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Today -among other things- I have a podcast to listen to on Jeremy Bentham and utilitarianism, and the ethical aspects of it. Then I need to develop a thinking on how it affects and can be linked to veterinary practise.

I’ve always love what you can call philosophy and critical thinking and I used to have good grades in these subjects. Sadly I sometimes feel like my years in scientific fields, then the first two years of vet school where you have to learn and learn and learn without exercising said critical thinking much, have shaped my brain in a way that makes it difficult for me now to articulate and word my thoughts…

One of my biggest hope is once all this madness will be over, once I’ll be a proper adult (do you see the irony here? ;) ) I’ll be able to study and read about philosophies, educate myself, understand things better, grow…

But for now, to work!

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Bacteriology down, on to Clinical Pathology!

Fun Fact from my Bacti Course: Commensal bacteria, which are helpful bacteria that normally live in your gut and on your skin, are often antibiotic resistant. I like to think of it as them getting angry we tried to get rid of them, when they’re supposed to be part of the microbiome.


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October 25, 2020

While being productive is heavily praised in the studyblr community; I wanted to add a post all about ways to reduce stress as us students are typically stressed with all of the demands of school. We all need to take time to love and appreciate our minds and bodies.


  • Taking a break from work does not make you a failure
  • It is important to be patient with yourself in a time during uncertainty
  • Growth can still be found in stillness
  • You cannot be perfect
  • It is okay to fail, in fact it is human to fail. It’s about how you learn from those failures

Habits for better mental health:

  • Journal
  • Exercise
  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Listen to music and sing your heart out (my personal fav)
  • Stretch and hydrate
  • Snuggle up with a pet
  • Meditation!
  • FaceTime a friend

While I realize school may take up most of your time, your mental health always needs to be a priority! If anyone has anything to add to this list feel free to add below !!! 💗

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Studying veterinary medicine just gets harder and harder! I have been under quite a lot of stress in terms of my studies which is why I haven’t been posting as often as I should. Day by day, I keep working and it seems like it never ends. I will update once I can finally breathe. Meanwhile, enjoy this wholesome picture of Kara and I 🌿

– Jazz

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My friend while using a doppler probe to listen to a bearded dragon’s heartbeat :

“I forgot reptiles had hearts and all that.”

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Studying not in Starbucks who even am I? Had to settle for studying up at school in a tutorial room, not the best not the worst I suppose. A month out from taking the NAVLE and I’m freaking out 🙃 My practice exam scores have been fine, the professor who handles all us taking it says I should be fine but ya know, it’s a very expensive backup plan for myself that’d I’d rather not have to pay to take again.

Listening to: Would You by The Vamps

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Say hi to Bob 👋

20/10- Bob’s a rescue who had a nasty fall at the start of lockdown ( A cat??! Falling??! 🤷) and now is paraplegic. But he’s such a good boy even when I’m squeezing his bladder and guts out( He needs someone to help him go pee pee and poop because he can’t do it himself ❗) and giving him oral meds( which he needs to relax his bladder walls and to prevent any infection from urine being stored in there) Spent the last week petsitting this guy and I never knew cats could be this patient ❤️

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