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#very purry
washingxmentality · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“Getting a cat to purr is the greatest accomplishment known to man, and no one can tell me otherwise.”
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placesyoucallhome · 11 months ago
Favorite way to receive affection?
Ruhka has... NO GOD DAMN IDEA how to receive affection.
Quite honestly he might have a mental breakdown if someone’s just straightforward about liking him. He has very much always been the one taking care of others, and he views anyone being overly nice to him as someone trying to get something from him. Which he’s usually pretty amenable to helping people regardless, so he doesn’t understand why they’d want to butter him up for something he was already willing to hand over.
The only way someone’s going to be able to chip that wall down is to be patient and subtle, at least to a point. Touch is genuinely the fastest way to get him soften, much the same way he shows it. Head pats, lingering touches. If you wanna turn him BRIGHT RED, pulling him close (or on a lap) or hand kisses.
Just don’t touch his tail unless you wanna start something. Depending on who’s doing it and his mood, it could go one of two very different ways. But it’s still a bit of a coin toss.
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loverlylight · 2 days ago
Ollie is very good, very sleepy, very warm, very cuddly, very purry, just all around top-notch cat behavior.
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submissive-bangtan · 10 days ago
Yoongi, Ethan... What exactly is a cat boy?
'ello class, welcome to catboy education. here's what you need to look for.
first, the vibe. if he's the type who'd rather be sleeping in an obscure place for 16 hours a day, he's a catboy. vibes witchcraft and communism? 100% chance of catboy. smart brain, surprisingly clingy, and frequent grumpy: of course, catboy. five sentences per day, catboy. feels like he lived 9 lives? catboy. plus: if he can't stand the cold and prefers baths over showers, oh well.
second, the looks.
without exception, all catboys are pretty.
feline eyes, most telling.
also, kitty paws. yes, the hands are very distinct.
boopy nose, very inviting.
purry deep voice, yeah.
soft cheekies likely, but not a must. remember, doesn't matter if scrawny or a chonker, cat is cat.
and as the main rule of thumb. if he has black hair and wears black clothes and trench coats and collars, very high likelihood of catboy.
bonus: true to the 9 lives mechanism, catboys are immortal.
Tumblr media
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thelavendernarwhal · 10 days ago
Kotlc Oneshot Month - June 1st
June 1st: Glimmer face reveal
“This would be so much easier if you just dropped the hood.” Linh watched as her brother tried to keep his voice down while his frustration leaked through. He’d tried many times in the past weeks to convince “Glimmer” to at least tell them her real name, but she wouldn’t budge no matter what was offerded. Granted, the two of them didn’t have much to their names in the first place. 
Now, Linh knew she shouldn’t have been listening in. She was just planning on taking Purry outside, but she couldn’t avoid the other people in the house if they were in the way of the door causing her to stumble into the conversation, murcat and leash in hand. Linh knew Tam had his own business and eavesdropping like this isn’t considered a very polite thing to do, but she didn’t trust Glimmer as far as she could throw her. Her twin always looked for her and Linh wouldn’t forgive herself if he got hurt again on her watch. He already got dragged through hell on her behalf; she couldn’t let it happen again especially while the enemy was literally standing in their living room.
Linh couldn’t get a full view of the room from the hallway she was hiding in, but there was enough to see that Glimmer wasn’t having a fun time in her interrogation. She looked like she was trying to stand tall and be confident while her full body language betrayed her front with slightly hunched shoulders, arms wrapped around her middle, and head ducked so that her hood cast an extra shadow over her profile. It was a sight Linh knew all too well and had mastered after three years. Tam was out of her line of vision, but he must have recognized it too. As much as she hated rooting for the suffering of others, maybe today was the day Tam could finally get the cloaked person to give in.
“I’ve told you a million times, I’m not going to. The council would have me rotting in jail within seconds.” 
Tam let out a sigh that was tinged with annoyance. “Don’t you get it? They could already do that, but they’re not. What else could you have done that’s worse than what you got a pass for?”
“You wouldn’t understand.” She stated.
But, Tam wasn’t someone that could be brushed off that easily. “Try me.”
“No. Telling you would get me in trouble. Those registry snobs hear everything we say.”
“That’s kind of how it works when you were a part of a terrorist group!”
There were very few things that the Song twins and the Council saw eye to eye on, but they could understand why they would want to have a bit more surveillance on people that, even unwillingly, worked with the Neverseen. It was almost too easy to control someone and it was nice to know that if something were to happen, they wouldn’t just disappear without a trace. Purry squirmed in Linh’s arms before she could comfort the animal while hoping that she wouldn’t make any noise. Princess wasn’t a fan of their house guest either.
Glimmer ran a hand over her hood that could be seen as an exasperation gesture or a way of shifting the fabric down further. “Well, I’m not anymore and they could try getting off my tail if they wanted something from me.”
“Well, the fact is, no one will trust you or give you any freedom if you keep hiding your identity. You need to start somewhere.”
“As if they would just let me roam free one day. Do you even hear yourself? The Council left you and your sister for dead in their glorified torture camp and now you’re singing their praises?” 
Even if Linh couldn’t see him, she could tell Glimmer touched a nerve. Heck, she needed to resist socking her on the spot. “Look, the Council is far from being perfect. We know that better than anyone, but at least they’re trying. The moment they found out how Exillium was run, they fixed it and hiding isn’t going to fix anything. If you really want to make things better, you need to suck it up and work with the people who can actually change things without burning everything to the ground first.”
“Well, they’re going to have to start making those changes before they’ll hear from me.” Linh froze. Glimmer started to turn towards her hiding spot in long, caged strides. There was no time to run and the barren hall had no other places to hide if someone walked it. Even if she stayed quiet, Glimmer wasn’t stupid enough to not see another person and a brightly color animal in her peripheral while being mad enough to be unpredictable. Her black attire swished in the doorway signaling that Linh was out of time. 
“Wait! Get off of me!”
Before she could stop her, Purry bounded out of Linh’s arms and jumped onto the envader hitting her legs and sending her to the ground. Glimmer tried to kick away, but that only made the animal bite into her long clothing, pinning her down. Calling for her, Linh fumbled for her pet’s leash. A flesh bite from Princess wouldn’t be easy to treat.
Glimmer looked up at Linh glowing with anger, but it hit her; She could see Glimmer’s face. She hugged Purry to her chest and nailed down all the details she could. A telepath could use it later. Coppery skin and dark brown hair that was longer on top and shaved at the sides leading into a midnight turtleneck and the fabric of her covering. Eyes that could have been made of ice staring her down before she had the chance to realize what happened. 
“Stop.” Glimmer scrambled to pull up her hood, but paused hearing Tam’s instruction. “I’ve seen you before. You’re the one that ran right after you got out of the rope.”
Linh almost forgot about that day. After a few years at Exillium, days blended together, but it was difficult to completely forget someone that ran away from the school before she could be put into a group. It took place quickly starting with the typical surprise of being hung up by their ankle, but before anyone knew it, the girl used a strong light to burn through the rope and blind anyone in her way during her escape. Linh didn’t get a good look, but Tam’s ability shielded him enough to let him see the girl if only for a second that hadn’t bothered to wear her uniform. If Sophie had the story of ‘The Boy Who Disappeared’, then Linh saw the girl who disappeared, but she was gone and covered up by the coaches so fast that no one had a chance to figure her out.
“Wait, you thought the Council would lock you up for that? They wouldn’t have heard of that happening in the first place.” Tam’s stare pierced through the two of them, keeping Glimmer in place and telling Linh that she’d need to argue her case later. 
“It made the school look bad that it couldn’t keep someone in line. What’s the Council supposed to do if their child prison can’t hold someone in?”
“That doesn’t make any sense. At the end of each day, you’re told that you don’t need to come back.” Linh clutched at the leash in her arm as she kept Puffer close to her side. Where did she hear all this? 
“But Gisla said-”
“Gisla will say anything to get you to work with her, including lying through her teeth.” Tam groaned into his hand. “Don’t even think of putting that hood up. We won’t tell the Council yet, but we are going to figure this out.”
Tumblr media
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the-royal-bat-snake · 13 days ago
My car is very purry. She loud and purr.
Diversity win! Your car is a furry!
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strangelosm · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
𝗻𝗮𝗺𝗲 .(Richard 'Rick' Gabrielle)
𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗼 𝗻𝗮𝗺𝗲 .(Pinkitty)
𝗷𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗹𝗿𝘆 .(leather choker with a pendant in heart-shaped of flamingos#flambo /upper arm bracelet of two tail winding up#purri)
𝗸𝘄𝗮𝗺𝗶 .(flamingo[Flambo] & leopard[Purri])
𝘀𝘆𝗺𝗯𝗼𝗹 𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗼 .(leopard print & pink 'S')
𝗸𝘄𝗮𝗺𝗶 𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗰𝗵𝗽𝗵𝗿𝗮𝘀𝗲 .(Purri, haunting time! Flambo, alight!)
𝘄𝗲𝗮𝗽𝗼𝗻 .(harpoon with a silver tail-shaped hook.anchored in the back looking like a tail and a harness that when it is crouched it's used especially for climbing with a hot pink leopard stamp. the rope is made for climbing or used to approach targets, being able to detach duplicating itself creating more rope.)
𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗽𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀 .(ACCELERATION;leopard kwami power, can run very fast as the speed of light. Leopard Kung Fu;a form of martial art that Rick learned in early age. CONNECTION;flamingo power kwami, when touching someone he can enter in the space of their minds and find the 'dreams'. these dreams have power objects where motivation/will power energy are imprinted. [headcanon] after hawk moth discovers that fear is more effective to control he could have many at his possession even when the akuma left. out there are more villains and they need more people who could recover wounds and make them remember who they are, love is the other side of fear, so they can find oneself and take back their control.)
𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗴𝗶𝗲𝘀 .(rick uses a method named "corde lisse" with his rope that magically can change to him specific needs. he uses both stealthy techniques and fast attacks to get close to opponents because of the powers of the flamingo kwami he needs to get close. so he uses the innate ability of camouflage.)
insta website youtube
rick is one of the closest coworkers that helps the promotion of the newest creations of gabriel agreste and the most reliable to make those articles, photographic director to those very knowledgeable fashion magazines. his fast-paced to catch the perfect place, all things will unfold doing many tasks at once. always looking adrien with that kind of gazing waiting when this innocent boy will put the claws out. it's like a kind of animal guide relationship, a mentor, a totem.
"adrien, you has to go with me to some parties around paris. you don't know the pleasures of life! you father don't know the fun things of life. i can show you things that will enchant you in ways that you never will have a need to hide your true nature on those walls again."
"what's the matter with you? why you have such a serious face?" teasing and insinuating to take a few bites of him with growls when they're testing things in those studios room.
"rick! you know i have to act like that when my father is around." richard takes a discrete look.
"he's not even looking over here. c'mon boy, shake it off!" making a dramatic statement and adrien is rolling his eyes having fun with the situation.
after marinette made some good impressions in the fashion world, it was asked for rick to take care of she by gabriel himself to lead her to some process of getting her creations out there with other brands. and all marinette can see is a man so beautiful at his essence and detail-oriented to his work, it's an admiration, a respectful gaze while he talks with everyone at once but give all his attention one by one. the decision make is always flowing, having his attention to the creative messages he wants to pour over everything.
"you been looking around for a while. have any conclusions?"
"i would be here for centuries and never getting tired of those colors and fabrics. i can't believe i am here, it's obvious that you're at least astonishing. you make the bonds with the modern and old times, like ancient sacred knowledge that's still been used wisely in our new age."
"and that's the most wonderful compliment i ever received."
the whole thing about the two kwamis happened because now chat noir helps ladybugs in choosing the right kwamis for the heroes. and the two thought the kwami that suits him was different. between purri that ladybug chooses because of his well developed senses and flambo that chat noir chooses because of his side in looking at everything with a playful approach. they thought would be too much so they decide to let richard choose.
"i have a sense that i can trust both of you." and he just touched the two kwamis at the same time. and what happened was so sweet. purri and flambo hugged saying their names to each other. purri energetic runs to hug flambo, and flambo was calm but with a caring eyes.
"oh! master, it's a honor to be with you again. my heart is full of such a warm feeling." said flambo with hands placed together.
"it's finally happening! i can stretch and make those martial moviments with you again master." purri was making circles in the air.
"i think you two are mistaking me with someone." purri and flambo looked at each other and looking to richard inclining their heads but they were still standing in their affirmation.
"it must be you." flambo was blinking eyes gently and purri just affirming it enthusiastic.
so, i wanted rick to have something pink, that's one of the things i searched first and the only one that caught my attention was the flamingo. to be honest I don't know who came first but the abilities that could have something in common with the animal were really difficult to catch. but the very thing about the energies the totem flamingo gives is balance, love, playfulness, elegance, glamourous, femininity. it's everything that richard represents to me. the leopard just unfolds itself, i put in mind that the two cannot be made alone, and the thing about flamingo to be 'the lovers'. one cannot be without another, i think such a thing can happen in the miraculous universe like garnet on steven universe.
and for the leopard kwami is stealth, resilience, penetrating, precision, silence, intuition, your flow, sensuality, passion. exactly how he manages energy, it's a very yin energy with great percentage of masculine resourcefulness. it's like the very expression of his both lunar and solar mind in a perfect equilibrium, intuition/creativity and logical tactics.
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stumbleonhometomycats · 22 days ago
how’s your heart?????????????
Tumblr media
she's full of love for my smol purry friend who is being very cuddly today
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paipayaseeds · a month ago
(that cat is a gremlin and therefore it has black and white fur as per chaotic cat protocols - 🌺)
She resisted the urge to fully wrap herself on the jacket, not wanting to get it wet. Aimi idly waited in place, complimenting the cats and ocasionally meowing back at them like any polite person would. She put her hands out to take a towel, flushing when he patted her down.
"I- I can do it! Uhm, thank you.."
Taking the towels from Nagito, she reached a hand to pet his head, freezing when she touched a kitten instead. She stared silently for a minute, alternating between cooing and laughing when the little baby peeked it's head out.
"Wait, wait! Stay- stay still a little bit.."
Aimi pulled out her phone, using her free hand to angle his face so she could get a picture of him and the little furball resting on his head. Satisfied with the results, she quickly set it as her wallpaper and tried to scoop up the kitten, who firmly protested. The overdramatic meows proved to be very compelling arguments as she let the kitten nestle itself further into her boyfriend's hair. She handed her phone over to Nagito.
"Look! Aw, it likes you.. do you have any pets?"
She looked at him excitedly, gently petting both him and the kitten. Aimi was one second away from talking the manager into letting him keep this kitten. A waiter came by to try and retrieve the gremlin, being taken aback when they couldn't find it and awkwardly offering them a table. Aimi made a stop by the bathroom, slipping off her wet tights and carefully dabbing her bandages dry. It was still uncomfortably moist, but they would dry soon. She returned the towels and thanked the waiter, sitting down with Nagito and the purry, hidden kitten.
"I think it adopted you.." - The kitten meowed, making her giggle. She leaned over the table to give it scritches. - "He's already mine, you know? You can't just come and steal him away because you're tiny and cute.."
The kitten indulged Aimi in a small debate, squeaking back at her softly whispered words. She was smiling like a fool, only backing away when she felt a strong headbutt against her uninjured leg. She happily greeted the larger cat, placing it on her lap so she could keep running her hands along it's coat as she checked the menu.
"I think I'll have some coffee and a slice of cake.. what about you?"
Taking their order, the waiter noticed that the kitten was, in fact, still in Nagito's hair.
"I see you've met Kitcat! She's a really rowdy one, I haven't seen her sit still for that long unless she's asleep.."
The waiter smiled, and Aimi followed their gaze to the tiny loaf. Kitcat was just chilling there, purring contently on Nagito's head. She felt a little envious, but she wasn't sure if what she wanted most was to have a kitten on her head or lay on Nagito.
Realizing she hadn't already, Aimi wrapped herself in his jacket again, hiding the big cat in it with her. Aimi slipped her hands inside the pockets, eyeing Kitcat. She could probably fit in there. The waiter returned, placing their order down along with a small bag.
"These are treats for the kitties, they come with the food."
They smiled, and left. Kitcat seemed to understand, because she immediately slid down Nagito's face, accidentally clawing at him on her way down. She recklessly jumped on the table, wobbling over to the bag and biting it. Aimi pet her, scooping Kitcat up and handing her over to Nagito. The kitten was very impatient, squirming incessantly in his hold and meowing.
"I know, I know. You'll get the treats, hold on a second.."
She put the treats on a corner of the table, away from their food. Her hand went for the cup of coffee, but reached for Nagito's face instead as she noticed a small scratch. Holding the cat on her lap with one hand, she leaned over to place a kiss on it.
"There. So it heals faster."
Aimi smiled, sipping on her coffe as Kitcat inspected their food. She gently pushed the kitten away when she sniffed her cake.
"No, that's for me. I already let you snuggle my boyfriend, you're not taking my cake!"
Kitcat rolled over on her back, exposing her little round belly and holding Aimi's hand in place as she ferociously attacked it with her back paws. Aimi ate her cake, ignoring the almighty beast lashing at her.
It was like something out of a cheesy romantic comedy; Nagito swore he could see flowers framing his rose-tinted vision. "I'm... utterly in love with you." Nagito grinned, finding the sight of her eating cake and being assaulted by a small kitten; absolutely stunning. And no, he was not being sarcastic; but that was obvious from the way his eyes lidded dazedly at her.
Many would've assumed he was high.
Sliding the pudding — yes, he ordered pudding; ever since that day, he's developed a minor obsession — over to his side of the table, Nagito only seemed to notice KitKat the moment he had brushed his hand against her tail. "Oh- You shouldn't bother Aimi... Oh but, who am I to say that? Trash like me should-" KitKat's mood seemed to dampen as she suddenly halted all her playful advances, standing up to jump into another booth. "Wait no, come back-"
Nagito impulsively scooped her up and off the top of his side of the couch, an unnoticeable pout on his face as he apologized to the mini-animal.
And to no one's surprise, she didn't forgive him — KitKat started clawing her way out of his bony hands, but stopped as soon as Nagito made the wise choice of picking up the bag of treats, and shaking it; unknowingly sending 6 cats on their way to attack them.
Food, the one-way ticket to anyone's heart; it seemed even that technique worked for trash like him.
As he fed the kitten non-stop treats, KitKat finally seemed to settle on his gentle forearm, delighting herself with the easily manipulated, servant of a man. "Would you like to try some?" He wrongfully used the hand full of treats, to gesture at his fancy dessert.
Nagito smiled up at Aimi, blinking twice before realization finally hit.
"The pudding, I meant." He brought his hands closer to him and the cat, half-afraid that he would somehow destroy all the deserts on the table with one single swipe of his hand; Nagito was probably more chaotic than an unhinged KitKat. Unintentionally, of course(?).
A distant choir of meows could be heard a couple of tables away, followed by the sounds of soft paws tapping against the tables.
"Aw, crap!" Uh oh. It seemed like the group of the cats hit someone on the way; well it didn't matter, nothing mattered when food was in their reach.
Nagito felt cold sweat form at the back of his neck, smile unchanged despite the worried look he held. Whether this was good luck or bad luck, seemed to be undetermined.
Pekoyama's assuring voice followed Fuyuhiko's string of curses, "Look at it this way, young master; at least they're paying attention to you." Not one cat had paid her any attention nor love.
"I told you not to call- ... And they're not even staying at our table." The group of sassy, determined cats walked past them and hopped on the table closest to the main couple.
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pearlcaddy · a month ago
Have a very kind and purry bookstore kitty for motivation 💕
Tumblr media
Thank you for bookstore cat! Somehow I feel like you can hear the purring through the picture, which makes it extra motivating, so bookstore cat has also inspired seven sentences.
Feed me gifs/fuzzy animal pics to trick me into getting more writing done.
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afniel · a month ago
Here, I've been gone long enough that I will pay the cat tax. Have a bup, he's still around and still being himself, which is to say very soft and very purry and very bad at everything. Also he makes gremlin sounds when he feels neglected at 5am because we are TRYING TO SLEEP, AS ONE DOES, but this is Not Paying Attention To The Bup and therefore Unacceptable.
Tumblr media
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Huh, you guys seeing this? He's a purry mess-
You sure you're okay Z?
Zachary: *nods* V-Very happy~
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sabertoothwalrus · a month ago
hi i just wanted to say that i really love your art style (and fashion sense tbh)... it's great how you're able to mimmick the style of the cartoons while also letting your own traces shine through (like, i can recognise when something is drawn by you AND what cartoon it is from even if i dont know the character) your lineart is veeery nice...
ps: what are the names of your many beautiful cats?
omg this is 🥺 an amazing compliment
tbh this is something I’d been worried about lately?? I’ve always wanted my art style to have more recognizability, but I also don’t want to compromise being flexible with the art styles I can draw? Like I’ll see people with really unique and distinct styles that are very loose and have a lot of flow and appeal and I Want That For Me, but at the same I feel like lately my art is tightening up and becoming more refined and consistent? Like with better form but just kinda bland (but versatile??)? And idk if that’s a good thing or a bad thing..?
but it’s cool that you can recognize my art even if the style changes!! ^^
my cats are named Purry (age 19), Randy, Goldie, Dolly, Blue, Caps, and Half-n-Half (all 3 and half and from the same litter). I post about them sometimes @she-nya-nigans <3
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