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i haven鈥檛 touched the vi x reader tag in a hot minute, most of pride month and am left devastated by the lack there of vi fanfiction 馃挃 disappointed
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Tumblr media
so true
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Better Boyfriend
Vi x f!Reader | Modern AU | NSFW +18 | wc: 3.8k | After your current boyfriend cheats on you, Vi decides to leave the party with you and keep you all to herself for the night, doing all the things he never sufficed to complete.
Warnings: mention of smoking, alcohol, fingering, oral, thigh riding, praising, back-scratching, hickeys.
A/N: FINALLY WROTE SOMETHING FOR VI. I love her okay? And 'boyfriend' by Dove Cameron made me do this. I'll post something for Viktor next week. Anyway, enjoy in horny jail <3
Tumblr media
It would be a lie to say you didn't see it coming. You were a magnet for jerks, too many heartbreaks leading on fantasizing about the bare minimum anyone could do for you. This time seemed a bit different, not because you didn't expect a break-up, but because he wasn't the one you wanted to hold dear.
You didn't notice it at first, but someone else sure did.
No heartbreak shook you, just the empty feeling of disloyalty and betrayal implanted deep inside your chest. Fidelity and devotion were qualities you valued: broken trust meant cutting ties.
Music echoed through the wall you laid against, volume loud enough for you to listen clearly from the second floor of the house. You would be down there, dancing and having the time of your life if you hadn't caught your boyfriend shoving his hands down another girl's skirt, making out on the dancefloor.
You chuckled in irony, amused by your intuition predicting how things would pan out. However, that empty feeling stayed, and you hated it.
You didn't smoke often, yet it was the only distraction you could come up with. Cigarette between your fingers while searching in your pockets for a lighter, disappointed by not finding any. Your now-ex didn't have one either, he never did anyway, and you didn't intend on going back to the first floor to borrow one.
Your disappointed sigh got lost by the music as you rested your head back on the wall and placed the cig between your lips, eyes closed while trying to send your thoughts away.
Somehow, you successfully stopped thinking about him when you felt someone leaning beside you.
"Hey cupcake, need a light?"
An unconscious smile appeared on your lips when you heard her voice, finding her closer than you thought when your eyes opened. The flame from the light glowing on her icy iris as she smirked. You replied with a knowing look, leaning until the cigarette's tip touched the fire, eyes never leaving hers as you inhaled a bit of smoke.
"Thanks, Vi."
Vi was sure something, catching your eye in the university's hallways more times than you'd admit. You met through mutual friends, yet the subtle glances you shared never seemed to be noticed by anyone but you; although neither could do much about it since whenever she was single, you were already dating someone and vice-versa. Regardless, you got to know the other better, fun complicity blossoming between you both.
She saw you take another puff before speaking again.
"Mind sharing?"
You arched a brow. "I thought you didn't like smoking. What changed your mind?"
She shrugged as her hand reached for the cig.
"There's a first time for everything."
You never saw her smoke before, but the unbothered look on her face as smoke escaped her mouth became one of your favorites. She tapped the ashes when finished like she'd done it before, locking eyes with you again.
"Yeah, this shit is not for me," the lightly disgusted grin she made sure was new for you as well.
"Then give it back!" you laughed as she handed you the cig, mimicking your laugh.
Her hair shook a bit when she scanned the room, confused.
"Where's this boyfriend of yours anyway? He's always glued to you."
Her eyes gave you a worried look when you didn't reply, nervously fidgeting with the cigarette between your fingers before breathing it in again. She knew you enough to guess what had happened.
"He's down there, isn't he?" You were caught off guard by the anger hidden in her voice, an irked tone underneath each word. Her bandaged hands turned to fists by instinct. "Come with me."
You would've asked where if she hadn't dragged you down back to the first floor, almost sprinting. Her hand intertwined with yours guided both through the thick sea of people dancing until your ex appeared in sight, making Vi curse under her breath when she saw him still kissing this other girl. She didn't waste any time and pulled him back by the shoulder, punching him right in the nose before he could complain, slamming him to the floor.
"Vi!" you yelled above the music as she shook a bit of blood off her knuckles. Everyone present couldn't help but giggle and whisper how good of a punch that was. You nervously chuckled along, glad everyone agreed he deserved it.
Vi turned back to face you, the grip on your hand softly tightening. You expected a cold gaze from what just happened, but the playful smile she gave you was enough to take your breath away.
"Wanna leave this place?" A mischievous spark lit inside her eyes, playfully captivating to yours.
Your eyes replied with the same emotion. "You don't even have to ask."
Her smirk made you smile back, ready to go to the door.
"Where the hell do you think you're going with my girlfriend?"
Her thick eyebrows frowned as she turned back, looking down at your wounded ex, who bluntly wiped the blood from his nose. She would have laid another punch aimed to his eye, but tonight time was worth more than gold.
"You lost the pleasure to call her yours, asshole."
You saw her motorcycle parked right in front of the house. Vi sat on its seat and threw you the only helmet she had, which almost slipped from your hands when you caught it.
"Are you sobber?" you asked her while accommodating the helmet on your head, it fitting quite loose.
The bike roared along her smirk appeared. "Completely, angel. So, am I taking you to your place?"
"No!" perhaps it was the lonely feeling inside your chest that made your tone almost beg, so you regained the lost composture. "I... forgot my keys."
Bulshit, you just needed an excuse to stay near her. She saw through your lies but kept a quiet smile; she knew you better than you gave her credit for and didn't plan on leaving you alone tonight.
"My place then?"
You nodded as you walked towards her, sitting right behind her. You planned to hold onto the back of the motorbike, but your plans changed when Vi grabbed your wrists from behind her, wrapping them around her waist.
Her cocky smirk appeared as your arms pulled you to her, the leather from her red jacket warmingly welcoming your touch.
"You might wanna hold on tight, angel," she warned, leaning towards the handle as the motor roared harder.
"What do you mean by tha鈥"
A high-pitched yell scraped your throat when Vi drove off at full speed, her laughter echoing on the empty streets and fading amidst the night as she felt your arms hugging her for dear life. You weren't used to experiencing adrenaline, not because you hated it, but because the chance to didn't strike often; but your heart racing alongside hers and the shot of joy spreading from your veins and showing in the form of cheerful howl as the street lights passed by in a blur... Damn, it was addictive.
Her apartment wasn't far from the party, so you arrived within minutes. The place was rather small, enough for a college student to live in, but cozier and warmer than imagined.
"Wanna wait for me in my room? I tell you, the couch is not comfortable," she said as she unraveled her bloody bandages.
The bedroom door was right in front of the kitchen, so you had no problem finding it. A lamp lit the room from the nightstand as you sat right at the edge of the bed, surprised at how soft the black bedspread was. Through the door, you saw her hands stretching at twitching once the bandages were off, which made you frown.
"You got hurt?"
"From throwing a punch? I'm not that weak, angel." She cocked a brow in your direction as she opened one of the kitchen cabinets. "Down for a drink?" She approached you and sat next to you, tequila bottle in hand and two shot glasses in the other.
You chuckled. "You don't drink at parties but here, huh?"
She poured the two glasses full, icy eyes piercing yours kindly as she grinned proudly.
"Well, I only do when my companion is worth the shot."
You grabbed the shot from her hand, eyes still locked while you chugged it down, blaming the burning feeling of your cheeks on the alcohol and not on her words. She seconded you and refilled both glasses again.
"So, wanna talk about what happened back there?" She looked concerned, knowing what getting cheated on felt like from past relationships.
You adored the warmth inside her eyes as she asked. She genuinely cared about how you felt, making your heart heavy.
"Is there anything left?" Your fingers carefully played around the shot in your hand, eyes glued to the floor. "You saw it yourself, sorry for making you cause a scene."
She chuckled at your response, "To be fair, I wanted to punch the bastard long ago."
Your frowned, confused. Vi didn't know him at all and never really got to talk to him at campus, just rolled her eyes whenever she saw you two together.
She discreetly scratched the back of her neck, no reply coming from her mouth as she chugged her drink down instead.
"Are you hurt?" She still avoided your question.
"Disappointed, not hurt tho. I'm aware he wasn't big of a deal."
Her icy eyes beamed intrigued, raising her scared brow as her hand carefully reached for yours, her warm familiar touch was softer than you remembered. When was the last time you held hands?
"Then why did you keep dating him?"
Yeah, why did you keep dating him?
Maybe because Vi was already dating someone else 鈥攚ho she broke up with a week after, perhaps you hoped her reactions when she saw you two together existed out of jealousy, or you just wanted the feelings for her to go away since you couldn't have her.
However, you just drank another shot. No reply came from your lips, just a sufficient smile that left Vi's mind wandering.
"Was he at least a good lay?" She mockingly asked.
"Oh, fuck no." You laughed under your breath, not realizing how fast you answered. "He's just like the rest of the people I've dated."
That seemed to pique Vi's interest, especially after your hand kindly stroked hers and your head fell atop her shoulder. Having you right next to her sure was making her mind a mess. She put both your hands on her lap, rubbing the back of yours with her thumb.
"So, none of your partners ever made you cum, cupcake?"
You shook your head, aware you would probably regret getting all talkative after drinking. "All of them cared more about their own pleasure, they forgot mine was also important." You left out a heavy sigh, subtly rubbing your cheek on her red jacket. "The good part is I become a master at faking it."
"That's not how it's supposed to be, (Y/N)."
Her voice was low but assertive, the mention of your real name took you by surprise since Vi had a fixation on calling you by different nicknames.
Pet names, almost.
Her hand grabbed your chin, making your face her. Blue eyes scanned your face as she pulled you close. Your foreheads touched just enough for you to appreciate all of her features: from the scar on her eyebrow to the tattoos on her face and neck... and that damn scar decorating her upper lip.
She gave you time to pull away, to escape if you wanted. But it was Vi, you would never pull away if it came to her.
"Wanna hear a secret, cupcake?" Her thumb traveled from your chin to your lower lip, gently pressing it down as you nodded, unable to speak. "I could be a better boyfriend than him."
Her lips almost brushing yours were all you could think about, eyes darkened looking right at yours, catching your view on her lips.
"Fuck, I could be better than all of those fuckers. I'd do the shit they never did." Her nose nuzzled yours, smiling when she noticed your breathing getting heavier. "I wouldn't quit until I had you begging for more, sure, that's if you let me."
Your eyes glued to hers, daring and honest, expecting for your consent to proceed. The all-mighty Vi, who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, awaiting permission from the girl that drove her insane since day one.
"You think you have enough stamina for that?" you teasingly asked, aware of the answer.
"I think I can handle you, hot stuff. I'm a boxer..." Her hand dropped to the back of your neck, playing with the hair he could reach. "My fists aren't the only thing I know how to use."
"Then show me."
Anyone would have laughed if you told them Vi followed someone's orders, you would have even. But any possible laugh died on her lips as she devoured yours. She tasted like tequila and danger, you noticed it from her smug smile whenever your lips parted, just collide them back together. It was roughly soft, something you both were dying to taste for longer than you could put into words.
She froze for a second when you took control of the situation, sitting on her lap and hugging her waist with your thighs, letting her witness the heat that burned inside your body from beneath your skirt; but she didn't fall far behind. A dense gasp left your mouth when her teeth grazed your lower lip, generously bitting it after.
"What's the hurry, angel?" Her hands slipped under your shirt, the temperature difference delightedly contrasting on the skin of your back as her fingertips and nails skimmed it up and down, glad to notice you weren't wearing a bra. "I thought I'd be the impatient one."
"That wouldn't be new."
Your fingertips traveled from the side of her face to her neck, tracing the tattoos that continued down her back and arms, hidden by her clothes. You got to view them shortly once at the gym and wondered what the big picture would look like ever since.
"Wanna see the rest?" Her eyes yearned for your all, impatient as she's always been whit the things she desired.
You replied by sliding her jacket down her arms, throwing it to a corner of the room to follow the paths of tattoos down her arms. All those hours she spent practicing and competing at the ring sure paid off.
Her smug smile appeared as she helped you remove her white shirt as well, revealing more of the black ink and a chest covered in bandages just like her hands were before. You would have unraveled them if Vi didn't switch positions, hands on your hips as she turned your back to the bed, calmly crawling atop your physique.
"Trust me, (Y/N). I'd love you to undress me completely. But tonight is about you and only you." Her nose brushed the crook of your neck before a kiss in the spot made you shiver. "We'll have another night for me later. okay?"
No time for a reply was allowed when she took your shirt off, almost ripping it from your body, followed by her pants, leaving her in underwear and bandages only. Her eyes wandered all over your exposed torso, admiring every single part of you: the way your uneven breathing made your breast tremble, the wet path of kisses glistening on your neck down to your collarbone, how your still-on skirt hugged your wist as it rode up your thighs...
"You're beautiful," she whispered breathless, one hand right beside your face as the other helped her take off your skirt and remaining clothing. Such tenderness never showed inside her eyes until now, hypnotized by the sight of your now naked self underneath her, "I mean it, every part of you."
Your hand caressed her cheek as she lowered her face to yours, brushing her 'VI' tattoo with your thumb. "You'll make me fall deeper for you."
She guided your hand to her lips, placing a kiss on your palm, then the inside of your wrist. "I better, (Y/N). I fell long ago."
Her lips took possession of your flesh once again, kissing and sucking every part they found, leaving red marks on your neck down your cleavage that screamed you were hers. Her mouth stopped on one of your breasts, tongue circling your nipple as her hand fondled the other, her big palm from fighting and callous fingers from fighting, somehow soft going over your flesh, stroking it as she enjoyed the faltering panting you tried to keep to yourself.
Yet she wanted to set them free.
Her free hands brushed your belly and slid slowly between your thighs, flattered to find you dripping wet by her caresses. Your cheeks burned when you noticed, you didn't remember anyone who could get such a reaction from your body, but Vi's touch felt like burning heaven.
"Pretty receptive, I see." She smiled proudly, her fringers generously tempting your entrance.
A whimper escaped your lips as she continued her teasing, barely grazing your pussy for a couple of seconds before inserting one finger, taking advantage of how lubricated you were already, followed by another finger curling up inside you. It felt nothing like touching yourself, it was livelier, more intense. You couldn't help but moan to her touch, hands clenching to the sheets as your legs opened slowly to give her more access.
"You sound so sweet," Vi teased.
"Shut up."
Make me was the response you expected, but her mind plotted something different. You wanted her mouth shut? As you wish. Mischief bloomed in her eyes as she carefully put your legs over her shoulders and buried her mouth in your dripping cunt.
Your brain stopped functioning there.
She knew what she was doing, fuck. She really did.
Her mouth ate you out masterfully, tongue swirling around your pussy, sucking onto your clit while her fingers fucked you skilled, taking a fancy on hitting and curling them on that soft sweet spot that drove you crazy.
Your eyes rolled blank and your back arched to her pace, toes curling as she continued. She loved the view you gifted her, all control lost out of the window while your hands clutched to her hair and your thighs trembled around her head, mouth ajar, 'more' being the only coherent word you could form in between panting and whining delighted by her attention.
Your reactions were getting to her, aroused like never before, and Vi promised herself you both could enjoy many other nights you could return the pleasure she was giving you.
"Vi, please. I'm close," you cried, yearning for the orgasm that trained up inside you, waiting to be released.
"Keep calling my name, (Y/N)." Her words vibrated on your clit before she withdrew her mouth from you, replacing her tongue with her tumb, delighted by your louder begging. "I wanna hear you."
Your arms wrapped around her neck, pulling her to you as her fingers hustled inside, her lips barely brushing yours.
"Vi," you moaned, planning to keep going before her lips covered yours briefly. The sight of your eyes darkened by desire drove her mad.
"Cum for me."
Your body obeyed instantly, coming undone on her fingers, mumbling her name again. Vi hissed delighted by the sudden scratching on her back as you climaxed, right above her bandages; she didn't take you for one to enjoy it but smirked at the confirmation, kissing your forehead and waiting for your breathing to even as you still enjoyed the shadow of your orgasm.
Fuck, she was better than anyone.
She sat down and helped your 鈥攏ow鈥 weak self get on top, her strong thigh in between your legs. The lovely overwhelming warmth of your skin atop hers provided comfort neither of you experimented often, but gladly could make it a habit.
"Tired already, angel?" she asked, cupping your face with her hand. You shook your head, sure you could continue for a while. "Then is your turn to take action."
Her thigh made you shiver as she brushed your already stimulated cunt, hands on your waist to help you move and grind as you pleased.
"You have no idea how many times I wished you were mine," she whispered as your hips move, your face hidden on the crook of her neck where your moaning died as you kissed all over it, "how I wanted to steal you from him, kiss you. God, you were all I could think about."
Your hips riding her thigh, constantly rubbing your most perceptive spots as she praised you made your mind hazy, only able to think about how good you were feeling from everything she gave you.
Vi didn't stand behind: your image lost in the thrill as you rubbed and moved your hips on it was more than enough to please her.
"I'm here now," you let out, arms around her neck and kindly scratching down her back as you continued, "yours completely."
You didn't notice the subtle blush on her cheeks, but the sound of her gentle laugh drove you to the edge. She noticed, of course, by your movements getting faster and your uneven gasps,
So you found her voice alluring, huh?.
"You're doing so good." her grip tightened around your waist, following the pace you marked. "You can't imagine how much I adore you."
You bit her neck and sucked gently when the orgasm overcame you, causing a hickey you knew you'd wear proudly, legs around her waist as she hugged you back, reminding you how good you were for her. You kissed her lips once again before your eyes started closing.
Vi chuckled. "Don't worry, cupcake. We'll work on your stamina later."
You woke up inside her muscular arms as her head rested on your chest. You never saw her as calm as when she slept, the though facade vanishing, physically exposing her kind heart in her sleep. Carefully, you escaped her embrace and got out of bed, looking for some clothes to put on in the mess you made in her room. You found your underwear, but none of your clothes was near to be found.
But Vi's red jacket was, and curiosity took the best of you.
You put it on quickly, staring at your reflection on the full-length mirror she had in her room. The scent of leather completely overshadowed by her own perfume on top. It felt good, comfortable even, just like the embrace you got out of.
Luckily you felt her strong arms wrapping you from behind as her chin rested on your shoulder, admiring your reflection wearing his favorite piece of clothing.
"Morning, cupcake. Told you my clothes would fit."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Y鈥檃ll鈥 idk wtf were they trying to do with this, but ik it did something to me 馃洂
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easily flustered
vi x f!reader hcs銈 饪
Tumblr media
pair 锟 vi x femme reader, friendly & bashful
cw 锟 fluff, nsfw, not proofread, rushed
鉁︺乮 needed to post something, man i really need more determination to finish things.. i'll try have trembling out asap * 鈧 銉
vi takes pride in the fact her bare voice can make you shy away, but she'd never take advantage of you with that
you're referred to as things like vi's lamb because of your sheepish persona
she finds you adorable and melts at the way you're so friendly, in zaun kindness is extremely rare 鈥 not to mention stillwater. you're like a diamond from the bottom of the sea to the pinkette
people may find the pair strange, a headstrong woman with a sensitive and polite lady. some bystanders may insult you two but vi always just covers your ears, "don't listen to them. i love you no matter what, we're okay."
she makes sure not to be too gruesome or violent when beating their faces in as to not scare you. they couldn't just walk around freely and go unpunished now, could they?
has a tendency to zone out on your face (especially your cheeks) and watch it deepen into a rosary pigment, nearly matching her hair
you find vi so beautiful that keeping eye contact is extremely difficult. her flirtatiousness doesn't help at all 鈥 constantly burying your face into books or palms in attempts to hide. that pretty little head of yours always ends up in her hands though, "oh, no no please don't hide. let me see that pretty smile.."
when vi had introduced you to caitlyn anxiety began to bubble up within you. cait was neat, proper, and very composed 鈥 polar opposites.
the thoughts kept flooding in and your smile had faded moments ago, vi noticed the shift of atmosphere. she never failed to reassure and comfort you, "you are everything to me y/n, that bashfulness is a part of you; it's special and charming. even if that changed i would still love you continuously."
strange as it may sound, because of excessive blushing you resemble a hand body? warmer. vi runs very warm and finds the fact you're warmer extremely comforting. some days she just needs a break and takes deep naps with you in her arms or vice versa
this girl is so head over heels for you. all she's known is to toughen up and be on guard, yet your carefree and welcoming personality is so refreshing. you're her reminder that it's okay to not be so strong. any second spent with you is euphoric to her. the rabbit hole of love has her so deep that she see's you as an angel in disguise
"so perfect.." yes, most of the time she's a sap but the sly part of her tends to outshine that display of adoration. straight knees were placed beside yours, toned arms laid against your head, pinning you to the seat. in this position vi could see every feature of yours, "you're so cute like this. i wonder though, what kind of expressions would you make in bed?"
that happens quite often..
sometimes people just hand things to you since you're too afraid to ask, but vi wants to hear your voice no matter what. she constantly teases and encourages you to speak more, "come on angel. don't be afraid, what do you want?
being shy can be stressful. vi did research with caitlyn about people who are often anxious and learned it causes tension in the body. expect some nightly massages
orders food for you and never leaves your side when trading with merchants. okay okay w
god, why is she so hot
if you ever decide to try and mute yourself with a pillow just know it'll be tossed to the side eventually. don't even try use your hands to hide yourself because they'll soon be pinned above your head
she takes great care of you, in many ways. peppers kisses from your jawline down to the neck and shoulders as a distraction for the hands between your legs
vi wants to see, feel, and taste all of you. she simply doesn't let you try and 'hover' over her. no way. her face will be your throne whether you like it or not
you try and repay her, yet most of the she just denies it and says, "don't worry about it cupcake. your pleasure is mine." she actually gets off to you feeling good, but there's no way you're just gonna sit around being a pillow princess 24/7
when she does let you repay her though you're showered with praises, she tears up slightly the first time. nobody had treated her so gently, "god you're doing so well.. ah! fuck. i love you i love you i love you."
bought a clear strap with sparkles to not "scare you" the first time (?) it was awfully cute
many people were intrigued by your friendliness and kindness, they tried to flirt or take advantage of you but luckily there were always priorities to save you. now that vi is here, she helped you realize what everybody had been doing; by taking you home herself though.
you told vi you were anxious at first about how she'd react to your body, that very same day she cherished you, slowly removing every piece of clothing with an affirmation. litters kisses on every part of your skin and kisses your tears of happiness away.
the pinkette slowly lowered the straps of your dress, "you're so beautiful. did you know that?" "you tell me everyday.." hands trailed up from the small of your back up to your temples softly, "and i mean it every single time." her lips met your collarbone and slipped off the rest of your garments lovingly yet oh so slowly; watery eyes began to form from the amount of love you were receiving. vi kissed away the tears that were trailing down your cheek. "if i had met you sooner my love, i would spend every single second i had giving you the good things you were deprived of. " the moon shone so perfectly on your skin. "i wouldn't mind dying to the sight of this." vi shamelessly thought. she took care of you in that same pace, lovingly, painfully slow. you're her angel 鈥 you deserve it all.
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League of Legends/Arcane - Vi NSFW
// here is my girlfriend, I don't know why so many other people request her when we are clearly married but oh well
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they鈥檙e like after sex): She gets nervous , worries about having hurt you, will fret over you, are you okay, are you comfortable and when she is done she'll wait for you to tell her how good she was, she wants the praise, for you to tell her how much you love her and how good she fucks you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner鈥檚): Arms, it's arms , the moment your hand even brushes her biceps she is flexing ,you can tell even if she tries to play it off casually. As for her partner, this girl is pussy whipped, i just know it, there are definitely other things she likes about you, your lips, your eyes, and she'll spend hours simply telling you, but she is pussy whipped, she'll slide her fingers in you and moan almost as if it hurts her how good tou feel. You could turn her into a yes ma'am purely by not letting her touch you when she is this worked up.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically鈥 I鈥檓 a disgusting person): I just know that she wants you to cum straight on her face, if she could go out without washing her face after eating you out she absolutely would. The type to casually scratch her nose after fingering you.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): She'd be absolute game with a roleplaying scene, doesn't want to ask because she is still quite embarrassed and doesn't know how to go about it, but she has definitely thought of you in several scenarios, they are all cheesy but she'd die a happy woman if you just indulged her.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they鈥檙e doing?): She is a virgin, prison didn't let her explore much so the second she is out ,and she has someone she likes, she is ready to pounce, whatever she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She wants to see your face, she wants to be able to look into your eyes , wether you are riding her or she is above you she won鈥檛 let you hide away.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): She can and will absolutely laugh with you, sometimes she can't help it, she'll be trying to look cool, and accidentally hit her head or twist you in a weird position that makes you yelp in pain, and after applogising, you'll both giggle but the mood is definitely not ruined, she'll kiss the spot you were hurt , look at you through her eyelashes and ask for you to let her make it feel better.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): Doubt she ever cared about shaving, might start trimming if her partner asks, bur nothing more, she'll try shaving or waxing once and complain so much about the pain/itchiness.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect鈥): She is so whipped, she'll encourage you and praise you and coo at you ,she'll plead with you to give her one more orgasm ,how she knows you can take one more baby, she can feel it ,she'll kiss your cheeks and moan against your mouth when you finally cum once more.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Did it purely out of frustration and boredom ,but it definitely wasn't something she did out of pleasure.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks); Roleplaying, She also has a thing for stockings and thigh highs and stuff like that, would rather rip a hole through your nice black stockings than have you take them off.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere you'll allow her to have you, she'd be pulling you in some small alley with a cocky grin ,but if you are actually game she gets so flustered, but she won't back down, and even if some poor soul happens by she'll yell at them to fuck off.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Anything really after being away for so long. But especially playing with her hair, this small and gentle gesture has her in a puddle honestly. She'll let you drag your nails against her scalp for a bit and then pull your hand off of her head to start kissing your fingers before pulling you for a kiss.
N = NO (Something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs): Degrade you, anything like putting you down, she can't bring herself to do it and it's also something she wouldn't handle with you doing to her.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): She could honestly get herself off just with you against her mouth, another big fan of, no no break it it's fine when it comes to face sitting, she'll hold you against her tongue until she gets light headed at which point you have to get up.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Fast and rough, she always feels like she has to make up for all the time she spent locked away, so she needs to be guided into something slower, she can definitely do so, her eyes will watch you carefully roll your hips against her ,her hands slowing to grab handfuls of your body.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Hell yeah, goes with the fact she feels like she has to make up for lost time.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): She'll be a bit cautious but if you ask nice enough she is happy to indulge you in anything you come up with.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last鈥): You know she has so much pent up energy, that even after you both cum she is still up to keep fucking you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): At first she won't get the point of them , you have her she can do an equally good job, but she is open minded enough to try out things.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): Not much of a tease ,mostly because she hasn't figured out how to deny you yet, she doesn't feel like doing so though, if she is honest.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, she whimpers and moans and curses and there is a lot of praise and a lot of 'yes princess' 'i love you' 'so fucking good for me' etc.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): While i think that she absolutely tops ,she would not mind having someone who takes charge once in a while, she'd be staring up at them riding her all breathless lost in the pleasure on their face. Pin her wrists and she won't move them from that spot even when you pull back because she just wants to see you enjoy yourself.
X = X-Ray (Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): This woman has so much pent up sexual tension ,she'd cry the first time you two fuck, after that though she is nonstop ready for you.
Z = ZZZ (鈥 how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): She'll fall asleep quite fast, i know those prison beds weren't good and she takes any opportunity to sleep in a good comfortable bed ,she snores too ,really loudly //like her dad.
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zujime a month ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
just imagining laying in bed or on the couch with vi. your body on hers as you trace the coarse skin on her fingers, flipping her hand over before laying yours in her palm, eyes widening at how big her hand is compared to yours.
It's all cute then but not even that long after, her long fingers are knuckles deep in your hole as she stares at you with her lip between her teeth, watching you writhe and whimper uncontrollably under her. she'd ask things like "you like the feeling of my fingers spreading you like this?" or "gonna make a mess for me, sweetheart?"
she'll spend all night and maybe even morning milking as many orgasms as she can, whether they're dry or not.
Tumblr media
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bernthal-brainrot 6 months ago
鈽 饾挆饾拪'饾挃 饾拕饾挅饾拺饾拕饾拏饾拰饾拞 | 饾拤饾拕
锝*:嗉咃健饾挊饾拏饾挀饾拸饾拪饾拸饾拡饾挃: language, nsfw content (labeled), violence?, adult content. minors beware.
锝*:嗉咃健饾挃饾挅饾拵饾拵饾拏饾挀饾挌: what it would be like being in love with the piltover enforcer.
锝*:嗉咃健饾拏饾挅饾挄饾拤饾拹饾挀'饾挃 饾拸饾拹饾挄饾拞: BARK BARK BARK AWOOGA, literally the hottest one on the show in my opinion, jinx being an extremely close second. I love her, please, she is the blueprint for my taste in women.
Tumblr media
Vi might be extremely emotionally reserved, but not around you she isn't.
Literally like a horny frat bro. Will compliment or grab at your boobs or your ass at any given time because oh wow she loves your body.
Once you have her liking you, buckle down, cause you just gained a partner for life, buddy, she'll follow you around like a puppy dog.
Likes teaching you how to fight and throw a punch, and if you already know how to, she likes to get in play fights with you. Maybe on occasion, she'll even let you win.
Even though you do love her, her temper is extremely short. You know she wouldn't ever physically hurt you on purpose, but yelling matches aren't uncommon. She's too hot-headed, and you're too stubborn to back down.
makeup sex ensues.
Y'all know that one picture of two girls putting eyeliner on each other?
Tumblr media
You can decide who's who, but holy shit. (y'all are absolutely boning after this.)
Loves taking you to the prettiest places Zaun has to offer. Likes taking you sightseeing.
Romantic relationships aren't her strong suit, so she likes that you're patient and understanding with her, even if she does get a little frustrating sometimes.
matching finger tattoos?!?!? YES?!!!!?!?! (thinking a 鈽 and a 鈽 but honestly if you have any better ideas, go for it.)
Watching her work those mechanical fists is absolutely magical (and lowkey a turn-on).
You are getting promise rings. No objections. If you have any protests, go argue with a wall. She is possessive and wants something to show others you belong to her.
You both share an annoyance for topsiders.
She is the biggest cuddle bug. She takes physical affection more seriously than verbal affection. Just holding her pinky with yours means a lot more to her than an 'i love you'.
Her nicknames are everywhere. From cupcake to sweetcheeks, to sugar tits, to literally anything else she can think of. It's actually really cute.
She's so physically fit, you could spend hours just running your hands up and down her biceps, I mean she is ripped.
Likes it when you ask her to tell you stories of her past. Adventures she used to go on. Unlike Jinx, Vi looks to her childhood fondly and only likes to focus on the good rather than dwell on the bad.
Never hand this woman a sharpie cause she'll doodle on your hand whenever she gets a chance. Loves drawing small things on you from time to time out of her own enjoyment.
You two may or may not get a cat together, who knows, that's for you to decide, and she may or may not name it cupcake. ("Look, cupcake! It's Cupcake!")
She somehow convinces you to get your nipples pierced, and if it isn't already, your nose as well. She's a sucker for piercings.
Has a strange obsession with kissing random parts of your face at random times. She wakes up before you? Boom. Kiss on your eyelids. You say something really cute? Bam. Kiss on your nose.
Tumblr media
Literally the most top bitch you will ever meet oh mY GOD.
She is literally so hot when she tells you what to do or when she praises you.
"Fuck, my good girl, aren't you?" "Such a precious thing" "On your knees, you know what to do, cupcake."
She can give you the most mind-blowing head and still be insatiable. You have to physically push her away to get her to stop. She could spend all day between your legs (please let her)
Loves to play with your tits, whether it's sucking, licking, biting, anything. She loves your water balloons and if you don't let her touch them, she gets grumpy.
No, because she has such defined abs, you already know she's gonna make you ride them. Seeing you on top of her and panting as you drag your swollen clit across her 6-pack just- oh my fucking god jhsdothoirhtoihoifht.
The best person at aftercare in the world, always super attentive, especially if you slip into sub-space.
Candles? Food? Bath? Water? Cuddles? Literally, ask and she'll get it for you.
She loves you so much to the point where she would kill and die for you. If that isn't the perfect partner, idk what is.
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shortestcake 4 months ago
Pairing: Vi x reader
Pronouns used: none (afab genitalia described)
Gendered terms: none
Genre: fluff+smut (mdni under the cut)
Tumblr media
馃崜 I really believe that Vi isn't too easy to make jealous
馃崜 But she has her limits too
馃崜 Trusts you with her entire being, not randos checking you out
馃崜 Gets really handsy
馃崜 Already likes to be touching you 24/7 (even though she's not the biggest fan of pda, holing hands is enough for her)
馃崜 Whatever limit of pda she set between you was immediately thrown out the window
馃崜 Two seconds later you're in her lap
馃崜 Definitely starts kissing you
馃崜 It could be small smooches on the cheeck, shoulder, neck, etc
馃崜 Or a full makeout session
馃崜 Vi truly is unpredictable
馃崜 When she kisses you she'll look right into the other person's eyes
馃崜 To get the point across
馃崜 Now this is only if said person is checking you out
馃崜 If they start hitting on you,,, thats another story
馃崜 If she's not already beside you, now she will be
馃崜 You've never seen someone move so fast in their life
馃崜 At your side, arm wrapped around your waist
馃崜 "Everything alright, sweets?"
馃崜 If the perpetrator isn't a total dumbass, they'll walk away
馃崜 If they are,,, you might have to take care of some bloody fists later
馃崜 She still totally thinks it was worth it though鈥
馃崜 "I'm fine, they didn't even land a hit on me, see?"
馃崜 You can't stay mad at her and she knows it
馃崜 You're being held/carried everywhere for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
馃崜 On you the moment you get home
馃崜 If you even manage to drag her there
馃崜 She's not mad at you of course
馃崜 But she still feels the need to prove something
馃崜 Remind herself that you're hers, and she's yours
馃崜 Every little kiss leaves you breathless
馃崜 You're already panting before she's even touching you properly
馃崜 It's all her fault, knows exactly what to say
馃崜 "Fuck, see this body? It's all fuckin' mine."
馃崜 You're already overestimated before she's half done with you
馃崜 I can imagine her pausing in the middle of eating you out just to stare at you
馃崜 "You taste so good, baby, you like that?" She'll ask before slowly rubbing your clit with her thumb
馃崜 Makes you ride her thigh/abs
馃崜 Once you (inevitably) start slowing down she grabs your hips to finish the job
馃崜 "Please Vi, f-fuck, it's too much" you start babbling along with incoherant praise
馃崜 "Jus' one more love, I know you got it in ya'"
馃崜 Sits up just to kiss along your neck and whisper sweet nothings in your ear
馃崜 After she's given countless mind blowing orgasms, Vi feels satisfied with her work
馃崜 Holds you close and mumbles praise while kissing your forehead
馃崜 "You did so good muffin'
馃崜 Once you've somewhat come back to your senses she'll run a nice bath for the both of you
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espritmuse 2 months ago
could you do arcane women and their favourite kinds of kisses? where they like to be kissed and where they like to kiss you the most.. i hope that鈥檚 clear 馃ズ馃挄 i love your account
Sure darling, thank you for your sweet request.
馃拰饾悈饾悁饾悤饾悗饾悢饾悜饾悎饾悡饾悇饾悞 饾悐饾悎饾悞饾悞饾悇饾悞鈥
鈱 饾惄饾悮饾悽饾惈饾悽饾惂饾悹: Vi, Sevika, Jinx and Caitlyn
鈱 饾悮饾惍饾惌饾悺饾惃饾惈 饾惂饾惃饾惌饾悶饾惉: <3
Tumblr media
She adores when you kiss her hands. They are rough, bloody, full of asymmetrical cuts and scars and, in her eyes, unpleasant and unappealing to look at. She never really understood why you were always holding and kissing her hands, but she loves it, it calms her a lot.
Vi loves to kiss your forehead and your cheeks. To her, you're the most adorable creature that ever stepped on earth 鈥 and she鈥檚 ready to show you her point of view, planting kisses all over your face at any time of day. Honestly, she just can鈥檛 help it, look at you. She鈥檚 definitely the type of person that just kiss you mid-sentence, just because you looked too lovely.
Jinx likes when you kisses the top of her head while she鈥檚 sitting and working on something. When you just come silently behind her and approach her, your hands gently caressing her shoulders and collarbone while you slowly bend over to plant a sweet kiss on hope of her head. Most of the time 鈥 if not all the time鈥 she looks up to meet her gaze, allowing you to plant another kiss on her forehead.
The blue-haired adores kissing your neck when hugging you tightly. She finds comfort in you, warm and security when you hold her close, skin to skin. She鈥檒l mutter some sweet I love yous and gently kiss your neck, slowly going down to meet your collarbones.
She loves to hug you from behind, sweetly wrapping her soft arms around your torso before kissing your cheeks and your shoulders. Caitlyn often rubs her nose gently on your skin when she kisses your cheeks too. You know how stressed she is and let her rest like this for some minutes, sometimes turning your body to face her and hug her back, when you feel like she really needs it.
Caitlyn adores when you kiss her lips. It honestly might not be the most original kind of kiss but it鈥檚 her all-time favourite. In her eyes, there is nothing better than a deep passionate kiss, no matter the place or time. In the shower, in bed, sitting in a garden, watching a sunset鈥 She likes this feeling, like you somehow both connect to each other.
Surprisingly, she adores when you kiss her nose. Sevika is seen as tough, merciless, cold-blooded, heartless鈥攁nd she is. But when it comes to you, it鈥檚 all different. Nothing on this earth makes her happier than when she sees you walking toward her, slowly and gently placing your soft fingers on her rough skin and planting a sweet kiss on her nose. She might not show it, but it makes her day.
Sevika loves to kiss your hands. First of all, let鈥檚 make things clear, her hand, never leave yours, ever. The undercity is a dangerous place and she doesn鈥檛 want anything happening to her precious girl 鈥 or at least that is the excuse she gives you, she knows no one鈥檚 crazy enough to touch what鈥檚 hers, it鈥檚 just a foolish pretext to have you close. Most of the time, she slowly brings your hand to her lips to kiss it. When she鈥檚 gambling, she also loves to have you on her lap and to kiss your shoulder 鈥 bare shoulders, because she鈥檚 the one who chooses your dresses when you go out, and constantly picks the most revealing ones.
She also likes to kiss your ankles when your legs are up when she fucks you but that鈥檚 another topic I guess.
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tinyintrovert731 4 months ago
Soft Love
Tumblr media
This took way too long but I don't regret it. Hope u enjoy!
Vi x FemReader
Word count: 4.7k
Warnings: NSFW, smoking, drinking, NEEDLES, smut, oral, fingering, dripping
A/N: there is a cut off for the smut part if you're not comfortable reading that part. Other than that, hope u like the fanfic!
You quietly open the door to your shared apartment, well, you try to. It鈥檚 kinda hard to sneak in after being shot by one of Silcos men. After working as a firelight for a few months, you鈥檙e used to getting injuries like this. Vi however, was not. It took years for you to convince Ekko you鈥檙e ready to venture outside the firelight hideout, and Vi only made it harder once she got out of prison. You know she only cares about your safety and well being, but you can鈥檛 just sit still while everyone else is out there risking their lives.聽
You lean against the wall while taking cautious steps, as if you鈥檙e walking on mouse traps. Careful not to make any noise to let Vi know you鈥檙e home鈥specially in this state-.....you look up to see your girlfriend鈥檚 head poking out from your shared room, Her steel blue eyes staring directly at you paired with an angry scowl you鈥檙e familiar with. 鈥淪hit鈥,鈥 you muttered, watching as Vi stomps towards you. 鈥淎re you out of your fucking mind?!,鈥 she yells as she grabs your chin and starts examining your face. You scrunch up your face at the sting of your injuries and Vi鈥檚 harsh stare. 鈥淚t鈥檚 less bad than it looks,鈥 you say quietly. 鈥淏ullshit!,鈥 she growls back. You pull away from her hand and stare at the ground with your eyebrows furrowed.聽
Sighing, Vi takes your hand and leads you to the bathroom while you try your best to walk normally as you follow her. She drags you to the tub. 鈥淪it!鈥 she commands. Afraid to make her more upset, you sit on the edge of the tub, using your jacket to cover the bullet wound on your thigh. You watch as Vi goes to the bathroom cabinet and starts pulling out medical supplies.
She turns to catch you staring at her ass while biting your bottom lip. 鈥淣o. No ass for you until you stop getting hurt,鈥 Vi says with a serious look on her face. She watches as your face falls. 鈥淲ha- no ass?! Love, you鈥檝e gotta be kidding me,鈥 you retort. She knows you love her ass. I mean how could you not!? They were just two pristine globes that fit perfectly in your hands. Plus, it鈥檚 what you can easily reach when you鈥檙e about a foot shorter than Vi. 鈥淭hen maybe you won鈥檛 come back as injured next time,鈥 Vi retorts back as she walks towards you with a bottle of vodka, bandages, and other medical supplies to patch you up with. You pout as she sits beside you, wetting a cloth with the alcohol before dabbing it softly on the cuts on your face.聽
Hissing at the stinging feeling, you distract yourself by staring at Vi鈥檚 face. You wonder how you got lucky to even be in the presence of this beautiful goddess warrior, much less be DATING her. Your eyes trail the detail of her face, studying each and every one of her freckles and the VI tattoo under her eye. The hot scars on her top lip and eyebrow you could spend all day kissing. You stop to stare at her beautiful but scary eyes. The same eyes that hooked you in the first place. There鈥檚 just something about blue eyes that make them so beautiful to you.聽
Vi rests her elbow on your thigh while concentrating and you immediately flinch at the feeling. She looks up at you with wide eyes concerned, before furrowing her brows and moving your jacket to look at your leg. Revealing a bullet wound in your thigh with the bullet still lodged in.聽
鈥淵/N!!鈥 Vi yells before grabbing your leg with both of her hands to get a better look. 鈥淗ey it鈥檚 not my fault!鈥 you yell back before grimincing at Vi鈥檚 touch. She notices and quickly pulls her hands away. After a moment, Vi looks you dead in the eye with a scowl and says, 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna tell Ekko you鈥檙e not ready to do these missions.鈥 You watch as she gets up and goes in the cabinet under the sink for needle, thread, and tweezers. 鈥淲hat? No way! I鈥檝e worked too hard to be able to go on missions!鈥 you argue as you get up and start walking to her, not even caring to hide your limp anymore. 鈥淭his is final. I can鈥檛 keep letting you get hurt,鈥 Vi replies. 鈥淲hat? You think because you鈥檙e out of prison now, you can just control my life again?鈥 鈥淚f it means I won鈥檛 lose you then yes!鈥 Vi burst鈥檚 out.聽
You watch as she takes in a shaky breath and stands up, towering over you with tears in her eyes. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e all I have left鈥.after Vander..Mylo..Claggor鈥-and now Powder..I just鈥 can鈥檛 lose you too.鈥 You watch your girlfriend before pulling her into a tight hug, wrapping your arms around her while she slowly hugs you back.
You hear Vi sniffle as she rests her head into your shoulder while you rub circles into her back. 鈥淚鈥檓 not going anywhere, Violet.鈥 You whisper into her ear before kissing her cheek. You continue to sooth her for a while, telling her how much you love her while she squeezes you gently. After some talking, you both come to a compromise of Vi training you for missions. It would make her less worried knowing you have some tricks up your sleeve when on these missions.
A few minutes of silent hugging pass till you speak up 鈥淗ey, babe. As much as I love being in your hot muscular arms 24/7, I can鈥檛 feel my leg.鈥 You hear Vi chuckle softly before pulling out of your shoulder to look at you. She takes a moment to stare at you with all the love in the world while you stare back with just as much love. You reach up to her face with both of your hands and wipe her tears from her cheeks with your thumbs. Vi smirks deviously and starts covering your face with a bunch of her kisses. You giggle at her touch before gasping as she lifts you into the air, carrying you bridal style.聽
鈥淎lright princess, let's get you fixed up,鈥 Vi says, kissing your forehead while gently setting you back down on the edge of the tub. She grabs her supplies from the cabinet under the sink again and walks over to you, taking a seat beside you. Looking at the needle for the first time in Vi鈥檚 hand, you grab the bottle of alcohol and take a much needed swig from it.聽
After cleaning around the wounded area on your thigh, Vi holds the tweezers with one hand and cups your cheek gently with the other. 鈥淵ou ready?,鈥 She asks, rubbing your cheek with her thumb hoping it would calm you down a bit. You take another swig of alcohol, scrunching your face at the burning liquid going down your throat. 鈥淵eah, I'm ready,鈥 you say. You set the bottle of alcohol on the ground and hold the edge of the tub with both of your hands, bracing yourself. Vi drops her hand from your cheek and holds one of your hands that's gripping the tub, interlacing her fingers with yours. 鈥淥k鈥eep breath for me, cupcake鈥 Vi says as she slowly inserts the tweezers into the open wound of your thigh. You squeeze your eyes shut while practically suffocating the pinkettes hand.聽
After Vi removes the bullet, she smiles, giving you a kiss on your head. 鈥淵ou did so good for me, baby. I鈥檓 so proud of you,鈥 you hear your girlfriend praise into your ear. You open your eyes when Vi lets go of your hand to see her holding up the needle, brows furrowed in concentration as she tries to put the thread through the hole.聽
You stare at the needle worriedly before picking up the bottle of vodka again, taking another swig. Vi notices and laughs. 鈥淵ou afraid of needles, sweets?鈥 She questions. 鈥淣o!鈥 you retorted back, placing the bottle back on the floor. 鈥淛ust鈥hat鈥檚 an abnormally large needle.鈥 Vi gives you a gentle kiss on the lips this time. She pulls away after a bit, making you sigh looking down, wanting more. 鈥淚鈥檒l try to make this fast,鈥 you hear your girlfriend say before you feel the needle go through your skin. You hiss at the feeling, putting both of your hands on Vi鈥檚 shoulders to steady yourself, digging your nails into her while she stitches you up.聽
Everything鈥檚 quiet in the bathroom except for occasional hissing from you. Vi bites her bottom lip in concentration, trying to make you suffer through the least pain possible. Once she鈥檚 done, you relax your body and rub her shoulders where you were digging into her the whole time. 鈥淪orry鈥,鈥 you whisper. You hear Vi chuckle as you look up at her. 鈥淚鈥檝e gotten used to it. You鈥檙e a feisty little beast in bed, princess. I鈥檇 be surprised if I didn鈥檛 have scratches on my back.鈥 Your eyes widen as your face turns into a dark shade of pink. 鈥淰i!鈥 you yell while giving her a playful shove, hearing your girlfriend cackle at your reaction. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry! I think it's hot,鈥 you hear Vi say while you bury your face in your hands blushing from ear to ear at her words.聽
鈥淛ust help me up, please,鈥 You say to your girlfriend with a hand raised up. She smiles and pushes your hand away and wraps her strong, defined arms around your back and under your legs, heaving you up to carry you bridal style. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to carry you like this when we鈥檙e married,鈥 Vi whispers. You smile and wrap your arms around her neck giving her a kiss on the lips. She kisses back with just as much affection, turning the kiss deeper as she carries you to your shared bedroom.聽
Vi breaks away from the kiss once you both enter the room, Breathing heavily as she looks at you with concern as she asks, 鈥淲anna smoke?鈥 鈥淕od please,鈥 you respond, leaning your head back while letting out a sigh after the day you鈥檝e had. Vi carries you to the seat by the window, your designated smoking spot. It鈥檚 perfect for blowing the smoke out while having a beautiful view of the neon lights of the undercity.
Setting you down carefully, Vi opens the window for you, bringing in fresh air. You reach for your wooden box, kinda like a jewelry box, but for weed instead of jewelry. Opening it, you reach for the paper and grinder, getting everything together to roll one. 鈥淚鈥檒l be right back,鈥 Vi says, then leaves the room for a moment. She comes back with a steaming cup of tea as you finish rolling your joint, putting it between your lips and lighting it.聽
You take a deep breath letting the toxic air fill your lungs before blowing the smoke out the window. You turn to see Vi holding the cup of tea. You hold the joint out to Vi for her to take. Grinning, she leans down and takes a big inhale while you鈥檙e still holding it between your fingers. You watch as she looks up meeting your eyes and winks at you. How tf is she so effortlessly HOT?
Vi sits down beside you on the window seat, blowing the air outside while you take another hit. You feel as your brain and body relax letting the drug do its work. Leaning against the side of the window sill you pass the joint back to Vi. She switches the cup of tea with the paper roll, taking another big hit before blowing out the window, watching the cloud fade away into the air. You take a sip of the tea, immediately grinning at the sweetness of the honey mixed in. Vi knows you love honey in your tea. This continues on for a bit as you both just smoke and drink the warm relaxing tea back and forth, enjoying each others company and the view
鈥---------------------------------- Smut if u wanna read it ;)鈥---------------------------------
Enjoying the last of the joint, you put it out on the ashtray. You feel Vi's hand suddenly on top of yours, making you turn away from the neon view outside to face her. 鈥淚 thought I was gonna have to search for a missing girl all over again鈥︹ Vi says softly while looking down. Your other hand immediately finds her cheek, caressing over her freckles with your thumb. 鈥淚 missed you too, Vi.鈥 The pinkette closes her eyes as she leans into your touch, you loved seeing this side of her. The relaxed, calm Vi that doesn鈥檛 have the weight of the world on her shoulders. You lean in and kiss her lips gently, feeling Vi smile against your lips as she kisses you back.聽
The kiss starts off soft before slowly turning deeper, more hungry as you lean back against the window sill, setting the cup of tea on the nightstand beside you. Vi sets one arm above your head to pin you against the sill while the other wraps around your torso, squeezing your waist. You slip both of your arms around Vi's tattooed neck and your legs around her waist. Gripping the longer pieces of her magenta pink hair on the back of your lover's head with your hands. You pull her hair gently, feeling as Vi moans into your mouth. You break the kiss, both of you already breathing heavily against each other's lips. 鈥淰i鈥lease...,鈥 you beg, nuzzling your nose against the side of Vi鈥檚 cheek. 鈥淭ell me what you want, cupcake鈥 Vi whispers seductively into your ear. Nipping at your pierced earlobe. Vi starts kissing under your ear, leaving a trail of kisses and nips down your neck. She stops at one of your sensitive spots to bite into the skin then licking it softly afterwards. She knows what she's doing, and it's driving you wild.
鈥淚 want you, love~鈥 you whine. Vi lets out a chuckle, sliding up to your face again. 鈥淏ut you have me, sweets.鈥 You let out a frustrating sigh. 鈥淚 mean I want more of you,鈥 you whisper before hiding your face into Vi's shoulder.聽 鈥淎ww don鈥檛 go shy on me now, kitten鈥 you hear your girlfriend say. 鈥淚 want to feel you inside me鈥︹ you whisper into Vi鈥檚 ear. You start blushing from the embarrassment. Immediately, you feel her warm hands grab your ass, hoisting you up again. You squeak as Vi stands up with you in her strong tattooed arms squeezing your ass. Vi strides across the room with ease while carrying you, gently laying your back on the bed.聽
You watch as Vi takes off her hoodie, revealing her sports bra before climbing on top of you, sealing your lips into another kiss. It was more rough this time, full of nothing but lust as her calloused hands started roaming your body. You start struggling to take off your jacket while trying not to break the kiss. Vi notices and smiles as she helps you take your jacket and shirt off. You watch as your lover gazes at your more exposed body, taking in every curve, every scar with those piercing, lust filled blue eyes. She looks like she was ready to devour you whole, which only made you more excited.聽
You watch as your girlfriend puts one hand on the bed, right by your head to steady herself while the other grips your waist again, pulling you in as close as possible against her. Kissing your lips again, she slides her hot tongue across your bottom lip silently asking to explore more of your mouth. Smiling, you open your mouth wider as Vi slips her tongue into your mouth. Both of your tongues dance together as you feel Vi's thigh push between your legs, pressing against your already wet cunt. You gasp at the pressure, feeling as your body already starts reacting to Vi鈥檚 touch.
Vi breaks the kiss first, leaving you panting under her. She glazed eye stare at you with a glint of mischief in her eyes. How does she have so much energy for this? You wonder. Vi suddenly leans back down, staring intensely into your eyes as both of your faces are only inches apart. 鈥淐an I?鈥 she asks. 鈥淧lease鈥 you groan, another blush forming on your face as you think about all the possible ways the pink misfit can have her way with you tonight. A bright grin spreads across her face as she starts trailing slobbery kisses from your cheek鈥o your neck鈥own your collar bone. You arch your back feeling her rough but gentle hands wrap around your body, quickly unclasping your bra. You feel the straps moving down your arms while Vi kisses your shoulder and down your arm. She throws your bra across the room to the pile of other discarded clothing.
Sitting up eagerly, Vi starts squeezing and kneading both of your breasts with her hands as your head leans back more against the pillows of the bed. You start moaning as you feel the pinkette envelope her lips around one of your breasts, sucking and pulling your hardened nipple with her teeth. You cover your mouth with the back of your hand as a muffled moan escapes your lips. Vi immediately looks up. Removing a hand from your breast, she pulls your hand away from your mouth. Pinning your wrist against the mattress with her stronger hand, you look up to see Vi scowling at you. "Never cover your mouth. I want to hear every sound that escapes your body" she says sternly. Stunned by her seriousness, you only nod as she switches to the other breast, giving it the same mouthful attention the other had. 鈥淰i鈥ou鈥檙e killing me here鈥 you choke out while she bites your nipple playfully. 鈥淧atience, baby鈥 Vi whispers while starting to trail more kisses down your body. She stops at your waist looking up at you for permission. You nod yearning for her to touch you as she starts sliding your pants down your legs, taking them off and throwing them across the room. Vi wastes no time sliding off her sports bra, pants and boxers. You get more excited as your naked girlfriend climbs back on top of you as she kisses you for what felt like the 100th time tonight.聽
You kiss her back needly, letting out a squeak as she bites your bottom lip before pulling away again. You watch Vi's muscular naked body as she slides down to your area slowly and seductively to the place you needed her most. Vi bites the edge of your lacy panties, winking at you with that shit-eating grin of her while never breaking eye contact. Holy shit! Has this woman got to be the most beautiful goddess on this planet!! You feel the familiar wetness pool between your legs making you squirm as you watch Vi pull your panties with her teeth down your thighs and past your ankles, letting them fall to the floor. Vi then grabs both of your knees with her hands, spreading your legs apart for her. You whimper feeling the cold air hit your wetness as Vi takes a moment, just admiring how she made you this soaked. Grinning, she hoists your legs over each of her shoulders, getting herself situated to absolutely destroy you. You gasp as Vi suddenly pulls you to the edge of the bed for easier access. She holds your thighs with her calloused hands as she starts getting to work, licking a long strip up your cunt with her hot tongue making your arch your back instantly.聽
As if waking up the animal in Vi, she instantly plunges her tongue into your hole. You moan loudly at the feeling of her wet tongue inside of you while bunching up the bedsheets in your hands. This only motivated Vi more as she started eating you out like a starving man. You start squirming under her, unable to control your body. Vi grips your thighs harder. While being careful of your recent injury, Vi digs her nails into your skin to hold you steady as she licks up your insides. 鈥淰i~鈥︹ you moan under her.
You continue chanting her name as your hands reach and grab at the pink strands of hair you love, pushing her face deeper into your pussy, begging for more. 鈥淪uch a needy baby鈥 you hear Vi chuckle from between your folds.聽
Already knowing what you want, she lets go of one of your thighs and slips one of her fingers into your sopping wet hole. Your head rolls back in response as you pull slightly on Vi鈥檚 hair. Grunting at your actions her lips latch onto your clit, sucking and twirling the little ball of nerves happily with her tongue as she inserts another finger, moving it back and forth at a steady pace. Vi looks up to see you panting, squirming, and moaning under her burning touch. You're completely under her will as she continues to eat you out like there's nothing else she'd rather be doing right now. You pant more rapidly as you feel that familiar knot form in your stomach. You're close, and you're sure Vi knew too.
Vi starts moving her fingers in and out at a faster pace inside you, curling them to reach that perfect spot, making your back arch on instinct as you start grinding your cunt on her face. You鈥檙e so close to your release, needing just that one more push. The walls of the room echo nothing but your moans of Vi's name and the squelchs of your drenched pussy as your lover fucks you with her fingers. 鈥淰-Vi please鈥 I鈥檓 almost-鈥 you gasp as Vi starts humming while sucking your clit, creating a vibrating sensation that she knows always drives you over the edge. 鈥淐um for me, cupcake鈥 Vi mumbles from your cunt and that was all you needed. The knot in your stomach snaps as your head rolls back into the mattress. You moan loudly into the air, releasing everything that was building up inside you.
Vi moves her fingers slowly while lapping up your cum with her tongue, letting you ride out your high. The overstimulation soon gets to you as you start to squirm again, letting go of Vi鈥檚 hair. She understood as she raised her head again to look at you between your legs. You look back at her panting with your eyes half closed after your thrilling orgasm as she slips her fingers into her mouth. Never breaking eye contact while licking your cum off her fingers. You blush at her actions, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at Vi. She chuckles while ducking her head so you鈥檇 miss.聽
You fall back onto the pillows as Vi crawls back up on the bed, laying beside you with her head propped on her hand paired with her usual mischievous grin. 鈥淒amn do you taste good, babe鈥 Vi says, giving you a wink while caressing your hip. You breathe out a satisfied sigh, smiling back at her while shuffling to your side to face Vi. You reach a hand out and cup her face. "That was breathtaking, love" you say while caressing her cheek. Vi puts her hand over yours and brings your hand to her lips, kissing the palm of it. "Anything for you, princess."
You look at her hesitantly, lowering your eyes before asking. 鈥淐-can I make you feel good, too?鈥 Vi looks at you surprised before a soft smile forms on her face. 鈥淥nly if you want to鈥 but, don't think you always have to pleasure me too. I'll never get tired of eating you out, sweets鈥 Vi responds, smirking at you. You smile lovingly back at her words. 鈥淚 know, I know, I just鈥︹ you start to say shyly. 鈥淚鈥檒l always be down for anything as long as it involves you, Y/N鈥 Vi says, squeezing your hip as recurrence. 鈥...Can you sit on my face?鈥 you whisper, looking back up at Vi to see her reaction. You watch your girlfriend's eyes widened as her cheeks turn a crimson color at your question, not expecting this from you. 鈥淚鈥檇 love to鈥.but, would I hurt you?鈥 Vi says worriedly. 鈥淚鈥檒l let you know if you do,鈥 you reply, smiling as you stroke your thumb on her cheek, right under the VI tattoo.
Next thing you know, you鈥檙e laying with your back to the mattress again as your muscular girlfriend carefully sits her thighs on each side of your head. Your eyes trail from her beautiful face...to her tattooed biceps...to her naked breasts down to her oh so defined abs, taking in all of her beauty while she holds onto the bed鈥檚 headboard with both of her hands, looking down at you nervously. It's enough to make your mouth water and drool onto the pillows under you.
鈥淧romise you鈥檒l let me know if I need to get up, ok?鈥 Vi asks you, looking down at your excited face. 鈥淚 promise鈥 you reply firmly with a nod before smiling happily up at her. 鈥淣ow, sit on me, beautiful!鈥 you say enthusiastically, wrapping your arms around her defined thighs and caressing them. Vi chuckles at you as she slowly lowers herself onto your face. Her chuckles quickly turn into moans as you start licking up her folds.聽
Feeling the pinkette shudder at your touch, you squeeze her thighs as you thrust your tongue inside of Vi鈥檚 already sensitive hole. You hear your girlfriend moan in response, moving a hand from the headboard to your head to grip a fist full of your hair while her other hand stays holding the headboard tightly till her knuckles turn white. You start pulling her thighs towards you, rocking her hips back and forth to guide Vi on how you want her to ride your face. Following your lead, Vi starts grinding her hips on you. You continue thrusting your tongue in and out between her folds, watching as Vi throws her head back, moaning against the ceiling.
Wanting to give her more, you remove your tongue from inside Vi and start sucking on her clit. Keeping one hand on her thigh, you move your other hand to insert a finger into Vi鈥檚 wet pussy. Starting off slow, you pump your finger in and out of your girlfriend as you play with her clit with your tongue, swirling around the bud. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, baby鈥ight there..鈥 you feel Vi tug on your hair while she grinds faster onto your face. Her breathing becomes more heavy, indicating she鈥檚 already close.聽
You insert another finger, moving your two digits in and out of her faster as you gaze up at the panting beauty on top of you. Vi lets out another loud moan, her body practically collapsing on top of you. Not long after, you feel the wetness of Vi releasing her fluids all over your fingers. You slow down the pace of your fingers while kitten licking at Vi鈥檚 pussy, letting her ride out her high.聽
Eventually the overstimulation gets too much as Vi lets out a whine, sliding off of you and plopping onto the bed while still panting for air. 鈥淒amn cupcake鈥 gotta say...I鈥檓 impressed鈥 Vi breathes while staring at the ceiling. 鈥淲as it ok?鈥 you hesitantly ask, cracking your neck from side to side instantly groaning at the feeling. 鈥淥k? Sweets, that was the best head I鈥檝e had, I think ever!鈥 Vi replies, smiling and wrapping her tattooed arms around you. She pulls you in close while nuzzling her face into your hair. You rest your head on her shoulder as she gives you a kiss on top of your head. 鈥淵ou did amazing, babe鈥 Vi says, giving you another kiss on your temple this time while you lean against her loving touch, relaxing into her warm arms.聽
You both sit in silence, cuddling each other until Vi pipes up. 鈥淪o鈥nother round?鈥 Vi asks, stroking your thigh up and down, being careful of your new stitches against her rough hands while giving you that lustful look in her eyes you know far too well, paired with her usual flirty smirk. Sighing, you give Vi a playful look back. 鈥淥nly if you鈥檙e down,鈥 you reply. Vi sits up giving you a kiss on the cheek, 鈥淎lways鈥 she replies back. You giggle as you watch the pinkette crawl on top of you again, enveloping your mouth into another loving kiss.
Tumblr media
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kissmejinx 4 months ago
Arcane Characters as Sugar Mamas/Daddies
Arcane x gn reader
Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Ekko, Jayce, Viktor, Mel
some slight nsft so.... proceed with caution
Tumblr media
The type to buy you the prettiest clothes in the world only to rip them off of your body.
Lived most of her in prison/the undercity so just the fact that she can buy you what she wants or what you steal a glance at is novel.
Likes to show you off. She wants everyone to know that you're hers and that you are being provided for.
Knows exactly what she's doing, knows the word and everything.
Tumblr media
Ok so Jinx isn't your most typical sugar mama. She isn't one to buy you like really nice clothes or food, that is if you don't ask her.
She's very spontaneous, will buy (take) any shiny things she finds, but mostly likes to give you experiences. Takes you to the opera (you two hide up in the rafters and heckle the performers), shoots off colorful fireworks while kissing you, that sort of thing.
As much as she'll deny it, she loves that romantic shit. She likes the ritual, the pizazz, the sha-bang. Jinx was sort of robbed of that and secretly wants a story book romance.
In the back of her mind, she thinks that this'll make you stay, so after a bad day, when the voices in her head are too loud, she'll take you out on a lavish date and insist on paying.
Tumblr media
Caitlyn is complicated鈥. I don't think she even knows that she's being a sugar mama. In Piltover, everyone is rich as shit and this is just how she assumes how dating works. The inner politics of the city is harsh and her parents, while loving, never really gave her any idea on how one wooes another.
That isn't to say she's not romantic. Her romance is giving you an at home spa day with lotion made of gold and soap that smells of roses. Her romance is taking you out on a movie date and carrying you home because your feet are sore. Her romance is remembering your birthstone and giving you a necklace with the gem
When she sees your place, no matter how comfortable it is, finds something that could be improved. Maybe your door lets the cold winter air in. Fixed. Your faucet leaks. Fixed.
You should probably just move in with her
Tumblr media
Honey you are going to be the royalty of the firelights. He treats you very very nicely. After all, his whole thing is providing a better life for people, and the fact that he loves you is just a bonus
Likes to protect you so that means that your glider is always outfitted with the best upgrades.
Oh that outfit you saw one day while on patrol but knew you'd never have a chance to wear鈥 shows up mysteriously in your closet with echo saying that there was a dance in the firelight headquarters tonight
That food you saw one day in pills over while visiting with a contact but knew that they never sell to a Zaunite like you鈥. Ekko is causally cooking it for breakfast the next morning.
Tumblr media
Oh poor Jayce. Honey has no idea what he's doing, much like Caitlyn. Despite coming from one of the lesser houses, money was never really an issue. And now that he's a Councillor鈥.
Waits on you hand and foot. Treats like a deity, always taking things one step ahead. You didn't get a chance to see that movie you wanted to? The whole theater was bought out for "Official Council Business". Do you feel even the slightest bit insecure about your home? A Talis contractor is there to fulfill your every need.
As the co-creator of hextech and Councillor, he's often busy with stuffy galas and press conferences. But if you begrudge him, expect to be hanging off his arm (this man is 6'7) in the prettiest outfit you've ever dreamed of.
Did I mentioned that he's an oblivious fucker. Because yeah鈥 always pays for dinner, even if you have money. Not because he doesn't respect you or anything, it's just because that's the way it's supposed to go, at least in his eyes.
Tumblr media
Kind of a mixture of Vi and Jinx's style. The fact that he can treat you to all these luxuries is something that he couldn't have dreamed of even 5 years ago. But along the same line as Jinx, he's a bit unconventional in his affections.
His gifts are more mechanical in spirit, something that is meant to make your everyday life a little bit easier. He isn't interested in big gestures like some of the other people on this list (Jayce鈥 I'm talking about Jayce) but it's always clear that he loves you
But Machine Lord Viktor is an entirely different boat. She has an image to maintain and if you stay with him, you will have to be integrated into that image too. He'll gift you with a custom mask to hide your face, armor impenetrable by any weapon and the greatest gift of all, being able to see the person he was before.
Food is scarce to come by in Zaun, but that doesn't stop Victor from granting you your every wish. You want that fruit that reminds you of a home long gone? By God Victor will find a way to make it happen.
Tumblr media
Mel is the sugar mama to end all sugar mamas. One would say the most classic sugar mama. Taking you out on the most lavish dates in all of Piltover, buying you jewelry made of the finest gold in all of the continents and letting you rest on sheets made of the finest silk
I mean you saw her in the show, she is a queen and she wants to treat you like royalty too. It doesn't matter how embarrassed you are or how much you don't think you deserve it, you will be treated well.
And though she'd never say, she kind of likes your little embarrassed reactions when she lays you down on a lavish bed and decorate your body with jewels and beeswax from far away kingdoms
Like wreck me pls. Anyway鈥. Her method of flirting is just gift giving and matching outfits
I'm taking any and all requests!!!
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forthereaderinserts 3 months ago
Claggor: Rules were made to be broken. Vander: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken. Vi: Uh, pi帽atas. Powder: Glow sticks. Mylo: Karate boards. Y/n: Spaghetti when you have a small pot. Claggor: Rules. Vander:
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maries-gallery 3 months ago
genre : nsfw, mdni
Vi loves seeing you all desperate for her.
Something shifts in her chest as she gazes at you, so needy for her that you have no qualms in shamelessly rutting your bare core on her arm. Muscles flexing under the skin just for you as she watches you lose your mind with a cocky grin.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it cupcake, feels good ? Like riding my arm like that ? Look at you, always so needy for me, aren鈥檛 you sweetheart ?鈥
She loves how nothing but whines and whimpers can leave those kissable lips of yours as you hump and slide your puffy clit over her arm. Too deep in the haze of your pleasure to word a coherent answer to her questions.
Not like you have to anyways, she already knows. Her other hand flying to the space between your legs and fingers flicking over your sweet bud until you鈥檙e cuming and gushing over her.
She waits for you to come down from your high, helping you through your release before lying you down on the bed and licking your sweet juices off her skin. Holding your gaze as she does so, pink eyes glazed and dark with heated desire.
鈥淵ou did so well for me, sweets. So so well for me. Think you can give me another ? On my tongue this time ? Always taste so sweet for me, cupcake.鈥
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abadbitvh 7 months ago
藦藡掳鈥*鈦鉃 饾暚饾枟饾枅饾枂饾枔饾枈 饾暩饾枂饾枠饾枡饾枈饾枟饾枒饾枎饾枠饾枡:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
roses are red, violets are blue | 1.9k words | smut + fluff.
itsy bitsy spider | 1.5k words | fluff.
safe with me | requested | 1.1k words | angst + fluff.
giant baby on drugs | 3k words | fluff + humor | ft. Caitlyn.
brats need love too (giant baby pt 2) | 3.5k words | smut | ft. Caitlyn.
attitude adjustment | requested | 2.6k words | smut | ft. Sevika.
needy brat (giant baby pt 3) | 2.3k words | smut | ft. Caitlyn.
sweet jealousy of a lover | 1.5k words | fluff.
bad girl, 袣褍泻芯谢泻邪 | requested | 2.5k words | smut | ft. Jayce.
a cookie for her cookie | requested | 1k words | fluff.
fixer upper | requested | 2k words | smut.
giant baby on drugs | 3k words | fluff + humor | ft. Vi.
brats need love too (giant baby pt 2) | 3.5k words | smut | ft. Vi.
needy brat (giant baby pt 3) | 2.3k words | smut | ft. Vi.
forget me, not | 1k words | fluff.
attitude adjustment | requested | 2.6k words | smut | ft. Vi.
Love | Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Sevika, Ekko & Viktor | Valentine鈥檚 Special.
鉂ヰ潙傪潙♀剮饾憭饾憻 饾憽鈩庰潙栶潙涴潙旔潙:
vi with a busty s/o.
vi with s/o who has small boobs.
vi with a s/o who is jealous of caitlyn.
vi and her poor phone.
vi with a chubby s/o.
vi鈥檚 s/o is on her period.
vi鈥檚 with s/o who has striae.
ekko with a s/o who has trust issues.
caitvi鈥檚 gf experiences subdrop and how they deal with it.
cute viktor art by @climky
silco x reader by @moonrise
virby art by @s0rinsleeps
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mylittlebunny2891 a month ago
Tumblr media
why why whY IS SHE SO FINE
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fict1onallyobsessed 4 months ago
"I Can't Lose You"
Sevika x Reader
Summary - she gets hurt, you find out.
A/N - my god Sevika is heaven sent. This ain鈥檛 proofread I apologise ;-;
Tumblr media
鈥淲hat the FUCK.鈥
You stormed into her house - if you could even call it that- not bothering to knock. You heard her groan from the living room and you instantly went where the noise came from.
Her eyes glowed pink, more than usual. The scars that flowed from underneath her shirt and onto her cheek were a darker shade of purple, now shining significantly more.
There was no point of denying it. She took more shimmer, much more than she originally intended to.
She was sat down on the sofa, first aid kit splayed out on the table in front of her. You quickly walked over, dropping your body next to hers before snatching the gauze from her palm.
鈥淗ow much did you take.鈥
She huffed out through her nose, ignoring your question by looking the other way. Her shirt was off, the side of her waist bleeding profusely.
You quickly wrapped it up, feeling as her muscles spasmed in your touch.
That made her turn her head towards you. You never called her by her full name. It was either Sev or Vik. Nothing else.
鈥淭wo.鈥 She sighed.
鈥淣o. Vials鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 four doses.鈥 You exhaled, rubbing your forehead with the back of your hand before reaching out for the stitches.
A vial was two doses, unless you only had half of it. Then that would be one dose.
鈥淗m.鈥 She grunted under her breath. Not because she was in pain, but because she knew how much it affected you when she took the shimmer.
You never told her not take it, but you had begged her not to take as much. It hurt you to see her at such a feral state. You loved her, although you never have said that, and you couldn鈥檛 lose her. Not in this fucked up world. She was the only thing that made you sane.
You finished stitching her up in silence and thankfully she didn鈥檛 fight it. She always let you fix her up. In a way, it was like an unwritten rule. You鈥檇 help her if she could help you.
You inhaled and put your face in your hands, rubbing your eyes slightly. She watched you with a raised brow. She felt awful, but you had to understand it was like an addiction. No different than drugs or alcohol.
You were about to stand up, but she was quicker. Grabbing your hips and keeping you seated, you sighed and refused to look at her, trying to show her you weren't going to let go that easily.
鈥淟ook at me.鈥
With a moment of hesitation, you did as she said, clenching your jaw before looking back into her eyes. Her very pink eyes.
They'd fade eventually, but that didn't mean the shimmer in her wouldn't effect her long term. You've seen the consequences of extreme addiction to the pink vial. People lay in the caverns in the undercity, unable to move because of the side affects.
"I'm sorry." She doesn't apologise to everyone - or often for that matter - you being an exception. "I can take it, you know?"
"For now." You snapped. "What am I supposed to do when you end up with fucking immobile because your body can't take the withdrawals? You've seen yourself what that shit does to people. I will never ask you to stop taking it, because all of us are living off of it one way or another, but I can't fucking lose you."
It was in the heat of the moment, your brain had no control of your words and it kinda just slipped. You never intended to reveal your feeling, nor give her any hints on why you cared so much. but you really couldn't lose her.
Her eyebrow shot up in surprise, scanning your face as you shyly looked away. You tried to stand up again and this time she didn't stop you. Grabbing the first aid kit off the table, you started packing the medicine back into it.
"You hurt anywhere else?"
She didn't speak, simply standing up and softly taking the kit off you and tossing it onto the sofa. Before you knew it, her hands cupped your face and she pulled you in, her soft lips landing on your chapped ones.
You didn't know what compelled you. Maybe it was the want to show her this is exactly what you wanted, or the amount to time you had been waiting for this. But you didn't think twice and kissed back with even more force.
Your arms enveloped her toned waist, her muscles defined under your touch. Obviously you were careful about her side, but she really didn't seem to care as her hands left your face and fell gently to the nape of your neck.
As much as you didn't want to u had to pull away eventually, thanks to the lack of air in your system. You tried your best to hide the shyness, but it was almost impossible with the tall woman towering over you with a grin.
鈥淵ou won鈥檛 lose me, I promise.鈥
She cupped your cheeks again, bringing you in for a hug after kissing the top of your head. She placed your head under her chin so she could keep you close.
鈥淚 promise.鈥
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zujime 27 days ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
vi isn't the type to be a mean dom on a daily because she prefers to be more of a pleasure dom and plus she鈥檚 worried she鈥檇 hurt you, but if she's really pissed off about something, whether that being at you or something else then maybe.
she'd edge you to the point of tears and pinch your clit whenever you don't listen to her. you might catch her spitting in your mouth or on you and maybe even choking you a bit. expect to be manhandled a lot.
if she needs you in a certain position, she's putting you in that position herself, pushing you around however she pleases. spanking and marking being done more than usual because she's taking it all out on you, but she makes sure to listen out for if you ever say the safe word.
there's an off chance she might degrade you but that'll only go so far before she starts to feel bad and call it quits so she can curl up in your arms, but you're still not cumming till she's officially taken all her anger out, but when it's all over she'll kiss everything better and make it up to you. she definitely looks at the hickeys, scratch marks, and hand prints she made afterwards with a wince.
Tumblr media
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bernthal-brainrot 4 months ago
Hi! I was reading your Vi鈥檚 cupcake hcs and can鈥檛 get the part about riding her abs out my head like鈥 please could you write a nsfw for that <3
鈽 饾挀饾拪饾拝饾拡饾拞饾挃 | 饾挆饾拪
锝*:嗉咃健饾挊饾拏饾挀饾拸饾拪饾拸饾拡饾挃: SMUT UNDER THE CUT, riding abs, bottom!reader, language, the dirty stuff
锝*:嗉咃健饾挃饾挅饾拵饾拵饾拏饾挀饾挌: you riding Vi's abs. That's it. :)
锝*:嗉咃健饾拏饾挅饾挄饾拤饾拹饾挀'饾挃 饾拸饾拹饾挄饾拞: Please, Vi, I JUST WANNA SIT ON YOUR FACE!?!??!??!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It started off innocent.
You would swear by it.
But watching Vi work out was one of the most exhilarating things you could think of.
At the moment she was going mental on a punching bag, a scuffed picture of an enforcer taped at the top.
When she had asked you to come along, you had agreed, and for that Vi was thankful. She hated the idea of leaving her cupcake all alone.
So you were currently sitting in the corner with a book, pretending to read, your eyes fixed over the edge of the pages.
Vi totally knew you were looking at her the entire time.
So why not put on a show?
At first, it started with sultry glances in your direction, catching you staring on purpose, giving you a sly smirk every time you knew you'd been caught.
Then it progressed with her becoming more vocal with her hits to the punching bag, grunts and hisses made louder just to make you squirm.
But the straw that broke the camel's back was when she turned her head and spat right on the ground.
You let out a wistful whine at the sight, your legs clenching together tightly to help the growing red-hot tension between your legs.
Vi couldn't take staying away from you anymore. She needed to have you. To own you. Because she was the only one to make you like this.
"Cupcake," she called to you, motioning for you to come to her.
You practically launched yourself out of where you were seated, the book long forgotten, holding your breath once you drew near.
"Do you want something?" she questioned, her voice low and teasing, something that would never get old.
You nodded your head eagerly, running your hands up and down her toned torso, her muscles tensed and hard as rocks.
"Then you have to ask for it. What do you want, bunny?" she placed two fingers under your chin, her pale blue eyes peering into yours with anticipation.
You inhaled sharply, "P-Please, Vi, touch me, please," you begged, desperate for the whirlpool of tension in your core to be sated.
She smirked in victory as she took your hand and dragged you over to a bench, sitting down with you standing between her legs.
In one swift movement, your bottoms were gone, your shirt lifted up and over your head, leaving you in just your undergarments. (The set was one of her favorites. It was one she bought for you. A black thong with a matching bra)
She wrapped her arms around your middle, pulling you closer, before laying a soft kiss on your covered mound, making you whine in anticipation.
With a teasing smile, she dug her fingers under the hem of your thong and slowly pulling it down, feeling up every curve your body had to offer.
After it had dropped to your feet and you stepped out of them, Vi began to lie down, picking you up and resting you on top of her body.
Your dripping cunt was seated directly on her toned abs, her hands going to your waist.
She gave you a knowing look, which was the opposite of the one you were giving her -- a look of complete confusion.
"You should know, if you want something, you gotta work for it, Cupcake," she coaxed, one of her hands reaching up to cup and stroke your cheek.
Your face slowly started to heat up in realization, your core wounding so tight, you had to bite back a moan.
Not wasting any more time, you began to timidly drag your swollen pearl against the bumps of her tensed skin, letting out pathetic whimpers of need.
You placed your hands on her upper chest to balance yourself, grinding down across your lovers torso as you began to lose yourself in pleasure
鈥淵ou look so pretty like this, my good girl,鈥 vi would kroon from beneath you, taking a hand and stroking it lovingly against your cheek
You could only nod as you released sounds of ecstasy, the coil in your core tightening quicker and quicker.
Never in your life had you wanted to cum so bad. But you knew you couldn鈥檛 without permission.
With a glance down a Vi, you released a small whimper, hoping she would get the point.
鈥淐ome on, cupcake, you know you gotta use your words,鈥 she sneered, 鈥渟ay it, doll.鈥
You grimiced, embarrassed to say it out loud.
鈥淪ugar tits, your literally riding my stomach. Now you wanna get all shy and bashful? You know better.鈥
You bit back a snippy rebuttal, knowing she鈥檇 never let you cum if you talked back.
You sighed before muttering out a small 鈥渃an I please cum?鈥
Vi was fed up with your antics and took a hand, suddenly roughy rubbing your clit, making you let out a loud gasp, your mouth hanging open as Vi watched you in victory.
At that point, you cracked
鈥淧LEASE, please please, let me cum, I can鈥檛 hold it, please baby, please!鈥 You pleaded relentlessly.
Finally, Vi gave you a curt nod, signaling she was allowing to to let go.
You moaned loudly as you came undone, the sensation crashing over you and weakening you as you let it sweep you away.
Your body collapsed on top of VI鈥檚, your lungs tired from panting like you were.
鈥淗oly shit,鈥 you finally spoke.
鈥淗oly shit is right,鈥 vi smirked as she turned over to you, 鈥渘ow鈥 how about we make it my turn?鈥
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Pairing: Vi x reader
Pronouns used: none(afab genitalia described)
Gendered terms: none
Genre: smut(mdni)
Tumblr media
Something about Vi apologizing while fucking you. She's thrusting her hips against yours, the strapless strapon she's wearing going in an out of you at a brutal pace, all while Vi mumbles sweet nothings and 'I'm sorry's in your ear. The contrast between the sweetness in her words and cruelness in her actions is astounding, but you're too fucked out to care. She continues to mutter praise while readjusting herself behind you, you've already cum more times than you can count, overstumulated to the point you can't think, mind empty while Violet uses you to get off. She wants to keep on apologizing for her roughness, but all she can get out is chocked moans, her hands are gripping your hips tightly enough to bruise while she drives the strapon back into your cunt. Her head falls back as she reaches her high, her movements stutter and she let's out a string of curses mixed with your name. Vi pulls out and bends over to reach your ears, "'M sorry baby." She barely whispers before you feel her thrust back into your wet pussy, all you can do is moan and writhe beneathe her as she fucks you all over again.
Tumblr media
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