#vi the piltover enforcer
happylizard-21 Β· a day ago
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Is this allowed!?πŸ˜’
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terrapia Β· 2 hours ago
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After his failing uprising, Vander adopted Vi as his own daughter and taught her to both live a better life and be a better person than himself. He was also the one who taught her how to punch and expressed pride in her skills whenever she clobbered someone in a fight. Ultimately, Vander would have a large impact on Vi, as his teachings would continue to influence her long after his death.
VANDER & VI β”‚ ARCANE (2021-)
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girlbossmel Β· 20 hours ago
I know I’ve been talking about Caitlyn simping for Vi, but goddang. Vi knew Caitlyn for like 10 minutes and was already calling her Cupcake.
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bokutosbeefcake Β· 2 days ago
Vi: call me John cause I ain’t Cena bitch worth my time
Caitlyn, from the kitchen: Vi! Your dino nuggets are done!
Vi: oooo! dino nuggies! Coming cupcake!!
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vitorusart Β· 2 months ago
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I Just had to do this...
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bongwtr Β· 2 months ago
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i. i just think it’s funny.
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linaisbluepancake Β· 2 months ago
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πŸ–•πŸΌpiltover’s finest dynamis was portrayed just as I imagined
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siivka Β· a month ago
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The way the creators of the series showed Jinx deserves special attention. They didn’t romanticize her mental illness and didn’t make her just a reckless-fearless-funny-dangerous shooter. They showed us how terrifying it is to go crazy and how hard it is to live when the real you is slowly dying under the weight of loss and pain
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antisocial-author Β· 2 months ago
obsessed over how on one hand we have a straight up greek tragedy and on the other we have Vik and Jayce’s Gay Hextech Adventures. very impressed over how the fuck they made telling these stories side by side work
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thatgrumpyartist Β· 2 months ago
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Wow hey hi! Have you watched Arcane yet?
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howverychaotic Β· 2 months ago
Wake up cupcake, new meme format just dropped
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happylizard-21 Β· 2 days ago
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Loading screen from fornite
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terrapia Β· a month ago
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Vi + muscles
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sheryin-illustrates Β· a month ago
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homies in work, homos in bed
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sufleh Β· a month ago
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I’ve been think about this scene
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nerdy-arty Β· a month ago
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Episodes 1-3 of Arcane basically
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mushie-rooms Β· a month ago
β˜† π’—π’Š'𝒔 π’„π’–π’‘π’„π’‚π’Œπ’† | 𝒉𝒄
ο½₯*:ΰΌ…ο½‘π’˜π’‚π’“π’π’Šπ’π’ˆπ’”: language, nsfw content (labeled), violence?, adult content. minors beware.
ο½₯*:ΰΌ…ο½‘π’”π’–π’Žπ’Žπ’‚π’“π’š: what it would be like being in love with the piltover enforcer.
ο½₯*:༅q𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓'𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒆: BARK BARK BARK AWOOGA, literally the hottest one on the show in my opinion, jinx being an extremely close second. I love her, please, she is the blueprint for my taste in women.
Tumblr media
Vi might be extremely emotionally reserved, but not around you she isn't.
Literally like a horny frat bro. Will compliment or grab at your boobs or your ass at any given time because oh wow she loves your body.
Once you have her liking you, buckle down, cause you just gained a partner for life, buddy, she'll follow you around like a puppy dog.
Likes teaching you how to fight and throw a punch, and if you already know how to, she likes to get in play fights with you. Maybe on occasion, she'll even let you win.
Even though you do love her, her temper is extremely short. You know she wouldn't ever physically hurt you on purpose, but yelling matches aren't uncommon. She's too hot-headed, and you're too stubborn to back down.
makeup sex ensues.
Y'all know that one picture of two girls putting eyeliner on each other?
Tumblr media
You can decide who's who, but holy shit. (y'all are absolutely boning after this.)
Loves taking you to the prettiest places Zaun has to offer. Likes taking you sightseeing.
Romantic relationships aren't her strong suit, so she likes that you're patient and understanding with her, even if she does get a little frustrating sometimes.
matching finger tattoos?!?!? YES?!!!!?!?! (thinking a ☽ and a β˜† but honestly if you have any better ideas, go for it.)
Watching her work those mechanical fists is absolutely magical (and lowkey a turn-on).
You are getting promise rings. No objections. If you have any protests, go argue with a wall. She is possessive and wants something to show others you belong to her.
You both share an annoyance for topsiders.
She is the biggest cuddle bug. She takes physical affection more seriously than verbal affection. Just holding her pinky with yours means a lot more to her than an 'i love you'.
Her nicknames are everywhere. From cupcake to sweetcheeks, to sugar tits, to literally anything else she can think of. It's actually really cute.
She's so physically fit, you could spend hours just running your hands up and down her biceps, I mean she is ripped.
Likes it when you ask her to tell you stories of her past. Adventures she used to go on. Unlike Jinx, Vi looks to her childhood fondly and only likes to focus on the good rather than dwell on the bad.
Never hand this woman a sharpie cause she'll doodle on your hand whenever she gets a chance. Loves drawing small things on you from time to time out of her own enjoyment.
You two may or may not get a cat together, who knows, that's for you to decide, and she may or may not name it cupcake. ("Look, cupcake! It's Cupcake!")
She somehow convinces you to get your nipples pierced, and if it isn't already, your nose as well. She's a sucker for piercings.
Has a strange obsession with kissing random parts of your face at random times. She wakes up before you? Boom. Kiss on your eyelids. You say something really cute? Bam. Kiss on your nose.
Tumblr media
Literally the most top bitch you will ever meet oh mY GOD.
She is literally so hot when she tells you what to do or when she praises you.
"Fuck, my good girl, aren't you?" "Such a precious thing" "On your knees, you know what to do, cupcake."
She can give you the most mind-blowing head and still be insatiable. You have to physically push her away to get her to stop. She could spend all day between your legs (please let her)
Loves to play with your tits, whether it's sucking, licking, biting, anything. She loves your water balloons and if you don't let her touch them, she gets grumpy.
No, because she has such defined abs, you already know she's gonna make you ride them. Seeing you on top of her and panting as you drag your swollen clit across her 6-pack just- oh my fucking god jhsdothoirhtoihoifht.
The best person at aftercare in the world, always super attentive, especially if you slip into sub-space.
Candles? Food? Bath? Water? Cuddles? Literally, ask and she'll get it for you.
She loves you so much to the point where she would kill and die for you. If that isn't the perfect partner, idk what is.
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learties Β· 7 days ago
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guess my favourite color
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girlbossmel Β· 9 days ago
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I made this at 1:30 in the morning.
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the-bye-bye-salsa Β· a month ago
Props to Vi who to took "fuck the police" and "eat the rich" to a whole new level
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