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Hi! I’ve been binging your headcanons because I’m in isolation but they’ve been keeping me company! Can I request for how each of the guys reacts to/takes care of an MC with PTSD? Just because I have it and I’ve never seen a HC for it! Of course if this is upsetting for you to write by all means don’t feel pressured to write it! I hope you have a wonderful day 🌸

I had to do a little research to get the details, but I hope you were able to relate to it!


MLQC Headcanon - Rely on me more

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MLQC: Right Beside You - Round 3 Soon!

Let his voice and the first blooms of spring make your heart sing~ ☆

Time-Limited Offer: April 2nd - May 7th 04:30 PST

  • After the offer ends, it will be adjusted back to the original price.

Discounted Packs:

  • Spare Key Pack
  • Remote Control Pack
  • Doll Shoes Pack
  • Touchscreen Phone Pack

[Right Beside You] unlocks after 4-20 in main story.

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Hey, could I get a match up for MLQC and Obey Me, please? Strangers often think I'm shy whereas my friends think of me as outgoing. I'm a math student and generally interested in science. I like reading, can't go anywhere w/o music and have been a gamer girl since childhood. Am also very adventurous and am usually up for a lot of stupid ideas. I value friendships and family a lot. Trust and loyalty are super important to me and I'd do absolutely anything to keep my loved ones happy and safe.

sorry this took so long quarantine has me feelin sum kinda way :c




Originally posted by fatty-thao

  • ok i know obvious choice, but, it works out so well
  • nerd buddies yeah? 
  • he loves science, you love science, yall get each other
  • I think lucien would be kinda into videogames? like growing up surrounded by a buncha Smart People™ the dude is bound to have picked up some videogame knowledge
  • besides like the Whole Deal w/ lucien in the actual story, hes a pretty loyal dude? a smooth talker sure, but values relationships

Obey Me



Originally posted by iycimh

  • gaming together hell yeah
  • levi is up for all manners of stupid ideas once he warms up to you
  • i think that w a s/o he’d love to listen to your interests as well
  • trust and loyalty are super important to him too, as well as his family and friends, so he would reciprocate
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A few of my favorite voice actors: Joe Zieja who plays Claude, Benjamin Diskin who plays Lorenz and Caspar, Sean Chiplock who plays Yuuki Mishima and Subaru Natsuki, and Bill Rogers who plays Brock are all in an otome mobile game together?! And you expect me not to play it? Listen, I haven’t touched one of these games since my early teenage years, but in my defense, they didn’t have voice acting before, only the same 3 songs that would cycle. Oh, there’s voice acting for some of the side characters too! I think the gist of it is MC is a tv producer who’s trying to save her late father’s show from being cancelled? Idk what else, but I’m already 100% in.

Game is called “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice”

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“There was a guy like that a few years ago from District 6 called Titus. He went completely savage and the Gamemakers had to have him stunned with electric guns to collect the bodies of the player’s he’d killed before he ate them. There was some speculation that the avalanche that finally took Titus out was specifically engineered to ensure the victor was not a lunatic.” from: Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

The arena: A frigid wasteland with no trees but with snowy mountains emitting strange but harmless fumes. The Cornucopia stood in the middle of the arena, providing plenty supplies. On the left of the Cornucopia was a sea, containing drinkable water and accessible for everyone. However, many tributes preferred melting snow instead, and thus, never had any struggles finding drinkable water. For the first time in the history of the Games, obtaining drinkable water was ridiculously easy, since almost every inch of the arena offered drinkable water. But unfortunately, the lake did not comprise seafood, which made it very challenging for the tributes to find edibles. Furthermore, a shipwreck with open doors enthroned on the shore. Although the idea of seeking refuge inside this shipwreck was tempting, it was also very risky, since it was noticeable and accessible for any tribute. Therefore, the tributes hid near the icy mountains instead. However, they were prevented from climbing the mountains by translucent forcefields that kept the tributes close to each other. Nevertheless, hiding was still possible: certain spots formed cave-like spaces. Many tributes, however, believed that hiding inside the small caves would be unsafe because these were still distinguishable from afar, so they preferred hiding behind huge piles of snow instead. Additionally, red foxes occasionally wandered around the arena, and although they did not endanger anybody, the tributes had to compete with them for food. Danger was guaranteed with mutated penguins, which looked inconspicuous, but were able to run fast and fly. Moreover, tributes had to watch out for avalanches, which was another reason why many chose to stay on the plain. But their real enemy, however, was the cold. And to top it all, there was no firewood or igniter inside the arena. This resulted in the deaths of several players during the first night. In order to prevent further deaths, the Gamemakers decided to provide them certain amounts of firewood and igniters. A Feast was announced, and for the first time in the history of the Games, it was attended by everyone. But even the Feast could not help delaying the Games, which is why the 68th Hunger Games did not last a week. Hence, this year ranks among the shortest lasting Hunger Games ever.

The tributes: Many tributes were promising this year, but because this year’s arena was one of the most challenging ever, some tributes were not able to fully show their skills. This year also showed that, no matter how high your training score is, it does not guarantee your survival. Moreover, very few tributes died during the initial bloodbath at the Cornucopia. The reason was the freezing temperatures, which made it harder for tributes to run. The cold was felt to the core, and quite literally lamed every heartbeat. Because of that, many tributes died from cold on the first night. When the cannon went off nine times in the middle of night, announcing the death of tributes, several others were confused at first. Some either thought that this was a special message from the Gamemakers or that a heated fight was going on somewhere in the arena. This incident had also never happened in the Games before. But the newest phenomenon in the arena was a cannibal tribute, who had gone berserk, and tried to eat his victims…

The names of the tributes were…

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I’m so glad Victor is one of MC’s love interests instead of her brother. As a significant other/someone veering for her affections, he has to have a semblance of control over his protective instincts. However? In a world where the two grew up together and he’s extremely overbearing/sheltering?? There will be no escaping his grasp. Especially when it comes to going out with others. (He tries to justify it by saying he’s just worried about you but SIR that doesn’t mean you can use HELICOPTERS)

YES! While it’s true that Victor as a lover will be much sweeter and relenting, I think him as an older brother would be much different.

Especially considering his background as a CEO of a large company, and the fact that his personality itself can be strikingly honest.

With MC, he’s careful. He doesn’t want to scare her away from him, but also wants her to grow stronger as a director. He’s tough on her when it comes to work, because he knows she can become much better with the right amount of push. But when it comes to her as a person, he’s just a chef who loves her reactions to his puddings. (So soft)

When I was thinking of ideas for the headcanon, I EXAGGERATED from Victor’s usual demeanor on purpose. I wanted you guys to differentiate brother Victor from lover Victor (otherwise it gets a little awkward from a writer’s standpoint 😅)

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this came to me like a fever dream but the theory that Benny Vulpes and Victor were planned companions just makes me imagine the main companions as popular kids sitting together at a lunch table and Victor, Vulpes or/and Benny are the kids who want to sit with them

Glory Railroad, who also should have been a companion, sits as far away from the three of them as possible because she doesn’t want to be associated with Furry Adam Sandler and Chandler Bing

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