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#very star wars lol
amisdalas · 3 months ago
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This is how twenty-five millennia come to a close. Corruption and treachery have crushed a thousand years of peace. This is not just the end of a republic; night is falling on civilisation itself. This is the twilight of the Jedi. The end starts now.
STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH Novelisation by Matthew Stover
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sparemoon · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
i once saw a youtube comment that said “i don’t know if i’m more jealous that hayden christiansen got to kiss natalie portman or that natalie portman got to kiss hayden christiansen” and i have yet to see a comment that reaches my very soul as that one did
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rainbow-dot · 7 months ago
Pedro pascal should go to buzzfeed to read thirst tweets, but for Din Djarin and he should go dressed up as Mandalorian and read the tweets like he acts in The Mandalorian.
That’s my fantasy.
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rabbit-rays · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bobas arc in the clone wars makes me SO upset so im making an au where he has 5 brothers instead bc a squad of clones on geonosis saw little boba on the battlefield next to jangos body and said. hmmm. thats fucked up!! and immediately scooped him up and airlifted him tf outta there even though they had no idea what was going on. when boba explains what happened, they say fuck it and desert, escaping to some removed outer rim planet with boba in tow. while boba still takes a while to warm up to them, hes raised in a relatively normal (if wildly chaotic bc. 5 brothers) environment with people that genuinely care about him. instead of being put in JAIL
20 something years down the line and clan fett is known as one of the most dangerous (and most mysterious) groups of bounty hunters in the galaxy and boba has an entire family :)
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medusaceratops · 5 months ago
it's really wild to dig into star wars tags and see people relentlessly arguing that the jedi order actually did nothing wrong when it's a major plot point in TCW, a series they factor heavily in, that they sent a seventh grader to fight in a war and then when she was a junior in high school they pulled a bullshit trial to accuse her of murder. they apologized and then tried to make it up to said junior in high school by giving her more wartime responsibilities. when she left she was forced to cut off contact with everyone and everything she knew and there's no indication anywhere that this junior in high school was given housing or a stipend of any kind, they just said fuck it go live somewhere not here. doesn't matter if we raised you from 3 months old, if you're not a jedi you don't get shit, go fuck off. genuinely where in the fuck and how in the fuck is this defensible from any perceivable angle whatsoever in any way, shape, or form. ahsoka tano deserved to be legally sanctioned with the right to throw yoda out of any window at any time she so desired to, i think ahsoka deserved to be legally labeled yodaphobic and then exalted for her high status of enlightenment, she deserved to kick every council member in the metaphorical dick, and no obi-wan is not exempt from that. i love him but this one he fucking earned. like i'll agree with you that the jedi order didn't deserve to get mowed down by a crying anakin skywalker and future wheezemachine but i really will not, on any point, concede that the jedi order needed anything less than a massive moral Come To Motherfucking Jesus, just because their need for a moral intervention is overshadowed by anakin's need for moral interventions #1-1,003 does not mean i will let your terrible tumblr posts convince me the jedi order was actually good at their job. being morally superior to anakin skywalker does not make you a moral paragon. it just means you maybe don't murder children, which, like, the goal here is not moral limbo, it's not supposed to be about how low you can go.
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vaguely-concerned · a year ago
every time mando starts talking to the baby unprompted five years are added to my life
it’s so sweet that the closest he ever gets to chatty is when it’s just the two of them. and it’s often just observational/idle stuff as well -- “Looks like this planet is taken”, “Told you that was a bad idea”, things he very much doesn’t need to say he clearly just instinctively wants to connect with the kid, which is another big difference from his usual modus operandi and UGH I have so many feelings   
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medusaceratops · 3 months ago
I've seen meta before about species with lekku having body language involving them to communicate general feelings just in more detail than humans can. So would the togruta chirps etc be a language they learn, or more intuitive? Basically what I'm getting at is: when Obi-Wan hears Anakin's sos rumble, does he tune into a stream of him complaining, like "- SUPER bored in this dungeon anyway, and its way too cold, can you even hear me right now or did you get your mortals stuck AGAIN, don't even try and deny it, I can TELL you're pretending not to hear me now, did I mention the dungeon-" , or is it more just an infrasound "I have a bad feeling about this" distress call?
i never got the sense that lekku can really move much on their own - but it would be neat if they could!
so - i don’t think infrasound is particularly useful for communicating specific conversations, because i don’t think it’s quite useful as a language, so i think it’s less what we would understand as a conversation and more that specific harmonics in the call communicate different things. like you’d have a warble pattern #1 that would communicate where you are, and a warble pattern #2 that would communicate distress, and depending on how much control over their vocal chords togruta have at such low frequency vocalizations, you could have a ton of different permutations of infrasonic warbles. but because the point is that it travels long distances in a way that’s not really meant to be a conversational thing so much as a signal, i don’t think it’s a stream of words as much as it is a pattern of vocalizations that have distinct meaning to togrutas by common understanding.
i’m gonna roll with the idea that, if togrutas are a highly auditory species and have evolved a massive massive range of vocalization ability, they’re also always making noise when relaxed, but not all vocalization is technically language - i think they could have both language, and then just vocalization for the sake of vocalizing. but also i’m not actually sure what mechanisms drove the development of language, i’m just assuming that - you know how humans enjoy humming, and singing, even if there aren’t words, or the words don’t make any sense? how humans just kind of enjoy the collective fun of making noise, whether or not we actually care about the noises being made? that, dialed up to eleven. maybe togrutas use meaningless chirps and clicks and warbles alongside language to engage in Community, and also for self-soothing reasons, and then they also have the beautiful ability of words.
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vaguely-concerned · 8 months ago
big brain take upon this rewatch of s2ep2: the razor crest is symbolic of din’s sense of self and that’s why we keep getting the ‘crest gets torn to shreds ---> din tiredly has to fix it’ loop. it’s old, and creaky, and barely limping along, set up in some peculiar ways to compensate for where things are broken so it can still somewhat function, and lately it’s being continually exposed to stress it’s not really capable of withstanding unscathed and keeps needing repairs.   
if you read it like that this episode has a double meaning: on some deep subconscious level he sees suddenly having to let a stranger, however benign-seeming, into his safe-ish personal space as a hostile invasion, later literalized by having an actual horror movie-esque invasion come flooding in and leave icky cobwebs everywhere. (and yet it is empathy for and bonding with frog lady -- as well as her fabulous call out of his immediate descent into defeatist resignation lol -- that saves the baby and thus din’s will to live towards the end. not all ‘invasions’ are made equal, sometimes we need to connect to safe people and let them in just a little. widening that window of tolerance with the realization that some people can be trusted and will help not hurt you, episode by episode. delicious.)  
even further in this reading: he invited kuiil and cara, two people he already knows and trusts, on board by his own free will and that actually felt sort of nice and cosy but also... a bit crowded, overwhelming, the ship isn’t really meant to hold that many people and certainly not over a long period of time (at least not in its current configuration, I seem to remember the ship is actually meant to be able to house up to three people b/c it’s a pre-Empire military patrol ship? so it might have been refurbished a bit to be more useful to a lone wolf operator). before that he’s been transporting people frozen in carbonite, effectively rendering them into objects that can’t threaten him. din’s whole way of life after losing his parents seems to have been centered on being able to go it alone (emotionally if not tactically), on not becoming too attached to or dependent on anything or anyone, and his ship reflects this perfectly. he can’t have the armour around his entire life, but by god it’s not for lack of trying on his part. (notably he uses the exact same wording about the ship’s hull as he does about his armour -- which is protecting the innermost vulnerable parts of him, the stuff that will literally kill him if broken -- in episode 3: in both cases he phrases it as ‘it has lost its integrity’. I did take note of that the first time around without quite realizing why it seemed important but fdskajfhsad that’s so cool ) 
finally: it was kuiil’s kindness and patience and guidance that helped him learn he can fix the ship, even when it’s been battered until it’s almost reduced to mere scrap, and that’s why his music still plays during those scenes even though he’s gone. and he taught IG-11, and IG-11 saved din’s life by helping to heal where the armour hadn’t been able to protect him despite everything. and I want to cry now  
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m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s · a month ago
okay, so @ahsokasleftbicep and i were talking about Crosshair the other day lol (r we surprised?) 😂 and this came out of that conversation! also, i’ve been really soft for my sniper lately, ya know, just being loving the softer side of my husband as of late, so that’s another reason (also, teeny, there is in fact a reference to “angel eyes” in here, yes i did do that, i will not stop listening to that song, nor will i stop watching the tiktok you sent me lol 😂). also, due to @loth-wolffe & @hellothere-generalangsty , who increased my softness tenfold, i felt like we needed cuddly, soft Cross.
and i have delivered.
also i have made some formatting changes! when i write my ideas up to begin with, their always tabbed, but tumblr thinks it’s funny to remove them (it’s not) so i have decided to put them back in (lol, literally tumblr is like: “mmm, no. yeah, no”).
also yeah, i did use the same nicknames because i loved the ones from the last fic too much, and i didn’t have the heart to change them, soooooo, this isn’t a part two, but i’ll probably just use the same nicknames from now on tho lol (if you wanna look at it as a part two tho, feel free, i just didn’t think of it that way when i wrote it)
once again, i do have a taglist, so just comment below if you would like to be added!
anyways, enjoy my goonies 🥰☺️❤️
Crosshair x GN!Reader Drabble: He was always so soft and warm, just for you. Warmth in the arms around your waist, the kisses upon your face. You just melted. Everytime.
Genre: FLUFF, SO SOFT OMGGGG CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU (I’m just in a soft!ner ram’ser mood lately, also it’s like a tiny bit sad, but NOT A LOT I SWEAR, IF YOU SQUINT YOU CAN SEE IT)
Warnings: None. Happiness and love for my husband, that’s all.
Word Count: 951 words, 5,116 characters
*Disclaimer: I do not own anything relating to the Star Wars universe, nor do I own anything relating to the Clone Wars universe. I do not own any characters, places, or things unless they are of my own creation.*
Picture is from @kamino-coruscant
ner - my, mine
Did you know you have a whole part of my heart? It’s got your name on it, and I cherish the feeling I get when I think about it. - Moons
Tumblr media
} Sleepy Smiles {
It was soft lips on your nose that woke you. Warmth seeping into your skin, a butterfly of heat washed over the tender area. The sun should have woken you up, but something else did instead.
When you first opened your eyes, the typical blurry morning vision clouded your senses. It took a few more blinks before things started to look clearer. When you did, being met with the sight of him was unexpected.
It was welcome though.
He continued to pepper your nose with soft kisses, warm breath fanning over your cheeks. He moved slowly, delicately. It was your forehead next, and then your eyelids fluttered shut as he left an invisible mark on each one. Your chin and cheeks, the corners of your mouth.
It was rare when you got to see the soft, fuzzy side of him.
A soldier at heart, battle worn and scared. Physically and mentally. Times when he would be on shore leave, coming to your door in tears at the sights he saw on missions, the horrors. Dark under eye circles, and a plethora of toothpicks gone through as he silently cried into your shoulder.
Your heart would crush under the weight of his pain every time.
You made it go away. You let him cry into your shoulder, you, who took him for what he was in the present, for who he was at the very moment. You never shied away, never judged.
Instead you held your arms out, and wrapped yourself around him so tight that you took away every bad thing that had happened to him while he was gone.
It was the soft touch of lips on the shell of your ear that made a soft laugh from your mouth ring out into the air. You could feel the grin of his lips on your skin, and when he pulled back, well, stars.
He was so beautiful. The sun highlighted his cheekbones, softening the rough edge. Honeyed, angel eyes sparkling with a sense of peace, and a smile. A smile, one that made him look so young, not the war-hardened man you had seen just yesterday.
Oh, did he look happy.
When he leaned in, nuzzling his nose against yours, it took everything in your power right then and there to not cry at the warmth of his affection. The smile pulling at your lips was so wide that your cheeks began to hurt. You missed the way he grinned just as equally when you nuzzled his nose back.
His lips connected with yours. He always saved your lips for last. It was so euphoric, every time.
Rough, chapped lips danced with yours, but they were soft and feather light. Fluttery feelings skipping around in your chest.
The lips soon pulled away, air needed for lungs in separate chests. Eyes cracking open to find the soft gaze of him on you, and a lazy grin on his cheeks.
“Mornin’, ner Sunshine.”
Maker, did his morning voice sound so wonderful.
“Good morning to you too, Butterfly.”
He grinned even wider at the nickname, fighting the urge to smother your face in kisses all over again. Instead, he settled to lay back down beside you, only to pull you right up into his arms. Cradled into his warmth, nose snuggling into his neck, head nestling into the crook of his shoulder. More feather light kisses pressed softly to your temple.
You were met with a hum, grumbly and tired.
“We have to get up, you know that.”
Another hum, mumbled words as he only pulled you closer. You only smiled into his neck as he let his fingers rub up and down your back softly.
“No, it’s cuddle time.” You laughed at the confession, pulling back to see a soft look in his eyes. One you couldn’t quite place.
“Oh, so it’s cuddle time now? You just like to change your schedule at the last minute?”
He chuckled, the rasp of his voice still thick with sleep.
“Only for you.”
It faltered you for a second. Behind it, those three words held a deeper meaning. One you could analyze, look at from different angles.
Crosshair had… trouble when it came to communicating. Especially when it came to the emotional depth that a relationship reached. You had helped him, teaching him to show emotion. Letting him know emotion was good, it was not a bad thing. He was still working, trying everyday to realize that working through his emotions with you was good for him.
When he would admit things, late in the evening, or early in the morning as he just had, it was his way of telling you all the things he couldn’t quite voice yet.
Only for you, my sweet love. I would give the world to spend every waking moment with you, to leave the wretched war, to hold you in my arms each day. Only for you.
You only gave him a look in return, one that you hoped showed your love that ran so deep into the veins of your beating heart.
Intertwined, you laid back onto his chest, content. No interruptions, no war here. Just two lovers snuggled close, held in the embrace of the other.
As the sun rose, you would still lay there. He would still press the occasional kiss to your forehead, and a quiet whisper of some topic would be said. A hum and another kiss, one on the lobe of your ear.
Love was… complicated at times, but when he held you as tight as he did, nothing but pure adoration surrounding you?
Maybe you could just lay here for a little while longer.
taglist: @loth-wolffe @dreamingofclones @ahsokasleftbicep @hellothere-generalangsty @and-claudia @monako-jinn-stories @teletraan-meets-jarvis
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biorust-art · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Got commissioned by @ewanmcgregorismyhomeboy12  to illustrate a scene in her fic: Day Dream of a Life You’d Chose ! I had a great time with this and highly recommend the fic!
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dandylyn · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a digital sketch of Grogu from The Mandalorian. He is drawn from the waist up, and his head is tilted down into the collar of his robes, his smile just barely peeking out. In one of his hands is the metal knob from the Razor Crest’s control lever; he points to the knob with his other hand. There is a question mark drawn above his head and the text below him reads: “is for me?” The lever knob and Grogu’s blush are painted with a flat, medium grey, and the rest of the sketch remains uncolored. END ID]
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anghraine · 3 years ago
Hot take:
Maybe fandom regards Anakin and Padmé as Luke’s parents because every single character in the films invariably refers to Anakin as Luke’s father, including Luke himself while speaking to Owen and Beru, Owen while speaking to Luke, Owen and Beru speaking to each other, and Luke and Anakin speaking to each other. It might also have something to do with Luke referring to Padmé as Leia’s “real mother.” 
This is not something that Leia does. She means Bail when she says “my father.” But Luke always, always, always means Anakin. 
Bail and Breha chose to make Leia their child. Owen and Beru chose to raise Anakin’s. It’s not the same, and it doesn’t have to be.
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askwhathasthiscometo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
((OOC: Look who I just found - or look who found you))
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