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cammys-imagines24 · 8 months ago
• Vi Being Jealous •
Tumblr media
First and foremost, the nose scrunches.
You know the ones, where her nostrils flare and her nose becomes lined with wrinkles and if looks could kill everyone would be dead within a hundred mile radius.
The faces she'd pull at any creep who dares to come near you are lethal.
Vi, unlike Jinx, is not a naturally possessive person.
Vi is also incredibly understanding and trusting to those she loves.
As soon as she gives her heart to you and is confident that in return, your heart is hers, well...
She will feel pretty secure in your relationship. It's you two against the world, for better or for worse.
That being said, just because she trusts you, doesn't mean she trusts anyone else.
So, if she sees some guy chatting you up and trying to make a pass at you, he's gonna have to be on the receiving end of a punch that'll send him to the next planet over.
Say you're both at The Last Drop, getting a drink together at the end of a busy day fighting.
Everything will be going just peachy until you go to the bar for another round.
The creep will be there and since you're too nice for your own good, as soon as he starts chatting you up, you wouldn't just walk away.
That's what Vi would do. Pretend he didn't exist. She was very good at not paying dirtbags any time.
She'd give him the middle finger, throw a string of cuss words at him and be on her merry way.
Course, you're not doing that. You cupcake. Too sweet for your short tempered, brawler girlfriend.
Vi would notice how uncomfortable you'd look as the sleazeball leaned too close and dared to put a hand over yours.
Vi would notice that there were glass splinters in her balled up hand now. Oh, she smashed her cup.
The pinkette would be on her feet and be over in a heartbeat to save you.
Truth told, if the creep was smart, she wouldn't have to do much.
So, she'd snake her warm, muscular arm around your hips and pull you close.
She would smile straight daggers at the man and give you a peck on the cheek.
"Hey, sweetie. Is this guy giving you a hard time?"
Miraculously, the prick had a few brain cells and he scurried away like a frightened mouse.
You'd go on about your night like he never existed.
• NSFW •
Course, when you got home it'd be another matter.
Vi isn't mad at you, obviously, so you needn't be punished.
But, she was feeling some repressed hostility from before.
Plus, she had to remind you who you belonged to. Who made you feel so good you saw stars. Who could give you pleasure like no one else.
Vi would tear the clothes from your body, ripping the garments to shreds and toss you onto the bed.
You wouldn't be leaving any time soon.
She'd make you so over stimulated that you'd be begging her for your sweet release. She would be ruthless.
Her expert tongue and rough, calloused fingers making you go insane as you writhed and whimpered and moaned.
Oh, the pinkette loved you like this.
Under the mercy of her touch.
Her hands will mark you up real nice with how tight she holds onto your ass and hips.
There'll be scratches upon your back from when she had you sit on her face. Her holding you still as you convulsed.
Vi was a surprisingly patient lover. She simply got off on her ability to make her partner a wet, begging mess.
As she's seeing you like this, flushed face, naked and squirming, your hands pinned above your head, soaked because of her...
She's all but forgotten the prick from before.
"You're so good to me, cupcake..."
"Say my name..."
"Say what you want me to do. Come on, use your sweet words."
"You like me doing this to you, yeah?"
When the merciless brawler would finally release you after you came so many times you lost count, you were absolutely spent.
You wouldn't be waking up for a long time but when you finally did, those familiar, muscular arms would still be wrapped around you.
A little jealousy never hurt anyone, you thought.
And, besides, when that's your girlfriends reaction, it makes putting up with creeps useless advances worth it.
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zujime · 2 months ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
just imagining laying in bed or on the couch with vi. your body on hers as you trace the coarse skin on her fingers, flipping her hand over before laying yours in her palm, eyes widening at how big her hand is compared to yours.
It's all cute then but not even that long after, her long fingers are knuckles deep in your hole as she stares at you with her lip between her teeth, watching you writhe and whimper uncontrollably under her. she'd ask things like "you like the feeling of my fingers spreading you like this?" or "gonna make a mess for me, sweetheart?"
she'll spend all night and maybe even morning milking as many orgasms as she can, whether they're dry or not.
Tumblr media
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thehoundwrites · 3 months ago
pet play with the arcane women + Illaoi?
Yes yes! My name is Hound for many reasons, babe
NSFW MDNI 18+ (added their favorite pets)
Tagging: @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @biphrogg @sevikasmainwhore @trashbod @petitepersephone (pretend I rembered I have a tag list)
[Pet play is one of my favs, bdsm kinks are so fun to write]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sevika loves her subs eager and ready to please her, loves being worshipped and looked up at with hearts floating around your head absolutely enthralled by the sight of her. Watching her slowly undress as your chained up to the bed. Whether youre a pretty little puppy to excited for her to use you without a leash. Or a loving little bunny eager to service her for some of her loving tender side as she'll hold you afterwards. Or even a shy hesitant fox not super excited but happy to please her when she gets you wet. She wants someone who squirms just from her words, unable to look your owner in her eyes cuz you know she's looking at you like a a piece of meat. Her precious little slut. Ready and eager and desperate for her like she deserves. She loves putting a little plug in your ass letting your cunt drip for her as she holds you down and gives you what you so desperately need. She'll put you on your knees, with a collar that's says "Sevika's", have you eat her out as your groveling naked on the ground floor pressed to your knees mouth open for her. She'll be mostly dressed, shirt pulled up pants down. Her muscles sore from work, covered in a bit of sweat looking down at you. She'd make you kiss her boots, earn your way to her strap. She loves watching her precious little pet try to gulp all of her cock down your little throat, a hand on the back of your head pushing you down more. Her metal hand holding a lit cigar watching you work her strap. Then put you on the bed your ass in the air spitting on her strap so she can ram into your pussy hitting your sweet spot over and over and over until your drooling and begging like a good whore should.
"Tsk, you're already so wet for me, huh pretty girl? That's it princess show me how much of a slut you are for me. Such a good girl, have you been touching yourself while I was gone? No, not even humping your pillow like a desperate little Mutt? Good pet.. Daddy is gonna make all those disgusting thoughts drip out of your little pussy. On your knees. That's it. Strip. No no, take your time. Aw, i know you can take it I thought you were gonna be good.. Take it then. Yea that's it? You liked getting fucked like a dirty little animal? Yea? Then Daddys gonna fill that cunt up to the brim with my cum. Oh yea you like that? Take it. You're daddys perfect pet, yea? Yea? Beg like a stupid whore. You want daddy to breed you? Cmon then beg you filthy little slut."
Tumblr media
Grayson is here to please her sub, she's a service dom. All she wants is for you to cum over and over saying her name like it's the only thing keeping you alive. Like her name is better than air. So she's okay with any pet you want, puppy's, kittens, foxes, vixens, bunny's but doesn't really like the farm animals as much. Such as ponies or cows. But is open to trying. She does so far have preferences for Kittens and Vixens. The less eager more bratty / slutty ones. The ones to mess with her because they want the consequences. Loves seeing your pleasure in the faces you make as she fingers you. Is into punishing you when you misbehave, secretly likes walking in on you breaking rules, taking off your leash, humping your pillow. loving when you thank her for spanking you. Knowing every slap to your bare ass on her thighs makes you drip onto her. Wanting nothing more than to stick her tongue or fingers into that aching cunt just to get a taste of her pets sweet cum. Likes making you all red-faced before she even starts. She loves tying you down a but so she can pleasure you how she wants teasing your throbbing clit, letting you ride her face, her thighs and her strap. Because good pets deserve to hump themselves stupid. Will absolutely control your orgasm for hours.
"Oh sweetheart, I can't believe you couldn't follow mommy's rules? Have I been to hard on you? You couldn't wait for mommy to get home before you started to hump your damn thoughts away. I know you need mommy to help but you're just a dumb little pet baby, you know you need to listen to mommy's rules. Cmon now dear over my lap. Yknow what happens when silly little pets misbehave. Maybe if you behave while I'm here then I'll let you cum. Otherwise I'll be leaving you tommorow tied up in that pretty silk you bought. Oh, what was that? You're not supposed to enjoy my punishments but darling your pussy is dripping wet. Oh I bet this is what my pet wanted. You wanted to ger punished huh sweetheart? You like making mommy angry?"
Tumblr media
Bunnys and vixens, 100%. She prefers them slutty and eager. While the personalities tend to differ a lot between the two. Vixens being more luxurious and lustful, Bunnys are more innocent and there for the love and attention. Both tend to be eager to be railed. Loves the marking implements in pet play, giving you a collar with your title making you stay by her side at all times. Sitting on her lap when both of you are out. And you're a good pet for her, you have to be, she'd be more into a mix of permanent/ and not permanent versus only during sex. She loves control. Tends to see others around her as lesser. She's prideful and she needs to feel superior even in relationships which is a reason she likes petplay. She'd keep a little bed for you, collars, toys, treats. She might even get a cage for yoy if you were comfortable with it. Loves when she's day drinking on her couch and you're naked on your knees with your leash in her hand. Ready to come hump her thigh, or eat her out whenever she orders you to.
"I've had a rough day, on your knees little one. Good girl. Why are you not naked. I'll count to three before I take them off myself. Ah see I knew you could behave. You look so pathetic. Do you want your mistress my pet? Oh prove it. My shoes are still on my pants are not off. Work. Good pets do as their mistresses command do they not? Faster. Mommy's getting imaptenient. Look up at me. Yes that's it dear you want me so bad hm? Then beg, shove that mouth onto your mistresses cunt, yes that's it little one. That's it, just where yoy belong pretty girl. Oh you're covered in my cum such a good pet. Such a pretty slut for me. That's it spread wide little one, go on show me. Tsk you're already so wet. Do I make you feel that good. Sh sh pets don't talk they whine whimper and beg. That's it. Take it all inside that pretty little pussy. You're acting like a whore sweetheart. If you're gonna act like one then I'm going to treat you like one. Such a good girl, you did so well. Aww. Does my baby need some love, oh you poor thing yoy can't can't move can you?"
Tumblr media
She prefers the more mainstream ones: kittens and puppy's, but wouldn't mind a bunny. Willing and eager or eager and bratty. With illaoi you'd be on a ship so you'd probably have something similar to temporary pet play but with free use perks, as long as neither of you say no then she wants you to climb into her lap and ask for her, rub yourself on her leg when the crew sits around telling stories and she sits on a box parted from the main group so she can feel you up and readjust your collar. She'd have special collars for you mostly with golds and greens because youre her pet and she knows what looks prettiest on you. Loves when you get too needy to help yourself. Crawling up to her giving her those sweet little doe eyes, she's down for fucking you almost all the time after all the two of you are trapped at sea most of the time. She won't play around she'll make you say exactly what you want from her when you want it. Will refuse to fuck you unless she gets to hear you say it or see what a pathetic stuttering mess you become. Loves when you come to hump her thighs mindlessly like a bitch in heat. When you rub against her hip as you fall asleep in her arms. Absolutely adores seeing you on your knees with your leash in her hand and a tentacle shoved in your holes. See how red your face gets as she looks down at you fingering herself watching. Makes you eat her out while she uses her powers on you. Also her size kinks comes out big when she's your mistress.
"You're such a needy little slut for me babygirl, my desperate little puppy needs me so bad. Is that cunt dripping for me yet my pet. No you need something from your mistress? Mhm no cmon now sweetheart you know the rules, you have to tell me exactly what you need from me. Uhuh, speak up. Mistress doesn't understand rambling. Oh? You want me to breed you darling? You need my cock to fill you up, oh but your poor little pussy couldn't handle me. You're such tiny little thing, such a helpess little whore aren't you. Hmm, let's go into my cabin unless you want everyone to see what I'm going to do to that pretty pussy. Oh you look so good on your knees, you're mine aren't you? Say it? Louder? Oh I thought you wanted to be a good pet for me little one,, you look so full bunny, do you feel full? Tell mommy how they feel. Cmon kitty lick it up like a good pet, that's it. Use that perfect little tongue. Mmh such a good girl, use your fingers. That's it, oh you're moaning. You better scream my name when you cum for me little one"
Tumblr media
Kittens, Vixens, Kittens and Vixens: although she doesn't care what pet you are as long as she's the mistress. She does prefer more entitled pets, ones she'll have to teach better than to mess with. Puppy's, Bunny's and Foxes tend to be extremely eager or desperate, and more about loving /nurturing. Where as Vixens are entitled, they deserve what they want, they get it, they're the perfect pets so why be desperate. And Kittens tend to be somewhat bratty or misbehaved not following rules and such. She wants to train a pet, to be her perfect sub. Or not formally but loves punishing and enforcing her authority on her pet. Reminding them who's in charge, who they belong to. She'd tie your hands behind your back, cheek to the floor and ass in the air.
"Wow, really? Just blatantly disrespect me, I come home from the council, from rules and regulations to my pathetic little pet thinking she can do whatever she wants. Are you stupid? Have you forgotten who's bed out sleep in? Who's food you eat? I spoil you rotten and you turn around and start being a dirty little animal? A misbehaved little slut. Someone's gotta teach you where you belong. You can't even behave, while I'm gone. Pathetic. What? You want me to stop? You don't like tasting the floor do you, well that's all pathetic whores get. How's my heel feel in your cheek. Not good? Oh let's see how long you can handle your mistresses personal wand strapped to your clit before you pass out. Oh no I'm just gonna sit back and watch my favorite show. Id offer champaign but it seems you're a bit.. tied up."
Tumblr media
She loves bunny's the most, puppy's too. But innocent loving little bunnies are her thing. Bunnies are more innocent than puppies, and she enjoys cuddling and tender love that comes with having a pet. They're equally as excited for Vi to come home as Vi is to come home. Excited for some gentle kisses, make-out sessions, hugs, pats. Anything that Vi wants to give her pet, she'll take it like a good girl cuz all she wants from Vi is just her lovin. She loves kissing all over your face, placing gentle nips at your skin, hearing your cute little giggles squirming on her thighs, getting eager as she spoils you with love. She wants you to rock on her thighs as she takes your clothes off slowly. She loves eating out so all your cute little noises just fuel her. She loves seeing you in a collar, she really wants it to be red but won't give you too much grief if you pick another collar. But she'll spoil you whatever her precious girl wants she gets. She's very protective of her pocket puss pet.
"Heyy baby, aww you're so excited for me to come home aren't you bunny? How's my sweet thing doing. Cmon don't just look at me? You want something from me pretty girl? You know I'll give you anything you want." "Mm your skins so soft princess, you're so cute humping leg, look at you you're getting my pants all wet. Ohh no shh, you can take it. My tongue feels good huh? Wait till I fill you up have my strap rubbing inside that perfect little pussy. You want me so bad sweetheart, you're making the cutest little noises for me precious. That's it ride my cock baby I wanna see those pretty tiddies bounce. Such a good girl for me. Fuck you look so good bouncing on my cock. I love you so much my little bunny"
Tumblr media
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sevikasangel · 2 months ago
𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere!vi x reader
𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭: headcanons
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: stalking, obsession, angst, gaslighting, bondage.
♡ due to her traumatic past, vi would be very protective over her girlfriend. it all would start with the little things. she'd either be holding your hand or wrapping her arm around your waist when you're both in public. the flirty glances you'd attract would never fail to pinch vi's nerve.
♡ she was just too scared of something bad happening to her darling. the mere thought of someone harming you, stealing you away from her tormented her cloudy mind.
"stick to my side, baby. they're staring at you again. the fuck do they want? can't they see that you're mine? huh!? babe, of course i gotta get nervous, what if they wanna hurt you? it's dangerous down here, sweetheart. i must protect you."
♡ in many occasions, you would need to calm down vi so she wouldn't get physical with people who went so far as only glancing your direction. a couple times, you couldn't stop her and the poor people ended up passed out on the dirty ground with a bloody face.
♡ vi would develop a very bad habit of stalking you. whenever you went out without her, she'd lurk in the shadows, mingling with zaun's cold nights as a stray cat. silently, sickly.
♡ when she found out about a close friend you had, vi flipped. she yelled at you, accusing you of lying, of wanting to leave her for them...she grabbed your arm, forced you to glance into her glossy eyes as she panted heavily. you hid your friendship from vi because truthfully you were scared of her. you were scared of what she could do to your friend. you were scared she'd make you leave them.
"you're mine, (y/n). i'll never let anyone else have you. you're all mine. do you understand me? you're mine forever. no one else's."
♡ you despised accompanying vi to the last drop because you knew there would always be problems arising. when the drunks couldn't keep their hands to themselves, vi would turn into a beast. at the beginning of your relationship, you felt safe and happy around her, like she was your protector. however, now you felt scared.
"touch her again and i will snap your neck, twat."
♡ though it was when you approached vi about a break up that your nightmare truly began. she just stood there, glaring at you coldly, slowly letting your words sink in. you wanted to leave her. if the thought wasn't outrageous, vi would even deem it as funny. the corner of her lips would curve up in a smile and she would eventually just chuckle. it was low and dry. she was pissed. you'd never be able to forget the intensity of the shivers that went up your spine.
"the fuck did you just say, princess? would you like to repeat that? leaving? (y/n)...are you planning on leaving me...? god, this makes me sick to my stomach! please...please don't leave me! please don't abandon me, (y/n)...don't replace me. you said you loved me, (y/n). i'm all you need right, sweetheart?"
"sweetheart, there's no way out. you said you loved me, you promised me you'd marry me! oh, baby girl...you aren't leaving me. you can't. if you aren't mine, you ain't gonna be no one else's. i am fucking crazy about you."
♡ the fight would end up with vi drugging your water. you'd never expect such a move from her, you trusted her enough to drink it. you could never imagine she'd go as far as this. but you were mistaken. with the world around you spinning, you couldn't do much more than whining and whimpering as you felt vi carrying you into the bedroom, whispering sweet nothings to you through her rushed and tense voice.
"it's okay, baby. you don't need anyone else. you have me. you aren't leaving me. i love you so much...you can't leave me, (y/n). i promise i will take good care of you."
♡ when you woke up again, you were terrified to notice you were chained to the bed with a gag in your mouth. vi was laying by your side, stroking your cheek with a sad look on her face. she looked rather offended when you tried to pull your face away and protest. vi held your face still, surprisingly delicate.
"hey...hey, don't do that. look at me. i said look at me, (y/n)...good girl. i promise i'm gonna make everything okay. i'm gonna take good care of you, like i always did. why were you so ungrateful to me, sweetheart? it doesn't matter now, baby. i'm gonna make you feel like none of this ever happened. i promise you."
"i might be extremely jealous and possessive...but i promise you one thing, baby girl...i would kill and die for you. i love you."
"you're not getting untied until you learn your lesson, princess. you will only get out of this bedroom when you prove me that i can trust you. i am gonna make you love me again, (y/n)."
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qingxin-s · 6 months ago
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇʏ'ᴅ ᴅᴏ ᴀɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ꜰᴏʀ...
➴ including: jinx, vi & silco
➴ note: haha i got into arcane massively recently so had to write something for my skrunkles <3333 rbs appreciated!!! - cali
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➴ jinx is by your side whenever you call, ready to harm those who dared to cross you. you’re her everything- you make her plagued mind quiet. whatever you need, she’s there for. whatever you ask her to do, she’s on the case. she’s infatuated with you
➴ vi is yours and yours only, always near to keep an eye on you. no one dares to go near you or speak to you with ill intent as they know she won’t hesitate to pull out her gauntlets. she loves you with all her heart, and she just wants to keep you safe
➴ silco has an army, and he won’t hesitate to command them for your sake if needs be. he’s a broken man, but you keep him together- and he’d do absolutely anything for you. anything.
Tumblr media
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sorchid · 7 months ago
Informing Them That You Love Them
Arcane characters (Jinx, Vi & Cait) reacting to your declaration that you love them.
She'll lock her gaze on you for what'll seem like an eternity. Analyzing the way you move and how you assert yourself—anything that will indicate to her that you're joking. She'll cock her head to one side, her brows scrunched up in a baffled expression.
She'll joke around. She'll laugh a little, I'm sure. With the constant shake of her head, she'll shove your shoulder humorously. That is, until she notices you aren't laughing, and, in fact, you're looking down at the ground, embarrassed. She'll stop laughing right away, her face becoming as straight as a line.
“Wait. Are you serious?”
Once you say that to her, she'll put everything on hold. If she has something in her hand, you can expect it to be strewn across the floor. She is unconcerned about anything else; her primary emphasis is you. That is why her eyes are so fiercely centered on you. She wears a look on her face that you haven't seen before.
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piltoversapphics · 7 months ago
Pls write some soft Vi. Maybe some head cannons?
soft vi headcanons!
• vi is a cuddlebug! she hasn't had any positive, healthy touch after being in prison for so long that she'll just latch onto you and won't let you go. she'd love just lying on you or having you lie on her. she'd wouldn’t mind being the big spoon, but prefers you to be the big spoon because she likes being in the comforting arms of someone who cares about/loves her :)
• i can imagine her loving head scratches and getting you to run your hands through her hair. you both would just be lying on the couch and you'd unconsciously do this while reading a book or something and she'd just melt into your hands. you secretly love the fuzziness of her undercut (you think it's a secret but vi knows) and she never lets anyone but you touch it. 
• vi knows her puppy eyes make you weak and takes advantage of this! she just has to open her eyes wide, furrow her eyebrows and pout—and you give in every time. 
• cooks with you! she’s terrible at it but it’s adorable to see her trying and her determination to learn. you teach her and she picks it up swiftly, and she starts waking up earlier to make you breakfast. you quickly have to start getting used to breakfast in bed and morning kisses (not that you’re complaining).
• vi would want to shower or bathe (in a bathtub) with you, usually after a long day for the both of you, where you can spend time and space together. most of the time it's intimate but not sexual, but can lead to something more if you're interested. she likes washing your hair and body, and being able to take care of you in that way.
• waits on you hand and foot when you're sick.
• would love if you traced her tattoos and asked her about them. she likes feeling your touch.
• look at those arms and tell me she wouldn’t carry you around. would randomly pick you up in a princess carry or throw you over her shoulder. sometimes picks you up while wearing her gauntlets to be extra. would put you down if you asked though. 
• you may consider yourself lucky to be dating her, but in her eyes, she’s the lucky one. needs assurance that you really want to be with her because she thinks you can do so much better, and you’re always ready to provide it and tell her everything you love about her :)
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Hi luv I was wondering if you were able to do any dating Vi headcannons if not that's ok. ✨
Lmao this grew to be a whole bunch more than just Vi headcannons my bad
Vi Headcanons + Extra shit bc Im extra
Reader: Female
Tumblr media
okay first of all what is there to date she's in prison for like 20 years- jk jk
You became friends with her an powder at a young age and grew up for a while together.
You luckily had both your parents but came out to them and were kicked out.
It was Milo that originally found you and brought you back thinking he could hit it off with you.
"But you said you liked both" "Yeah, but right now I would like to be Bi-myself."
After the incident at the factory (It was a factory right?) you went searching everywhere for both Vi and Powder, but never found any of them, no one.
Viktor found you, in his usual spot, fairly young still, and took you in
Man did you love Viktor, he was like a dad/ really close bog brother to you after all
Being a scientist assistant you picked up a nack for sketching plans and schematics out, you tried your best to sketch out the ones you've lost, everything just looked too blocky or too circular, so you kinda gave up on it.
You missed Vi a whole bunch, and even as you aged you continued to miss her, your drawings never did get much better.
You only found out that Vi was alive when overhearing Viktor and Jayce's conversation: you were angered, you had told Viktor about your people
You actually barged in on them and started shouting at Viktor:
a short drabble about that fight:
"When we're you going to tell me you knew Vi was alive!?" Y/n demanded.
"Y/n, I." Viktor spoke, "I didn't want to hurt you-"
"Hurt me!? Hurt me!? You not only knew Vi was alive! You had her locked up! You had her! And you lied to me!" Y/n shouted, "I thought I could trust you!"
"You can trust me-"
"No, I can't," Y/n argued, "You knew I would give everything up to see her one last time and you lied! You're a liar!"
"Y/n please!" he pleaded, trying to place a hand on her shoulder, she only pulled away.
"Don't touch me! Don't come after me! Don't follow me!" She demanded, "If you come near me or Vi, I will kill you- I will kill every enforcer you send my way!"
Y/n quickly ran off after that, "Y/n! Y/n please!"
You rushed to Zaun as quick as you could taking necessities with you, things you could trade, food, you knew how it worked down there
You were glad your routes to go back and forth by sliding cable under the bridge were still good.
You checked all the old spots, no one, no one anywhere, then there was the bar, it looked so different now but you still walked in like you've been there 100 times before.
but you found no information on where Vi was so you left.
Who knew you'd run into them on the street by accident.
"Watch it!" "I'm not in the mood! Don't try me!"
Both grab each other by the collar ready to fight but realize who it is.
"Vi?" "Y/N?" "Vi! You're alive! I'm so glad-"
And she's kissing you, shutting you up, holding your face tightly.
"Um? Yes hello, wanna explain who she is?" "This is Y/n, you won't find someone more idiotic than her!" "Glad to know my title still sticks."
You and Caitlyn seem to get along, she respects you and you respect her
Danger? What? Grab Vi's hand and book it because you know she'll fight rather than run
guys have a duo v duo fight? Maybe Caitlyn's trying to decode something no idea. It's like date night for you two, since you know, you'll never get a true date night, but you guys kick ass laughing happily, bumping shoulders as you too and small pecks on the cheeks.
praising each others fighting styles
you guys actually were able to pause for some food and got to catch up, she was kinda surprised with what happened:
A quick drabble about catching up:
"There was a man, named Viktor, he found me after what happened. He became my everything." Y/n told Vi, "I think I was just scared to let another person go...after you and powder, I...Vi, I'm so sorry I couldn't get to either of you."
Vi stayed silent, looking down at her bowl, "Powder's alive."
"She is!?" Y/n questioned, "Where is she?'
"She works for SIlco, they, she thinks he's her daughter," Vi told, taking some food into her mouth, "She believes it 100%"
"I don't understand! Did you guys get separated? What happened?" Y/n asked.
"I got mad..." Vi spoke, "I slapped her. I-"
"You did what?" Y/n questioned, "Don't tell me."
"I left her there..." Vi told.
"You what!?" Y/n shouted she angered, "You left a poor little girl! A poor little defensive girl!"
"I know what I did!" Vi argued, "You don't need to remind me! Okay, topsider!"
"Don't you dare pull that card with me, Vi! You left powder! Alone! You left your sister! Alone! Do you not understand that!" Y/n demanded, "You don't just get to apologize and get her back!"
"And what!? You know so much about family!" Vi argued.
"I may not know much about family," Y/n seethed, "But I know about betrayal. I'm going to find Powder."
Ooo first fight, ouch
You did what you said though, you went to go find Powder, turns out Powder's Jinx.
"You'd come for this?" "I have no idea what the hell that is. I thought you were dead! I was lied to for a while Powder!" "My name is not powder! It's Jinx!" "I'm sorry I didn't know."
An immediate hug from Jinx, she holding onto you tight, your hugs felt just like they use to. How much she missed them.
You explained everything to Jinx what happened and how you had gone looking for them but never found them, and she believed you, every word of it (This'll be important for reasons....)
Wow, enforcers show up -le gasp- and then Vi and Caitlyn show up -le gasp-
Omg epic battle four badass chicks against a mini-army of men completely plated in metal.
God does Vi think your beautiful af as your kickin in masked faces.
You think she's pretty hot too but still angry at her, but she hot still
Both of your trying to protect not only each other but Jinx and Caitlyn as well.
Ya'll just all so badass I can't even.
Say you're injured in said epic battle, like really hurt, Vi will basically circle around you and protect you at any cost, but Jinx picked you up, and ran with you over her shoulder, to try and protect you as well
Welp Vi's lost you again
Tbh random Modern Au but if ya'll be in Target/Walmart/any type of story she'd still lose you even in a gas station store
Jinx demanding someone fucking save you
Manages to save you; thanks doc; but now- you got shimmer injected into you; oh how so wonderful
Vi now paranoid you dead dead
Meanwhile, Viktor's searching everywhere for you in Zaun thinking your triple dead
sike you ALIVE
And now you like: really fast and powerful
Vi's like praise the mf all mighty lord your alive
Apologizing like crazy
Holds you close
Ah such a dysfunction pair but honestly? You need each other
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yanderearcane · 8 months ago
Yandere Vi and Jinx Headcanons
Tumblr media
Artist: Mayexplode
Jinx and Vi both really, REALLY like you, if you feel me
You like Jinx, sure, but Vi was the safer option
Jinx is just to chaotic, and Vi is afraid Jinx will get you hurt
Jinx doesn't want to get you hurt either so she'll relucantly let you stay with Vi
Jinx doesn't really like you being around Vi, even though they're getting along, Jinx is still fearful that Vi will abandon you both and Jinx can't have that happening to you
Jinx wants to do your makeup, dark 'emo-like' make
She'll make you the prettiest girl
Vi sometimes treats you like a child
She'll baby you and even wants to baby feed you
She thinks of you as something so fragil and so easy breakable
But, with that in mind, she'll gaslight you
She'll make you feel like you're the bad guy
But Jinx, now Jinx will emotional manipulate you and make you pity her
At this point, you don't even know if you love them anymore or even loved them at all
Though it's to late now
They have you in their clutches
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missy-mochi · 7 months ago
What is vi had a s/o who is a amazing fighter?
Mmmmhhh interesting 🤔
Vi x female!reader who is an awesome fighter
Tumblr media
First of all, Vi didn't have a single clue about it
You know that she is a fighter since a long time, and she knows that you know it
But one day, you both were talking and relaxing outside, and a group of peoples approach you
They are saying that you were on their spot, and Vi naturally reply that there is no name in it
Then, a fight begin, Vi told you to run but... you didn't
You stayed with her and you begin to fight while Vi watch you, shocking
She was like ".... wh... what the HELL ?" She don't realize what is she watching
After the group disappears, you told her that you were training your fighting skills in secret since a long time
She was still shocked, but... damn, her heart was beating fast actually
She make a little smile and caress your cheek, telling that you were so damn strong than she thought, and ask you If you can training together
You blushed then accept and hug her, she hugs you in return
She was so proud of you
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azaleabushes · 6 months ago
Hi! I really do love your work and I was wondering if you could do Vi x reader who goes nonverbal at times, very introverted reader, who could go nonverbal as an affect of mental illness possibly, ofc you’re not obligated to respond but ty for taking the time to read my request!
hi anon! thank you for requesting, i'd be very happy to write that for you <333 i will make these hcs, although it is kinda short
 → vi is totally okay with you going nonverbal, especially if that's the coping mechanism you decide to use! while some people might see it as irksome when you get quiet, she only sees it as a warning sign to take care of you
 → when you go nonverbal, she’s able to figure out rather quickly that you either need space or comfort, and she will give it to you with no hesitation. her s/o is her top priority, always
 → her favorite thing to do for you when you have an episode is to do physical acts for you, like cooking you food or drawing a bath for you. you’ve told her a few times how she doesn’t need to do it, but she does it anyway out of pure enjoyment and love!
 → if you’re in public when it happens, she will either take you straight home or go to a private place until you calm down. you respond better in these kind of settings, and its just nice to spend one on one time with her in general when you're gathering your thoughts anyways :-)
 → she is completely prepared to speak on your behalf if an episode gets especially long. you may not be up for talking some days, but not to worry because vi’s got you! and she knows you well enough to articulate your thoughts for you
 → you two develop a system of gestures and blinks to mean things if you ever need them. ie, three blinks means you want to leave, a fist means you're scared, etc. it gets really helpful if you're in the middle of a conversation or something and need to signal for her
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cammys-imagines24 · 7 months ago
•Vi Being Touch Starved•
Tumblr media
Our badass, pinkette brawler is a dom most of the time.
Most days she is an utter tease. One who pins you up against the wall and loves nothing more than to see you squirm.
But, then there are the days where all her hardships, all her pain and the many years she's spent alone with that pain just comes crashing down onto her.
The loss of her parents, her friends, Vander, Powder...
Being stuck in a prison cell, being beaten up everyday, being put into solitary confinement...
It's not often Vi chooses to feel her hurt, most times she just shoves it away and makes a joke.
But, when it gets too much and she can't shove down, beat down and bottle up her pain anymore, she just wants to lie down all day.
Usually on these few and far between days she'd not talk to anyone and just ignore the world.
Though she's not alone anymore.
She has you.
Vi doesn't really want a sympathetic ear since she isn't fond of talking about the past and you already know everything anyway.
But, there's nothing she doesn't appreciate more than to have a warm body to cuddle and wrap her tattooed, muscular arms around.
Someone who will offer her solace, comfort and peace.
You are her safe haven away from the grief knocking loudly against her walled up heart.
Vi is a soft bottom sometimes.
When you tenderly kiss her nicked lip, the dotted freckles upon her nose, her eyebrow slit, the ink upon her skin...
When you let her be the little spoon and she curls into you as much as she can...
Vi thaws.
She succumbs to the love you have to give her.
Vi's also the neediest girl ever when you go down on her, completely at your mercy.
On early mornings you'd find yourself lying on top of the pinkette.
Your inner thighs straddling her six pack, your fingers gently brushing away the messy bedhead strands from her steely eyes.
On quiet nights you'd draw a bath for the two of you and you'd entice her into the warm water with your body.
Vi can't resist the sight of your nude form.
But, in truth, you'd lead her into the bath under false pretenses, occasionally.
When you want her to relax her tired muscles, when you want to massage her shoulder which never healed properly.
She's the biggest cuddler ever.
Will pick you up in her muscular arms, will latch onto you with her ironclad grip, will grope any bare flesh of yours she sees.
She touches you all the time. Anywhere she can get her hands on.
Even in public Vi has to in some way be touching you.
Be it a hand on the small of your back, an arm draped around your shoulders, forehead kisses and hand holding.
Though once you're alone Vi doesn't want any distance between the two of you at all.
Despite her bravado and her genuine skill, we all know Vi has no actual experience in the bedroom.
After all, she's been in prison since her late teens.
She was a virgin when you two got together.
But, that doesn't mean she can't make your legs feel like jelly, leave your stomach in knots and make you see stars.
And, she is damn enthusiastic, too.
Just having someone to touch, who she can pleasure and make happy is so thrilling for the brawler.
Vi loves nothing more than to go down on you like it's her last meal, to have you in bed all night long.
She can go round after round and you will be exhausted.
It's just exhilarating for Vi, to use her hands for something other than fighting.
That her rough, calloused hands can bring someone pleasure is amazing to her.
That she can use her mouth, her fingers, her entire body, to stimulate you...
That when you look at her muscles, her scars, her body in return, all she sees is attraction in your eyes.
When Vi first met you it actually shocked her that you found her hot at all.
Her body to her has just been a machine to strengthen, a vessel to use.
So, having you find beauty in her muscles, her scars, her every curve, flaw, crevice...
It was all so new and captivating.
Every kiss to Vi still feels like the first time and she never gets tired of making you feel good.
She's spent so long in a cold, dark cell, in pain, sad and alone...
And, now that Vi has you she never wants to let go.
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zujime · 2 months ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
vi isn't the type to be a mean dom on a daily because she prefers to be more of a pleasure dom and plus she’s worried she’d hurt you, but if she's really pissed off about something, whether that being at you or something else then maybe.
she'd edge you to the point of tears and pinch your clit whenever you don't listen to her. you might catch her spitting in your mouth or on you and maybe even choking you a bit. expect to be manhandled a lot.
if she needs you in a certain position, she's putting you in that position herself, pushing you around however she pleases. spanking and marking being done more than usual because she's taking it all out on you, but she makes sure to listen out for if you ever say the safe word.
there's an off chance she might degrade you but that'll only go so far before she starts to feel bad and call it quits so she can curl up in your arms, but you're still not cumming till she's officially taken all her anger out, but when it's all over she'll kiss everything better and make it up to you. she definitely looks at the hickeys, scratch marks, and hand prints she made afterwards with a wince.
Tumblr media
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thehoundwrites · 4 months ago
Characters and what they call their s/o [feminine]
Tumblr media
Doll, Babygirl, Princess, Kitten, Precious, Dollface
Darling, Sweetheart, Dear, Pumpkin, Dove
Princess, Gorgeous, Kitty, Babgirl, Bunny, Mine
Dear, Sweet girl, Baby, Princess, Treasure, My love
Babe, Pretty girl, Bunny, Kitten, Baby, Babygirl, Doll
Precious, Sweet girl, Princess, Babygirl
Gorgeous, Hun, Babe, Baby, Babygirl, Princess
Honey, Toots, Baby, Angel, Perfect, Sweet Thing
Tumblr media
- Hound
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pvrplette · 7 months ago
Jinx: if being pretty is a crime, then yes, I am guilty.
Vi: you literally stabbed Caitlyn four times because you didn't want anyone to be prettier than you. Yes, you're guilty.
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misfitoy · 8 months ago
Let’s Go on a Date With Vi
I've already begun a new series after finishing the previous one a few hours ago.. So let's get started! A brand-new series! Woo-hoo!
Let's Go on a Date With Vi
Just know that this is going to be the messiest date you've ever had, but you're going to love it. 
Of course, Vi would begin the date with food.
Vi isn't a fancy one; she doesn't own much or have much to give in terms of material possessions. You're aware of it, and you're unconcerned about it. You've never been a big fan of materialistic items. 
She'd most likely take you to one of her favorite food trucks. (Yes, the food she ate after leaving Stillwater in episode five—and, even more importantly, you have to eat it too. Consider it a fun dare.) 
Following your meal, you and Vi would stroll through the streets of the Undercity, chatting. You'd both talk about your life, the good and bad times, the worst things you've done, maybe ask each other impossible and repulsive "would you rather" questions, and so on.
She'd definitely show off her parkour skills to you, and you'd stand there in awe, as if it were the most impressive thing you'd ever seen anyone do.
This date can NOT end without you and Vi punching a few Enforcers, or at the very least pranking someone.
Oh, and she'd steal you flowers from Piltover without a doubt. After the running and her attempting to hide them from people, they'd probably be destroyed, but eh, it's the thought that counts. 
WINDOW SHOPPING IN PILTOVER. Oh, that is an absolute must.
Going to some random store and staring in the window at something you want until you get strange looks. Pfft, as if you'll notice.
Sending jokes, saying each other would look terrible in that type of fabric or color.
Trying to persuade one another to go in try on the clothes.
Which Vi eventually does, and you regret saying she wouldn't look good in that color.
Extra extra:
Vi is unmistakably a shover. If you say anything too cute or funny, you'll get shoved while she laughs at you.
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kodalacar · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Jinx's plans for 14th February
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