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my wife and i are listening to our favourite playlist while cooking dinner together and sipping on good wine. we have our 4 cats chilling nearby and we’re going to finish the evening by watching movies and scrolling tumblr together. i don’t wanna brag but god i’m so lucky to have found my soulmate in this crazy fucking messed up world. i love you @normani-kordei 

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Septarian, a gem with a pixelated form and the ability to simulate any old 8-bit game. She has the powers of Pac-Man, Sonic, Mario, and any other game like that. On Homeworld, she has the function of entertaining Elite members, using her powers to simulate an old arcade game that her leader has complete freedom to control. Gemstone is back of her neck.

Thanks to vicki#0141 (DiscordTag) for making the pixel art of her form
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Live Wire Part 2 (Billy Hargrove x Reader)

Disclamer: okay so this is part 2 and I’m actually considering to continue this story a bit more. let me know what you think.

Warnings: swearing, 18+, smut, underage drinking, cheating

tagged: @winter-captain-01


Billy’s POV

„Hello? Is anybody home?“

Actually Billy would have prefered to stay in the car and not have another meet-the-parents-experience but since Vicki didn’t come outside at 8 like she said she would, he had had no other choice than to go looking for her. She was propably busy doing her hair again.

He was already heading towards Vicki’s room as he heard loud banging noises coming from the basement. He followed the sound, quickly making his way down the wodden stairs. What he then saw was more than he could have ever excpected.

Y/n was sitting behind a drumset playing along to Mötley Crüe’s „Live Wire“. She was brutally hitting the drums, making it hard to hear the actual record which was playing over the speakers, while mouthing the words or maybe even singing along. Her y/h/c hair was falling in her face. Billy stood in silence, watching her for a while until she finally moved her head towards the stairs, meeting his gaze, which caused her to stop playing immediately.

„Wrong floor, thought you’d knew that by now.“, were the words she greeted him with as she got up and turned down the stereo behind her, barely bothering to look at him. „Vicki isn’t here.“

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First things first: I have two classes that I got an A- in. Those are my lowest grades. I made the dean’s list!!!!! Also, remember the fic idea I had that I wrote about in the 3 sentence fic series where Vicki had appendicitis?

Mark slipped off his backpack, soaked with rain, and stepped closer to the fire. Vicki began to open the bag when she yelped in pain and reached for her stomach. Judd, without really thinking, covered her mouth with his hand and looked around the cave, hoping that no one had heard, despite the echoes in the cavern.

Lionel glared at him, and Vicki licked his hand. After the echoes faded, Judd pulled his hand away from Vicki’s mouth and wiped his palm on his shirt. “You okay, Vick?”

She looked more pale than usual, which, knowing Vicki, meant she looked like a walking ghost. She swallowed heavily and nodded. “I’m fine.”

Mark squinted. “Vicki, you’re not letting go of your side. Are you hurt?”

Vicki winced and tried to glare at him. “I’m fine, don’t you listen?”

Judd frowned and gently removed Vicki’s hand from her stomach, waving at Lionel to help him get Vicki to lie down. Judd pressed on her stomach, at the point where her appendix should be, and Vicki’s back arched off the ground. Lionel barely covered her mouth before she screamed in pain.

Judd rocked back on his heels. “You have appendicitis.”

Mark ran a hand through his hair. “You’ve gotta remove it.”

Judd’s jaw dropped. “Are- are you serious?” He shook his head. “That’s easier said than done, I mean –” he licked his lips and gestured at Vicki, who still writhed on the ground “– it’s a surgery, and I’ve never performed surgery in my life. Not only that, but we need a needle, suture material, a knife, and something to sterilize all of that with.”

Mark reached for the bag. “I got vodka.”


“Listen, you have your alcohol problem, and I have mine, and this is gonna save Vicki’s life.” Mark unzipped the backpack and pulled out the vodka. “Look, Judd, people die from appendicitis because it needs to be treated and it doesn’t get treated. Vicki will die if you don’t do this.”

Judd shook his head. “I’m- dude, I’m 18 years old! I’m not a doctor! Why can’t you do it?”

Mark tilted his head. “Simple: you have steady hands.”

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Idk if this is Things you said when I was crying or if it was things you said when you were scared, so I’m going with the former. Tomorrow will get the latter, and just a little fyi: I’m gonna write two drabbles, watch an ep of Parks & Rec, write two more drabbles, eat dinner, write two more drabbles, and then chillax. Anyways, this is set in letter format, so it’s all italicized sorry not sorry

Hey Judd:

Remember that time I got back from Northside and we were just watching a movie? I mean, Mark and John and Lionel and Ryan were in the room with us, and I think Mark chose the movie, because he’s Mark and it was supposed to be his turn. And it was set in jail or something, I don’t really remember, but I started crying? No one else noticed except for you.

I remember you told John and Mark to drive Lionel and Ryan home, and you stayed with me. You asked if I was okay, but you told me not to lie and that you wouldn’t accept anything but an honest answer. And you can read me like a book, so there was no use in trying to lie. Besides, even if I wanted to, I just broke into tears as soon as you asked, and you kinda just stepped forward and hugged me.

You told me that I wasn’t alone, and that you were there to protect me now. You told me that you were always a shoulder I could cry on – and I really did get snot on your shirt, sorry about that, I know you had corona at one point (the virus, not the beer, I don’t think you ever drank Corona) – and you were just glad that I was there, that I had gotten out. And I think you told me that you loved me, but I may have just made things up.

Well, today is hard, for obvious reasons, and it feels like I’m suffocating. I helped Tom and Josey with their son, and I helped Becky clean up the cabins, but I just…needed space to myself. There’s an empty cabin that no one uses – we’re saving it for you and Lionel, once you boys finally get here – and I come in here, sit on the floor, and write in this journal. I think I’m going to give it to you. Later. Maybe if you propose or something.

Anyways, I came into this cabin because today was hard, but the only thing I could think about, while I was crying, was those words you told me when I was having a PTSD moment. I’m not alone, I have you, and even if you aren’t here-here to protect me, you’re, like, emotionally here to protect me. Regardless of if you said you loved me then, I know you say it now, when I’m happy or when I’m crying, and I just want you to know that I love you. More than anyone else in the entire world. Ryan and Mark and Lionel included.

Vicki Elizabeth Byrne

(Though, I 100% am open to being Vicki Byrne Thompson. Food for thought)

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