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Say hi to Bob 👋

20/10- Bob’s a rescue who had a nasty fall at the start of lockdown ( A cat??! Falling??! 🤷) and now is paraplegic. But he’s such a good boy even when I’m squeezing his bladder and guts out( He needs someone to help him go pee pee and poop because he can’t do it himself ❗) and giving him oral meds( which he needs to relax his bladder walls and to prevent any infection from urine being stored in there) Spent the last week petsitting this guy and I never knew cats could be this patient ❤️

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I know 2020 has been a shit show of a year and everyone has their own struggles, but I would just like to share his in the hopes that some people could donate even a pound/a dollar.

My friends chihuahua Daisy (who is the sweetest girl in the world) needs surgery for her knees to stop her knee caps from moving out of place. If you could spare anything it would be greatly appreciated 🥰

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Really worried about my dogs feet. For the past month or so his feet have looked red and swollen. He licks and nibbles at them, so I assume they’re itchy. He feet are red between the toes and up his doggy-ankles(?). And it’s all of his feet. They look close to bleeding some times. The vet prescribed some Temaril P and said he had inhalant allergies but they couldn’t tell me what he could allergic too. …And it’s a very expensive test to find out. Has anyone on here had a similar situation? If so what have you done to help your dog? And if it’s allergies, what possible thing could my dog be allergic to that make his feet red and itchy?

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So….mystery solved. I got the invoice for Phantom’s surgery & hospitalization itemized. The reason it’s over $1,000 more than the estimate given when I dropped her off is that it includes all of the costs associated with the Texas lab that the mass was sent to (to culture & determine which med will work best to shrink the remainder of Phantom’s cryptococcosis) Just the postage to send the mass was almost $100 😳 I have to have this paid this week in order for Phantom to be able to go to both of her post-op appointments (Monday after work & Thursday) The appointment to remove the sutures is still 2 weeks off. I’ve paid them everything raised via GoFundMe, almost $2,200 in direct donations to the hospital (which is amazing & I am so grateful) plus thousands of my own. I just want this nightmare to be over but we’re not quite there yet.

They accept payments online at The only info you need is the Customer #315695, Pet Name – Phantom Murch & Patient ID #472773. The lab results are supposed to be available in 4-5 weeks so….keep those fingers crossed. Thank you all so much for your generosity, kindness and positive thoughts since this mess started in late April. At least now the end is in sight 🐱

P.S. Yes….they had Phantom on a fentanyl patch 😳 Which also explains the oddly placed square on her back that is missing fur.

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Went to pick Phantom up only to be told that the total ended up being more than they told me before the surgery….it was like they were ransoming her back to me. Over 2 hours after I got there, the financial department finally agreed to let me take Phantom home but say I still owe $850.30. Such a freaking rollercoaster of a day. Phantom is supposed to have a follow up visit on Monday & again Thursday to drain fluid buildup and make sure the sutures are clean and healing well. But….I think they charge for those quick visits too. The mass has been sent to the lab in San Antonio but results won’t be ready for 3-4 weeks. I totally understand if you guys feel tapped out but if you could help paying off this last little bit so that we don’t have to worry about the follow up visits, I would kiss your feet….for real. This entire crazy experience has really driven the point home that we all need help sometimes and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to admit that you can’t do everything all on your own.

Phantom’s surgeon/hospital let’s you pay online at The only info you’ll need is the Customer #315695, Pet Name – Phantom Murch & Patient ID #472773.

After several hours of pleading & a minor potty accident in the car, we finally made it home & Phantom jumped right out of her carrier but Khaleesi doesn’t recognize her and actually hissed at her. Since this all started back in April Phantom would be gone all day for treatments alot but as soon as she came back they would love up on each other and go play. Have any of you had this happen post-op with a furry sibling? Khaleesi keeps looking to me for protection and it breaks my heart cuz she has been with Phantom since she was only 9 weeks old and for years thought she was (and treated Phantom like) her mama. I mean…I’m not gonna lie - Phantom’s look right now is jarring even to me. Her fur is so fluffy that her shaved head makes it look like shes wearing a costume….or fur coat. I’ve just always known her with those big beautiful green eyes that its gonna take some getting used to. Hopefully her fur will fill back in quickly esp with the summer shedding over. I’m surprised at how well Phantom is already doing. She’s had some food 3 times, used the litter box twice and is grooming in between naps. She hasn’t mastered jumping yet but I’m sure it will take awhile to figure out the difference in depth perception now that she only has the 1 eye.

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10/4- Bright sunny day for a successful SPAY surgery 👨‍⚕️✂️

Got my 4 year old female black labrador 🐶neutered on a Sunday morning. She was drowsy from the anesthesia (+ Because of the longgg duration of action of Diazepam which was used as a preanesthetic) the entire 🚘 ride home from the vet(and the following day too) as it can be seen in the 📷 but she was back on her feet a day later. 💪

It was a sleepy 💤 and breezy day.

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Learned something fun today!

My parents adopted a cat for the Humane Society back in July (online adoption, curbside pick up). About a week later they tell me the cat’s ridiculously loud. We shrug it off— they just normally get quiet cats.

ZEB and I go for a visit and… yeah, she’s loud. And affectionate. And loudly affectionate. And also kind of humping our shoes. This is unusual. We confer and ZEB thinks that she might be having heat symptoms— sometimes they miss part of the tissue and enough grows back for hormones to start up. It sucks, and we make a vet appt. (Catching the cat to put in the carrier was accompanied by scooby doo music)

Turns out ZEB was wrong about the failed surgery. There’s no incision scar at all. The Humane Society accidentally adopted out an unfixed cat.

a black cat with a white spot on its face and white paws. it stares into the distance with big yellow eyes

The gaze of a horny, horny cat.

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Me: Hi, my name is Kristina. I’m one of the technicians. I’ll be bringing *insert pets name here* in for their appointment today. Do you have any questions or concerns?!

Client: Yeah, they need a nail trim.

Me: Okay, but do you have any concerns?

Client: Nope, just the nails

Me: 🙃

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Hey Tumblr…

This is really REALLY hard for me to do, but myself and my family need help. Yesterday, I noticed our dog Tiny wasn’t acting herself and had noticed that she hadn’t eaten or gone potty. When I let her out again, TMI she had a liquid blood stool and we rushed her to the vet. She had gone into shock and needed life saving care. She was diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and will be in fluids, antibiotics, and nausea meds until we can hopefully bring her home on 9/14.

This has left us with an $1800 bill, and with two young children that’s a daunting number. If you would consider donating, I would be so so grateful.


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Kinda a personal one, but it’s relevant I swear.

From the time I could read, pretty much, I wanted to be a vet. It was all I could imagine for myself. Most kids go through phases where they want to be actors or win the X factor or Britain’s got talent, or be a cat. I wanted to be a vet. (there was a point where me and a friend planned to start our own riding stables but even then I was going to be the “yard vet” as well as instructor so that doesn’t count). Specifically, I wanted to be an equine vet because horses. But I would have settled for anything. (Obviously, I did not end up a vet. I am not smart enough for that. Damian gets to do it instead).

As I grew up, and had to start thinking about the future, that was still my dream so I paid a lot of attention to what our vet did when he was called to the yard. Mark used to let me hold his equipment when I wasn’t busy holding my pony. He explained exactly what he was doing an why. He didn’t baby me; he used all the proper terms and stuff. It was epic. Teenage me was a little in love with him possibly (intellectual love, if that’s a thing).

Teenage me also spent a week in a small animal clinic on work experience and even if I spent most of my time editing business cards in the office, the bits I actually got involved with were awesome. It’s a little like how I describe Damian’s weekend work: a lot of vaccinations, a lot of neutering and spaying, and one day where they wouldn’t let me in the consulation room because they were euthanasing someone’s dog. I got to look at blood under a microscope and all the other samples. One story that is coming up (in an adapted form) is the hedgehog shenanigans.

(spoilers for Migratory Birds under the cut)

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My cat Sushi had to be rushed to the vets today. He’s in for 48 hour treatment and the bill is going to cost me £600. Please, if you can afford to commission me or donate, I would be so grateful.


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So the vet is sending me the full report + xrays tomorrow so I’ll post that here when I get them. Im exhausted and might have missed out some of the stuff she said. Might be interesting for people who like medical stuff.

But basically, her front legs are rly good, still super flexible for a horse her age. Her hind legs have minor arthritic changes but are (direct vet quote) “pretty bloody good for an older horse”. All of her issues are in her back. Can’t say I’m really surprised because shes always had issues with her back and shes always been a horse that gets sore quickly and needs regular maintenance.

She has arthritis all throughout her spine, it’s not absolutely awful but definitely present. There is sclerosis in some areas and there is some strain to the ligaments that run over the top of her withers. There are some changes to the bone in a few of the vertebrae. But the biggest issue was two of her vertebrae are touching, just bone on bone. This is obviously painful and would explain why she has been struggling under saddle. Especially with her issues collecting, because it requires her to compress her back which puts pressure on the touching vertebrae. BUT! As a tiny positive, the vet was super surprised at how well muscled she was for a horse with her issues. Vet said she would expect to see major muscle atrophy but that Lilys barely atrophied at all, if any. Vet gave me a gold star and said it was down to my focus on stretchy rides with Lily and stuff. Felt good to know I’ve done something right. Vet also said that if I stopped riding Lily she would rapidly decline.

So… the plan for right now. Lily is on a 6 week rehab program. Shes going to be ridden 3-4 times a week, roughly 30 mins each ride. Walk and trot only, stretching work only. No canter and no collecting into a frame. Lots of warm up and cool downs. She’s also getting sports therapy treatments every 2 weeks for the rehab period. After the 6 weeks is up I’ll meet up with the vet again and see how Lily is travelling. If shes improved drastically (unlikely) she may be allowed to canter/ do collected work again. If everything is staying stable she’ll stay doing this gentle work only and if she has declined then we’ll need to look into injections/ more invasive options.

Obviously I’m pretty fucking sad that Lily is getting older and is deteriorating. She is my world and it kills me to see her not 100%. I would move mountains for her. Anything for her. I’m happy that it’s not worst case scenario though.

Vet commended me for being so in tune with Lily and her needs and told me that I’ve done the best thing for her. That made me cry lol, I always cry when people say nice things about me.

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the worst part about cats is that by the time they tell you something’s wrong it’s time for surgery

even if you don’t take your cat to the vet yearly, by the time they’re 8-10 or if they have eternal stinky breath please get them in to get their teeth looked at because some of my dumb idiots have had teeth falling out of their mouths and just been chilling

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What about the phrase “Sorry, I’m closed and have already shut down my computer system, come back tomorrow between 9-7” is ambiguous? Like, no I cannot “just make an appointment” for you. We’re closed! My computer program is shut down! What the fuck do you think I can do about it? Come back tomorrow!

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