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#very intensely

his eyes……

i want him to do nasty disgusting horrible ungodly vile Make Me Cry things to my body

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I just bought my first adopt ever and rn I’m just waiting for the artist to confirm that she got the payment and immmmmmmmm so excited-nervous rn

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I am previous Anon and I am very good! Hope you will continue to be good too!


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coffee is grOSS

i cant believe u would come on this blog and insult coffee, one of the best beverages to have graced this earth. it can be bitter, it can be sweet, it can energize you, it can relax you, it can do anything it is magical take that bACK YOU MONSTER

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how cheesy is it that i want my hypothetical wedding to have ‘concerning hobbits’ and an assortment of melodies from this gem as i walk down the aisle

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I love men!!! I love women!!! I love everybody!!!love human bodies and I crave physical intimacy!!!!

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I feel all of the pain of my past coming down on me. It never really goes away, but just all the flashes of memories and emotions are bombarding me. I want to scream. I would do anything to make it stop.

Why does all this shit happen? Do I deserve it?

It’s a lot of visions of sitting on the floor, watching people walk away and begging them to stay.

I’ve never stopped trying, but it feels like it’s all for nothing

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I see someone who I may or may not have missed.

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I just ordered a long white wig for my sister (for her cosplay of the queen from OFF) and she told me that we can share it.

Seems I’ve figured out which lovely RWBY lady cosplay I’m gonna put together first. :3

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there’s only one person who needs to respond to the message i sent them regarding their prizes

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you've probably answered this but, will you be providing us with a link when AssholeJohn! is posted on AO3??

Oh god yes


It would be really really really really oh my god have I mentioned how incredibly NEGLIGENT it would be for me to not give at least a link to the people who helped me and inspired me to write the story in the first place.

And while you’re reading it, I’d also like you all to remember that everything that happens is also entirely y'alls fault.

And that I love you.

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how many followers do you have?

at the moment?

Uh. 458.

Because you people are INSANE.

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[id: a moodboard of square images showing the character Tang Fan from the series “The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty” with a selection of comically varied expressions. They show, in order: him waving goodbye to Dong’er in his red robes with a neutrally sad expression, angrily shoving noodles into his mouth, looking unimpressed at Wang Zhi when he’s done up with bangs and earrings, walking with a hunched posture while he wears the pink robes and hides behind a fan, face twisted in effort as he throws a very blurry object, looking up with an awed expression, eyebrows pinched together in anger as he brandishes a knife, looking up with a perplexed expression, and backed up against a wall by Sui Zhou. /end id] 

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I have a gifset in my drafts that I’m conflicted about posting. Mainly bc it’s just, entirely self indulgent.

I should get rid of my shame response. Lose all worry.

Post whatever I please.

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