Djarin
Marcus Pike
Javi G
Agent Whiskey
Marcus Moreno
Javier Peña
Joel Miller
Dieter Bravo
Comandante Veracruz
Jay Castillo
Tumblr media
Santiago "Pope" Garcia
Benjamin "Benny" Miller
William "Ironhead" Miller
"Meet the Millers" - The Last of Us crossover fic
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes "Winter Soldier"
Poe Dameron
Clint Barton "Hawkeye"
Moon Knight (Steven Grant/Marc Spector)
Tumblr media
Steph's Christmas Writing Challenge 2021
100 Followers Thanks/You Choose the Prompts
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The Mexican Pokemon League
Mérida, Yucatán (psychic)
This psychic-type gym is one of Mexico's oldest, though it recently moved into a new building modeled after a Maya pyramid. Flocks of Natu and Xatu line the walls outside the building, welcoming challenging trainers who must come face to face with the leader's fearsome Musharna.
2. Veracruz, Veracruz (water)
It's no surprise that one of Mexico's biggest ports also hosts the country's main water-type gym. Attached to the aquarium, this modest building hosts one of the toughest challenges in the entire league. The leader's Sharpedo can outspeed just about any Pokemon.
3. Puebla, Puebla (electric)
While it's widely considered the easiest major gym in Mexico, Puebla's electric-type gym is incredibly fun to challenge. It utilizes the latest technological innovations to provide a state-of-the-art experience that never fails to leave challengers impressed. It also helps that the leader's Raichu makes for an adorable mascot.
4. Mexico City (ground)
This gym reaches deep into history, covered in motifs evoking the Aztec Empire and its predecessors. What's most notable about it is its enormous scale - this is one of the largest gyms in the Americas, built like a maze. Once you've managed to pass through it all, you'll have to face off against the leader's Excadrill.
5. Guadalajara, Jalisco (fairy)
This enchanting gym is widely known for its on-site restaurant, where victorious challengers can get a meal after winning the badge. Not that winning the badge will be easy - it requires defeating the leader's Gardevoir, which is a difficult task indeed.
6. León, Guanajuato (grass)
Part indoors, part outdoors, this gym is filled with plants, making it a soothing challenge for trainers. There's plenty of time to stop and smell the Roselia before making your way into the interior, where you'll have to find a way to defeat the leader's Gogoat.
7. Monterrey, Nuevo León (rock)
Monterrey's gym is lined with windows that offer stunning views of the mountains that surround the city. It's also crawling with wild Roggenrola, ready to battle against any challenger daring to approach the leader waiting on the highest floor with his Rhyperior.
8. Tijuana, Baja California (dark)
If you're going to challenge this gym, be sure to bring along a Pokemon that knows Flash. The interior is pitch-black, forcing challengers to navigate a maze that eventually leads to an outdoor battling platform overlooking the city. It's here that you'll face off against the leader's Zoroark.
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Tanned & UNbothered 🧘🏽‍♀️
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Introduction to Pirates: Pirates and Music (Part 2)
Contemporary musicians also wrote songs about pirates and their feats, occasionally celebratory but more commonly condemning. This was in line with ballads composed for other criminals and thieves, typically after they were caught and executed.
These songs tended to be broadside ballads, simple narrative songs that could be copied on the broadside paper sheets and widely distributed. Broadside ballads, as opposed to traditional ballads, were simple and dealt with common topics like love, drinking, and current events. As was common with songs at the time, the broadsides would only print the lyrics and suggest a known tune that would fit them.
One of the most famous is the Ballad of Captain Kidd, and English song printed in 1701, detailing his life as a pirate, his rejection of God, and his execution speech. A rendition can be heard here.
The Mexican folk song 'La Bamba' (made famous in 1958 by Ritchie Valens, listen to it here) like refers to the sack of Veracruz by pirates in 1683.
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Tumblr media
Zoncuantla Apartments in Coatepec, #Mexico by Rafael Pardo Arquitectos Read more: Link in bio! Photography: @naser.barzani Naser Nader Ibrahim Architecture firm: Rafael Pardo Arquitectos @arq.rafaelpardo @rp_arquitectos. The project is located in the tropical cloud forest along the old highway between Xalapa and Coatepec, in a terrain of remarkably beautiful panoramas. With a polygonal shape in proportion with the slope of the lot, the design seeks to emphasize these views for all of the apartments and to promote the contemplation of the environment… #coatepec #veracruz #архитектура www.amazingarchitecture.com ✔ A collection of the best contemporary architecture to inspire you. #design #architecture #amazingarchitecture #architect #arquitectura #luxury #realestate #life #cute #architettura #interiordesign #photooftheday #love #travel #construction #furniture #instagood #fashion #beautiful #archilovers #home #house ‎#amazing #picoftheday #architecturephotography ‎#معماری (at Coatepec, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico) https://www.instagram.com/p/CYwV3AVrcM1/?utm_medium=tumblr
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pedro Pascal as Comandante Veracruz in Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)
requested by anonymous
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~ Hacha.
Place of origin: Veracruz, Mexico
Period: Classic
Date: A.D. 900-1100
Medium: Marble
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Agustín Arrieta (1803-1874) “El Costeño” (The Boy from the Coast”  Oil on canvas Currently in a private collection The painting depicts an Afro-Mexican boy, probably from Veracruz, holding a basket with melons, a pineapple, avocados, dragon fruit, prickly pears, mamey, and apricots.
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First Pedro Character Name You Find is Your Soulmate
Tumblr media
Have fun 💖
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the mean streets of Orizaba
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Pedro Pascal Characters’ Tac Vests: Rated
Ok. So I blame @beautyagegoodnesssize​ for this. And of course my work-wife @blueeyesatnight​ who dragged me into this non consensually.
Tumblr media
8th Jack Daniels
Tumblr media
Style: 1 -- Substance: 3(?) -- Sexiness: 1
I actually had to go back and check this is actually a vest and not part of his snowsuit. But yes, that is Jack wearing a vest that exactly matches his snowsuit, only it has snaps instead of a zipper. Can we all agree this is the least sexy Jack looks in the entire movie? Like full-on Burt Reynolds and not in a good way? I have a question on substance because I imagine it has secret hidden tactical gizmos but I can't prove it.
Tumblr media
6th (tie) Oberyn Martell
Tumblr media
Style: 4 -- Substance: 2 -- Sexiness: 2
Is this a tac vest? I think it’s debatable but since it goes on by tying together on the sides (closer to the back in this case) - I think it counts.
Look at this snakeskin motherfucker. Solid style points for being on theme but loses a point for being terribly unflattering. We never see him take a hit but I have my doubts it would do much to stop stabbing action. Probably the least sexy thing he owns.
Tumblr media
6th (tie) Din Djarin
Tumblr media
Style: 2 -- Substance: 5 -- Sexiness: 1 Nothing going on here to comment in terms of style. We do see it deflect blaster bolts so while I’m not as into it as I am the beskar, can’t fault its usefulness. Associated with Empire = Bad. Associated with not even sexy parts of the Empire = Very Bad.
Tumblr media
5th Veracruz
Tumblr media
Style: 3 -- Substance: 4 -- Sexiness: 2
Yeah, surprised me too. Looks like he’s wearing an inflatable tube around his waist which kills any sexiness factor for me. Lots of pockets which I applaud, but they’re all the same size? Why? Not bulletproof and you can’t tell me this dude ain’t getting shot at. But it seems to be doing what he wants it to so...
Tumblr media
4th Frankie Morales
Tumblr media
Style: 3 :: Substance: 4 :: Sexiness: 3
Without zipties or whatever this is pretty much useless for storage and pockets. It is actively making him look worse but the sheer sexy power of Frankie is enough to overcome most of it. Most of it.
Loses points for being too short to protect his precious tum.
Tumblr media
3rd Pero Tovar
Tumblr media
Style: 4 -- Substance: 5 -- Sexiness: 2
I’m a sucker for armor. Much like Oberyn this goes over the head and ties on so I’m comfortable categorizing it as a tac vest. This shit can take on desert people and alien monsters. Mix and match of styles but it’s working for him. However, you just know it smells like shit and wet gym socks. That have been left in a closed bucket in the sun. For months.
Tumblr media
2nd Javier Peña
Tumblr media
Style: 5 -- Substance: 3 -- Sexiness: 5
Look, I’m as surprised as anyone that Javi is runner up. But this is science and data. And much like Frankie this boy is covering like 60% of his tender areas. Why you no protect your tummy Javi? I was forced to take the points off for it not protecting what we need it to protect and only having the one weirdly angled gun pocket. Otherwise, perfect.
Tumblr media
1st Marcus Moreno
Tumblr media
Style: 5 -- Substance: 4 -- Sexiness: 5
This is just a perfect example of a tac vest. Sleek, stylish, suits him to a T. Actually covers enough of him that I’m not worried about his safety. Lots of things to hook my fingers into when things get exciting. Only loses a point for leaving the sides more exposed than I’m comfortable with.
Tumblr media
While I agree that Max Phillips would claim his vest is a tac vest I do not buy this argument and thus neither him nor Maxwell Lord are included.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A little (more like a lot) of veracruz never killed nobody… oh wait
@maxwell--lord - daily i love you
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