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Today is the day like every other day to be GREAT!

Let’s make today count. Do what’s makes you happy today and always.

“Self respect is a priority. You can’t force people to respect you, but what you can do is absolutely not allow any disrespect of any kind. You’ve been through too much to allow that. Hold yourself in the high regard you deserve to be held in. The right people will see and appreciate that.”

Be with someone or surround yourself with who will take care of you. Not materialistic, but takes care of your soul, your well being, your heart and everything that’s YOU, just like God honor, respect and love you.

Message to self:

“I am loved, guided, protected, and supported. Everything is happening for my highest good. I have nothing to worry about. I trust the infinite intelligence of my heart.”

- MM

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I never got vibes about anything years ago… not from people or things, they were for other people to have. A curiosity that some had and others didn’t. I never did until I did, suddenly yet slowly like a spider.

I got it from an old man at a cafe… He smiled and said hello but there was just… Something wrong there, I don’t know what. I could feel it but I didn’t fully know why. Some time later I got a vibe again… Not from a stranger but a work of art from Meso-America in a museum. It was a figure with a long nose and a smile but unlike the other things there, It had this strong feeling. Not like the strange old man but powerful. It spoke of something, it was alive.

I’ve never had a vibe since but now I understand it when others do. It’s like a spider in a corner, some will notice and some will not.

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“Day treatment didn’t even work for me but it helped in a philosophical sense just as being roomed with needles plucked from a haystack would. We may not have known each other intimately but the near dozen of us all knew ‘something’ and that 'something’ made us begin to write a universe to replace the one that we can’t fathom (or the one we no longer wish to), that 'something’ drove another to publicly picking off a scab that had congealed itself a blanket. We never shared what we knew just as people are reluctant to explain to an idiot why one should have common sense. There’s a reason we don’t feel the need to share with one another that you would simply piss more if you drank more water or that your mouth only stays shut after post-mortem because it gets stitched that way. We don’t speak about the 'ugly’ parts of living (or dying for that matter) because they are the most realistic and that makes us uncomfortable yet there’s enough acknowledgement for such vastness that you could cut yourself a residence out of it and still have tons left over. What do almost all of us automatically think but dare not speak of when someone dies in a manner that was deemed inexplicable? Much like the environment in which corruption thrives in we are an open secret”

— Cynthia Chapman

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Muze Open Air w/ Juls

For his first time in Kenya, Juls, a London Born Producer, DJ and Songwriter of Ghanaian Heritage graced the stage at Muze Club’s first outdoor experience on the 6th of February 2021.

This was the experience.

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Que nunca te falte um sonho ao acordar. ✨

#rockstarenergy #chicagobulls #lifestyle #vibes

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