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#version 2
blondebrainpower · a year ago
Restored film of San Francisco's Market Street version of a film shot on April 14, 1906, four days before the Great Earthquake, 
The information below was kindly supplied by @powerwordkilll Thank you!
The original 13-minute film is A Trip Down Market Street, which was shot and produced by the Miles Brothers. It was preserved in the Library of Congress and Prelinger Archives, and in 2018,  Adrianne Finelli digitized and uploaded the footage for the Internet Archive. Now in 2020, Denis Shiryaev restored, upscaled and colorized the film. Shiryaev’s channel has even more restored footage, so check it out if you’re interested.
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nightcorp · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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A Guys in White agent is condemned by their one brain cell.
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paradiseyuri · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿.。.:* ♀ *.:。✿。:.* ♀ *.。.✿ Created By:||☆かも仮面☆ respective credits to the creator ✿.。.:* ♀ *.:。✿。:.* ♀ *.。.✿ ⓟⒶⓇⒶⒹⒾⓈⒺ♡ⓎⓊⓇⒾ
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faerology · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
deja vu.
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thoughtsonkm · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We're fighting for our lives out here!!! 😳
cr. to jikookbunny on IG
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tubbietommo · 7 months ago
I realized I messed up, so I made a better version.
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youreobsessedwithmarvel · 8 months ago
Soulmate AU (Version 2)
⛈-Angst 🌧-Both ✨-Series ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:1110
TBH, I like this version more
(Version 1)
Tumblr media
Soulmate AU where everything is in black and white until you meet your soulmate
Y/N laid on her back, trying to catch her breath after Natasha threw her onto the ground. “You’re getting better. You probably could go against me soon.”
“I already do.”
The red head soon appeared in Y/N’s line of vision, holding her hand out. “I mean without getting killed almost.”
Grabbing Natasha’s hand she pulled the Y/H/C girl up quickly. “Oh, alright.” Wiping herself off, they looked back at their friend. “Wanna go again?”
Before she could reply Tony came on the intercom. “Romanoff, Y/L/N, come to the top. Thor and his brother will arrive soon.”
Natasha groaned, “Why does Loki have to be here?”
Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, but let’s be civil.”
“Easy for you to say. He didn’t know something about you that wasn’t public.”
“Whatever Nat.”
The two assassins stood next to each other in front of the compound. Both still in their training gear. Both shifting uncomfortably in the cold. But letting out a sigh of relief when they saw the two gods walking towards them. The younger, who was unknown to Y/N, of the two was behind the other. Thor walked over to Tony and talked to him. Tony motioned towards Y/N and Thor soon walked over to her. “Lady Y/N! Stark has mentioned that you’ve never met my brother Loki!”
“I’ve only heard of him.” She looked over to the other god and smiled softly at him. “All good things.”
“What’s good abou-” Natasha stepped on Clint’s foot, stopping him from speaking.
“Thor speaks of how you like to read.”
“Is that the only good thing he said?”
She shook her head, “No, actually. He spoke of other things as well. But, it currently snowing and I’m freezing so I shall head inside.”
“My friend! You should have told me and we would have went inside immediately!”
She smiled at Thor, “It’s quite alright, really. But I shall be heading inside now.” She looked back at Loki, “If anyone would like to join me.”
Y/N turned and opened the door and she could have sworn she notice a hint of color in the plant next to the entrance, but she passed it off as the cold playing tricks on her as there was no way she could have met her soulmate.
Y/N looked up as she heard a knock. “Sorry to bother you, but you mentioned how Thor said good things about me and I was curious on what. He never has said much good about me in years.”
She smiled, “Well, why don’t you com over here and get comfortable as he said a lot.”
Loki walked over to her bed and sat down in front of her, as if a child listening to their mother tell a story. “Now, what did he tell you?”
“And you’re not asking this as an ego boost, correct?”
“No, I’m asking as a way to know more on Thor’s thoughts on me.”
She smiled, “Well, he always spoke of how you loved to read, especially old Midgardian books. Actually, I was wanting to ask you, have you ever read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen before? It’s came out in the 1800s I believe.”
“Yes, my mother gave it to me to read a long time ago. It came out in January of 1813.”
“Wow, how do you remember that?”
He merely shrugged, “My mother just loved the book I guess.”
“Right, Thor also mentioned how you loved your mother more than anything in the world.”
She noticed him repressing a smile, “She always supported me, that’s why.”
Y/N smirked, “Sure.” She ran a hand through her hair, “Alright, so, Thor also said how you only wanted to be king of Asgard to be noticed by your father. That you only wanted it to be seen equal to Thor by everyone. Is that true?”
He looked down at her floor, “He actually listened to what I said.”
He looked back at her, “Nothing, just something I said a few years ago.”
“Oh, okay. So, is it true then?”
He smiled, “Yeah it is.”
“I knew it.” He looked at her confused and she laughed lightly, “I mean, I knew you weren’t evil, you just wanted the attention for once. I get that.” She ran a hand through her hair, “I’m uh...I’m a younger sister. My older sister get’s all the attention and takes credit for everything I do. My parents discourage me all the time and say it’s only a matter of time till I get fired from being an Avenger.”
“That’s stupid.”
“I know, but they believe only one of their children can be great. And that child isn’t me.” She sighed, “Before my grandfather passed, he was the only one who supported me. He’s actually the only reason why I still try to be the best me that I can.”
“That was my mother. She was, and is, the person who always motivates me to do better.” He gave a soft smile, “She’s the only reason why I’m still alive.” Now it was Y/N’s turn to look confused. “Odin wanted to execute me. There hasn’t even been an execution in thousands of years. My mother, however, convinced him not to. I was banished to the dungeons and I am truly the reason for her death.”
“What do you mean?”
“The one who killed her, the Dark Elf, I told him where to go. My mother died protecting Jane Foster. And I’m the one who killed her.”
Y/N touched Loki’s face lightly, “Loki, it wasn’t your fault, believe me. Her death came by the hands of a Dark Elf, not by yours. Even if you hadn’t told him, he still would have killed her. It was fate.”
He looked at her, “Do you really believe that?”
She nodded, “Yeah, I do.”
He didn’t say anything and just stared into her eyes. Neither said anything as he leaned in. Him only speaking when their lips brushed together, “Can I?” She didn’t speak, she just closed the distance between them.
When they pulled away Y/N gasped lightly and looked around. Loki did the same. They eventually looked back at each other, “I never thought that the world-”
“There’s this café, over where I used to live, it’s pretty quiet. No one really goes there. Maybe, only if you want of course, we could go over there sometime and just talk. Out of the eyes of everyone.”
“I’d love that.”
“Tomorrow afternoon?”
“That’s alright.”
“Then it’s a date.”
He smiled, “It’s a date.” And he pulled her in again.
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Phantom cries because of a bully.
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ishipanarmada · a month ago
Tumblr media
Come With Me (color version)
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sassycassie-s-writing · 16 days ago
Movie Night, Pillow Fight [Version 2]
By: SassyShoulderAngel319
Fandom/Character(s): DC/BatFam - Jason Todd/Red Hood
Rating: PG-13/T (maybe pushing M? but there’s still nothing super explicit. this is just a lot dirtier than I usually write holy cannoli. Heavy kissing, a little bit of suggestive dialogue and narration, minor swearing?)
Original Idea: This (V1 follows this idea a lot more than this one, which I spun off of about halfway through and did my own thing)
Notes: (Masterlist)(By Character)(About Me) I didn’t think this would be as long as Version 1. I was wrong. This one is ~200 words longer, at 3,491. Version 1 here. They start the exact same but change about halfway through. I wrote both of these two over the course of 1 day by the way, and refuse to pick a favorite. @welovegroot @jason-redhood @jason-todd-squad
“No, Bruce,” Jason said sharply into his phone as he grabbed his motorcycle helmet. “I’ve already told you a hundred times: Tuesdays are my day off. Unless it’s a Court-of-Owls-attacking-All-Hands-On-Deck emergency, I’m not going on patrol. I’m allowed one night off per week. And I have plans. It’s weekly movie night with a friend of mine. We’ve been doing movie night since college and I refuse to disappoint her. You know why I chose Tuesdays? Because Gotham’s crime rate is lowest. You’ll be fine without me.” He hung up before Bruce could reply.
I opened the door. “You’re late,” I said.
“Yeah. I had to go to two different stores to find your popcorn because they were out at the first one,” Jason replied, letting himself in and dropping his motorcycle helmet on my couch. “Let me go change into my sweats.” He pulled his grey sweatpants out of his backpack, two microwave popcorn bags falling out.
I grabbed them. “Thanks Jay,” I said playfully.
He gave me a brief hug before stepping past me to my bathroom. “The things I do for you,” he teased with a sigh.
“Get out of those jeans. You know they aren’t allowed,” I retorted before going over to the microwave. My bathroom door shut loudly. I boosted myself onto the counter and watched the popcorn spin in the microwave.
By the time Jason emerged from the bathroom, only one bag was done. He leaned against the counter next to me, arms folded, and joined my staring.
“So what movie did you bring?” I asked. “You said in your text it was one of your favorites.”
He beamed at me. “Well, my friend, we are watching the very first ever made Frankenstein. From nineteen-thirty-one.” He fixed me with a stare as my shoulders slouched. “Don’t you start moaning in complaint. You put me through watching that awful musical last week—”
“Excuse you, Phantom of the Opera is also a classic.”
“It’s basic.”
“You’re basic.”
“Maybe so, but after going through that ordeal, you promised we could watch one of my favorites. I managed not to fall asleep last week, so it’s my turn.” He stuck his tongue out at me, then shook his head. “I really need to refine your taste in theatre. Remind me to convince Bruce to give me his season tickets to the real opera. He never uses them anyway. Doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.”
Given Bruce’s parents were shot after leaving the opera, I imagined there was some childhood trauma there. I didn’t bring it up with Jason. We didn’t talk about family besides passing comments on movie nights.
When the second bag of popcorn was finished popping and put in its own large bowl—I had quite the collection of popcorn bowls, usually given to me—we went to my room.
Ever since we’d graduated college—two years ago—we’d had movie night in my bed, rather than on the couch, like we’d done in my dorm. The bed was comfier and gave us more room to spread out. I can’t even remember who suggested it, but it was probably me one week when I was sick or something and we’d just stayed that way ever since.
I’d always hosted too. In college it was because my roommate was never there, and now Jason just liked the escape from his family. They didn’t know where I lived, so the one time he hosted and they interrupted by coming over, he and I agreed we’d just have it at my place. I liked his brothers and sister well enough, but they’d ruined that movie night. I doubted Wayne Manor movie nights ever involved any movies no one had seen before—because everyone talked and yelled at each other too much to actually pay attention to the movie.
Jason put the DVD in the player in my room. “Prepare to be wowed,” he said.
“I’m prepared, trust me,” I replied flatly.
“Heeey,” Jason’s voice said softly. “Wake up, doofus.”
I blinked my eyes open blearily. “Wha…?”
He started chuckling. “You fell asleep about halfway through.”
“Duh. It was boring. What did you expect for a casual movie fan from this century watching something from nineteen-thirty-one?”
“Well, all that means is that we get to rewatch it—from the beginning—next week!” Jason declared. I frowned. “Don’t you pout at me. Those have been the official movie night rules since our freshman year of college.”
“That’s not true,” I said, pulling out my phone. I dug deep into the Google Docs on my phone for Movie Night Rules from our freshman year of college. Six years was a long way to scroll through, but eventually I found it. I opened the doc and scanned the rules. “Oh, buzz off,” I muttered, poking Jason in the side.
“No poking!” He lurched away. Jason was selectively ticklish. Sometimes I would poke him in the side and he’d jump, other times he wouldn’t even notice I touched him. And he swapped between the two randomly.
“Why didn’t you wake me up like two minutes after I fell asleep?”
Jason pursed his lips, trying not to smile. “I thought about it. But you looked so cute—” He pinched my cheek and I was reminded of the fact that he had the personality traits of an eighty-year-old grandmother. “—with your hair all messy and your cheeks all squished that I just couldn’t.” He laughed as I batted his hand away from my face. I poked him again. “No poking!”
“Then don’t tease.”
“I have a right to tease you. Look at my shirt! You drooled all over it.”
I grabbed the hem of it and pulled it up. “Let me throw it in the wash, then.”
I expected him to smack my hand away and shove the shirt back down over his torso, but to my surprise, he helped me take it off. I’d seen him shirtless too many times to bother staring at his remarkably muscular torso. I just climbed out of my bed and went to the small closet out in the hall that held my tiny washer and dryer. I threw his shirt in the washer, dumped a bit of detergent in, and got it started before going back to my room.
“Take that off! You’ll stretch it out!” I snapped.
Jason struggled to get one of my—much smaller—T-shirts from college off. I scoffed and helped him yank it over his head before throwing one my pajama shirts at him. I wore my dad’s old T-shirts to sleep in, so it was even big on Jason. “You could have just asked for a replacement and I’d have handed you this.”
“That’s not as fun as surprising you,” he joked.
I rolled my eyes and perched back on the bed. “Fine. Next week, we rewatch Frankenstein. I won’t fall asleep. But you’re bringing snacks again.”
“Of course.”
“And don’t forget the popcorn.”
“Doofus, if I forgot the popcorn, you wouldn’t let me through the door.”
I snickered. “True enough.”
Jason leaned over to set his popcorn bowl on the bedside table closest to him. “Maybe next week we should try this on the couch. I always feel bad about getting popcorn on your sheets—and then you won’t be so comfortable that you fall asleep.”
I grabbed a pillow and whacked him in the chest. His expression turned affronted.
“Did you just initiate a pillow fight?” he demanded.
“No,” I retorted. “I got payback for you insulting me.” I whacked him again. “That was me initiating a pillow fight.” I started flinging the pillow at him again and again.
“Hey! Not fair!” Jason protested. “I’m unarmed!”
I ignored him and kept up my pillow smacking.
He laughed. “Well, if you’re going to play dirty, I will too.” He reached out as my pillow hit him again and he wrangled it from me. “A-ha! Look at that! Got your ammo. How does it feel, to be attacked by your own pillow?”
Jason started smacking me with it. I squealed and blocked him as best I could with my arms. We were both laughing as I tried to reach around him to the pillow he’d been using to brace his back against my headboard. He grabbed my wrist with one hand and hit me with the pillow using the other. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I’m not going easy on you just because you’re adorable.”
I laughed as he nearly hit me hard enough to knock me off the bed.
So, I switched tactics.
Getting inside his much longer reach was the hard part. Once I managed to duck around his arms and wrench my wrist free, I started tickling him. Tonight was a ticklish night. He squirmed away from me.
Jason yowled—and I hoped my neighbors weren’t home—in laughter. “Stop it—stop tickling!”
I didn’t. I ran my wiggling fingers up his sides and across his neck. He tried to catch my hands, but I was quick enough to evade him.
For a few moments anyway.
“No. No!” His protests didn’t work on me. “Oh you’re as bad as my brothers. Stop it—stop it.” His voice went firm, all traces of laughter gone. With one quick movement, the pillow we’d attacked each other with was discarded on the floor. He grabbed my ankles and pulled me so I was lying flat in the center of the bed.
Jason straddled my waist, trapping my lower legs with his ankles and pinning both my hands above my head on the mattress. He was breathing hard. We both were.
He smiled. “There. Not so feisty now, are you? Hands pinned above your head, lying beneath me all… helpless.” He chuckled and licked his lower lip, his smile turning both playful and wicked. “I could have… any kind of revenge I want.” He bent his elbows, lowering himself over me. My breathing grew shorter and blood roared in my ears. “I can have any…” He paused, eyes flicking from mine to where my necklace charm had fallen down one side and landed on the mattress. His eyes widened, as if he seemed to just barely realize how close we were. “This is…” His elbows straightened, pushing him higher above me. “I’m… sorry.” He started to gently pick his way off of me. “I’m gonna let you go now.”
He released his grip on my wrists. I rolled them and flexed my hands to get some feeling back into them.
He swung his leg to get off me and used it to step off the bed. “I should go,” he said breathlessly. “I’m so sorry. I’ll grab my T-shirt next week.” He strode to the door of my bedroom while I sat on the bed, dumbfounded, jaw hanging open.
As he opened the door, I bounded off the bed.
I caught him before he could reach for his stuff on my couch, grabbing his wrist. “What was that about?” I demanded. He refused to turn and look at me.
“Just… let it go,” he said, shaking his head. He tried to pull his wrist out of my hand, but I grabbed it with my other one to hold him in both.
“No! What the hell is going on with you?”
“Leave it alone,” he growled out.
“I can’t! What happened in there that made you shut down? What did I do wrong?”
He whirled. “It’s nothing to do with you. It’s me!”
“Then tell me what it is!” I shouted.
Jason grabbed me by the shoulders, wrenching out of my grip so hard my fingers ached. He spun me around and pinned me by the shoulders against my front door. A muscle worked in his jaw as he clenched it before fixing me with a crystal blue stare. “It’s just… seeing you beneath me—all flushed pink and panting, your eyes hooded and staring up at me… seeing you like that… I just felt myself fall in love with you!”
If he hadn’t pinned me against the door I probably would have fallen over from shock. My mouth definitely fell open. “Jay… I…” I breathed.
Still holding my shoulders, he spun me around so I was away from the front door and moved to shove his jeans into his backpack.
Before he could, I threw reservation to the wind.
I grabbed his shoulders, forced him to turn and face me, moved my hands to the back of his head, and pulled him down to kiss me.
Our mouths crashed together hard enough to make my front teeth ache, but I didn’t care. My heart leapt into my throat and I almost melted as his arms circled my waist, pulling me closer, so our torsos were pressed against each other. My eyelids closed as I sighed. We were both breathing hard, air from our noses warm against each other’s skin. Holding my waist in both arms, he turned and pinned my back against the door again.
“Oh, God…” Jason breathed against my lips. He kissed me again and I moaned. He reached one hand up and tangled it in my hair. He could palm the back of my skull as though it were a basketball. His fingers were warm against my scalp.
When he pulled his lips away from me, I groaned quietly in complaint.
“We—we should not be doing this,” he whispered, shaking his head. The white streak at the front of his hairline flopped back and forth with the movement. I wanted to reach my fingers up and twist that streak between them. But I didn’t.
“Why not?” I replied, just as breathless.
“We’re friends. This isn’t us.”
“You just said that you just barely fell in love with me.”
“I did. But I’m not willing to ruin the good thing we’ve had going on here for six years.” He panted, shoulders heaving up and down, as he reached up and took my hands away from his face, gently dragging them by the wrists. “You’ve been the best friend I’ve been able to keep longer than a year or two. I can’t… I can’t just… this isn’t about what I want.”
“I’m the one who kissed you,” I pointed out. “What does that say about what I want?”
“It’s not just about wants,” he said. “It’s too dangerous.”
“Us being together is dangerous? To whom?”
“To you.”
“Why would it be dangerous for me?” I pushed.
He let me go and spun away from me. He looked like he wanted to shout and rage—maybe throw something—but he just clenched his fists and panted.
When he finally turned back to face me, he’d calmed down a little. “It’s dangerous… because… I… oh, Bruce is gonna kill me…” he whispered, shaking his head again. “Because I… am… the Red Hood.”
Two big confessions in one night. I felt a little dizzy and remembered to breathe.
“Red Hood. As in… the vigilante. And… the crime boss.”
“Vigilante, yes. Crime boss days are behind me. I was newly-back-from-the-dead and not in a stable mindset when I became a crime boss.” I decided not to ask about that. He huffed and sat on my coffee table, instead of the sofa, rubbing his temples. “And I wasn’t going to tell you about it, by the way. You’re the only normal friend I have right now. But it’s too dangerous for us to be together. If any of the rogues in this city knew I had someone I cared about as much as I care about—as much as I love you… you would not survive to the end of the year.”
I crossed from the front door to the sofa and sat on the sofa cushion closest to him, setting my hand on his knee. “Jay, I… I’m willing to risk it. To be with you. We just need to be careful—”
“I’m not willing to lose you. I would have been terrified before tonight if someone worse than me caught you. Knew you were just a friend. Now, though? Now, I don’t know what I’d do if you were captured, and that scares me even more. I saw you under me in that bedroom and I saw a future that was good—for the first time in the nine years since I was resurrected—but I can’t let that be my future. For your sake.”
I bit down on my tongue to keep from shouting. But I did tighten my grip on his knee hard and snap, “Get over yourself, Todd. You’re not the only one who gets to make this decision.”
“No, but apparently I’m the only one who can see things objectively enough to make the wise decision.”
It was my turn to want to throw something. “Jason. Peter. Todd. I don’t care about the danger. And I know you do. But do you know what it’d do to me, knowing that you love me and I feel the same, but you won’t let me be yours? Do you know what it would do to you? I know what it would do to me. It would eat me up inside day in and day out. I would sit here dying for you, waiting for you to come to your senses and carry me back into that bedroom to stay in there all night. But you never would. And I would just wait. I’d never date anyone else. If I tried, all I’d be doing was wishing they were you.
“You and I are cut from the same cloth. Some people are just born to sacrifice. To give up what they want—what they need—for the sake of other people. It’s the only choice we’re ever given, so it’s the choice we make over and over and over again. Sometimes people will split others into Givers and Takers. Those of us born to sacrifice are a step beyond even Givers. We’re the ones who give up everything for others. I’ve done it with my family my entire life. Everyone else always wanted so strongly that my only option was to give up my own. You’re the same, I see it every time I see you with your brothers.
“Jason, it’s time for us to Take. It’s time to let life give us something. This is the moment to be selfish. To put aside Batman and his zealous crusade for one damn moment and let yourself be happy.” I dug my fingernails into his knee through his sweats. “Be selfish for once, Jason.”
He finally looked up at me, eyes meeting mine. “I can’t,” he said.
I clamped my mouth shut and sighed loudly through them. “Yes, you can. If you’re waiting for my consent, you’ve more than got it. I’m telling you now to give yourself consent to want. To take. Get over this hold out that a double life has on you and—mmph!”
He cut me off by slamming his lips against mine, surging off the coffee table and straddling me on the sofa. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me to one side, sitting on the sofa and guiding me to straddle himself. His hands were splayed over my shoulder blades. I twisted his white streak through my fingers. Our breath shuddered in and out of our lungs. I parted my lips slightly and ran the tip of my tongue over the seam of his lips.
They opened immediately and let me in. I sighed out my nose. “Please ruin our friendship,” I breathed into his lips. “This is so much better.”
He snickered out his nose, smiling. “Does your consent to let me want you include me carrying you back into that bedroom and neither of us leaving until dawn?” He nodded toward my room.
My body shivered. Not from cold. Excitement. Electricity.
“Definitely,” I said breathlessly.
His hands slid from my shoulder blades and down to my legs. He held them and stood up. I hooked my ankles around his back, locking my arms’ grip around his neck.
He carried me to my room, kicked the door shut, and laid me gently on the messed-up bedsheets and disarrayed pillows. On all fours above me, my legs around his waist, he kissed me. Gently, at first, but he quickly grew hungry. His hands worked their way under my shirt, callused palms scraping slightly against my skin.
“Still okay with this?” His voice was barely more than a hoarse whisper.
“Oh yeah,” I breathed, unable to even speak loud enough to be heard from inches away.
He smiled. Wicked delight flickering on his face. “Well, get ready for me to call you mine. Because I am all yours.”
I smiled. “I’m yours, Jason.”
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hungryfictions · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
outfit inspired by i know what you did last summer
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xenobotanist · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Yes, please
Tumblr media
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wren-of-the-woods · 27 days ago
I just remembered that pictures of jaskier singing mean that there’s going to be Another Song.
I am very excited.
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