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Tumblr media
By HV_0519
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easily flustered
vi x f!reader hcs゛ ⿻
Tumblr media
pair → vi x femme reader, friendly & bashful
cw → fluff, nsfw, not proofread, rushed
✦、i needed to post something, man i really need more determination to finish things.. i'll try have trembling out asap * ₊ ・
vi takes pride in the fact her bare voice can make you shy away, but she'd never take advantage of you with that
you're referred to as things like vi's lamb because of your sheepish persona
she finds you adorable and melts at the way you're so friendly, in zaun kindness is extremely rare — not to mention stillwater. you're like a diamond from the bottom of the sea to the pinkette
people may find the pair strange, a headstrong woman with a sensitive and polite lady. some bystanders may insult you two but vi always just covers your ears, "don't listen to them. i love you no matter what, we're okay."
she makes sure not to be too gruesome or violent when beating their faces in as to not scare you. they couldn't just walk around freely and go unpunished now, could they?
has a tendency to zone out on your face (especially your cheeks) and watch it deepen into a rosary pigment, nearly matching her hair
you find vi so beautiful that keeping eye contact is extremely difficult. her flirtatiousness doesn't help at all — constantly burying your face into books or palms in attempts to hide. that pretty little head of yours always ends up in her hands though, "oh, no no please don't hide. let me see that pretty smile.."
when vi had introduced you to caitlyn anxiety began to bubble up within you. cait was neat, proper, and very composed — polar opposites.
the thoughts kept flooding in and your smile had faded moments ago, vi noticed the shift of atmosphere. she never failed to reassure and comfort you, "you are everything to me y/n, that bashfulness is a part of you; it's special and charming. even if that changed i would still love you continuously."
strange as it may sound, because of excessive blushing you resemble a hand body? warmer. vi runs very warm and finds the fact you're warmer extremely comforting. some days she just needs a break and takes deep naps with you in her arms or vice versa
this girl is so head over heels for you. all she's known is to toughen up and be on guard, yet your carefree and welcoming personality is so refreshing. you're her reminder that it's okay to not be so strong. any second spent with you is euphoric to her. the rabbit hole of love has her so deep that she see's you as an angel in disguise
"so perfect.." yes, most of the time she's a sap but the sly part of her tends to outshine that display of adoration. straight knees were placed beside yours, toned arms laid against your head, pinning you to the seat. in this position vi could see every feature of yours, "you're so cute like this. i wonder though, what kind of expressions would you make in bed?"
that happens quite often..
sometimes people just hand things to you since you're too afraid to ask, but vi wants to hear your voice no matter what. she constantly teases and encourages you to speak more, "come on angel. don't be afraid, what do you want?
being shy can be stressful. vi did research with caitlyn about people who are often anxious and learned it causes tension in the body. expect some nightly massages
orders food for you and never leaves your side when trading with merchants. okay okay w
god, why is she so hot
if you ever decide to try and mute yourself with a pillow just know it'll be tossed to the side eventually. don't even try use your hands to hide yourself because they'll soon be pinned above your head
she takes great care of you, in many ways. peppers kisses from your jawline down to the neck and shoulders as a distraction for the hands between your legs
vi wants to see, feel, and taste all of you. she simply doesn't let you try and 'hover' over her. no way. her face will be your throne whether you like it or not
you try and repay her, yet most of the she just denies it and says, "don't worry about it cupcake. your pleasure is mine." she actually gets off to you feeling good, but there's no way you're just gonna sit around being a pillow princess 24/7
when she does let you repay her though you're showered with praises, she tears up slightly the first time. nobody had treated her so gently, "god you're doing so well.. ah! fuck. i love you i love you i love you."
bought a clear strap with sparkles to not "scare you" the first time (?) it was awfully cute
many people were intrigued by your friendliness and kindness, they tried to flirt or take advantage of you but luckily there were always priorities to save you. now that vi is here, she helped you realize what everybody had been doing; by taking you home herself though.
you told vi you were anxious at first about how she'd react to your body, that very same day she cherished you, slowly removing every piece of clothing with an affirmation. litters kisses on every part of your skin and kisses your tears of happiness away.
the pinkette slowly lowered the straps of your dress, "you're so beautiful. did you know that?" "you tell me everyday.." hands trailed up from the small of your back up to your temples softly, "and i mean it every single time." her lips met your collarbone and slipped off the rest of your garments lovingly yet oh so slowly; watery eyes began to form from the amount of love you were receiving. vi kissed away the tears that were trailing down your cheek. "if i had met you sooner my love, i would spend every single second i had giving you the good things you were deprived of. " the moon shone so perfectly on your skin. "i wouldn't mind dying to the sight of this." vi shamelessly thought. she took care of you in that same pace, lovingly, painfully slow. you're her angel — you deserve it all.
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When you see it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Caitlyn, to Vi: Would you like to stay for dinner?
Tobias, from the other room: Would you like to stay forever?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Leif was sad so we got him a dog
Bonus Zasp doodles
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Vi vs Chemtank study
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Tumblr media
I have made this drawing just for training, following tips and tutorials for the eyes, I don't feel comfortable when I draw them so I'm trying different things haha.
(I've also used a kibbitzer's base bc Caitlyn cutting Vi's hair is one of my hc🥺)
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Tumblr media
Your touch, it's so sweet.
Creator: 来气 / naiqi536
Source: https://naiqi536.lofter.com/post/1f720a7b_2b414f9e7
Permission was granted by the artist to upload their work | Please do not repost, edit, or upload to any other websites. Please support the artist by bookmarking and liking the artwork.
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Good morning, afternoon or night ONLY to the people who don't try to shit on one of these wonderful characters in order to raise their views on the other!
Tumblr media
Vi and Silco my beloveds
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and history will call them...
Close friends
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anything but lovers History hates lovers Sidekicks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
good pals
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anything but lovers History hates lovers
/ history hates lovers - oublaire /
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Vi: We have fun, don’t we, Cupcake?
Caitlyn: I have never been more stressed out in my entire life.
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Tumblr media
This ended up being a caitvi sketch pile I guess
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Using Hextech in the best ways 
By ArtKittweetz
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Caitlyn: Vi, we need a plan of attack!
Vi: I have a plan. Attack.
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steorie · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I just uploaded a 10 pages CaitVi Childhood AU mini comic to my ☕️ as PDF dl. Your support would mean the world to me. I hope those who get it will have a lot of fun reading! 💓 (LINK👏🏻💓)
I’ll share the first 4 pages on here. :))
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girl help i've felt more for league of legends characters than i have for anything irl
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Tumblr media
"It's okay."
(I think they complement and support each other)
Creator: ayuan772 / 搞儿童画
Source: https://ayuan772.lofter.com/post/1fa0036c_2b53f48e8
Permission was granted by the artist to upload their work | Please do not repost, edit, or upload to any other websites. Please support the artist by bookmarking and liking the artwork.
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im fully aware of the fact that vi has committed a lot of crimes she’s assaulted people she’s attempted murder she did an illegal sting operation she once punched someone’s eye out. but the reason i forgive her for all of it is
she baby
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Arcane but just the swear words!!
if you're a little kid i advise you not to watch this as this clip is full of s**t. Thank you.
I think i got all of them but i don't wanna jinx it (get the pun) but i'm sure i forgot one or two little fucks or shits. Lemme know if i did so i can edit them in!! or if there are any other words i could add into it!! I also added the 'shut up' and the 'hell' cause i thought they were worthy of being in this :)
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