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vetisntdead2 days ago
I had so much fun today. We took a bag full of very rotten rhino lung into the hospital to x-ray it (looking for shrapnel) and we were barely in the rad room (with an open door) for 2 seconds and we got sent out to the large animal rad room because apparently we "stink".
I couldn't smell anything weird even with my mask off. Anyway, took the rads and left, running into the nurse who specifically left the building because of us. She nearly yelled at us. Meanwhile, the production animal nurse who came to speak to us barely batted an eye.
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great-and-small2 months ago
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Don鈥檛 hate me but I really believe the world would be a better place if pigeons were the ubiquitous avian pet instead of parrots 馃憖
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unicorntechnician9 months ago
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i鈥檓 losing my mind at this post i saw on facebook this morning
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malevolent-moon13 days ago
It has hair growing finally when got here first the head was completely hairless he looks so funny still tho 馃槀
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pen-pen-studyng3 months ago
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Hi guys! This afternoon I spent 3 hours trying to keep up with cell biology and reproduction, while Orangey is trampling all over my study notes.
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daedricprincessorigin11 months ago
Please share, every reblog helps
I am trying to find a home for a local stray cat that I've been feeding. He is a neutered male tabby, very friendly, very talkative and loves attention. I've been calling him Lovey.
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I have no space for him in my house, as I already have three cats. I've been feeding him for a while.
He is in the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) area of Texas.
If you are willing to take him and give him a loving indoor life, please message me!
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theoddvet7 months ago
I鈥檝e been searching for my computer folder that contained all of my notes from university. I remember I was a bit silly with organising them and naming them per subject, and put them in a folder that doesn鈥檛 quite make sense.
So, I finally found it:
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AVSAB has released updated information on humane training methods and how dogs learn effectively through this.
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prettydeadstuff2 months ago
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Some recent radiographs - featuring a hedgehog, starling, grass snake (full of eggs!), another hedgehog, house sparrow, Herman's Tortoise, Bearded Dragon, aaaaand two more hedgehogs
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equinesandeducation3 months ago
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The vet school life right now, a little (lot) at home and a little bit at school 馃摂馃┖
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vetisntdead7 months ago
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frontstubsa year ago
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Online classes are working for me, I鈥檓 starting to catch up on all the classes I missed earlier this semester and it鈥檚 getting easier for me. Spring has begun and the sun really energizes me! My plants also love it and my monstera is giving me a new leaf.
Please stay home if you can and be safe everyone!
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taysanimaladventures25 days ago
"Doctor, my puppy has tripled the amount she normally poops. That's ten times in the last 24 hours! And they are all large poops!!! She's been waking me up 3 times a night to poop even though she pooped 3 times before bed. Please please help me I'm at my wits end!"
"Hm. Are you still giving her the probiotic?"
"And you're still doing 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk per day?"
"Per day? And not per meal?"
I was doubling her fiber this entire time
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veterinaryshitposting7 months ago
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so my country's veterinary regulatory authority just posted this. i did not expect this from literally the most serious and down to business organization I have ever encountered.
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thelegendofstudya month ago
Pre-vetrinary student resource master post
AAVMC Pre-reqs 2021
FAQs for Pre-vets
List of resources from
WVM schools
Top 100 vet schools in the world
Vet-Set-Go (more aimed toward kids and teens but has good information)
Alternative careers
Careers in animal behavior
Animal science careers
Shadowing tips
How to ask to shadow
How to get animal experience
Pre-vet internships
Day in the life as a vet student
5 best things about being a vet
Veterinarian: What I do and how much I make
What being a veterinarian really takes
Day in the life of a large animal vet
Day in the life of an equine vet
Day in the life as a zoo vet
Day in the life of a aquatics vet
What does an emergency critical care veterinarian specialist do?
Day in the life of a small animal vet
5 worse things about being a vet
Also check some vetblrs here on Tumblr and get in contact with your local vets! Many of them would love answering some questions about the career and how to get there!
If there's anything I missed or need to fix please let me know.
Updated Aug 13th, 2021
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lizziedoesvetpath18 days ago
Honestly the thing that has helped my work life the most is to always tell my clients that things will take longer than I think they will. Like if I need to confirm a result and call them back, and I think I'll be able to do that by the same afternoon? I say I'll call them by tomorrow. If I can do it by the time I think I can, I look great, I'm early! I must have worked so hard to get that for them! Something holds me up? They're not mad until at least the next day. This has saved me so much stress and won me some really grateful clients
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mandana-the-service-pup2 months ago
Tips for chew toy safety:
Feel free to add your own experiences & advice
1. Don鈥檛 be stingy with toys. Expect to spend a minimum of about $14 USD per toy. A lower price often does mean lower quality. Just remember, its cheaper to replace toys every month than a single vet bill from ingested materials. ($1000-$5000 for emergency vet is common for ingested toy issues and you could have bought 50-100 $20 toys for that price)
2. Just because they haven鈥檛 done something before doesn鈥檛 mean they won鈥檛. Often times changes in schedule or stress levels will cause a change in behavior. Last thing you need if you are having an acute illness or injury is to have your pup decide that is the day they are going to eat a toy, bedding, etc. INCREASE SUPERVISION AND LIMITATIONS DURING TIMES YOU ARE STRUGGLING!!! (And don鈥檛 trust other people to be as perceptive & concerned as you. It鈥檚 nice to have people help with your pup, but you still need to increase limitations to prevent unfortunate accidents)
3. Toy Hazards:
>> stuffing is difficult to pass because the GI tract has difficulty pushing against it
>> foam expands and can cause blockages
>> strings & fabric can get caught & tangled inside which pulls the GI tract inside out (NOT GOOD!) Thin strings can also wrap around teeth or tongue and cause necrosis
>> hard materials can break teeth or the shards can cut up insides
>> thin hard toys can impale when carried & played with
>> balls and similar shaped objects can be swallowed & choked on
>> things with holes/tunnel shapes can get stuck on teeth and/or jaws and need to be cut off
4. Toys should be supervised at all times for safety and for maintaining the value of toy play & engagement. Cycle through them to keep from getting bored. Allow the pup to choose between two toys for play sessions to satisfy desire for freedom/choices. When not in use, keep toys away in a safe place (be careful of where you store them because some dogs will be tempted to climb furniture or shelves to get to them which is dangerous)
5. I keep chew toys in a box next to my bed. She has full access to them at all times (and has really started to enjoy being able to go 鈥渟hopping鈥 for which chew she wants 馃槀). If I notice a chew toy being problematic I throw it away and buy something else. Which toys work for you depends on your dogs chew style. We like the pet qwerks brand. Playology is also good but expensive. The bark box have a tendency to be too soft for us. IMO, Gorilla Chew is the only wood I think is safe enough because it gets soft instead of splintering.
6. Modern chew toys are often designed to 鈥渟hed鈥 safely a little at a time. Even so, watch out for splintering, sharp pieces, larger chunks, no give and/or weird shapes which teeth slip off (both of which can lead to breaking teeth). If you notice any of those signs, throw it away. Even if it鈥檚 a good chew, throw away if it gets too small for them to 鈥渉old鈥 or starts to look like it could impale them if they were running with it.
7. Teach your dog that when they bite off chunks they can exchange them for treats. This is my opinion, some may say it encourages them to destroy toys but I would rather them bring chunks to me for a treat instead of feeling like they 鈥渨on鈥 the chew toy by breaking it and can now swallow the chunks as their reward.
8. Safer Alternatives:
Dog bed 鉃★笍 pile of blankets (fleece doesn鈥檛 fray like other materials)
Plush toys & rope toys 鉃★笍 braided fleece tugs
Sticks 鉃★笍 teak wood? (Gorilla Chew is brand name)
Antlers 鉃★笍 yak chews (some brands are poorly stored & can cause sharp splinters. We use Himalayan Pet Supplies brand. I spoke to them personally about the issue and they said they recently made packaging changes to prevent this and I haven鈥檛 had any issues with the XL size since then. You can also microwave smaller pieces to prevent choking hazard just be sure the inside has cooled off completely)
Tennis balls 鉃★笍 durable rubber balls with holes in them to prevent airway blockages (tennis balls can also collect sand/dirt and sand down teeth over time)
Hard Synthetic Chew Bones 鉃★笍 I鈥檝e had success with Playology and Pet Quirks (which does shave down but doesn鈥檛 crack into sharp pieces as much as some other brands)
9. DONT FORGET YOU CAN WASH DIRTY TOYS! (squeakers can hold water & get moldy so toys with squeakers usually have to be hand washed instead of submerged)
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