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Anyone else blasting Heart In A Cage since Thursday???

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Cad is a big guy with a big heart who listens to his friends problems while letting them ride up on his shoulders  🥺 🥺 🥺

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Thinking about how Caleb and Veth love each other in every sense of the word unconditionally yet feel like they can’t stay together without hurting each other or other people they care about, and getting overwhelmed

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building off that last post, I think these quotes from Nott after Caleb tells her his backstory in episode 18 are very relevant both to their conversation in the tower where Caleb tells Veth that she doesn’t have to hype him up any more and that he’s back on his feet and their conversation in the dome where she tells him he has enough to feel guilty about and about her own guilt and how they will have to say goodbye someday.

I’m so sorry. It wasn’t you, it’s not your fault. It wasn’t you, you were made to do it. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. I know you don’t realize that now, but you will. This pain that you have, that you wear all over you like a mask, it’s just that, and you can take it off someday. I know it hurts, but it wasn’t your fault. I’m going to keep telling you that until you believe me.


What you did was awful, truly terrible, despicable and unforgivable– until you can forgive it. At some point, you’ll have to do that. I swear to you that I will be at your side until you do.

Veth promised Caleb a long time ago that she would be his positivity so long as he needed it and she wouldn’t leave until he could stand on his own feet, and recently he told her that while he still very much wants and needs her around because she’s his friend and he loves her, he doesn’t need that aspect of their relationship any more. no wonder she has so much guilt and thinks this means goodbye. the only thing keeping her here is the fact that she wants to be with him and the Nein, and that’s a much messier thing to grapple with than “I have to be with Caleb because he’s a mess and he needs me.”

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Last week, I watched the entire CR episode live for the first time in ages, and granted, it was an hour shorter than usual, but also, I think (hope) I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.

It was such a good episode. Lucien being a dick but also fascinating. Beauyasha being…A Journey. And Caleb and Veth.

And Caleb and Veth.

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Everyone reacted to Jester and Fjord but you have a fucking feast of angst between Caleb and Veth and suddenly everyone silent-

The only one who was even there to maybe see it is- Mister floaty boi.

Them talking about their guilt is fucking insane. One there ao many fucking layers to that conversation. Veth guilt- that and lets be honest with ourselves, that even tho she loves her husband. 100 emotionally cheated on him, and love Caleb. She is unwavering in her love to and for her husband. But also that love split and went to someone else. Whether it was because of the trauma. That guilt will stay with her. Shit she admitts, she wanted a reason to stay to justify her actions. But Caleb to good to let her do that and a very selfish man.

He loves her back romantically or something beyond that. He has to live with the guilt that he also reciprocate those feelings. Compound that with the trauma. And not wanting to be around her husband. Its so fucking ripe-

Sure Caleb has had feeling for Jester, and shadow man. But the most unspoken important relationship has always been with veth. They both understand 100% that whatever they felt has to stop. No more one on ones, no more sleeping together. Caleb and Nott relationship is something no one in the group talks about. Even tho the fucking gap betweeb them is like a mile long. When they were together for so long is different.

I think the only one who could pick up on it would be clay. But Veth and Caleb are both very good lairs.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I actually liked that Veth didn’t dismiss Caleb’s feelings of guilt?

The conversation they were able to have because of it was so much more honest and potentially healing than trying to brush past it. What Veth did was acknowledge Caleb’s feelings without trying to brush past them, and share that she often felt similarly. I don’t think that conversation would have ended on such an open note of shared affection and shared pain if she’d gone to the place of “oh no, don’t feel bad, you’re perfect” that would have aligned more with Veth’s usual MO regarding Caleb. I actually think it’s a healthy growth for their friendship for her to be more honest about her own conflicted feelings, and allow Caleb the space to express himself without getting (well-meaningly) shut down regarding any negativity. 

To a certain extent, Veth’s change in communicating with Caleb might be a result of the conversation he recently had with her about this very thing. The “you don’t need to hype me up to try to give me confidence - I am confident, I am back on my feet, and you did that.” That conversation opened a door and gave her permission to share negative feelings with Caleb without feeling like she was burdening him. It makes their friendship open to more mutual support, which I think was what Caleb wanted.

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I feel like it’s easy to brush off Veth being a dick lately as Sam being a troll. But what if it’s not the reason? Veth’s cursed dagger is fucking terrifying if it has anything to do with her attitude.

And listen… she was always quick to reassure Caleb whenever they had a deep conversation like the one on their first watch, but this time she wasn’t. She told Caleb, and correct me if I remember wrong, that he has plenty of things to feel guilty for and to not feel guilty for essentially dragging Veth to Eiselcross. That on it’s own is unusual of her. But the conversation as a whole from Veth’s point of view is just completely off… as well as some of her actions.

So again, we could brush this off as Sam being Sam, but what are the chances that he isn’t just acting his part out? He could have very well had a conversation with Matt in private.

In short, I’m terrified of the dagger’s effects and capabilities the longer Veth doesn’t do anything about it…

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Just Yasha and Veth recreating beauyasha moments, and Beau getting increasingly annoyed by it😂

There were just too many callbacks in that lava-talk scene I had to make a video compilation of it

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believe you me, I am ALL here for the absolute delight of the Dome girl talk and brjeaus, and we’ve all made the jokes of sam the monster emotional troll,

but is any one else obsessing over the talk between caleb and veth?

The two have had surprisingly few one-on-ones since the end of the war. scattered chats on rumblecusp and then caleb’s quick promise of teleport to veth’s family. But they haven’t talked. Every episode used to be full of asides or check-ins with each other and as the group has evolved and they’ve blended into it, those interactions have drifted naturally.

So this watch was full of lots of pent up emotion and for as much as they’ve both grown, these characters are still burdened by their selfish decisions and the guilt and shame they let build up inside.

Caleb’s guilt at their circumstance betraying his promise to keep veth with her family. His shame in admitting how much he needs her at his side. We know how much he still torments himself with his more distant past, but this admission puts into words how much he still blames himself for up to recent events.

Veth is quietly falling apart at the seams. The meddling mom cover has been cracking and as part of the nein she has discovered her passion for life and adventure but how it conflicts with her love of her family. Caleb’s teleport offer was a relief for her, and while it might have been driven on the surface so that she could spend more time with her family, deep down she was looking for the excuse to keep travelling. Veth/Nott has always been a wildcard of emotional decisions, and her transformation back into her body seemed to settle this for a while, but i truly don’t know what she’s going to do next (or wtf this cursed dagger is doing to her). 

regardless, i’ve missed these heartfelt and angst filled chats and there was so much in that discussion still to be unpacked later. i can’t wait

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I wrote you a poem.
Oh, no one’s ever written me a poem before.
Yeah. I thought, you’ve just been so distant from us. I just want to make sure that you know that you’re part of the team and part of the family.

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Also, I just admire the commitment of everyone to the “we’re stacked like cordwood in the dome” scene. Marisha pretending that when Beau flails it could actually hit Caduceus like she used to bump Liam and Taliesin playing along with that. Liam having Caleb grumble when they get too loud and call out to Lucien. Sam pretending that Fjord’s flailing ends up jostling Veth on the other side.

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Okay but I love how Sam decided to take this bit of meta gaming and messing with his friends who are trying to go on a date and turned it into a really sweet moment to hype up a character who has had a hard time feeling like she belongs with the group 🥺

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