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Got a hold of The Swamp Thing #1 at the comic shop today. I feel a little confusion, but hopefully as the series goes on that will clear up. I already miss Alec, though. The art really is lovely.

Also, am I the only one that got Fringe season 1 vibes? Specifically episodes 1 and 13.

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Books from the 2021 Redditgift’s Book Gift Exchange came in!

Preacher TPB 3

Japanese kimono dressed doll is the new charm!

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In Swamp Thing John Constantine has:

-survived a plane crash

-gathered a bunch of magic users and started a seance that results in the horrifying deaths of two people and mentally scars everyone else to varying degrees

-gotten 4 friends killed by getting them involved in an attempt to stop a cult

-gotten a 5th friend exposed to the cult who then joined them and got turned into a bird

-almost drowned

-gotten possessed by Swamp Thing in a weird, vine-tenticle porn way. Then gets used so that Swamp Thing can have sex/a baby with Abby. This was an idea that John had earlier, but he didn’t directly consent to Swamp Thing like “yeah, I’m ok with you using my body today. All about helping a bro”; dude just appeared in his apartment and possessed him. Abby didn’t even ask him. I dunno, seems kinda like rape to me.

-fathered a child

-traveled all over the world

-used wish granting matches

-trolled Swamp Thing multiple times as well as like a dozen other people

-banged a coroner in a morgue

- experienced some very personal shit: dad dying, the glory of Dangerous Habits, and his getting mortally wounded/demon blood transfusion happen during this time (also seen in Hellblazer). This is all briefly touched on.

-confronted a pirate ancestor of his in a swamp

This isn’t even all of it. I dunno man, weird shit happens pretty much every issue of Hellblazer, but there was plenty of weird in Swamp Thing.

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Red Flowers For Orpheus

Dream l Morpheus (Sandman)

I’m not explaining the title because spoilers, if you know, you know (,: 

I was feeling duddle-y cause I’ve been at the comics again. It just makes me very sad )): but it’s so good at the same time ((:

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