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I think Vernal is another example of Raven burning her bridges with people because of her belief in strength.

There is a level of respect there, you’re right. She does seem to care what Vernal thinks of her. But the relationship is very professional, kept at a distance, with a clear hierarchy and expectations.

People have jokingly called Vernal “Raven’s other daughter”, but I think they’re both right and wrong: it feels like Raven’s relationship with Vernal is her trying to have something similar to a parental one, but without all those tricky emotions and attachments Raven seems to try to dismiss.

But using her as a decoy was always going to get Vernal killed. And Raven seems to have come to terms with that. She’s not disposable, but she was always going to reach a point where this plan ended in her death.

I feel Raven ultimately stopped herself from feeling anything more for Vernal, because she knew that eventually she would get Vernal killed.

And you can see the difference later in that very Vault. Yang takes up the position as the decoy. The person who takes the attention so Raven can escape. And that moment hurts Raven, because in her eyes this signs Yang’s death warrant, and she’s too afraid to stop it.

She sheds a tear for Yang, where none are shed for Vernal. Because she hardened her heart to Vernal, but never could for Yang.

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Listen…Vernal may have been a disaster of a daughter who cared way too much about what her leader thought, but at least she got to go out like a gangsta.

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Since Raven’s still around, it’s possible we’ll find out more about Vernal down the line. Which makes me think again of how despite all the intense and intricate planning of RWBY, l really thought Vernal was the one character who has nothing to do with the show and just dies.

I thought she had nothing to do with the show so hard that I didn’t even think she had a fairy tale inspiration.

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I recently finished rewatching volume 5 of RWBY and you can really tell the difference in animation and fight choreography between the amazing Weiss character short and her lackluster fight against Vernal. I get the crew was rushed which is why the fights (and several other things) in volume 5 were so bad but yeesh, I didn’t realize how bad until I rewatched it. I’m just glad to be done rewatching volume 5 so I can start rewatching volume 6, the volume many people, myself included, say is the redemption volume of the series. 

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psst.  fndm.  would u guys be interested in a vernal/cinder fic.  because theyre some of my favorite characters to write and ive been thinking abt writing one but i dont think anyone would read it lmao

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