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MLQC Headcanon - The light to overcome


  • He first found out this fear the day you were working overtime at LFG
  • You had to finalize some documents and hand them over to Victor to be signed
  • He insisted you bring your work to his office (something about being easier to supervise you)
  • Everything was going fine and dandy, when the lights went off inside the room
  • Victor got up from his desk to check the electricity outside
  • Goldman was working on the power panel with someone from maintenance (turns out, the entire building’s power was down)
  • Victor sighs in annoyance and returns to his office
  • He takes out some electric lanterns so both of you can at least see
  • He’s positive there were 3, since he’s the one that bought them (at your request to go camping together one day)
  • He sets down one on his desk, and carries the other one to where you are
  • ?????
  • Just where did she…..
  • “MC” (he’s walking around the room, holding the lantern as he calls out your name)
  • “Y…yes….?”
  • He hears your voice coming from the closet (he sighs an even bigger sigh)
  • He places the lantern on the floor and opens both sides of the closet, revealing you inside
  • You’re hugging a lantern close, and shyly look up to Victor’s face (he looks scary with the light source being on the bottom)
  • “So this is where the third one went”
  • “I couldn’t help it…! I have a trauma regarding dark places”
  • He carries you out and sets you down on his chair
  • “Dummy, did you forget who you’re with?”


  • You don’t like dark places
  • Neither does he
  • But his case is worse
  • So you somehow ended up being the brave one in this relationship
  • But he doesn’t let that show when you’re besides him
  • He acts as the defender of justice, saying that he’ll protect you no matter what
  • He has like 10 emergency flashlights in his house that Savin bought
  • “We can never have enough, MC!”
  • His energy is explosive during blackouts
  • It’s like he’s trying to expel the darkness away (by scaring it with random noises)
  • But this is all in his efforts to get you distracted from your fears
  • He makes everything an adventure 
  • He even calls you his partner (you’re the Watson to his Sherlock)
  • You have to help him build a fort out of bed sheets and blankets
  • He makes sure to bring all 10 flashlights inside the fort
  • He doesn’t want you to leave his side the entire time
  • “No! The Darkness is going to take you from me!”
  • “Kiro, I’m just going to the kitchen. I’ll take a flashlight with me”
  • “Then I’ll go with you!”
  • You end up having to bring him along (he wraps his arms around you from behind)
  • You find a way to make the flashlight rays stronger (by holding it against a full bottle of water)
  • He doesn’t wanna lose (? Kiro, this isn’t a competition), so he shines the light against his golden hair


  • He doesn’t understand how someone could be afraid of the dark (just like how he doesn’t understand your fear of heights)
  • You explain that it’s similar to his fear of fire
  • When you use that analogy, he understands right away
  • He was able to overcome his fear because of you
  • This time, he wants to do the same
  • But he doesn’t like the fact that it’s making you restless at night
  • He does his best to cater to your needs
  • First he tries to be next to you while you’re sleeping
  • Although it doesn’t get rid of your fears completely, you’re able to somewhat get a good night’s sleep
  • But Birdcop is so nervous the entire night (he ended up being late to work the next day)
  • He also tries to buy everything he can think of (according to Minor’s list)
  • “……Gavin….”
  • “….yes?”
  • “Repeat after me”
  • “………”
  • “I will no longer….”
  • “…..I will no longer….”
  • “Listen to Minor…”
  • “….listen to Minor…”
  • “And buy 24 stuffed animals to help me with my fear of the dark”
  • “…….so it didn’t work….?”
  • You can’t believe what you just heard
  • “No, of course it didn’t work!”
  • He’s a little pouty now (what the heck, that’s so cute)
  • You rest your head against his back
  • “I don’t need stuffed animals when I have a Gavin!”
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I want one of Keiynan Lonsdale’s songs to be in Love, Victor like please. Could you imagine. Bonus points if it’s being sang by Bram during some more drunk karaoke! Bonus points again if it’s Kiss the Boy and he kisses Simon, and/or Victor kisses Benji because of it!

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Here’s my MoTW character, Victor! He’s a swamp creature guy who eats dead things and chills out with his friend, Dandy. He has a compulsion to eat rotting material.  He’s mostly made of plants and vines and bone, but there’s some sticks in there too. His head is full of teeth he’s taken from animals, and he’ll stop to collect more as he finds them.

He’s very protective of the swamp he lives in, and he has very little issue with violence. He’s not very aggressive though.

I’m letting the keeper decide his backstory for me, but he’s probably a dead dude! Victor doesn’t remember that.

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I saw you coming from a mile away lololololol. Thanks for asking!

Favorite thing about them: I like the contrast that the fandom has created between him in Gloria in how she’s the Feral one and Vic’s the soft “well howdy nice to meet you” guy. It’s like you said: Soft Boi Vic uwu
Least favorite thing about them: Considering how I’ve gone my whole life playing the games with my OC as the main character I’ve never really gotten too invested in these guys (Sun and Moon, Vic and Gloria, etc.) so I don’t really have a least favorite thing about him. I mean I guess the blank slate-ness applies to all the kids you play as, but I also can’t hate it too much cuz, as I said, OC shoehorning like a BOSS
Favorite line: When Vic said “ “ that really spoke to me
brOTP: Any of the kids with Piers is such a fun dynamic
OTP: Gotta go with the obvious Trainshipping, or Marnie/Vic cuz that one’s cute too (shy kids being shyyy~)
nOTP: God these are always hard cuz I don’t get nOTPs. Really hard for me to actually hate/dislike something I can just,,, avoid and not care about. Uuuhhhh I guess Vic/Gloria since the aforementioned lack of investment
Random headcanon: Vic puts on his socks before his pants as a pre-battle good luck ritual/superstition. The last time he put pants on first the trainer he was battling nearly singed his hair off
Unpopular opinion: I gotta go with the lack of investment I keep repeating like a broken record lmao. There’s nothing wrong with Vic or Moon or any of the playable poke-characters! I’m just,,, incredibly attached to my OC (more than healthy others are to theirs probably)
Song I associate with them: I’m still mad Nintendo has robbed us of that trailer song when SWSH was first being released. That was and still is a BOP and I’m angry I can’t listen to it fully >:/ (but yes that is a good song for Vic lol)
Favorite picture of them:


Lookit this nerd. He’s so proud of himself. *whispers* I love you my sooon…

Ask me about other fictional characters!

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Howdy! Boy do I have a treat for you anon! @earthpodd see the light bitch

I guess to start, Vic is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He is incredibly kind and wonderful to talk to. He’s hilarious, and he always has me cracking up with jokes or a ridiculous turn of phrase. Vic is tough and resilient, also a beautiful soul. Like a diamond 💎

He’s incredibly nerdy, something that you may have noticed and a quality that is very endearing. He’s also an absolute dork, which only makes me love him more. He’s just about the best friend you could ever have. He gives great advice, there’s no one I’d rather trust. He’s very smart and insightful and having deep conversations with him is a joy to experience.

He fancies himself evil, and a vampire, tbh that’s not wrong because while he’s not “evil” as in bad, he lives for chaos. I aspire to be more like him, more unapologetic and spunky and fierce like he is. Vic would absolutely be the friend to murder someone for crossing you, and then comfort you after.

Vic inspires me, challenges me, and I thank the universe every day that I get to be his friend. This is a mini love letter to him and I will take any opportunity I can to wax poetic about him, so thank you for enabling me!

(He doesn’t believe all these things, but between the two of us I think we can get him to budge, eh anon?)

@ Vic: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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