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epitomeofsavageness · 4 minutes ago
Don't miss it! It's really funny(as expected of seventeen)
Joshua tho 🤣🤣
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elijxxah · an hour ago
ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 오늘은 고잉 고잉
finally after weeks maybe even month waiting for gose 😭😭😭
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myunghoehoehoe · 2 hours ago
#76 “You know I’m holding back from fucking you over this kitchen counter, don’t push your luck.” and #100 “You’re still horny? Didn’t I fuck you hard enough last night?” for vernon pls bestie - @junsol
#76: “You know I’m holding back from fucking you over this kitchen counter, don’t push your luck.” #100: “You’re still horny? Didn’t I fuck you hard enough last night?”
It was a regular Saturday morning for you, casually making you and your boyfriend breakfast after your heavy sex session the previous night. You were humming to yourself and it was only when you heard a slight cough from the doorway of the kitchen did your focus become honed on him.
“Well, good morning to you too,” Vernon spoke roughly, his footsteps heavy as he trudged towards you and let his body rest on yours, his hands slipping around your waist. He let his hands fall further down your stomach and under your oversized shirt, where you felt his breath hitch.
“Are you wearing anything at all under this?” His voice was soft but you could tell he was a little confused, and with a small giggle from you, that was all the confirmation he needed. It was only more so confirmed when you began grinding back against him, feeling his erection beginning to grow in mere minutes.
Before you knew it, he had you turned around and pressed onto the counter, and his pupils were blown out with lust. “You’re still horny? Didn’t I fuck you hard enough last night?” He whispered, grinding his hard erection into you and making you whine.
“Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, but I think that it’s getting a little too hot in here, don't you think?” You spoke lightly, quickly removing your shirt and throwing it in Vernon’s face, making him let out a surprised gasp. “You know I’m holding back from fucking you over this kitchen counter, don't push your luck,” his tone was harsh, but all you could do was smile at him.
“Why are you holding back? Fuck me right here in the kitchen.” It wasn’t much longer before he was removing his boxers and pushing his hard cock into you, making sure that the only thing you were remembering was his name.
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weonjonwoo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
you being stressed about everything that's been happening and then there's seventeen cheering you up and brightening your day! ☺️💕
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newjerseyisthebest · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Flower and Mushroom lanterns at the Vernon Lights Festival in December 2019 in Vernon New Jersey.
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lovelycheollie · 4 hours ago
Back Home
“I believe that all of our lives we’re looking for home and if we’re really lucky, we find it in someone’s loving arms. I think that’ what life is-coming home.”  –Anita Krizzan
Hi there! It’s been years, and I’ve been attracted to embrace my Carat side again! I hope everyone’s doing fine, despite of the pandemic we’re experiencing right now. I decided to create a Vernon fic for the reason that I missed my mutuals, especially @chillihansol ((she’s still a Vernon stan how constant I am jelly!)) I hope you guys enjoy this read! My ask is always open for requests 
Tumblr media
 “This is ridiculous,” you mumbled to yourself, staring at the white cyber abyss in front of you. The laptop screen showed nothing but a blank document, a pile of notebooks unevenly stacked to your right. Your chin rested on the top of your palm while you tried your best to think of something that may make you start on your assignment. So much on learning online, you could only rely on yourself and on the urge of just simply finishing and passing whatever needs to be submitted.
It was early in the morning, and supposedly you were to have a hearty breakfast while thinking of ways to somehow cope with the academic stress you were feeling. Even if you were stuck inside your room, you at least knew how to have fun despite being by yourself, may it be simply listening to your favorite song, or cook something easy. While you strolled towards the kitchen, you heard your phone ring and you were being summoned to an online meeting with your classmates. Your to-do checklist was filled again with some assignments meant to be passed on the next day. Staring at the list alone removed the motivation in you to work on your pancakes, and the weather outside could only join you in your tired state.
So there you were, sitting on the office chair and struggling to find the single word that will push you forward to work on your assignment. No word you’ve thought is good enough for the first sentence. Oh how much you’ve hated going through a writer’s block. Deep inside, you just wanted to cram on the homework and sleep your troubles away, but then again, you just really wanted to get rid of everything and just relax without worrying.
As you decided to brew another cup of coffee, someone knocked on your door, which almost caused you to drop your favorite mug onto the floor. You dragged your feet towards the doorway, eyebrows knitted together and eyes ready to glare on whoever was brave enough to bother you early in the morning. But as soon as you saw Vernon flashing a toothy grin, the eyebrows separated, the glare turned into a loving pair of eyes, and your feelings were everywhere. After months of not seeing each other, Vernon was in the flesh, and was already making your morning better.
“’Sup Y/N,” he said, placing his face mask in his bag and removing his white sneakers. You took the time to gawk at his pink sweater and jeans, while still being mentally at awe at his sudden presence. You heard him chuckle a bit as he welcomed himself in the room. “What’s the mug for?”
You rose the mug near to your face, stepping away from the door. “Ah, well, I was brewing coffee. I wasn’t really expecting a visitor, let alone your face.”
“Kind of mean, but I understand.” He lifted the messenger bag and showed you the contents. He had store-bought meat buns, bottled coffee and milk tea, some chips and biscuits stacked inside the bag. Vernon showed another smile which made your heart throb a bit. “I figured you would be stressed today, so I brought the good stuff.”
“How did you even ‘figure out’?”
“You tweeted last night, and you know me. If practice is over then I do the second best thing.”
“Which is?”
“I check your tweets because I’m such a great friend,” he replied to you as he found himself sitting on a bean bag. Vernon placed the goods on the coffee table and stood up again, joining you in the kitchen to get some glasses and plates. He was always like this in your room; he felt like he was at home, especially when he was with you.
Placing the plates on the table, he proceeded to fill the glasses with the coffee and tea, then looked at you and patted the bean bag next to him. You could only roll your eyes while removing the ice tray from the fridge. As you sat beside him, he dug his teeth on the meat buns and let out a satisfactory hum. He found himself at peace, with you alone, and with some convenience store goods. But before you could even copy him, you remembered you had an assignment to start on. The pain of standing up again to grab your laptop was bothersome, and the temptation to relax has strengthened itself.
While chewing on a hearty bite, Vernon took a short glance on the empty online document, then to your struggling fingers, then back to the screen again. He could tell that you were just not having it, the motivation in you to study was missing.  Remembering on how he welcomed himself inside, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit guilty. “I can see you’re pretty busy. Did I come at the wrong time?”
“What? Oh no, it’s okay! You actually came at a good time,” you tucked your hair behind your ear, his sight fixated on your fingertips. A sigh escaped your lips as you finally typed some words on the keyboard. “I just needed a small push to start on this one.”
“How many assignments do you have?”
“I got two, plus this one, so three,” you stopped and looked at him, seeing a bit of sauce on the side of his lips. With your motherly instinct, you wiped the sauce off with your thumb and then wiped it on a tissue paper. Before it could even sink in your thoughts as you continued to type, Vernon was flabbergasted. Yes, he knew you were a bit motherly to your friends, but he wasn’t aware that you had the gull to touch someone else’s face. He could feel the blood rush to his cheeks, and he was just trying his best not to let you know how your simple gesture made him feel giddy. The troubles of having a crush on a friend was very much real for this man.
Despite being busy on working as an idol, Vernon would always find time to be with you, as the two of you were close friends. He despised the thought of only being friends with you until the two of you reached adulthood, and he was so sure that he wouldn’t let the two of you stay as friends. But then, even if he finds himself in the perfect situation, the courage to muster up the feelings and confess to you was still a hard mission for him to do. Simply put, he was just crushing on you so badly.
And so, the feelings were put in the lyrics he would sing. They would be seen in the steps he would do onstage. You weren’t that naïve; you can feel that Vernon was signaling something to you. However, you didn’t want to simply assume that this charismatic friend of yours was trying to be more than friends. Hence, you and Vernon are still friends, up to this day.
“Do you want me to help you?” he stammered while trying to act as normal as he can, which you could see, was failing. Seeing him like that, you were starting to feel jittery as well. Your fingers kept pressing backspace from the typing mistakes. The two of you were now facing the same dilemma: how to act properly beside the person you’ve been liking for months.
You cleared your throat and sipped from your glass. Opening the packet of biscuits, you munched on a piece and continued on your homework. “No, I’m okay. I know you’ve been busy, so you should just relax and let me do my own thing.”
“Are you sure Y/N? You know I could help you.”
“Yes, I’m definitely sure. And what you should be doing is resting because I know you’d be pretty busy by tomorrow.”
  Then it became silent, with only the rustling of the plastic bags and your fingers typing making the noise. Vernon continued to slip a glance on your work from time to time, and you just did whatever you were doing, despite feeling the heavy weight of his glare. Sometimes, you would catch him looking at you, and he would just give you a goofy grin, and that would be enough for you to punch him lightly on his arms.
 As you were reaching the final paragraph of your paper, you felt the urge of chewing something. The last piece of biscuit was across the table, and sadly, you couldn’t rely on your own to reach it. Luckily, beside you was Vernon who had long, slender arms, who busied himself with his mobile games. It was time for you to have him do something.
 “Hey Vernon?” you said, eyes glued once again to the monitor.
Vernon paused his game and turned his head to you. “Yeah?”
“Can you pass me the last biscuit? I can’t reach it,” you spoke charmingly, giggling in your head. You were expecting that the biscuit would be placed nearer to you, but your friend wanted revenge to what you did earlier.
Vernon opened the packet and positioned the biscuit in front of your lips. For him, he was doing it simply to lessen your troubles, but to you, it was making you crazy.
“Here you go Y/N,” he spoke, placing the thin, chocolate-flavored biscuit on your lips and licking the rest of the crumbs on his thumb. You were staring with wide eyes as he did so, and when he noticed your surprised look, the thought of his actions hit him on the face. Right now, the two of you were a blushing mess. Panicking for your life, you hurried into finishing the last paragraph of your assignment. There were less mistakes this time as you typed, which felt as an accomplishment to you. You couldn’t dare to look at Vernon with your reddened state, which made you to focus more on your paper.
“Hey Y/N,” he finally spoke as you saved the file. Vernon was simply waiting for your response, sitting beside you while you swallowed your feelings and shut your laptop off. He sat on his knees, eyes staring at you which took you aback. Vernon was serious, and you felt a pang of nervousness to whatever he was thinking. You settled the laptop on the table, and just sat there, thinking of what to say to ease the atmosphere somehow.
“Yes? What is it?”
“Why are we so awkward?” he mumbled, and you made a small laughter as soon as you heard him. Your laughter was music to his ears, and it quickly perked him back to his normal self again.
“I don’t know about you, all I wanted was for you to reach the biscuit, not feed it to me, you dork!”
“You did it first! You wiped the sauce from the corner of my lips!”
You could only blush more while making up words for your rebuttal. “It was my motherly instinct! You did not have to take your revenge on me!”
And while you continued on, Vernon was simply looking at you, adoring your flushed cheeks in the morning light. In his head, you were pretty, even if your face was red, even if you were chatty and embarrassed. His heart was full of you, he knew that he likes you that much. A tiny smirk grew on his lips, which turned into a large smile. Surrendering in defeat, you turned to the other side, bit your lips into one straight line and planted the thought of him smiling at you in the center of your mind.
“Why did you have to be so charming?” you whispered to yourself, making sure that you were the only one who could hear it. You were mistaken though, as Vernon heard it, and kept the butterflies in his stomach.
Vernon’s ringtone broke the silence, and with quaking hands, he answered the call. While he was talking with the caller, you took a piece of paper and wrote something simple on it. Quietly, you sneaked the paper inside his bag, and laughed at yourself. You imagine a laughing Vernon in the middle of the street, with the paper in between his fingers.
“Y/N, our manager called. He said he wanted to meet us all in the dorm,” he told you while fixing his bag and checking his belongings inside. He had a gloomy look imprinted on his face, and you were affected by the sudden news as well. Vernon was going to leave so soon, and it will take a while again to see him and bond with him. “He wants to meet us right now. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, you’re an idol! You’ll be busy at times and it’s okay! I understand!” you showed a sad smile, which made Vernon ache for a hug with you.
“Don’t you worry! After the meeting, I’ll come back immediately! Lunch will be my treat!” Vernon replied with another grin, lifting his arms to pat you on the head. The two of you walked to the door, and you can’t help but become a little bit greedy to him. Deep inside, you wished that he didn’t have to leave, and that you would spend the whole day with him.
After putting the mask on, he stood up, looking at you once more and poking your head. “Hey, don’t be sad. I’ll be back soon enough!”
You braved yourself to hug him, which startled him a bit. He then hugged you back, his warmth seeping on his clothes to your skin, and his arms tightly wrapped around you. The moment was short-lived, as you backed away from him and returned the smile he’s been giving you. “You better take care of yourself Vernon!”
He opened the door and stayed outside, still holding on to your warmth. Head turning, you were there behind him, in your favorite loungewear, waiting for him to continue ahead. To him, you were the epitome of a home, and he knows that no matter what would happen, he would always come back to you. In the busiest day, or in the darkest night, he would always think of you. You are his home.
While walking along the street, Vernon checked the contents of his bag. He would often check the insides of his bag when he was already outside, a perk he does to secure that he has everything with him. At the bottom corner of the bag, there was a folded paper. He knew the note was yours, as he remembered that you had a small habit of leaving memos in your friend’s belongings. As he opened the note, he found himself running back to your home, knocking on your door and locking you in his arms, embracing you with all of his heart. Vernon thanked his stars, and this stressful morning, as he realized his worries were answered with your sincerity and with your own feelings as well.
“Vernon, even if you run away, always come back home. I love you.”
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flwoozi · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my favorite type of vernon pics
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flwoozi · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s talk about this again 
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hayuryu · 12 hours ago
Seventeen album 17 Hits
I'm back with Seventeen album 17 Hits
It's actually Love Letter album Taiwan press
Idk why I bought it (it's just happened)
It's my one and only Seventeen album Taiwan press
There's quite a lot actually but I only have this one
This is cover
Tumblr media
It's actually photos from Love Letter Repackage album
I think it's same as concept photos that they upload on Twitter
I'm 70% sure about it. It's really familiar
Tumblr media
The back
You can see track list on it
There's CD and DVD track list
Tumblr media
For this album, it consists of CD and DVD as stated in track list
The DVD one contains MV from Seventeen (idk if it's Korean one or not, I haven't watch it)
Actually I'm forget that I have this album
When I found it I was like "did I bought this album? When? I don't even remember it"
This come with booklet (I think that was lyrics booklet with some pictures on it. I can't call it photobook)
Also I got Seungkwan photocard
Tumblr media
If you bought this album, you'll get folded poster
It's already inside the package
Idk if it's only for the first press or not. But I guess regardless first press or not you'll get the poster (why I can say something like this, because I bought it one year later after they release it)
Ok that's all for this album
It's all that I can talk about it. I don't have many information about the album
Okay see you next post (it's Heng:garae hahahaaa, bitter laugh)
It'll be the last until my hitorijanai albums and going magazine to arrive
See you ~
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flwoozi · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what is it with vernon suddenly being able to make good selca’s once he’s with dk? 
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lilianasstudy27 · 19 hours ago
"Kidney function is not a right, it's a privilege"
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hayuryu · 20 hours ago
Seventeen 1st Mini Album "17 Carat"
I'm back again
Today I'll post about Seventeen 1st Mini Album
It's their Debut album
17 Carat
This album actually only have 1 version but they have 2 versions of photocard (they call it photocard but it's actually as big as postcard)
I have both version of photocard, it's White and Black version
This the cover
Tumblr media
You can see double triangle in the cover. It's actually hole
If you take out the album you can see that holes
The album itself is really really really fragile (I'm serious) but I can say that it's creative
It's only have big poster with their photo and lyrics and shaped it like ddakji, korean traditional folded paper game (Idk how the correct writing, is it ddakji or ttakji?)
For me once I opened and shaped it in place again I won't open it again. Why?
Because it's troublesome to make it pretty again hahahaa
I have 2 albums. And 1 is really worn out. I just opened it like 3 or 4 times and it's not that pretty anymore
This is back
Tumblr media
It doesn't have any track list on it because the track list is inside the album
White version
Tumblr media
It's like cute version of seventeen
They look so young
If you ask me why it's 4 of them in 1st photo. Well they're my favorite hahahaa
Tumblr media
It's all white version photocard
They really looks so young
For white version there's seventeen logo in middle bottom of the photocard
They also give sign and comments behind the photocard
Black version
Tumblr media
This black version
They acted cool hahahaa
Actually I'm glad the debut with Adore U
Because it's give us fresh song in the middle of dark/sexy concept for new boy group
And it made impact hahahaa (well it's for me)
Tumblr media
This is the full members
You can see there's no seventeen logo in the black version. Idk why though, you can ask pledis yourself hahahaa
If you ask me which version I like
I'll answer both. Why? Because Joshua looks good in both white and black version (as long as Joshua looks good I'm happy, well and if he got a lot singing part)
Okay, that's all for 17 Carat album
I'll back tomorrow with 17 Hits (it's taiwan version)
I haven't take pictures of Heng:garae hahahaaa
It's really takes time to peel off the sticker
I just need to post 2 of them and I'll go hiatus
And I'll back when my hitorijanai albums and going magazine come
See you~
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epitomeofsavageness · a day ago
Gose is gonna start from next week Wednesday 9pm!!!!!
Tumblr media
(Joshua finally came online lol)
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missbunnycarrot · a day ago
K I S S & T E L L
"이제 (now) wake up wake up wake up wake wake up~!!"
Tumblr media
"ah 진짜 (really) boo seungkwan!!" said an angry woozi. "can somebody fucking shut him up?" hoshi shouted at the other room. "seungkwan hyung!!" dino barged in inside woozi's room with a pillow and slammed it on seungkwan's head earning a pissed look from the older one. "yah! 임마 (punk)" seungkwan chased dino out of woozi's room.
Tumblr media
"얘들아 (guys), quit running around you're making me feel dizzy," a groggy scoups took a seat at the dining area. "here you go hyung" mingyu handed the leader a bowl of kimchi fried rice. "고마워 (thanks) mingyu-ah". "mingyu, can you wake hansol for me?" jeonghan asked as he laid a bigger bowl of kimchi fried rice on the table. "sure hyung" mingyu obliged. "okay, who else is not yet up? we have practice today! and our managers will be waiting downstairs any moment now! 빨리 (quickly)"
eventually the chaos subsided and everyone was able to settle things on time. yup, they do indeed have teamwork.
"okay.. dokyeom, myungho help me bring these bags please," joshua called the two boys nearest to him. "..9 ..10 ..11, jun did you check all the electric sockets?" wonwoo asked switching the lights off, making sure everything is fine before leaving. "네 (yes)" jun answered turning the door's lock. "12 & 13, now we're ready to go 가자 (let's go)!"
"hyung! you still haven't mentioned anything about yesterday," dk's head peep out from the van's backseat. "well she arrived and probably rested well last night," young hwan said leaning on the van's sliding door. "is she pretty?" seungkwan asked after he sipped from his coffee cup. "그럼, (of course) she is pretty, aren't all girls pretty?" young hwan said as he slid the van's door shut. "아이씨 (damn it) ah hyung! you're such a tease," jeonghan rolled his eyes. young hwan sat on the driver seat "joshua, do me a favor, please look out for the kids for me. make them behave later," he said as he fasten his seatbelt. "yes sir," joshua let out a chuckle.
"good morning!" vernon bowed slightly, greeting the staff in the building. "can't wait to meet her," said the maknae whilst clasping his hands together. "young hwan hyung said she was pretty," woozi whispered to dino. "ah 진짜 (really)?" the8 butted in while he wrapped each of his arm at the two boys.
"얘들아 (boys), kindly stay at the next room beside the practice room for a while. youngjun-씨 is currently observing the new dancer. wait for his queue once you are permitted to enter the room," a member of the staff informed the group. "네 알겠습니다 (okay, i understand)," the boys answered back.
the boys entered the said room. it was dark and poorly lit at one side. "와 (whoa), it's my first time entering this room," scoups spoke. "look! over there" jun pointed at the only source of light in the room. the room was dimly lit through a line of glass panels. "is that her?" hoshi went closer to the glass panel. "all this time, we were rehearsing in front of a two-way mirror?" wonwoo further scanned the glass panels. "look at her, 아이구 (aigoo) she is so tiny," mingyu commented.
Tumblr media
the boys were drawn near the glass panel all in awe.
so, she is the new dancer in the building.
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magicalhannie · a day ago
Today's post... VERNON!!! YOURE WELCOME 🥰🥰😘❤🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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meltwonu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
93. “It was so worth the injury though!”
97. “God damn it, now all I can think about right now is you licking my cock like it's that ice cream cone.”
notes; switch!puppy-hybrid!vernon, switch!cat-hybrid!reader, dirty talk, fucking in public, cockrings, blowjobs, fingering, name-calling, hair pulling, degradation, not really hate fucking and not really enemies to lovers buttttt yknow...🥴💕 In theory this is the last hybrid fic for this cycle of drabbles but… i got some pretty good prompts soooo it’s gonna go on a little longer LOL ALSO umm i’m gonna find some time to figure out my new schedule and i’m probably gonna do drabbles for like, the next few weeks where there would've been an UIMY update, just to give myself a bit of a break! 😅 More on that later! As always, thank you for requesting! Enjoy! 💕
Tumblr media
“So, can you tell me a little bit about your relationship with Vernon?”
Joshua taps the corner of his clipboard; glasses precariously perched on his nose when he looks over at you from across the room. “Your file here says that the two of you… don’t necessarily get along? The owner of the hybrid adoption center, Mr. Yoon Jeonghan, wrote here that the two of you fight a lot. Is that correct?”
You shift in your seat, hands clasped in your lap as you stare out the window.
Why did Jeonghan have to send you and Vernon to get evaluated by some shrink?
You’d never know.
But what you did know was that Vernon was most likely going to say some shitty things about you too, so you jumped the gun.
“It’s not my fault! He’s---He’s so annoying! Always staring at me and wanting my food even when I haven’t even touched it yet!” Your soft cat ears flatten atop your head and your tail swishes against the plush leather in annoyance.
“So, you’re saying Mr. Chwe is the instigator then?”
“Yes! That’s exactly it!”
Tumblr media
“A-ah, Vernon! More, m-more!”
Your body rocks against the washing machine - one leg propped up on the shaking machine and one planted firmly on the ground as he fucks you from behind. His hand tangles into your hair, tugging harshly as you mewl back in return.
“Dirty ‘lil slut getting her pussy fucked in the laundry room~ Won’t Jeonghan-hyung be so disappointed his pretty ‘lil kitty hybrid is actually a desperate ‘lil cockslut?” Vernon grins when he feels you tightening around his cock; angling his thrusts perfectly so that the head of his cock slams into your g-spot with each snap of his hips.
Your hands try to find purchase on the vibrating machine but Vernon’s grip on your hair only tightens as he tugs your upper half towards his warm chest.
You’d come to find Vernon wouldn’t actually let you cum on his cock - instead his warm cum trickling down your thighs as you fingered yourself to an orgasm without him.
‘Maybe if you weren’t always fuckin’ taking my things from my room, I wouldn’t have to punish you in the laundry room like this.’ He’d said.
Tumblr media
“Okay. Mr. Chwe mentioned in his file that you quite often take things from his bedroom without his permission. Is that correct?”
“I--He takes my things too!”
Joshua scribbles down notes into your manila folder, nodding to himself. “He takes your things? What kind of things?”
“Oh… um…”
Tumblr media
“Awww, pathetic ‘lil puppy. Look at you. Already so close to cumming and I’ve barely even started~”
You slide the cockring down his thick shaft - licking your lips when he whines above you.
“You--you’re h-horrible…” He mumbles; hiding his face in the crook of his arm when you lean away from him. “F-fuck…”
“Maybe don’t take my panties from my closet then.” You reach for his cock, wrapping a firm hand around his thick girth. “Such a filthy ‘lil pup. What were you gonna do with them, huh, Vernon? Were you gonna use them to get off on like the desperate puppy you are?”
You tease the head of his cock with the palm of your hand - letting him rut against it and cover it with precum as he groans.
He’d been fresh from a midday nap when you’d ease onto his lap; already grinding down onto him before he could fully assess why you were even in his room.
“A-ah, fuck, m-maybe…”
A smirk paints your features as you drag your hand down his shaft towards the cockring; pressing the button on the side that turns on the vibrating function as Vernon sobs and squirms against the headboard.
“Desperate. Little. Pup.”
Tumblr media
“So he takes your… hair brush. I see.”
Joshua jots down a quick, ‘Urge to retaliate is strong. Much like Mr. Chwe, very stubborn. Prone to lying?’ before he smiles at you from behind the clipboard again.
“Other than the small items and trinkets taken, is there anything else? Do the two of you get along at all? I understand that Mr. Yoon sent the two of you on an excursion earlier today, is that right?”
You nod at the human - lips pursed at his white coat and thick framed glasses. “Yeah, ‘Hannie said it’d be good for us to spend ‘time’ together.”
“And how did it go? Any issues?”
Tumblr media
“Goddamnit, now all I can think about right now is you licking my cock like it's that ice cream cone.”
“Vernon, shut up, we’re in public!” You go back to eating your ice cream as the two of you sit on the park bench; eyes focused on everything but the puppy-hybrid sat to your left.
He scoots in closer as you lick the sweet cream and you can’t help but whimper when he cages you against the wooden bench.
“I know you’re thinkin’ about it too, kitten. Don’t you wanna get on your knees and choke on my cock like a good kitten should?”
Tumblr media
“Oh, so he bought you ice cream! That’s great. See, I don’t think you hate each other as much as you might think!” Joshua beams.
‘Not a lost cause.’ He writes. “What else did the two of you do at the park? I heard the flowers are in full bloom now, must’ve been so pretty, right?”
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Your knees dig into the tiled floor, eyes wet with tears when Vernon holds you down onto his cock.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty. Lips stretched around my cock so fuckin’ good.” He licks his lips, “And look at you. Fingering your hot ‘lil cunt while you suck me off too.”
You moan around his cock, fingers knuckle deep inside your pussy as the two of you hide in a restroom stall.
He tugs you by the hair as you sputter and catch your breath; a thread of saliva and precum connecting your wet lips to the head of his cock.
“Bet you want my cock inside your filthy ‘lil cunt, huh, kitten? Want me to bend you over right here and cum inside your pussy? Or do you wanna keep fingering yourself like it’s even enough for you.”
Your voice is hoarse, knees red and hair mussed when he forces you to look up at him.
“P-please… fuck my p-pussy, V-Vernon… I--I want your c-cum inside, ngh, m-me...”
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“Ah, a hiking trail! Must’ve been nice! I take it the two of you had a good conversation? Since the two of you were alone?”
You avoid Joshua’s annoyingly kind smile; eyes focused on the dying tulip on his desk instead.
You could tell he knew too much.
“Yeeaaah. We kinda talked about some stuff… and yeah. The trail was pretty.”
Joshua looks you over, eyebrow raised. “You must’ve fallen pretty hard though? Your knees are all bruised. Those hiking trails can be dangerous, y’know - uneven ground and all that.”
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“O-oh, fuck! P-please, hurry, cu--cum inside me! Want it so b-bad!”
You fuck yourself on Vernon’s cock, fingertips on your clit as you propel yourself to an orgasm.
His hands grip your waist tighter; cock slamming into you hard enough to make your body jerk forward with each thrust.
“Kitten’s just a little cumslut, huh? Fine, then don’t spill a fuckin’ drop~ I know how thirsty you are for some milk~”
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“It was so worth the injury though!” You laugh nervously, this time watching as Joshua nods and jots down more notes into your folder.
“Oh? Why’s that?” 
“Ah, because the trail was so pretty! The flowers were nice and smelled great. It was worth it even if we, um, argued.”
You shift on the leather sofa - Vernon’s cum soaked into your panties and making the material stick to you like a second skin.
It’d been at least two hours since he fucked you in the park restroom and you could still feel his cum pouring out of you even now.
Maybe you’d get back to the adoption center and make Vernon eat his cum out of your pussy when you got in.
I’ll sit on his face while he eats me out, maybe tie him to the bed, you think.
You just hoped Joshua wouldn’t find a puddle of cum soaking into his expensive leather sofa when you stood up.
“Ah, so are we done here, Mr. Hong?”
‘Followup next week. Try to bring Mr. Chwe in for a counseling session.’ He nods, readjusting his glasses before he glances your way.
“Mmhmm! You should get back to the center soon. Before it gets late, okay?”
You grin back at him, already thinking about the ways you’d make Vernon pay. 
“Of course!” 
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yoonzinow · a day ago
SVT and their personalities as girls
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is me being bored + a small picrew addiction. Tried to make the female version of the members. It's a nice game but there aren't many different skin tones and also vernon's girl should have a beanie 💔 but look, boo's americano
made with this
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