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kram6496 · a day ago
Y/N: you alright?
Vi: why wouldn’t I be?
Y/N: you can cut the act Vi. I know you’re not.
Vi: I said I’m fine! What’s your deal?
Y/N: my deal is that you don’t have to act like everything’s ok.
Y/N: let me love you. Let me look after you when it hurts the most.
Vi: okay. Just don’t tell anyone! I got a rep to keep.
Tumblr media
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caitlinsnicket · 6 months ago
you accidentally call them mommy/daddy (arcane preference)
a/n: the taglist is downstairs! sorry it took so long, I was having my finals. feel free to like, reblog, and leave a comment. requests are closed, but feel free to send things anyways!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
she's got you on her lap, riding her thigh with your hands tied behind your back
her ministrations are slow and deep, which only makes you frustrated because they lead to nothing
she can see you're getting frustrated, but she's just amused
you can feel tears burning behind your eyes, just wanting her to do something
"please, mommy, please let me-"
you squeak when she suddenly grabs you by your throat
"what did you just call me?"
she doesn't look pissed, just confused
"sorry... mommy?"
well she likes that
unties your hands and puts her hand between your legs
"well done trinket. you did so good. here's your reward"
cue the best orgasm of your life
wants you to call her mommy all the time now, won't shut up about it
will refer to hersef as mommy
i just want her to top me wtf
| Vi
Tumblr media
you're holding on for dear life in the bed rest, hips above Vi's head while her tongue works wonders in your clit
her hands make marks on your ass from how tight she's holding you
you just keep rambling while feeling your orgasm build up
"yes, mommy, just like that-"
you don't even register what you said, just enjoying the moment
afterwards, while holding you close and kissing your neck, she gets a little flushed
"did you call me... mommy? like, i'm not not into it, i just didn't think you were into it"
cue a long pillow talk about all the things you wanted to try with each other
you start to call her by the nickname when you two are alone, not just at sexy times
she likes it, makes her feel comfortable and in a powerful position
will tease you in public, low enough for only you to hear
"don't you wanna do good for mommy, kitty? then behave"
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she's teasing you around her office, giving you light touches and kisses and soft name calling
you're starting to get annoyed, as you're there to work, not to flirt
still, she keeps pushing your buttons until you've had enough
"stop it mommy, or you wont see me for a week"
the what now????
turns into a tomato and stutters
a shiver runs down her spine at that
leaves you alone because she is embarassed, and you just decide to turn it against her
when you get to your house, you corner her in a wall
"what now... mommy? you bothered me the whole day, what are you gonna do to me now?"
your 'fuck me' eyes are good, because she just lunges for your face and fucks you silly
next morning she sees the marks in your body and gets even more embarassed
"I won't mind if you call me that again"
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he's pounding you from behind, holding your hair with one hand and spreading your ass with the other
he's going in deep, moving his hips so that his thrusts always hit your g-spot, biting his lips trying not to cum on the spot
your moans start to get louder and he knows you're close
"yeah, just like that daddy-"
oh well
his dirty talk game just goes astronomic
"oh yeah? is daddy pounding you just right? is daddy turning you into a slut?"
you don't expect him to become so dirty, so you clench and when he slaps your ass, you can't hold back anymore
him, on the other hand, can't do anything except hold onto you for dear life
he cleans you up and kisses you sweetly, carrying you to bed
"daddy, huh? i could get used to that"
will like to be called that only in his private chambers
| Silco
Tumblr media
he actually sugested it for you one day
"i know you like experimenting. maybe we could try some name-calling. whenever you're ready"
you give it some thought, but there's a lot happening, so you don't act on it
until one day, when you're both entangled on each other, just enjoying the way your bodies touch
he's in his high chair and you're on his lap, kissing him and rocking yourself very slowly
his fingers brush against your clit slowly while you purr in his ear
"how is this petal?"
"good daddy, so good"
you two don't mention it, but now he refers to himself as daddy during sex, never in front of others
gets a warm feeling in his chest when you say it, and twitches inside of you
| Viktor
Tumblr media
you're sitting in his workbench, legs spread in front of him and skirt rolled up
his hands are working wonders in your slit, touching all the right places
he looks like he's figuring out a hextec piece, a light blush on his cheekss
"is this good?"
you pant a "yes" filled with longing, and he starts kissing your thighs
he keeps going with his ministrations, watching you with gleaming eyes
"just like that daddy, you're doing so fucking good"
his ears go red and he keeps his pace, nipping at your soft flesh
you cum all over his fingers, calling him daddy and gripping his hands
he doesn't let you catch your breath, just goes right back to it, using his mouth next to make you a overstimulated mess
a soft dom for sure
loves it when you call him daddy
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imajinxnation · 6 months ago
Idk why this is so funny to me but how would silco, Vi, Viktor and jinx react to someone walking in on them and their s/o during spicy time
Someone Walks In On You Two - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Warning: Smut and a bit of crack lmao
I love this idea so much, it would be so awkward and weird to be walked in on lmao
Female!Reader, it's just easier for me to write it this way due to me being a girl
Tumblr media
"Oh, god," you huffed out, one of your hands flying to your forehead.
Vi thrusted her fingers roughly into you as she heard you moan out for her. She always loved it when she had control over you in bed. You gasped as you suddenly felt her tongue and lips around your clit, shuddering at the feeling. Vi always knew what she was doing and what buttons to press when it came to things like this. What she didn't know is that she had left the door to your room unlocked. There were footsteps coming down the hall when, suddenly, the door opened, only to reveal Caitlyn talking about how she needed to talk to Vi urgently.
As soon as Caitlyn saw the scene before her, she apologized and left in a hurry. You flushed in embarrassment, while Vi just laughed and reassured you that it was okay and that you could continue later.
Tumblr media
He was stressing the whole day about an attack on the Shimmer shipment, when you asked if you could help in any way, he knew what you were implying and said yes.
So, there you were, him sitting on his chair, behind his desk, while you were down on your knees giving him a stress relieving blowjob. You started going further down on him when you both heard a knock on his office door. It was Sevika, wanting to talk about what happened earlier with the Shimmer shipment. You went to come off of him, but his hand on the back of your head kept your mouth from leaving him, implying that he wanted you to keep going.
Soon enough, their conversation was done, but before Sevika went out the door, she said something that made you burn with embarrassment.
"We'll talk more about this later, Silco. By the way, you're shit at keeping secrets, I know you're here (y/n)," she smirked.
Tumblr media
You always knew Viktor as the type of person to work until he dropped, even if he had a lot on his mind. You could tell he had a lot on his mind by the way he was working and the look on his face, so you decided that he needed a little break, plus you had been missing him ever so much. You pushed him lightly back on his chair, climbing to sit in his lap, careful to avoid putting pressure on his bad leg. He stared up at you with shocked eyes and his face red from embarrassment. You lightly placed your lips on his, but that lightness quickly became very heavy and needy as Viktor got into it more. He placed his hands on your hips, bringing you closer as you slipped your toungue into his mouth.
A minute or two into it, the door opened, Jayce standing there with a book in his hand, just staring at the scene before him. You two were so busy with each other that you didn't notice him come in. Jayce slowly backed out of the room and closed the door slowly, as to not make a noise. While he was scarred for life, ya'll had no idea why Jayce was so awkward being around you two the next day.
Tumblr media
Jinx was feeling in the mood for a whole week when she finally snapped and couldn't hold back from jumping on you. She stomped into your shared room, pushing you backwards onto your bed while she was complaining that you had been teasing her all week. Her hands immediately roamed your body as she dove in for a heated kiss. Her left hand finally landed on your breast and she started squeezing and groping, her right hand on your waist to make you stay still.
It wasn't too long into your session when Silco walked into the room, wanting to ask Jinx about a new mission he had for her. He immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw what was happening. Jinx gave him a warning look, as if to say, get out before I make you.
"Just come to my office when you're done, Jinx," Silco sighed as he walked out of the room, trying to get the image of you two out of his head.
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luvmei · a month ago
easily flustered
vi x f!reader hcs゛ ⿻
Tumblr media
pair → vi x femme reader, friendly & bashful
cw → fluff, nsfw, not proofread, rushed
✦、i needed to post something, man i really need more determination to finish things.. i'll try have trembling out asap * ₊ ・
vi takes pride in the fact her bare voice can make you shy away, but she'd never take advantage of you with that
you're referred to as things like vi's lamb because of your sheepish persona
she finds you adorable and melts at the way you're so friendly, in zaun kindness is extremely rare — not to mention stillwater. you're like a diamond from the bottom of the sea to the pinkette
people may find the pair strange, a headstrong woman with a sensitive and polite lady. some bystanders may insult you two but vi always just covers your ears, "don't listen to them. i love you no matter what, we're okay."
she makes sure not to be too gruesome or violent when beating their faces in as to not scare you. they couldn't just walk around freely and go unpunished now, could they?
has a tendency to zone out on your face (especially your cheeks) and watch it deepen into a rosary pigment, nearly matching her hair
you find vi so beautiful that keeping eye contact is extremely difficult. her flirtatiousness doesn't help at all — constantly burying your face into books or palms in attempts to hide. that pretty little head of yours always ends up in her hands though, "oh, no no please don't hide. let me see that pretty smile.."
when vi had introduced you to caitlyn anxiety began to bubble up within you. cait was neat, proper, and very composed — polar opposites.
the thoughts kept flooding in and your smile had faded moments ago, vi noticed the shift of atmosphere. she never failed to reassure and comfort you, "you are everything to me y/n, that bashfulness is a part of you; it's special and charming. even if that changed i would still love you continuously."
strange as it may sound, because of excessive blushing you resemble a hand body? warmer. vi runs very warm and finds the fact you're warmer extremely comforting. some days she just needs a break and takes deep naps with you in her arms or vice versa
this girl is so head over heels for you. all she's known is to toughen up and be on guard, yet your carefree and welcoming personality is so refreshing. you're her reminder that it's okay to not be so strong. any second spent with you is euphoric to her. the rabbit hole of love has her so deep that she see's you as an angel in disguise
"so perfect.." yes, most of the time she's a sap but the sly part of her tends to outshine that display of adoration. straight knees were placed beside yours, toned arms laid against your head, pinning you to the seat. in this position vi could see every feature of yours, "you're so cute like this. i wonder though, what kind of expressions would you make in bed?"
that happens quite often..
sometimes people just hand things to you since you're too afraid to ask, but vi wants to hear your voice no matter what. she constantly teases and encourages you to speak more, "come on angel. don't be afraid, what do you want?
being shy can be stressful. vi did research with caitlyn about people who are often anxious and learned it causes tension in the body. expect some nightly massages
orders food for you and never leaves your side when trading with merchants. okay okay w
god, why is she so hot
if you ever decide to try and mute yourself with a pillow just know it'll be tossed to the side eventually. don't even try use your hands to hide yourself because they'll soon be pinned above your head
she takes great care of you, in many ways. peppers kisses from your jawline down to the neck and shoulders as a distraction for the hands between your legs
vi wants to see, feel, and taste all of you. she simply doesn't let you try and 'hover' over her. no way. her face will be your throne whether you like it or not
you try and repay her, yet most of the she just denies it and says, "don't worry about it cupcake. your pleasure is mine." she actually gets off to you feeling good, but there's no way you're just gonna sit around being a pillow princess 24/7
when she does let you repay her though you're showered with praises, she tears up slightly the first time. nobody had treated her so gently, "god you're doing so well.. ah! fuck. i love you i love you i love you."
bought a clear strap with sparkles to not "scare you" the first time (?) it was awfully cute
many people were intrigued by your friendliness and kindness, they tried to flirt or take advantage of you but luckily there were always priorities to save you. now that vi is here, she helped you realize what everybody had been doing; by taking you home herself though.
you told vi you were anxious at first about how she'd react to your body, that very same day she cherished you, slowly removing every piece of clothing with an affirmation. litters kisses on every part of your skin and kisses your tears of happiness away.
the pinkette slowly lowered the straps of your dress, "you're so beautiful. did you know that?" "you tell me everyday.." hands trailed up from the small of your back up to your temples softly, "and i mean it every single time." her lips met your collarbone and slipped off the rest of your garments lovingly yet oh so slowly; watery eyes began to form from the amount of love you were receiving. vi kissed away the tears that were trailing down your cheek. "if i had met you sooner my love, i would spend every single second i had giving you the good things you were deprived of. " the moon shone so perfectly on your skin. "i wouldn't mind dying to the sight of this." vi shamelessly thought. she took care of you in that same pace, lovingly, painfully slow. you're her angel — you deserve it all.
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cammys-imagines24 · 6 months ago
•Taking Care of Injured Vi•
Tumblr media
Now, if this was you who were injured, oh boy, would you be getting an earful.
Vi would have her crabby face on full force.
Her nonstop litany of you being stupid to endanger yourself would be more painful than the injury itself.
But, since this is Vi who's injured, everything is fine.
"It's no big deal", "it's just a scratch", "it's worse than it looks", are her favorites phrases.
Phrases you have never bought when it's so obvious when her literal stab wound is not "I just fell over, don't worry about it".
And, since Vi gets into fights a lot you've learned how to play nurse really well.
Even though your patient is stubborn, pigheaded, defiant and doesn't know what's good for her.
It is definitely not the easiest of tasks getting Vi to be compliant in being tended to.
What makes it worse is that she is far, far stronger than you.
So, you can't just force her on the bed and tie her up till she gets better.
You tried that once and even though the pinkette was all too willing to be on the bed with you... that night you never got a chance to attend to her bloody knuckles at all.
It seemed that whenever you did want her to lie down or get some rest, to her that meant sex.
Not that you minded, obviously, but she needed to get her priorities right.
When she's bleeding out it is so not the time for her to want you to sit on her face.
Vi will complain the whole time you are scrubbing her cuts clean and pulling out shrapnel from her skin.
She'll wince from the alcohol you'd have to pour over her battered flesh to disinfect it.
"You should see the other guy."
She'll tell you through gritted teeth as you stitch her up.
"I swear, cupcake, I barely feel it."
She'll reassure you, as that's what comes naturally to her. Being the strong one. The one needing to be strong for others.
But, Vi could never lie to you. And, you were her home. She could let her walls down around you.
You knew all about her past. You knew all the hurt she's faced. How she had to keep on standing up no matter how many times she was knocked down.
You also knew of her time in prison, how the wardens and her fellow inmates used to get a sick kick out of ganging up on her.
You knew she had her bad days where her previously injured shoulder from when she was a kid was acting up.
Deep down, Vi knew she couldn't be tough around you. You saw right through her pretenses and nonchalant words.
Vi knew that you knew her better than anyone else and it damn near made her cry.
She hated worrying you, that's why she pretended to be better than she was but what was the point when you saw the truth?
Vi felt weak when she got hurt and if she's not strong enough to protect herself then how can she properly protect you and what's the point of anything if she can't protect you?
She trains so much, she shouldn't be getting hurt in the first place.
She should feel secure that nothings gonna harm you so long as she's here.
But, Vi makes mistakes. She uses her fists first and head second sometimes.
And, because of this she's upset you more times than she wishes to tally up.
She's even made you breakdown from some of the more severe damages she's taken over the years.
"I'm sorry, sweet. Don't cry for me."
She'd say, all bandaged up, pulling you close and not caring about the sting your body pressed against hers caused.
You'd try to shove her away, knowing that she must be in pain with your form against her hurt muscular one.
Vi wouldn't give a damn. She'd embrace the sting of her raw wounds so long as you remained in her arms.
"I swear, babygirl. I'll try to be more careful."
"Good, because you have to live for me, Vi."
You'd tell her, kissing the scar upon her sweet, full lips.
Vi would melt.
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1mxg1ne · 6 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Vi NSFW
// here is my girlfriend, I don't know why so many other people request her when we are clearly married but oh well
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): She gets nervous , worries about having hurt you, will fret over you, are you okay, are you comfortable and when she is done she'll wait for you to tell her how good she was, she wants the praise, for you to tell her how much you love her and how good she fucks you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Arms, it's arms , the moment your hand even brushes her biceps she is flexing ,you can tell even if she tries to play it off casually. As for her partner, this girl is pussy whipped, i just know it, there are definitely other things she likes about you, your lips, your eyes, and she'll spend hours simply telling you, but she is pussy whipped, she'll slide her fingers in you and moan almost as if it hurts her how good tou feel. You could turn her into a yes ma'am purely by not letting her touch you when she is this worked up.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): I just know that she wants you to cum straight on her face, if she could go out without washing her face after eating you out she absolutely would. The type to casually scratch her nose after fingering you.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): She'd be absolute game with a roleplaying scene, doesn't want to ask because she is still quite embarrassed and doesn't know how to go about it, but she has definitely thought of you in several scenarios, they are all cheesy but she'd die a happy woman if you just indulged her.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): She is a virgin, prison didn't let her explore much so the second she is out ,and she has someone she likes, she is ready to pounce, whatever she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She wants to see your face, she wants to be able to look into your eyes , wether you are riding her or she is above you she won’t let you hide away.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): She can and will absolutely laugh with you, sometimes she can't help it, she'll be trying to look cool, and accidentally hit her head or twist you in a weird position that makes you yelp in pain, and after applogising, you'll both giggle but the mood is definitely not ruined, she'll kiss the spot you were hurt , look at you through her eyelashes and ask for you to let her make it feel better.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): Doubt she ever cared about shaving, might start trimming if her partner asks, bur nothing more, she'll try shaving or waxing once and complain so much about the pain/itchiness.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…): She is so whipped, she'll encourage you and praise you and coo at you ,she'll plead with you to give her one more orgasm ,how she knows you can take one more baby, she can feel it ,she'll kiss your cheeks and moan against your mouth when you finally cum once more.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Did it purely out of frustration and boredom ,but it definitely wasn't something she did out of pleasure.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks); Roleplaying, She also has a thing for stockings and thigh highs and stuff like that, would rather rip a hole through your nice black stockings than have you take them off.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere you'll allow her to have you, she'd be pulling you in some small alley with a cocky grin ,but if you are actually game she gets so flustered, but she won't back down, and even if some poor soul happens by she'll yell at them to fuck off.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Anything really after being away for so long. But especially playing with her hair, this small and gentle gesture has her in a puddle honestly. She'll let you drag your nails against her scalp for a bit and then pull your hand off of her head to start kissing your fingers before pulling you for a kiss.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs): Degrade you, anything like putting you down, she can't bring herself to do it and it's also something she wouldn't handle with you doing to her.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): She could honestly get herself off just with you against her mouth, another big fan of, no no break it it's fine when it comes to face sitting, she'll hold you against her tongue until she gets light headed at which point you have to get up.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Fast and rough, she always feels like she has to make up for all the time she spent locked away, so she needs to be guided into something slower, she can definitely do so, her eyes will watch you carefully roll your hips against her ,her hands slowing to grab handfuls of your body.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Hell yeah, goes with the fact she feels like she has to make up for lost time.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): She'll be a bit cautious but if you ask nice enough she is happy to indulge you in anything you come up with.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…): You know she has so much pent up energy, that even after you both cum she is still up to keep fucking you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): At first she won't get the point of them , you have her she can do an equally good job, but she is open minded enough to try out things.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): Not much of a tease ,mostly because she hasn't figured out how to deny you yet, she doesn't feel like doing so though, if she is honest.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, she whimpers and moans and curses and there is a lot of praise and a lot of 'yes princess' 'i love you' 'so fucking good for me' etc.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): While i think that she absolutely tops ,she would not mind having someone who takes charge once in a while, she'd be staring up at them riding her all breathless lost in the pleasure on their face. Pin her wrists and she won't move them from that spot even when you pull back because she just wants to see you enjoy yourself.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): This woman has so much pent up sexual tension ,she'd cry the first time you two fuck, after that though she is nonstop ready for you.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): She'll fall asleep quite fast, i know those prison beds weren't good and she takes any opportunity to sleep in a good comfortable bed ,she snores too ,really loudly //like her dad.
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zujime · a month ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
just imagining laying in bed or on the couch with vi. your body on hers as you trace the coarse skin on her fingers, flipping her hand over before laying yours in her palm, eyes widening at how big her hand is compared to yours.
It's all cute then but not even that long after, her long fingers are knuckles deep in your hole as she stares at you with her lip between her teeth, watching you writhe and whimper uncontrollably under her. she'd ask things like "you like the feeling of my fingers spreading you like this?" or "gonna make a mess for me, sweetheart?"
she'll spend all night and maybe even morning milking as many orgasms as she can, whether they're dry or not.
Tumblr media
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bernthal-brainrot · 6 months ago
☆ 𝒗𝒊'𝒔 𝒄𝒖𝒑𝒄𝒂𝒌𝒆 | 𝒉𝒄
・*:༅。𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: language, nsfw content (labeled), violence?, adult content. minors beware.
・*:༅。𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: what it would be like being in love with the piltover enforcer.
・*:༅。𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓'𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒆: BARK BARK BARK AWOOGA, literally the hottest one on the show in my opinion, jinx being an extremely close second. I love her, please, she is the blueprint for my taste in women.
Tumblr media
Vi might be extremely emotionally reserved, but not around you she isn't.
Literally like a horny frat bro. Will compliment or grab at your boobs or your ass at any given time because oh wow she loves your body.
Once you have her liking you, buckle down, cause you just gained a partner for life, buddy, she'll follow you around like a puppy dog.
Likes teaching you how to fight and throw a punch, and if you already know how to, she likes to get in play fights with you. Maybe on occasion, she'll even let you win.
Even though you do love her, her temper is extremely short. You know she wouldn't ever physically hurt you on purpose, but yelling matches aren't uncommon. She's too hot-headed, and you're too stubborn to back down.
makeup sex ensues.
Y'all know that one picture of two girls putting eyeliner on each other?
Tumblr media
You can decide who's who, but holy shit. (y'all are absolutely boning after this.)
Loves taking you to the prettiest places Zaun has to offer. Likes taking you sightseeing.
Romantic relationships aren't her strong suit, so she likes that you're patient and understanding with her, even if she does get a little frustrating sometimes.
matching finger tattoos?!?!? YES?!!!!?!?! (thinking a ☽ and a ☆ but honestly if you have any better ideas, go for it.)
Watching her work those mechanical fists is absolutely magical (and lowkey a turn-on).
You are getting promise rings. No objections. If you have any protests, go argue with a wall. She is possessive and wants something to show others you belong to her.
You both share an annoyance for topsiders.
She is the biggest cuddle bug. She takes physical affection more seriously than verbal affection. Just holding her pinky with yours means a lot more to her than an 'i love you'.
Her nicknames are everywhere. From cupcake to sweetcheeks, to sugar tits, to literally anything else she can think of. It's actually really cute.
She's so physically fit, you could spend hours just running your hands up and down her biceps, I mean she is ripped.
Likes it when you ask her to tell you stories of her past. Adventures she used to go on. Unlike Jinx, Vi looks to her childhood fondly and only likes to focus on the good rather than dwell on the bad.
Never hand this woman a sharpie cause she'll doodle on your hand whenever she gets a chance. Loves drawing small things on you from time to time out of her own enjoyment.
You two may or may not get a cat together, who knows, that's for you to decide, and she may or may not name it cupcake. ("Look, cupcake! It's Cupcake!")
She somehow convinces you to get your nipples pierced, and if it isn't already, your nose as well. She's a sucker for piercings.
Has a strange obsession with kissing random parts of your face at random times. She wakes up before you? Boom. Kiss on your eyelids. You say something really cute? Bam. Kiss on your nose.
Tumblr media
Literally the most top bitch you will ever meet oh mY GOD.
She is literally so hot when she tells you what to do or when she praises you.
"Fuck, my good girl, aren't you?" "Such a precious thing" "On your knees, you know what to do, cupcake."
She can give you the most mind-blowing head and still be insatiable. You have to physically push her away to get her to stop. She could spend all day between your legs (please let her)
Loves to play with your tits, whether it's sucking, licking, biting, anything. She loves your water balloons and if you don't let her touch them, she gets grumpy.
No, because she has such defined abs, you already know she's gonna make you ride them. Seeing you on top of her and panting as you drag your swollen clit across her 6-pack just- oh my fucking god jhsdothoirhtoihoifht.
The best person at aftercare in the world, always super attentive, especially if you slip into sub-space.
Candles? Food? Bath? Water? Cuddles? Literally, ask and she'll get it for you.
She loves you so much to the point where she would kill and die for you. If that isn't the perfect partner, idk what is.
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shortestcake · a month ago
Pairings: Vi x reader, Sevika x reader, Caitlyn x Reader (separate)
Pronouns used: none
Gendered terms: pretty girl
Genre: fluff
reader is described to be short, femmine, cutsie and bubbly
Tumblr media
🍓 Vi, although I feel like doesn't have an exact type, definitely enjoys your dynamic.
🍓 Cute little you, walking around the streets of Zaun with a 5'9 brute like her
🍓 She doesn't care too much about her appearance, often completely prepared to go out in under 20 minutes
🍓 You, on the other hand, need to be told a few hours before leaving, so, she ends up watching you with lovey-dovey eyes while you get ready
🍓 Anyone who dares make a snarky remark on how you dress will certainly get their face bashed in
🍓 She often steals clothes from Piltover for you, since she knows how much you struggle to find outfits you like in the Undercity
🍓 Most people view your relationship as an opposites attract situations due not only to your appearance, but personalities
🍓 Little do they know how soft Vi is behind closed doors
🍓 How tightly she holds you each night, how sweetly she looks at you while you ramble about your day, how her mood visibly brightens when she sees you
🍓 As much as she loves holding your waist or slinging an arm around your sholder while you walk, she can't seem to get over the feeling of your delicate hands holding her rough ones
🍓 Vi isn't oblivious to the fact that most people will see you and assume you're weak
🍓 Your cheery attitude and frilly outfits create a ridiculously high contrast to the dark world surrounding you
🍓 Naturally, Vi becomes protective of you
🍓 She glares at anyone who looks at you for over two seconds, prideful when they immediately move their gaze to something else
🍓 Violet melts the first time you stand on your tippy-toes to kiss her
🍓 Ever since, she often refuses to bend down to kiss you, preening in how cute you look when you get needy
🍓 Either that or she'll pick you up, since she likes kissing you far more than teasing you
🍓 Her favourite thing to do after a long day is come home to you, if you're cooking or washing the dishes, she'll walk up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist
🍓 Eventually managing to coax you out of doing any more work, in favor of cuddling her
"C'mon, I know you'd rather snuggle up with me than this. I swear I'll wash them later, 'kay? Good, let's get to bed now sweet-thing."
Tumblr media
🍓 Similar to Vi, Sevika enjoys your dynamic.
🍓 The scary lady of Zawn together with such a cute thing as yourself
🍓 She likes how small you are compared to her
🍓 How she could just pick you up and not struggle in the slightest
🍓 Speaking of, she adores, picking you up, your little suprised yelps never fail to make her grin
🍓 Sevika isn't one to fret over her appearance, doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the effort you put into yours
🍓 Probably complains about the ridiculous amount of time it takes for you to pick an outfit, but she's only half serious
🍓 Your style isn't very common in the undercity, and it's one of the main things that attracted her to you
🍓 From the second she saw you walking around The Last Drop, she knew she had to know you
🍓 And so, now you spend your time at the infamous bar on Sevika's lap rather than snooping around for god knows what reason
🍓 Soon after you started dating, if she's gambling, you on her lap is a must
🍓 Your personality is something quite refreshing for Sevika
🍓 How excited you get over small things is a nice contrast to the gloomieness she's used to
🍓 She often jokes about how bizarre it seems that you've made it so far in the undercity without in protection
🍓 As light-hearted as these jokes are, Sevika isn't stupid
🍓 She knows that a lot of people consider you an easy target
🍓 So, regardless if you can defend yourself or not, she becomes extremely protective of you
🍓 If you're out together, her touch is a permanent factor
"What? Am I not allowed to hold my pretty girl? No there's no reason behind it, just want to touch you."
Tumblr media
🍓 Caitlyn loves spoiling you
🍓 She takes any chance she gets to buy you anything and everything you like
🍓 The two of you will often probably help doll each other up for events
🍓 Caitlyn is tall
🍓 She's never really thought much about her height until she met you
🍓 When you started holding onto her arm, your much smaller frame leaning into hers while you walk around, is when she really started appreciating your height difference
🍓 Tends to carry things for you, not because she thinks you couldn't by yourself, she just like doing things for you
🍓 Loves it when you cling onto her, you could be cuddling, walking, anything really
🍓 Forehead kisses are her go-to when it comes to showing you affection
🍓 She secretly puts things higher than you can reach on purpose, just so she can have the satisfaction of giving it to you
🍓 Caitlyn is a pretty calm person, so your energy fits hers perfectly
🍓 A large amount of your conversations includes you rambling excitedly while she simply listens
🍓 You're usually on her lap while she's completing paper work, talking about your day
"Mhm, of course I'm still listening love. Just a few more papers and then we can cuddle, how's that sound?"
Tumblr media
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pixievi · 8 days ago
Hi! How are you? Can I ask any NSFW headcanons or one dirty shot for Vi’s first time with reader. If you don't mind, no tribbing. I will be glad if you write thigh riding or her abs. Please…
This woman is so hot and I'm so weak😩😩
Thanks. I hope my request is not inconvenient!
I'm grand thank you! Ofc you can, we all love firsts with Vi in this house 💕 I hope this is okay!!
Vi's first time with Reader Headcanons
warnings : dirty talk, thigh riding, RIDING VI’S ABS, i think that’s it?, oh wait no there’s usage of : bun, bunny, princess, whore (once), virgin vi, reader and vi are both switches, suggestive ending
Tumblr media
( side note : do yourselves a favour and turn this photo ^^ to the side because fuc-)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think we can all agree that Vi, is all bark and no bite. At least when it comes to intimacy. When it really comes down to it, she’s a mess. A lesbian disaster, if you will. Freezing like a deer in headlights, blushing, stuttering…. all when you decide to return the same energy.
Vi had always been teasing and flirting with you even before you guys started dating, because she loved how cute you looked when you got all bashful and blushy. But the moment you retaliated, you were surprised when she started tripping over her words and blushing. You just melted at the sight.
Physical affection with Vi was constant. Holding hands? yes. Hugging? YES. Kissing? FUCK YEAH. Sex? [nervous chuckles]
It’s not that Vi wasn’t interested in being intimate with you. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She was vERY very interested. If her casual perverted stares and flirty remarks were anything to go by. It was just all very new to her, a whole new type of vulnerable.
On top of that, she was worried she’d do something wrong. That she’d hurt you, how she would do things, what if you left her because maybe that’s the only reason you were with her…all these sort of thoughts plagued her. Vi being Vi, the leader and protector, it never even crossed her mind that you would be the one commanding things for the first time. She thought she would have to do it. That it was her job.
BOY was she wrong
It was a few months into the relationship before Vi was prompted to actually do something about her fantasies that left her tummy fluttering and brain floaty. The prompt being in the form of your ‘lady’ novels. Or in other words, erotic graphic novels/books.
Vi was bored at home while you were at work, and so decided to see what all the fuss was about, because you were always reading them.
Shock was an understatement. Her cheeks had never been more warm and pink in her life. But she got through it, devouring all of them in fact before you got home.
She was not left unaffected though. She was soaked. And the fact you could read all that without even a blush? It made her little issue worse.
Fast forward to you getting home before she could take care of the problem and now here she sat in your lap after you pounced on her, showering her in kisses. Completely unaware that your gf was a dripping mess above you.
This was not helping the situation
The sweet kisses turning into a passionate make out also did not help
Vi was doing her best to control herself as your hands roamed across her body innocently. Until you squeezed her ass playfully, and she moaned into the kiss.
You both froze.
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fu-
Vi could not stop the embarrassed blush painting her cheeks. You were both pulled away from each other now and staring at each other silently.
While Vi was freaking out on the inside, you however, wanted to hear more. A lot more.
There was just something about hearing this tatted, hardened brawler make such sweet and delicate noises of pleasure that made you grip her tighter
“There something you wanna tell me, bun?”
Cue Vi trying to turn it back on you, stuttering of course. But determined. Until you notice a faint, but consistent pulsing on your thigh where Vi sat. You smile, knowingly.
“I was just about to pull away and say how much I missed you but you grabbed me an-“
“I can feel your heartbeat. On my thigh”
After coaxing it out of her, you both agreed that it was time.
Vi did her absolute best to mimic all the touches she saw from the novels, after she got over the sight of your now exposed chest and bra. Which took longer than she’d like to admit.
However, while her touches were eager and the feel of her calloused fingers exploring your upper half set you ablaze, you noticed there was a certain ‘unsureness’
You checked in, making sure she was alright. To which she insisted that she is. Which you believed, but there was still something.
“I got it babe, don’t worry about it. Jus’ gonna take care of you”
To find out she was a virgin, was quite the shock. Because look at her? The first time you met and spoke to her your knees almost gave up. And that was just from appearance and voice alone. Her personality and confident front was a whole other level. You just naturally assumed she would always have a girl in her bed. You almost didn’t believe her.
But the nerves swimming in her eyes said different.
So you took the lead. Vi wasn’t complaining, but also was. She wanted to take care of you. She had to, that was her job…right? But, on the other hand, the thought of you giving her orders and bossing her around was hot. So there wasn’t much protest really.
You decided to take it easy, of course. And had her grind on your thigh.
She hovered at first, not wanting to hurt you. But there’s absolutely none of that, not on this couch. You plopped her hips down, catching her biting back a gasp as her aching core, now bare, met the warm flesh of your thigh.
You gently guided her hips, mesmerised by her slick coating your thigh. You slowed her thrusts at first, letting Vi get used to her position and the feeling. Until after a little while, you asked her what made her so needy.
The images of the pages flashed through her mind and her hips jerked forward, head thrown back.
In between gasps and deliciously sweet moans, she described what she saw. You smiled wickedly.
“Now imagine all that, but with us, yeah?”
You nipped at her ear and began to cover her in bites and love marks.
Your praise, the fantasies you imbedded in her already floaty mind and your guidance urged her hips quicker, chasing that warm and fluttering feeling rising inside her quickly. She was a lot more vocal than she thought she’d be, Vi realised. A little embarrassed. But you assured her, after seeing the multiple attempts to keep quiet, that you loved all the pretty noises she made. That you preferred it.
Vi came all over your thigh with breathy moans. She slacked on top of you, catching her breath while resting her head on your shoulder.
You praised her endlessly. Calling her a good girl, YOUR good girl. Which made her shy away into your chest.
“Your turn Princess”
You did something you always wanted to do. Worship the muscles that rippled through Vi’s body. Specifically her abs.
Vi was confused at first, the thought of her abs being seen that way never crossed her mind. But seeing you bare and sitting above her stomach made her realise she wasn’t against it.
Especially when you dragged your pulsing clit over her defined mounds, messing her stomach with your essence.
She gripped your hips and encouraged you to move faster, wanting to see you fall apart just from her abs.
By this point, Vi felt a lot more confident. Which meant, her colourful way with words started to spill from her lips as she brought you closer to your peak. And by colourful, I mean pure filth
“That’s it, Bunny, fuck yourself on my stomach like the pretty lil’ whore you are”
Her words left you whining pathetically
Vi, was quite smug with herself
She gripped your ass harshly and roughly made you grind against her faster
Your essence was all over her stomach now, even slightly dripping onto Vi’s hips. Which made it much easier for you to slide more quickly along the shine of her abs.
The grip Vi had on your jaw forced you to stare into her eyes as you shattered and gushed against her, cursing.
Vi pulled you in for a loving kiss
You pulled away with the thought of giving her other lips a well deserved kiss ;)
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coffeemoods · 4 months ago
“there's only one bed.” –Reaction H.C
Tumblr media
Characters: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika
A/N: guess i'm writing for arcane as well now. jsjsnsjs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hm... This situation only has two feasible solutions.
You're either both sleeping in the same bed or you're both sleeping in the same bed.
No in-between.
Cause one, she feels guilty if you're not 100% comfortable.
Two, neither does she wanna sleep on the floor nor lounge on the couch. :D
BUT the former is the primary reason!!! (Source: trust her)
Plus, she doesn't mind sharing a bed with you at all.
It simply means she's going to be spoiled by your cuddles.
“Come on, toots. It's a win-win for us both!”
Tumblr media
Externally? She insists on taking the couch for the night.
Quipping about sleeping on the hardass concrete ground during her days in Stillwater Hold.
Internally? She's counting every passing second.
Hoping to hear you call for her, to join you in bed.
Not sexually, of course, though she doesn't mind.
Please share the bed with her. :(
She might act all tough and fierce 24/7.
But she's definitely a softie on the inside for the minority she cares for.
Will whisper sweet nothings in your ear while wrapping her arms around you, slowly dozing off to slumber.
To conclude, share a bed with Vi.
Tumblr media
One word: flustered.
She's utterly flustered when you bring up the singular bed problem.
And she doesn't even know why.
It's not even a significant issue, yet she feels her heart hammering against her chest at the pace of Vi's punches.
Stammering her response as confusion grazed your face.
But the feeling promptly ebbs into amusement upon noticing the flush of crimson on her cheeks.
Offers to sleep on the couch right before you seize the moment to tease her.
Will insist, like INSIST on her decision despite your dissuasion.
You'll need to drag her into bed.
But not without teasing and laughing at her stubbornness.
Tumblr media
Let's say she's... brutally honest.
Will 100% without a doubt, claim the bed as hers.
She doesn't even have to speak up cause she knows you understand her perfectly through that shit-eating smirk.
When you drowse off to sleep, she'll glance at you every now and then.
Watching as your body squirms in the seat, faint groans slipping from your lips occasionally.
She tries to look away but the thought of you feeling uneasy lingers in her mind.
“Fuck, I can't believe I'm doing this.”
Padding towards the couch before she picks you up bridal style.
The first thing you discern when your eyes flutter open the following morning is the mechanical arm around your waist.
Pulling your body closer as the warmth of her breath ghosts on your neck.
Tumblr media
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kram6496 · 20 hours ago
Y/N: look at what the cat dragged in.
Vi: oh screw you!
Y/N: I wish you would.
Vi: you’re incorrigible. C’mere!
Vi grabs Y/N and yanks them into the nearest room.
Caitlyn: well that’s one way to keep love alive. I-I think that was my room.
Tumblr media
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caitlinsnicket · 7 months ago
body worshipping them (arcane preference)
a/n: this is nsfw. be warned. feel free to like, reblog and leave a comment!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
you have her pressed up against the bed, just the way she likes it
she expects you to sit on her face or to just go down on her like you usually do
but you take her hands on yours and kiss every finger, every little crevice and patch of skin you can reach
you whisper "angel" and "lovely"
she hates you for it
she hates you for making her feel like this
so much love, for someone like her?
she doesn't deserve it
tries to push you off of her
you just hold her softer, staring in her eyes
"you're perfect. flawless. there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you"
she just starts crying, and then kisses you
it burns her chest, but its a good kind of pain
she loves your love
"thank you"
you keep kissing every little mark and ink in her, and she just purrs
cums in your mouth and immediatly pulls you up to kiss you
holds you close and buries her face in your neck, allowing herself to feel vulnerable
| Vi
Tumblr media
she's used to be the one in charge, the one who does the dirty, the one who does all the work
but when you start kissing her back so gently, and telling her how much you love the things she can do with her muscles, she melts
it's not like she's never had someone appreciate her before, but this is different
this is intimate
you keep praising her body, until she's naked and breathless underneath you, whimpering and moaning
"these arms, this neck. this chest. i fucking love you"
she smirks at you and shows her teeth
"then show me how much you love me"
she keeps her posture, the big dom guiding you throught you eating her out, but you can see the blush on her face
you finger her while staring into her eyes
"you're the most precious little thing i've ever seen. you look so pretty like this"
you whisper her name and she just explodes, clinging to you for dear life
finds out she's a switch
also has a praise kink
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she loves making out with you, especially when you're so touchy
you sit her on a table in her bedroom and start kissing her thighs and telling her how good of a girl she is
oh my god wait what
"what- what are you doing?"
you're not usually this vocal
or so praising
or so domINANT
"i'm pampering my girl. my good girl. who's always so good for me and who does so many good deeds. you deserve this. you're so pretty"
she just can't stop her hips from bucking in your face, and repeats your name like a prayer
(might let out a 'mommy' slip out who knows)
"was i... was i good?"
you kiss her shoulders and arms
"you were the best"
blushes for a whole week
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he knows he's cute and cool and all that, and he feels good about his body
but after all he's done, after who he's hurt, it's hard to see himself as someone capable of being good
so when you hold his hands up to your neck and tell him you trust him with your life, he just gets warm
"these hands aren't made for war. they're made for building a future, and they were made to protect. but you weren't. you're just a boy who deserves the world"
then you kiss those world wrecking hands
the same ones that soothe you when you have nightmares
you ride him so slowly, he thinks he's melting
he feels at home
he feels loved
| Silco
Tumblr media
he holds himself as if he feels like the best all the time
but he still gets self conscious from time to time
one night he sees a man flirting with you
but it was a tough week, so he just goes up to his office without saying nothing
you realise something was wrong
you go up there and he's just sitting there looking at nothing
you sit on his lap and hold his face gently
"what is it?"
"you could do better than me"
sitting in silence for a while
you start kissing the scarred side of his face
he sighs, relieved
"you're the best i could ever do. it's you, and its always gonna be you. you're mine, silco"
he purrs, enjoying the attention you're paying to him
just holds you while you kiss him all over the place, gently drawing shapes with his fingers
might moan a little idk
| Viktor
Tumblr media
he's super insecure, there's doubts all over his head
so one day he goes to your house after finishing up in the lab
and you have a nice little dinner set up for both of you
he just gets overwhelmed
why would you be with him? there's no reason why
but you just kiss him and tell him why
"these hands, because they take care of me and they are building the future"
"this face, because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"
you start taking off his clothes to see him better, and he just blushes and lets you
"your neck, because it's so sensitive and so pretty"
you bite him and he can't stop the whimpers
"your whole body is so precious to me. let me show you. let me love you, Vik"
cue to the best blowjob and ride of his life
holds you tightly to his chest, enjoying your warmth
has a collar of bite marks all over his neck and chest
shows it proudly
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imajinxnation · 6 months ago
Having a Short S/O - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Just saying this now, the height I am imagining is 5'3 because I'm that height
Warning: fluff
I don't think I put any gender for the reader, but I suppose it is more directed at female readers, but males can still read it if they want
Tumblr media
Honestly thinks it's cute how short you are, of course he'd never admit it, though. I have no idea why I thought of this, but now I just have to say it; he will PICK YOU UP. If you were standing in front of him and he needed to get past, he would pick you the fuck up and move you to the side, he don't care if you don't like it, he gonna do it anyways. Also, I imagine head pats. Like, if you're angry at him and almost to the point of yelling at him, he would just pat your head, like, "Oh yeah, you're SO scary."
Tumblr media
You both kinda help each other; he has a hard time getting things from lower places due to his leg, and you have a hard time getting things from higher places. He always tells you how much he loves your height just in case you get insecure. 100% rests his chin on top of your head when hugging you, and kisses the top of your head while he's at it. Lots of forehead kisses.
Tumblr media
Now, I read somewhere that her official height is 5'3, I have no idea if this is true, but I'm stickin with it. She absolutely loves your height and has mentioned on multiple occasions that you two are "short buddies". Being the same height makes things a lot easier for you both, well, other than high shelves, but I'm sure she'd give you a lift if you needed it. She really doesn't need a lift, but she asks you anyways because she likes your touch. Calls you cute 25/8.
Tumblr media
You cannot tell me this woman doesn't pick you up and twirl you around in a hug! Sometimes she just stares at you with pure love in her eyes, and holds your face in her hands. Because you're short, she feels like she has to protect you all the time, so she does tend to baby you a lil bit. I love the idea of her tilting your face up and slowly leaning down to kiss you.😍
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firegire96 · 3 months ago
Intimate Moments (Arcane Characters)
Summary: The most intimate and emotional moment during sex you’ve had with the main Arcane gals! I tried to think of more for the other characters, but my brain drew a blank. Just tell me if you want more-.
Characters: Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn
Pronouns: None/Neutral
Trigger Warning: NSFW for sexual themes and suggestive themes.
Tumblr media
It was your first time having sex with her. She didn’t really know what she was doing, but Jinx being Jinx, dived head first. Literally. She thinks she’s seen and been to heaven when she’s between your legs. The feeling of her on you in such a position made you moan out her name.
Not Jinx. But Powder.
Jinx stares up at you and you already know you made a mistake. No one calls her Powder, not even Silco! Unless you have a death wish, you should keep that name out of your mouth!
You stare down at her blue eyes expecting a scowl or a roar! But you were shocked when she whispered to you,
“Say it... Say it again.”
So you say it. “Powder.”
“Say it again.”
“Please say it again.”
You experience the best orgasm in your life, having the loose cannon below pleasure you like there was no tomorrow. She let her tongue work wonders and picked up her pace, taking in all of you in her mouth. When you came, Jinx cleaned you up and even pleasured you a little more, causing your eyes to roll back in eternal bliss.
She could tell you were finished for now so she pulled herself up to cuddle into your side. It took you a minute until you realized she cried to sleep. Not tears of anger or sorrow. But of joy.
Ever since, you are the only one who can call her Powder.
Tumblr media
Vi is a wild animal in bed.
She’ll throw you down and waste no time to fuck your brains out for simple pleasure.
But one day, during a steamy make out session, you stopped to kiss down on her bandaged knuckles.
She’s taken a back for a minute.
Why would you do that?
You keep kissing on her knuckles without a care in the world. “Stop it,” She told you, trying her best to pull away from you. But you hold her softly. “Y/N, stop it...” She keeps fighting back for a minute, but eventually stops.
The brute breaks in your arms. How could you do that? How could you love someone who’s ruined so many lives with those fists of hers? It was impossible, wasn’t it? But you told her the answer to her worries and questions with a single glance into her gray eyes.
That night, you two had sex as usual, but this was more personal. More intimate. Vi took more gentle strokes and eased into picking up her speed and slamming harder on you.
She screams and moans your name like a prayer, countlessly says she loves you, feeling like any moment you will disappear. Though the way your hands relaxed on her hips and drew circles along her waist said otherwise.
The two of you came together before sleeping in each other’s arms. She could get used to sensual sex like that…
Tumblr media
Innocent little Caitlyn.
Why are there barely any headcanons for Caitlyn? I-
Caitlyn was a classy woman, so sex was never really on her mind. It still wasn’t when you guys started dating. But you both knew you had to get things over with eventually. So one evening, Caitlyn dragged you to her room to try it.
The both of you were super awkward, especially the female enforcer. She would always ask in between actions “Are you okay? Is this right? Should it be the other way?” Bless her soul.
All around, everything was going well.
Until it was time to get naked. When it came her turn to feel pleasure, she didn’t do anything.
She hung her head low to the ground almost in disappointment. She stared down at her body. Thoughts lingered in her head; ‘What if I’m not beautiful to Y/N? What if I make a fool out of myself?’
Before she could ask herself any more questions, you rid her of her worries with sweet kisses. With every piece of clothing thrown on the floor, you whisper out, “You’re so precious. You look like an angel. Oh, I love you so much.”
You almost broke her down with every kiss you placed to mark her body. Your lips graced on her cheeks, her lips, her neck, her chest and finally her core. Oh, you loved everything about her.
You started to eat her, licking inside her folds at an average pace and flicking your tongue on her clit.
In a matter of seconds, her hands are lost in your hair, pushing your head closer to her to feel all of your tongue inside of her. Her moans clouded the room long after she came in your mouth. Pulling up, you both had lust in your eyes and could tell the night was still young…
Let’s just say she eventually screamed your name to the heavens long into the night and she realized two things; Sex with you was the best! And she was beautiful.
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cammys-imagines24 · 5 months ago
•Vi Being Touch Starved•
Tumblr media
Our badass, pinkette brawler is a dom most of the time.
Most days she is an utter tease. One who pins you up against the wall and loves nothing more than to see you squirm.
But, then there are the days where all her hardships, all her pain and the many years she's spent alone with that pain just comes crashing down onto her.
The loss of her parents, her friends, Vander, Powder...
Being stuck in a prison cell, being beaten up everyday, being put into solitary confinement...
It's not often Vi chooses to feel her hurt, most times she just shoves it away and makes a joke.
But, when it gets too much and she can't shove down, beat down and bottle up her pain anymore, she just wants to lie down all day.
Usually on these few and far between days she'd not talk to anyone and just ignore the world.
Though she's not alone anymore.
She has you.
Vi doesn't really want a sympathetic ear since she isn't fond of talking about the past and you already know everything anyway.
But, there's nothing she doesn't appreciate more than to have a warm body to cuddle and wrap her tattooed, muscular arms around.
Someone who will offer her solace, comfort and peace.
You are her safe haven away from the grief knocking loudly against her walled up heart.
Vi is a soft bottom sometimes.
When you tenderly kiss her nicked lip, the dotted freckles upon her nose, her eyebrow slit, the ink upon her skin...
When you let her be the little spoon and she curls into you as much as she can...
Vi thaws.
She succumbs to the love you have to give her.
Vi's also the neediest girl ever when you go down on her, completely at your mercy.
On early mornings you'd find yourself lying on top of the pinkette.
Your inner thighs straddling her six pack, your fingers gently brushing away the messy bedhead strands from her steely eyes.
On quiet nights you'd draw a bath for the two of you and you'd entice her into the warm water with your body.
Vi can't resist the sight of your nude form.
But, in truth, you'd lead her into the bath under false pretenses, occasionally.
When you want her to relax her tired muscles, when you want to massage her shoulder which never healed properly.
She's the biggest cuddler ever.
Will pick you up in her muscular arms, will latch onto you with her ironclad grip, will grope any bare flesh of yours she sees.
She touches you all the time. Anywhere she can get her hands on.
Even in public Vi has to in some way be touching you.
Be it a hand on the small of your back, an arm draped around your shoulders, forehead kisses and hand holding.
Though once you're alone Vi doesn't want any distance between the two of you at all.
Despite her bravado and her genuine skill, we all know Vi has no actual experience in the bedroom.
After all, she's been in prison since her late teens.
She was a virgin when you two got together.
But, that doesn't mean she can't make your legs feel like jelly, leave your stomach in knots and make you see stars.
And, she is damn enthusiastic, too.
Just having someone to touch, who she can pleasure and make happy is so thrilling for the brawler.
Vi loves nothing more than to go down on you like it's her last meal, to have you in bed all night long.
She can go round after round and you will be exhausted.
It's just exhilarating for Vi, to use her hands for something other than fighting.
That her rough, calloused hands can bring someone pleasure is amazing to her.
That she can use her mouth, her fingers, her entire body, to stimulate you...
That when you look at her muscles, her scars, her body in return, all she sees is attraction in your eyes.
When Vi first met you it actually shocked her that you found her hot at all.
Her body to her has just been a machine to strengthen, a vessel to use.
So, having you find beauty in her muscles, her scars, her every curve, flaw, crevice...
It was all so new and captivating.
Every kiss to Vi still feels like the first time and she never gets tired of making you feel good.
She's spent so long in a cold, dark cell, in pain, sad and alone...
And, now that Vi has you she never wants to let go.
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sheislethal · 12 days ago
Still on the kitty subject (bc I'm obsessed with it) can you write Sevika (and the others girls too if that's fine for you) with an s/o that has a cat that hates everyone but their owner, so Sevika consider a personal mission to make the cat like her too.
Thanks, hope you've a nice day ✨
WARNINGS: gn! pronouns for s/o, generally SFW.
Notes: Proofread only once.
Tumblr media
Sevika didn’t care if you had a cat or not.
She normally didn’t give it the time of day, but when she kept watching how it loved you and always rubbed against you, etc,
she got curious.
Sometimes when you are in the other room she’ll try to approach the cat, only to have it hiss and run to you.
Sevika would then “accidentally” drop food in her lap so the cat would hop up on her.
The day the cat finally let her pet it was a good day, to say the least.
She got a ton of serotonin.
While the cat still loved you the most and didn’t really care for Sevika, Sevika would progressively get more extreme with her attempts every day.
One time the cat had fallen asleep in her lap (by some miracle) and she refused to move for hours.
She would still claim to not like the cat, despite it being obviously a lie.
Tumblr media
Like Sevika, Vi didn't mind if you had a cat.
She did think it was kind of cute, though.
She would try to be cordial with the feline, but the two didn't really get along.
The cat would constantly walk in front of Vi, causing her to trip.
Vi would push the cat off the couch, even if she didn't want to sit down.
She claimed it was because it would get hair on the couch.
Like Jinx, she also didn't appreciate it taking all of your attention.
She would casually bring up the suggestion of getting rid of it.
She would say, "it stinks" or, "it's shedding all over the house," and of course, "it doesn't even like me".
You would tease her about having a quarrel with a cat, and she would just roll her eyes and sulk.
Tumblr media
Jinx was relatively okay with the cat when you first got it.
That was, until she realized it stole the attention you were supposed to give her.
It didn’t help at all that the cat didn’t even like her.
Jinx would secretly toss the cat outside when you weren’t paying attention, claiming it had “run away"
Once the cat showed back up, Jinx knew it was competing with her.
This was personal.
Jinx would glare at the cat whenever you weren’t looking but would pretend to love it when you were.
Jinx would never actually hurt the cat. She knew how much it meant to you.
She was still butthurt about it, though.
Sometimes, when the cat would be resting in your lap, she would pick it up and move it, then proceed to take its place in your lap.
She absolutely hisses at the cat if it hisses at her first.
Picture a child- or a toddler- on Christmas when they think their sibling gets more gifts than them.
Tumblr media
Caitlyn was excited to learn you had gotten a cat.
Except, when she went to pet it and it hissed at her, she was a little offended.
Cait would buy so many unnecessary cat toys and treats just for its attention.
You assured her the cat would like her if she just gave it space, and she tried to listen to your advice.
Nonetheless, she eventually continued her efforts.
If the cat was napping in the middle of the bed, she would refuse to get in it. She didn't want to make it uncomfortable or disturb its peace.
More than likely, the cat was probably intimidated by her height.
Once you teasingly brought this up to her, she would always crouch down when around the cat, thinking it made her look inviting and unthreatening.
It did kind of work, seeing as the cat hesitantly approached her and sniffed her hand.
The look of excitement on Caitlyn's face was definitely picture-worthy.
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zujime · 28 days ago
MDNI 18+
Tumblr media
vi isn't the type to be a mean dom on a daily because she prefers to be more of a pleasure dom and plus she’s worried she’d hurt you, but if she's really pissed off about something, whether that being at you or something else then maybe.
she'd edge you to the point of tears and pinch your clit whenever you don't listen to her. you might catch her spitting in your mouth or on you and maybe even choking you a bit. expect to be manhandled a lot.
if she needs you in a certain position, she's putting you in that position herself, pushing you around however she pleases. spanking and marking being done more than usual because she's taking it all out on you, but she makes sure to listen out for if you ever say the safe word.
there's an off chance she might degrade you but that'll only go so far before she starts to feel bad and call it quits so she can curl up in your arms, but you're still not cumming till she's officially taken all her anger out, but when it's all over she'll kiss everything better and make it up to you. she definitely looks at the hickeys, scratch marks, and hand prints she made afterwards with a wince.
Tumblr media
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bernthal-brainrot · 4 months ago
Hi! I was reading your Vi’s cupcake hcs and can’t get the part about riding her abs out my head like… please could you write a nsfw for that <3
☆ 𝒓𝒊𝒅𝒈𝒆𝒔 | 𝒗𝒊
・*:༅。𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: SMUT UNDER THE CUT, riding abs, bottom!reader, language, the dirty stuff
・*:༅。𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: you riding Vi's abs. That's it. :)
・*:༅。𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓'𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒆: Please, Vi, I JUST WANNA SIT ON YOUR FACE!?!??!??!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It started off innocent.
You would swear by it.
But watching Vi work out was one of the most exhilarating things you could think of.
At the moment she was going mental on a punching bag, a scuffed picture of an enforcer taped at the top.
When she had asked you to come along, you had agreed, and for that Vi was thankful. She hated the idea of leaving her cupcake all alone.
So you were currently sitting in the corner with a book, pretending to read, your eyes fixed over the edge of the pages.
Vi totally knew you were looking at her the entire time.
So why not put on a show?
At first, it started with sultry glances in your direction, catching you staring on purpose, giving you a sly smirk every time you knew you'd been caught.
Then it progressed with her becoming more vocal with her hits to the punching bag, grunts and hisses made louder just to make you squirm.
But the straw that broke the camel's back was when she turned her head and spat right on the ground.
You let out a wistful whine at the sight, your legs clenching together tightly to help the growing red-hot tension between your legs.
Vi couldn't take staying away from you anymore. She needed to have you. To own you. Because she was the only one to make you like this.
"Cupcake," she called to you, motioning for you to come to her.
You practically launched yourself out of where you were seated, the book long forgotten, holding your breath once you drew near.
"Do you want something?" she questioned, her voice low and teasing, something that would never get old.
You nodded your head eagerly, running your hands up and down her toned torso, her muscles tensed and hard as rocks.
"Then you have to ask for it. What do you want, bunny?" she placed two fingers under your chin, her pale blue eyes peering into yours with anticipation.
You inhaled sharply, "P-Please, Vi, touch me, please," you begged, desperate for the whirlpool of tension in your core to be sated.
She smirked in victory as she took your hand and dragged you over to a bench, sitting down with you standing between her legs.
In one swift movement, your bottoms were gone, your shirt lifted up and over your head, leaving you in just your undergarments. (The set was one of her favorites. It was one she bought for you. A black thong with a matching bra)
She wrapped her arms around your middle, pulling you closer, before laying a soft kiss on your covered mound, making you whine in anticipation.
With a teasing smile, she dug her fingers under the hem of your thong and slowly pulling it down, feeling up every curve your body had to offer.
After it had dropped to your feet and you stepped out of them, Vi began to lie down, picking you up and resting you on top of her body.
Your dripping cunt was seated directly on her toned abs, her hands going to your waist.
She gave you a knowing look, which was the opposite of the one you were giving her -- a look of complete confusion.
"You should know, if you want something, you gotta work for it, Cupcake," she coaxed, one of her hands reaching up to cup and stroke your cheek.
Your face slowly started to heat up in realization, your core wounding so tight, you had to bite back a moan.
Not wasting any more time, you began to timidly drag your swollen pearl against the bumps of her tensed skin, letting out pathetic whimpers of need.
You placed your hands on her upper chest to balance yourself, grinding down across your lovers torso as you began to lose yourself in pleasure
“You look so pretty like this, my good girl,” vi would kroon from beneath you, taking a hand and stroking it lovingly against your cheek
You could only nod as you released sounds of ecstasy, the coil in your core tightening quicker and quicker.
Never in your life had you wanted to cum so bad. But you knew you couldn’t without permission.
With a glance down a Vi, you released a small whimper, hoping she would get the point.
“Come on, cupcake, you know you gotta use your words,” she sneered, “say it, doll.”
You grimiced, embarrassed to say it out loud.
“Sugar tits, your literally riding my stomach. Now you wanna get all shy and bashful? You know better.”
You bit back a snippy rebuttal, knowing she’d never let you cum if you talked back.
You sighed before muttering out a small “can I please cum?”
Vi was fed up with your antics and took a hand, suddenly roughy rubbing your clit, making you let out a loud gasp, your mouth hanging open as Vi watched you in victory.
At that point, you cracked
“PLEASE, please please, let me cum, I can’t hold it, please baby, please!” You pleaded relentlessly.
Finally, Vi gave you a curt nod, signaling she was allowing to to let go.
You moaned loudly as you came undone, the sensation crashing over you and weakening you as you let it sweep you away.
Your body collapsed on top of VI’s, your lungs tired from panting like you were.
“Holy shit,” you finally spoke.
“Holy shit is right,” vi smirked as she turned over to you, “now… how about we make it my turn?”
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bigtitygothgf · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Vi x fem reader headcanons
Slight Nsfw
When ever you bend down to get something and she just so happens to be near she will without doubt smack your ass
And when you look up at her with your flustered expression she justs winks at you and walks away
Leaving you to process what just happened
Your not one to get revenge so when you do the same to her, it really catches her off guard
She doesn't show it but she got really fluster by it
But you, obviously can tell by her very red ears and slight blush on her face
It truly is the cutest thing you've ever seen
She doesn't have a preference in height but if your tall expect many hugs from her
You though it was just her being touch starved
But your the perfect height were if she hugs you she'll get a face full of your tits.
She's definitely a tits gal
And no one could convince me otherwise, she will catch glimpses whenever she can
Hell whenever she feels like it she'll just back hug you and a grope your tits
She of course perviously asked if she could
It was a consensual groping don't worry
One of her favorite things to do is use your tits as pillow for naps 10/10 would recommend
Lots of hot steamy make out sessions
You guys take baths together very often as a way to relax
I hc her as a switch just because she need love too man
Like she does so much for you and she was so lonely in prison never been taken care of properly
So you asked if you could dom her
And surprisingly she said yes
Body worship for both parties B)
Feel free to suggest any ideas<3
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