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lemonysnidget · 3 minutes ago
I wish Lemony's kind editor was included in the Netflix show as an unnamed VFD member, because I think it would be funny to see a shadowy person going back to the theater in TBB, cutting a seat cushion, and finding Lemony's manuscript there with other evidence. I think this also would have advanced the plot better, because it still implies VFD is creepy and is secretly following the Baudelaires, but also maintains the overall theme that the Baudelaires are alone, no one is going to help them.
It definitely would have been an interesting addition, since the Kind Editor is such a mystery in the series, and I always loved the letters that Lemony Snicket would send to them, and trying to guess what would happen in the next book based off of that was always a treat.
But I think that there would have been some drawbacks as well. It would have taken away from the action, for example. People would have thought that the sugar bowl was being taken by the Editor (or they wouldn’t have been able to include that cliff hanging tease in season 2... which honestly, I’d be in favor of, but the show-runners might not have liked that). 
Most importantly, it also would have taken us out of the “universe” of the show, and actually, I think that it would have the opposite effect of what you’re talking about. Let me explain my thinking. 
The Kind Editor implies that there’s a larger world out there - enough to support whole industries of people unconnected to VFD who would read the stories about the Baudelaires and be entertained by them as fiction. Aka, there is a world full of people that exist in universe who could have helped the Baudelaires. It is something that very subtlety in the novel implicates the reader as someone who could have helped these poor children, but we were ignorant and completely oblivious to what larger networks and schemes have been going on around us (which very nicely ties into some of the darker themes and implications of the book). For them to feature it in the TV show, the effect would be far less subtle. Given the aesthetic they tried to create - that the show exists in a universe where everything is controlled secretly by VFD - the Kind Editor’s presence would contradict that. 
The Kind Editor doesn’t seem to be connected to VFD and is publishing the books as if they are fiction (see, there’s a lot of metatextual stuff going on here... the ASOUE is kinda an ARG). The Kind Editor would ruin the illusion that the Baudelaires are alone and can’t escape VFD. 
That’s my take at least. 
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snicketstrange · 11 hours ago
Rereading The End : Chapter 5
At the beginning of chapter 5 Lemony makes it clear that one of the Baudelaire orphans could be the reader of that book, which was published years after the events described in it. This is strong evidence that Lemony believes that the Baudelaires may still be alive ... So the idea that Lemony was running away from Beatrice Jr for fear of being forced to charge that the Baudelaires were actually dead is unsupported . Lemony knows that they may be alive (and he knows that they may be dead). In other words, Lemony has no hard evidence to convince him either way.
"If you are a braeman or brae-woman—a term for someone who lives all alone on a hill—then peer pressure is fairly easy to avoid, as you have no peers except for the occasional your cave and try to pressure you into growing a woolly coat."
This sentence is a clear reference to TBL, which indicates that Lemony is in fact a Braeman, which indicates that the two anagrams formed by the letters are correct.
In TE, in chapter 5 we have proof of the incredible Sunny memory. I believe that Daniel Handler had to find somewhere to prove that Sunny had an incredible memory. Sunny managed to remember details of when she was only a few weeks old. We already had proof of Klaus' memory, and also of Violet's incredible memory, when she managed to remember details of when she was 2 years old. Delivering this ability to the Baudelaires was important, as they had to write details of their own history in the island book which Lemony would then find some time later and would serve as the basis for all 13 books published by Lemony, even those that Lemony wrote on the security of his apartment (TBB, TRR and TWW)
In fact, I seriously believe that Lemony just wanted to confirm what he had already read. The questions used in TBBRE indicate precisely that he already had prior information and only confirmed things. These are questions like: "Do you confirm that on that day three children stopped by and bought this or that?" or "did you really see a walktalk in Olaf's hands?" When people denied seeing the walktalk he wrote that there was indeed the walktalk but no one seemed to notice it.
Lemony evidently promised to record the story as accurately as possible, and he certainly took into account the possibility that the Baudelaires might have been confused when reporting some details of the events in their own history. Lemony is fascinated by details that may seem insignificant to us.
But I must remind you that Lemony has information that exceeds his research findings, as in the case of the crash of the caravan where Violet and Klaus were staying, as well as what happened inside. It is evident that this information came from the Baudelaires themselves, who wrote about it at some point and such writings were found by Lemony.
Not only does the existence of this information give evidence of this, but also the absence of other indications also give evidence of this. Sunny didn't see what happened inside Olaf's tent at the top of the mountain, so Lemony doesn't know what happened inside, so Lemony doesn't write about it. Klaus cannot remember what happened while he was hypnotized, so Lemony did not write about these events from Klaus' point of view, because Lemony does not know what Klaus actually saw. This ends as soon as Klaus comes out of hypinosis and Lemony again has access to the boy's memories.
Regarding the differences between the information that Beatrice Jr has and that reported in Lemony's books, Dante solved this problem in a beautiful and logical way: The Baudelaires purposely lied to Beatrice Jr by verbally reporting some events that they were ashamed of having practiced. . It may seem contradictory for them to have lied to Beatrice Jr but to have written the truth in an abandoned book on the island, but I am sure it is easier to talk about your mistakes to a stranger than to someone you love. (I think this is the meaning of confectioners in some churches).
I want to point out that Klaus, Sunny and Violet's conversation about Sunny's first swim is one of the private conversations that Lemony would not have access to just by searching the place. He had to read about this conversation in something that the Baudelaires wrote.
In fact, TE as a whole is proof that Lemony did not write his books for chasing the Baudelaires by recording their every step. Lemony was not on that island.
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lookalivefive · 14 hours ago
Once I’m kidnapped and indoctrinated into a mysterious, secret organisation, it’s over for you bitches
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I hate to think that I have anything in common with either Count Olaf or the guy who started VFD, but the aesthetic obsession with Eye Imagery is right there.
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shorthairedwitch · a day ago
diversity win! the lady you just assassinated at the opera hates her husband.
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beatricebidelaire · 2 days ago
diversity wins! the volunteer who recruited you into volunteer fire department is bisexual
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silentfury-jpg · 4 days ago
I didn’t realize anon asks weren’t on... but a fun fact of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is as follows (as requested by there ever was someone). Members of VFD were chosen at a young age and were kidnapped at night and were grabbed by their ankles.... AKA their ankles were broken and the person in question was taken from their bed and taken without consent
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anthonyofawesome · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Nine Cows Arrested By The Authorities Under The Suspicion Of Involvement With V.F.D. Jacques Snicket, Disguised As The Tenth Cow, Escapes On A Stolen Tractor Day ASOUE fandom!
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wakkass · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I don't know who she is, but she’s gorgeous *0* (I recently saw her on this cover and could not resist drawing a small sketch)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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daisy-daisymay · 5 days ago
I’m just wondering if anyone has read a series of unfortunate events or seen the netflix adaptation? I’m in love with the idea of VFD and I really want to be a part of something like that. Anyone else or is that just me being weird as usual?
Daisy xx
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basecontroltech · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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silentfury-jpg · 6 days ago
VFD? Yeah I'm faimiliar
I am, in fact,
(I'm doing better currently but I thought of this earlier)
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accio · 6 days ago
count olaf has a vfd tattoo, as does jacques snicket, but i'm not sure we see any other adults from their generation have the ankle tattoo. which seems weird, given that it's implied or outright stated that everyone was given them. maybe the baudelaire parents were just good at hiding theirs?
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