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Liesel or Halley? For everyone else (realized these types of questions weren't asked with Liesel)

I think some of these questions have been asked with Liesel, actually.

Tate: Neither particularly interest him, but I’m going to say Liesel

Frankie: Halley, not because she likes her more but because Liesel is more forgettable

Joey: Halley

Blaze: Liesel

Link: Liesel (he really hates Halley)

Vienna: Halley

Landon: Halley

Zara: I’m not sure, she could like both a lot, but maybe Halley at first glance

Emilia: Liesel

Sean: Again, I’m not sure, but I think Liesel (not that he knows she exists)

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Versus, a Stray Kids fanfic || Chapter 13: Walls


Fandom(s): Stray Kids

AU: Superheroes, superpowers

Genre: Action, fantasy

Relationship: None; Secondary: Minho/Jisung, Hyunjin/Seungmin

Language: English

Type: Series

Status: Ongoing, 14/25

Chapter WC: 5,329 words

Warnings: Violence, Blood, Injuries, Fights, Swearing, Kidnapping, Manipulation, Character Death, Main Character Death, Blinding. || Further warnings might be added.

Chapter Warnings: Swearing, Manipulation.


“I’ve burned the bridges and built many walls instead …”

― Samiha Totanji

Woojin and Changbin strike a deal, and Seungmin gains new responsibilities.

AO3 link

<<Previous Chapter | Masterlist | Next Chapter >>

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There’s a lot of complaints about complainers who give negative reviews on books, tv, movies, games online. But no one is saying how to write more positive reviews.

So here are my tips for writing positive reviews that I learnt along the way. Keep in mind that I’m not a professional reviewer, and that you should look for professional reviews in academic journals, online research institutes, art academies, or well established hobby magazines and broadsheet newspapers.

Keep your reviews short - aim for two to five paragraphs on review websites like Amazon and good reads. Paragraphs should be no more than ten lines long.

Mention what you liked, what you disliked, and how the creator could improve their tv show, book, movie or game.

Try to include an even number of things you liked or disliked. If this isn’t possible, try to mention one thing you liked at the beginning of your review, and one thing you also liked at the review’s end.

Try to avoid using swear words or foul language. If you’re writing a review on an app store website, Google, Amazon or good reads, aim for good spelling and decent grammar. You can use a spell checker and grammar checker through apps like Grammarly and Microsoft Word.

If you’re writing on your own personal social media blog, you can use more paragraphs, but be sure to type if you’ll be writing a long review. A long review on a blog is more than two hundred words. You can put your long review behind an lj cut if you’re typing on livejournal.

Reviews on your own personal social media accounts like Tumblr can use slang and emojis, unlike on professional review websites.

If you’re typing a book or movie review for your workplace, be sure to avoid slang, avoid swearing, use good grammar and spelling. Your workplace likely has a word limit for reviews you can write, ask your manager about that.

You are allowed to vent about tv series, movies etc on your personal blog, just remember to type on your post that you’ll be venting - so people who don’t want to read venting posts can skip your post if needed.

Venting (making a list with mostly critical comments) isn’t always allowed on professional work related blogs unless your manager approves, so check with your workplace how much you can vent if you’re writing a professional entertainment review for work.

Don’t tag authors if you’re writing a negative review about them, unless you’re sure they can handle criticism well. Book reviewers have been sued by Anne Rice in the past for writing mildly critical reviews.

If you want to make sure you’re not going over the word limit of one hundred to two hundred words in writing a review, use the word count option in Microsoft word, Grammarly or iA to see how many words you’ve typed.

If you want to vent without hurting anyone’s feelings you can also make your post locked and seen only by you.

Good luck. :-)

And that’s it. :-)

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Pertanyaan LKS jaman SD: Apa klub sepakbola terbesar di Inggris? / Jawaban: Murid-murid: Manchester United. Guru: Liverpool.
Kesimpulan: Dua-duanya benar sih, Liverpool terbesar jaman tempo doeloe—-dulu banget, MU terbesar jaman sekarang. ☕️🤣🤣🤣
#mempengbanget #butengop #kopimarsudi #kopiah #pencarikopi #ngobol #bola #sepakbola #manchesterunited #liverpool #inggris #england #rivalry #versus #northwestderby #greatbritain #angkringan #warungkoboi #ditothedolaner #ditoluck #di7ography #mlambang #semin #gunungkidul #yogyakarta (at Semin, GunungkiduL)

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