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dem-obscure-imagines · 3 years ago
Midnight Snack
Tumblr media
Victor Stone x Reader
Midnight Snack
Summary: You’re the newest member of the Justice League, and Cyborg knows what it feels like to not exactly blend in.
Warnings: None?
Word Count: 867
You couldn’t sleep. At all. You had tried, but for the third night in a row, you weren’t able to drift off. It made sense. You had been living in the Hall of Justice for about a week now. New environment, new were just adjusting, was all.
So, instead of laying up all night staring at your ceiling as you had done the previous nights, you were gonna make some cookies. Baking and creating in general always helped you balance everything that was going on in your head. Usually you knitted, but you just needed to get your hands dirty. Yarn wasn’t going to fix this problem.
You got out of bed and snuck down to the kitchen, not wanting to wake any of the others. You got out the ingredients and your recipe book that you had brought because you hardly went anywhere without it. It had been handed down through the generations of your family, and it contained all of the recipes and spells your family deemed worthy to pass down.
Spells as in the magic kind. You were the resident spellcaster of the Justice League.
But your book had cookie recipes and stuff too. Because priorities.
You started a batch of no-bakes because they were sort of easy and then once those were on the counter cooling, you started mixing together chocolate chip cookie dough. It was then that you felt a presence in the doorway. You looked up to find your new robotic friend.
His entire body was made out of metal aside from about two thirds of his face. You had heard about his accident. He had gone to your school, but you doubted he knew you existed back then.
“Can’t sleep?” He asked.
You nodded. “You too?”
“I don’t sleep.”
“Oh. Right.” You nodded awkwardly as you added chocolate chips into the dough and animated the spoon to do the stirring for you. Victor’s human eye tracked it around a few times before refocusing on you.
“So what’s up?”
“New environment, I guess.” You shrugged. “New people, new place, new kitchen...”
“I remember you, you know.” His voice was quiet. He took a few steps further into the kitchen and settled on a stool at the island. “From high school.”
“Didn’t know you knew I existed back then, to be honest.” You chuckled and shook your head. “Back when I wore so much eyeliner I looked like the Winter Soldier and lipstick as dark as my soul.”
“Everyone knew who you were.”
“Because they thought I was a witch.” You smirked and flicked your wrist causing the spoon to stop. “Well, they weren’t wrong.”
Victor chuckled at that.
“Figured I’d make enough cookies for the team, but then I remembered that Barry eats everything he can get his hands on and you...don’t eat. So…”
“I don’t think it’s enough for Speedy.”
“Yeah…” You laughed. “I can just double my recipe.” You held up a hand, glowing purple wisps rising from your fist. You flicked magic over the bowl of dough and then it duplicated on the counter.
“ long have you known you were…” Victor searched for the right word. “What is it Bruce calls us? Gifted?”
“Since I was eleven and my Hogwarts letter came in the mail.” You quipped. “Kidding. When I was like fourteen I found out. It...wasn’t pretty.” You started scooping spoonfuls of cookie dough onto the baking pan. “But, magic isn’t always pretty. As I’ve learned.”
“You seem to have a pretty good lid on it.”
“I didn’t always.” You shook your head, eyes fixated on the wooden spoon Victor picked up as he helped fill a second tray. “Thank you.”
“Not like I have anything better to do.” You could have sworn you caught a smile on his face.
About an hour later, you and Victor were seated on the couch while you taste-tested the cookies. The sun was starting to come up, so you hadn’t missed out on too much sleep. The two of you spent the wee hours talking about everything that had brought you to where you were.
“Until Diana found me, I was content being on my own, but...I’m really glad she forced me to connect.”
“I didn’t force you to do anything,” The Wonder Woman herself walked into the room and perched on the armrest of the couch nearest to you. She was wearing the warm maternal smile you often found her wearing. “Good morning, (Y/N). How did you sleep?”
“I think I’m going to get a lot more of it from now on,” You took a long sip of coffee from your mug and Diana plucked a cookie off of the table. She smiled at the taste.
“Did you make these?”
“Grandma’s recipe.”
“They’re delicious.”
“Thank you.”
“Do I smell cookies?!” Barry had zipped in front of you with an expectant look on his face. You nodded and motioned to the plate.
“There’s more in the oven, Speedy. Help yourself.” Victor pointed back towards the kitchen as Barry raced away with the plate. “Told you we’d need more.”
You chuckled and shook your head. “It still might not be enough.”
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Flowers and Tear
prompt: i was really drunk and  i saw this really huge, beefy football player sitting on a bench and crying. so i went into the bushes, gave him a flower, and we talked until he felt better. he gave me his number and said “call me if you ever want to vent too.” from here 
pairing: Victor Stone/Cyborg x reader
words: 1508
Pulling the varsity jacket that had been previously draped over [Y/N]’s shoulders by someone who had been flirting with her over her shoulders, before she had wondered off in an attempt to wiggle out of the situation and away from the man’s awkward and drunken flirting, closer to her body in an attempt to warm her body up as she stumbled through the streets of Detroit.
She knew that probably not a good idea, she was always cautioned against walking home at night in general and even more so against walking home drunk. She didn’t think she was that drunk, but the minimal people around the street could notice that the young woman was swaying and stumbling around the street, reaching out to hold onto what she could every time she lost her balance and nearly lost her footing, which may have resulted in a broken foot due to the fact she was wearing heels.
Taking in a deep breath, [Y/N] looked around her and rose an eyebrow as she noticed a hunched over figure on the bench across the road from her. [Y/N] thought that they were crying by the way their shoulders were shaking and the way their hands were placed over their face in a way to hide it, as if there was shame in crying. That tugged on [Y/N]’s heart strings, and she felt a deep set empathy for the man she was watching.
Looking around her, she noticed a few bushed outside the gates to the park that were filled with freshly bloomed spring flowers and a smile spread on her face as she approached the the bush and pulled a few flowers out by the stem, gathering them in her hands before she walked toward the young man.
As she approached, she could finally take in some of the features of the man. He was broad shoulders, and appeared to be quite muscular and his exposed calves, due to the fact he was wearing basketball shorts, showed this off too [Y/N]. As [Y/N] sat beside the man, she offered him the flowers in her hand by placing them close to his hands.
“These….are for you.” The words took a few seconds to form, as the alcohol took effect of [Y/N]’s speech, but as she uttered the first syllable the young man looked up to her with confused and red-rimmed eyes, which scanned her up and down. Scoffing slightly, the man looked down again.
“You’re drunk.” Shrugging, [Y/N] smirked and bent down so that she was as hunched over as he was and he could directly look at the man if he removed the hands from his face, “And you’re upset.” Removing his hands from his face, he let out a sigh and when his eyes meet [Y/N]’s and saw the genuine concern emanating from them, despite her drunkenness, and he sat up, taking the flowers from her and giving a small smile as he did so.
“Why did you stop?” His voice was broken slightly and coarse as he spoke to the young woman beside him, who was now reaching down to unstrap her heels and remove them from her feet, “Because I saw you crying and you looked lonely.” A sigh of relief left her lips as she threw her shoes to the ground, “And my feet needed a break from those shoes.” The man let out a chuckle and threw his head back so that he was now looking up at the night sky and [Y/N] followed his lead.
“Rough night?” [Y/N]’s voice broke the silence that had settled over the two of them, her eyes wandering to the side so that she could look at the man without moving her head. This made the man move his head again and look to the ground as he brought it forward. “Yeah.” [Y/N] moved her head so that she was now upright and looking at him.
“Wanna talk about it?” There was a clear hesitance as he thought over the telling this absolute stranger what was going on in his life and what had caused his breakdown. “I got into a fight with my dad.” The only response from [Y/N] was a deep breath and a noise that constituted as a ‘continue’.  
“He um...he promised he would go to my big game.” It was only then that [Y/N] realised he was wearing a letterman jacket bearing the name ‘Stone’ on the back and she registered that it was Victor Stone, a top football player her best friend was obsessed with, she was talking it. “He didn’t show up, so I got angry and we had a fight. I stormed off and ended up here. That was three hours ago.”
“God, I’m sure you’re freezing.” Moving to stand up from the bench, [Y/N] offered her hand to Victor as she lifted her heels from the ground, “Come on, I know 24-hour dinner nearby where we can warm up.” Hesitantly, Victor took the stranger's hand and she led them to the dinner where they sat until the early hours of the morning talking.
After letting him vent about his situation while they drank coffee and [Y/N] sobered up, the two exchanged numbers in case either of them needed to vent to one another again. This exchanging of number lead to the development of a friendship that was mutually beneficial all throughout high school.
“Vic you know I’m sorry. I would be there if I could.” [Y/N] spoke down the phone to her friend as he told her he needed her at his game, one of the most important games in his life as this was make or break for him with all the college and pro scouts that would be there. “Please [Y/N/N], I really need you there.”
She had been at almost every game of his since the night that they meet in the absence of his father, but tonight she couldn’t be and it broke her heart as she listened to him beg and plead from the other end of the phone line. “I’m so sorry Vic.” [Y/N] could hear the disappointment in his voice that she couldn’t bear to face. “It’s alright [Y/N]. I’ll talk to you later” That broke her heart.
It had been nearly two weeks since [Y/N] had heard from him. Two weeks since she had listened to his voice live. Two weeks since she had seen his face. And she was terrified. There had been an explosion on the field that night, an explosion that had hurt so many and she was terrified that he was dead. Terrified that he was gone and the last time they spoke was during an argument.
As she sat with her hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee, her leg shaking with nerves and her eyes constantly darting between her phone and her television that was running in the background, something that had been happening quite regularly when her parents weren’t around, a loud knocking on her door brought her back to life and made her jump almost out of her skin.
Rushing out of her seat and towards the door, [Y/N] looked through the peephole and saw an almost familiar face looking back at her. It was him, but there was something different. Her heart stopped as she flung the door open and he stood in front of her, modified, but ultimately the same.
“Oh my God.” Throwing her arms around his neck, [Y/N] pulled Victor close to her body and dragged him into the living room. As she felt the tears well up in her ear, [Y/N] tried to pull back from Victor, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into him.  “It’s so good to see you [Y/N].”
Relief filled her as she listened to his voice, it soothed her and her rapidly beating heart began to calm down as the tears started to fall from her eyes. “It’s so good to see you to Vic. God, I was so worried.” Victor now let the smaller woman go hesitatingly, he didn’t want her to freak out when she realised what had happened to him.
Stepping back from Victor, [Y/N] scanned over him in order to see what was different. The coldness of his arms and hand was due to the fact that they were now metal, in fact, most of his body, including half his face, was now made of metal and he looked almost robotic. “I don’t care what happened to you. I just care that you’re here. That I didn’t lose you.”
Pulling Victor back into a hug, he wrapped his arms around her, one around her waist and one around her shoulders so that he could pull her as close as possible. “I promise not to make you work like that again.
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dccomicsimagines · 11 months ago
Looks Don’t Mean Everything - Cyborg x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by Anon -  Do u think u could make an imagine with yj s3 for cyborg/victor stone where he thinks because of how he looks now reader won’t love him anymore?? Xxx btw love your work really is the best ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💋
Author’s Note - spoilers for first part of young justice season 3
Victor glanced down at his phone. His finger hovered over the call button. He willed himself to press it.
“Damn it,” he hissed before pushing the phone away.
“Victor Stone stares at Victor Stone’s phone as much as Brion Markov does with Brion Markov’s. What is Victor Stone trying to achieve?” Forager asked, looking up from his homework. The two were sitting on the patio at M’gann and Conner’s house. It had been three days since Victor’s life had changed forever.
“Nothing.” Victor laid his head on his arm. His hand slid down to his sweatshirt pocket to play with the broken ring. He was surprised to find he still had it. The computer in him buzzed, reminding him why he could never press that call button. You couldn’t see him like this. He was a monster now. You wouldn’t be safe around him if you could even accept him.
You clung to the ring that hung around your neck as you slipped past Star Labs guards and made your way toward Silas Stone’s lab. It took everything in you to keep calm. Vic probably was just busy or upset by his father and didn’t text you back. It was probably nothing.
However, the two of you hadn’t went a day without contact ever since you started dating. It had been three days. He wasn’t at his house or with his friends. You knew something was wrong, you could feel it in your gut. 
Dr. Stone was sitting at his desk, working away. You noticed how the lab seemed under construction. Clear plastic covered the windows and the doors. Maybe they remodeled recently? You knocked on the door frame. Silas looked up with a hopeful gaze before frowning when he saw you. There was no recognition in his face. You had only met him once since you started dating Vic three years ago.
“Who are you? And how did you get passed security?” Silas demanded once you stepped inside. 
“I’m (Y/N). Vic and I have been dating for three years.” You gave him an eye roll when he looked surprised. “And security let me in once I told them who I was and that I had to speak to you.” You walked up to his desk, glaring at him. “Where’s Victor?” 
Silas bit his lip, not meeting your eye. “I don’t know.” 
You had to purse your lips to keep from snarling in disgust. “He was coming to see you when you didn’t show up for his game. Now I haven’t heard from him in three days and nobody else has. So I ask again, where is Victor?” 
“You don’t understand. I don’t know where Victor is.” Silas looked pained. He pushed away from his computer to put his face in his hands. “I was working on something for the Justice League and there was an accident.” 
All the breath left your lungs. “Please don’t tell me he died and you didn’t inform anyone.” 
Silas dropped his hands from his face. His mouth twitched. “He did, but then I saved him.” Your mind immediately went to the worst. Vic as a zombie or maybe more like a Frankenstein. Silas kept talking about a Father Box and how it used technology to repair Victor’s body. You struggled to keep up with everything Silas explained. “He lost control, then some girl came through a boom tube and rebooted him.” Your eyes widened. “Victor went with her.” 
You rubbed your temples. A sour feeling settled in your stomach. “Okay, so there was an explosion and Vic was fatally injured. You then decided to use alien technology that even the Justice League doesn’t know enough about to heal him and you made him into this cyborg who almost killed you.” You frowned at Silas. He flinched. “Then you let Vic leave with some girl who came through a portal and haven’t heard from him since!” 
“Don’t take that tone with me,” Silas snapped. You glared at him and he sighed. The life seemed to drain out of him. You could see the love he had for Vic. Too bad Vic wasn’t here to see it. “I failed my son.” 
“Okay.” You held up your hands. Silas turned away from you to sit back down at his desk. “Let’s just focus on finding Vic. Do you have any idea where he is?” 
Silas shook his head. “I do not know.” He buried his face in his hands. You felt a wave of viciousness creep up inside. You wanted to scream at him for giving up. Vic had to be in so much pain, so confused. Your eyes burned with tears. You needed to find him and help him in anyway he needed you to.
“Well, ‘I don’t know’ doesn’t get us anywhere.” You stormed out of the room. Silas let you leave, wallowing in his self pity. You stopped in the hallway, leaning against the wall to gather your thoughts. Taking several deep breaths, you held in your fears, calming yourself until you figured out what to do next. 
“And here is the hallway to the UN Ambassadors’ offices,” the tour guide said, leading the group passed the high security corridor. You studied the area. Dread settled in your stomach. This was probably the craziness thing you had ever done, but for Vic, it was worth it. 
After you gathered yourself, you went back into Silas’ office and demanded he get in touch with the Justice League. He refused, saying he no longer had a relationship with them due to the accident with Victor. It was frustrating, but you didn’t give up. 
You figured the Justice League would know of the portal girl or at least could help you find Vic. Besides, it was the alien technology that they gave to Star Labs that caused all this. If anything, you might get a clue about Vic’s location at the very least. 
Thus, you pooled your savings and took a bus to New York City. Not getting any luck with the Justice League’s hotline or email, you decided to do the next best thing, find the Amazon or Atlantean ambassadors. The Justice League was headed by Wonder Woman and Aquaman. They could at least pass a message to them. Which was why you were at the UN.
The tour started back to the lobby. You slowed, dropping to the back of the group. They turned a corner and you stopped, waiting until they were down by the elevator. You peeked around the corner and only moved when the elevator doors were shut. 
Doing your best to stay calm and act like you belonged, you went back to the corridor where the offices were. Eventually, you found the Atlantean ambassador’s office at the end across from the Amazon ambassador’s. The door was shut and locked for the Amazon’s, but the Atlantean’s was slightly ajar.
Your heart pounded in your chest. You grabbed the ring on the chain around your neck for support. 
“Garth, you must tread carefully. Luthor will just tighten the restrictions he has over the League if you are not careful,” a voice said from inside. You peeked through the crack in the door to see two men inside. 
“Kaldur, trust me. I have been in this position long enough to understand the risks.” The other man moved in the room. You held your breath. “These surface dwellers are very complicated. I never thought they would be more political than Atlantis.” 
You raised your hand to knock, but stopped. Ice cold terror flowed through your veins, but you thought of Vic. He must be so scared, so confused. You needed to be there for him. 
However, before you could knock, the door swung open. You quickly put your hand down as both Atlanteans stared at you in surprise. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw one of the men was Aquaman. “Hi,” you squeaked. Blood rushed to your face.
“May I help you with something?” Garth asked. You recognized him as the Atlantean ambassador. 
“I...” You had to clear your throat. Suddenly, you didn’t know how to start. You rubbed the back of your head. “I need help finding my boyfriend, Victor Stone.” Both Atlanteans stared at you blankly. Your face threatened to burst into flames. “Let me explain.” And you did. To their credit, both of them listened without interrupting. 
“I am sorry for what happened,” Aquaman said softly after you finished. He closed the door behind you. “Currently, I do not know about Victor Stone’s whereabouts, but I have suspicions from what you told me.” 
You grinned at him, heart threatening to burst out of your chest. “Can you find him for me? Make sure he’s okay?” Studying Aquaman’s face, you swore you saw a flash of guilt in his eyes. Suspicion soured your stomach. Your smile fell slightly.
“Although with the accident he had, are you sure he wants to see you?” Garth asked, raising an eyebrow. “It seems like you both are very close. Why would he not contact you?”
The rest of your joy drained out of you like someone pulled the plug. “I don’t...maybe they wouldn’t let him or maybe he’s scared?” You bit your lip. It didn’t occur to you that Vic wouldn’t want you to see him. “Maybe he’s afraid his father would find him through me? I don’t know, but I just want to make sure he’s okay.” 
Aquaman nodded, not meeting your eye. You knew he wasn’t telling you something. “I will see what I can do.” He placed his hand on your shoulder as knock sounded on the door. Garth got to his feet and answered it, having a rather tense conversation with who was on the other side. “I will escort you out of the building.”
“Can I give you my number or something? You can let me know if you find out about Vic.” You stepped to the side to make him look you in the eye. 
“Of course.” He gave you a tight smile. You saw the hesitation in his eyes. However, you reached down to write down your information on a notepad on Garth’s desk. You handed it him. He took it rather nervously.
“Yes, our visitor is leaving now. I apologize for the misunderstanding,” Garth said, opening the door to reveal several security guards. You gave them a cheeky wave. They all glared you at the same time. You wondered if they were robots. 
Aquaman led you out of the office. You nodded to Garth, giving him a smile in thanks. He smiled back before arguing with the security guards. Aquaman was silent on the way out of the building. He left you at the entrance and you sat down on a bench outside to think. You knew he wasn’t telling you something, but what could that be? Your mind jumped to worse conclusions, but you calmed yourself. If the Justice League didn’t get back to you in a few days, you’ll just have to take drastic measures.
“Victor, can I talk to you?” M’gann asked as she appeared around the apple tree Victor was sitting against. He sighed. The computer in his head beeped. He tensed, fearing the Father Box would take control again. It didn’t and he relaxed. M’gann stopped beside him before sitting down.
He rested his head back against the tree to look up at the stars. His hand went into his pocket to play with his broken ring again. He missed you so much, he physically ached. 
“I received word that someone named (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is looking for you quite passionately.” M’gann crossed her arms, watching Victor’s reaction. Victor tensed. A wave of hope and horror washed over him.
“No, they can’t find me. They won’t understand what I’ve...what I’ve become.” His hands shook. “I’m this freak. They’ll see me and won’t love me anymore.” He closed his eyes. “They’ll give me back the ring.” 
“Ring?” M’gann blinked in surprise. Victor sighed, taking out his broken ring. “Oh.”
“Promise ring.” He smiled sadly. “Though, I would probably marry (Y/N) eventually, but we wanted to finish high school and college first. Of course, that doesn’t matter now. I won’t be able to do any of that looking like this.” 
M’gann cleared her throat, taking the broken ring from Victor. “(Y/N) called the Justice League hotline over a hundred times about you. They also broke into the UN building in New York City to try to get in contact with the Justice League.” M’gann smiled. “It worked. They want to know if you’re okay.”
Victor jumped to his feet. temper flaring. “No, I’m not! I’m a freak! This cyborg! I can’t ever see them again! They’ll think I’m a freak and I might hurt them!” He shook his head. “Tell them I died.” He walked off, shaking. The computer beeped dangerously in his head, reacting to his fast heartbeat. “Leave me alone.” 
M’gann watched him go helplessly. She looked down at Victor’s broken ring in her hand. “Alright then.” She got up and walked back to the house.
It took a week before you got a letter in the mail. You wondered how the Justice League had your address, but opened it regardless. Inside was Victor’s broken ring. 
Tears filled your eyes, but not of sorrow, only of rage. How dare they just send this to you? What does this even mean? Is Victor dead or did he just didn’t want to see you? 
Your hand squeezed the ring in your palm enough to leave an imprint. Drastic measures it was then.
A week after Halloween, Victor found himself out by the apple trees again. The vicious side of the Father Box gone for good. He wanted to see you, knowing at least he wouldn’t accidentally kill you, but he was still a freak.
Out of his misery, the computer in him picked up your voice coming from the house. He was on his feet in an instant. You couldn’t be here? How?
“Where is Victor Stone?” your voice echoed throughout the orchard. Victor found himself running toward your voice, stopping when he got to the back of the garage. He peeked around to see you and some man with no face wearing blue trench coat standing up to M’gann, Conner, Dick, and Artemis. His jaw dropped to the ground.
“Listen, I understand you are upset, but Victor Stone is not here,” Dick insisted, stepping closer to you. You backed away. The man with no face stepped in front of you.
“I think he is, Nightwing formerly Robin,” the man with no face said rather smugly. He turned to M’gann, Conner, and Artemis. “Miss Martian, Superboy, and Tigress formerly Artemis. By the way, it’s dumb to have your hero name be the same as your real one.” Artemis flinched. The man turned back to Dick. “Who are you kidding here?” 
Victor hid back behind the garage before you could see him. His heart threatened to burst. The computer analyzed the situation for the best plan of attack. He quickly shut it down. “Why is Victor Stone hiding? Victor Stone’s partner clearly wants to see Victor Stone.” Victor almost jumped out of his skin when he noticed Forager was suddenly beside him. Forager laughed at Victor’s surprise.
He opened his mouth to speak, but the intense confrontation caught his attention again. “I didn’t know you worked for money, Question,” Dick snapped. Victor peeked around the corner again with Forager. 
“I wasn’t hired for this,” the Question said calmly, looking at his fingernails even through he was wearing gloves. “I was contacted by this lovely young person who’s soulmate was taken from them by some hideous act caused the Justice League.” He rubbed his chin. “It made me wonder why the Justice League was trying to keep it quiet.” 
Suddenly, Victor found himself being pushed out into the open by Forager. “No, don’t...” His protest died when his eyes met yours. 
“Vic?” You pushed past the heroes to run to him. He flinched, but you crashed into him with a breath stealing hug. “It’s really you.” You kissed his lips passionately. Victor froze before melting into the kiss. 
Forager laughed. You pulled away from Victor to look at him. Your jaw dropped slightly. “Wow, you really did join a strange crowd, didn’t you?” You turned back to Victor, pulling down his hood to get a good look at him. Victor closed his eyes, preparing for your rejection.
Instead your hand traced the metal side of his face. “Please don’t.” He grabbed your wrist with his robotic arm. You hissed in pain. “Sorry.” He loosened his grip, opening his eyes. However, he was met with your accepting gaze. 
“You know I thought you would be more like Robotman from the Doom Patrol or something.” A laugh escaped your lips. Victor smiled, not realizing how much he missed your laugh. “But this is very cool.” Worry filled your eyes. “Are you okay?”
“I’m working on it.” He drank in your face. You looked tired. He probably caused that. “Better that you’re here. I’m sorry I didn’t call.” 
You slapped his arm. “Yeah, that sucked.” You hugged him again. “You scared me to death, you know.” 
“I know.” Guilt made his stomach twist dangerously. He noticed the ring was still on a chain around your neck. “You still have your ring?”
“Of course.” You pulled away to glare at him. “But you don’t have yours.” You pulled it out of your pocket. He stared at it, confused.
The Question and Dick were still arguing while the others watched. Forager clapped his hands, enjoying the show. 
“How do you have that? I gave it to M’g...” Victor looked over at M’gann. She glanced over to meet his gaze before quickly looking away. 
“Don’t worry about it.” You put your hand on Victor’s cheek, bringing his eyes back to you. A smile pulled at your lips. “I’ll yell at them for you. You know it scared me to death to get an envelope with just your ring inside.” 
“Sorry, I didn’t know they would do that.” Victor turned to kiss your palm. He took the ring from you. His eyes widened when he saw it was on a chain similar to yours. “You put it on a chain?” 
“Yeah, I figured you won’t lose it around your neck.” You laughed. “I mean it works for me.” You helped him put it on. 
“Aww, love,” Forager chuckled. “Forager likes Victor Stone’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 
You eyed Forager curiously. Victor laughed for the first time since his accident. “I’ll introduce you.” You looked back at Victor with a big smile.
“I hope so.” You kissed his lips sweetly and Victor no longer felt like such a freak. If you could see him and love him still, he could do anything. 
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flowerpot101 · 2 years ago
Just a Kiss
Tumblr media
Cyborg x Reader
Request:  OMG OMG OMG! Your requests are open! Now, I have noticed nobody writes for my favorite hero, Cyborg. Now, could I please have a Cyborg x reader smut where reader is a Justice League member, and Cyborg is fixing up some stuff, but reader is horny >:) If you dont do smut for him, just kisses. Thank you and I love your work!
Word Count: 608
Warnings: Implied smut
Y/n was cooking some tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner up in the Wayne manor’s kitchen. She was so proud and lucky to get to call this place a home, especially since she gets to see Victor. They had been together before he became Cyborg, and once he had become the person he is now, it took awhile before he would let her back into his life. He was afraid and she understood, so she waited until he would come around and let her back into his life. She was always around, bringing him new clothes or things she thought he would need, showing that she understood he needed space and would still be here no matter what.
She was in the elevator, eating her soup and sandwich as it moved down to the batcave, where she knew Victor would be. Eating and walking proved a challenge as she was careful to not spill any of her food. Y/n finally made it to the lab bench where Victor was working on something that she had no clue about. He looked back at her and smiled as she dipped her grilled cheese into her soup.
Y/n watched as Victor worked on whatever he was doing, she loved watching him do his thing, especially knowing it made him feel relaxed. Setting aside her bowl she walked towards him, and stood behind him, watching more closely at what he was doing, “So what exactly is that?” Y/n asked curiously.
Victor spoke back with his soft but deep voice, “It’s a new bionic chip for one of the arms since the old one fried after the last mission.”
Y/n let out a small oh and sat on the bench, getting closer to Victor as he worked, his eyes glanced at her, “Sooo, how long do you think you have left before you finish?” Her voice came out sultry as she sucked on her lips.
Victore let out a gruff laugh, “Probably another hour or two, why?”
Y/n shrugged, “I don’t know, I thought we could go lie in bed.”
“And do what? Because I’m sure you’re implying something, it’s never just lie in bed with you.”
Y/n let out a sarcastic scoff, “Excuse me, it’s you who are implying something.” She shrugged her shoulders before continuing, “And besides, if I was implying something, would it be such a horrible thought?”
Victor smirked, “No, of course not.”
She leaned forward, getting closer to his ear to whisper, “Soo, how about it then?”
Victor turned his head to look at her, he was going to say no, telling her he needed to finish this before the next mission, especially since he never knew when one would come their way. But before any of that could fall from his lips, Y/n’s soft plush lips were pressing against Victor’s. They stayed like that for a while, before Y/n finally pulled away and jumped off the bench. Walking backwards, she softly spoke, “You better follow Victor Stone, because who knows when the next offer comes around.” She sent him a teasing smirk before turning around and running to the elevator.
It didn’t take long for Victor to react and quickly clicked his arm back on before going after her. Before the elevator’s doors could close completely, Victor stopped the doors and stepped onto the elevator, gently pushing Y/n against the wall of the elevator. His mouth attached to hers, moving in a heated manner, and they both were jolted when the elevator moved up. It was going to be another night of play for the couple.
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dem-obscure-imagines · 3 years ago
As Long as You’re Mine
As Long as You’re Mine Victor Stone x Reader Prompt: May I request a JL Cyborg where his secret girlfriend from high school is a Cyborg too, but only in her legs and right arm, yet she still pursues her dream in theatre/dance? She's grieving over the loss of her boyfriend, but still put on her shows as the lead of the musical, and then Victor just shows up like, "Hi, Honey, you were great!" and they're legs become attached, cuz metal, and then kisses and cuddles ensue? Thank you! I love your writing! :) Note: I looooooooove this request omg <3 I’ve always had a soft spot for Vic Word Count: 1318 Warnings: None?
Tumblr media
Show night. The air buzzing with what you can only describe as magic. This was the feeling you had been struggling to find your entire life. In high school, theater had been your passion, until the car accident that had claimed both of your legs and one of your arms, replaced instead by intricate bionic limbs.
It wasn’t that the attachments were ugly. They weren’t. They were actually quite beautiful, fluid. But a lot of people found excuses to not cast you in roles because of them.
And then came along the part of Elphaba.
Wicked was huge. It had been since the day it premiered, so when you had gotten the chance to audition, you had jumped on it, never thinking in a million years that you would ever get the part. But you did. And suddenly your bionic limbs were being put on center stage, in front of thousands of eyes every night. It transformed the part of the girl with green skin to something more. It added another layer to the treatment of the would-be Wicked Witch. And the reviewers loved it.
They ate up every single one of your performances, because they were so raw and real and performed by someone who was truly in Elphaba’s shoes every day. Someone who was just a bit...different. Not in a bad way, just different from the others. People looked at you differently just like they looked at Elphaba. They treated you like the characters treated her, and so you could more than relate. The emotion you had was unlike anything else. Critics and audiences blown away by your sheer talent.
That was how Victor caught wind of you. He had been keeping tabs for a little while after the accident, but it hurt him too much. You thought he was dead like all of his other friends from high school, even if you had been a little more than his friend.
You were his first kiss, the first girl he had ever loved, and you didn’t know he was alive, if you could call it that. When the League had formed, Victor had been in a pretty low place emotionally. He was very down on himself for this metal man he had become. It was hard for him to take care of himself, to see himself as anything but...inhuman.
So he stopped keeping tabs until you were on the front page of the newspaper sitting on the dining room table.
Victor sat, eyes skimming over the words once he recognized the image of you. Of course, you looked a lot different painted green, but he would never forget that face. Diana recognized the expression on his face. An expression she often made when it came to her own former lover.
“We don’t have any training tonight, do we?” Victor asked, his hand clasped around the newspaper as he scanned over the details of the article surrounding your unique performing methods.
“No, we don’t.” Diana shook her head, smiling softly. “Do you have plans, Victor?”
“I do now.”
The ease with which Bruce was able to land two front row Broadway tickets was almost startling. But then again, the man had bought a bank once because he could, so high-end Broadway tickets probably weren’t too hard to acquire in comparison.
When he found his seat, he had sort of wished that maybe Bruce could have put him a little further back. When the lights went out, it wouldn’t really matter. But he felt so exposed up front. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t know people would be so dressed up for a show like this. He certainly felt out of place in his gray hoodie.
And yet, none of his worries mattered when the show started. Or, to be more specific, when you walked onto stage after “Dear Old Shiz”. Memories from high school flooded back to him. Victor had always been the star on the field, but on the stage, that was where you shined. He had watched you in so many shows, in so many different roles, that seeing you here now, it almost didn’t register that anything was different, that any time had passed between your time as Sandy in Grease junior year to being Elphaba on Broadway. Well, aside from the bionics, which were new for you too.
You looked so utterly beautiful. Every time you opened your mouth to speak, he got chills. Your voice sent him soaring, and your big numbers, like “Defying Gravity” and “No Good Deed” left him in a daze. By the time he was walking backstage, a bouquet of flowers in hand, it didn’t occur to him that the entire show had just glazed by. Watching you had evaporated his ability to tell time, or his ability to care. In fact, all he cared about now was making his way to see you, dodging through crowds of patrons to get to the spot where the actors and actresses were coming out to meet their adoring fans.
You were standing there, still dressed in your costume, face caked in green foundation, and a pointy witch’s hat sitting atop the black wig you were wearing.
He approached slowly, swallowing thickly. He ignored the ‘system overheating’ warning he received and kept moving. If he could feel his heartbeat anymore, he swore it would be racing.
“H-Hey, honey. You were great!” Victor spoke gently, smiling softly as he took off his hood and revealed his features. Your eyes widened and you visibly stumbled, but it wasn’t from the sight of the robotic half of his face. No, it was from the human half. The part of him that you hadn’t ever expected to see again except in pictures and your memories.
“Victor!” Tears streamed down your cheeks and you launched yourself into his arms, hugging him as tight as you could and peppering his exposed cheek in kisses that left little green marks everywhere you touched. “I-I thought you were dead.”
“A lot of people do.” He sighed and motioned to himself. “I’m sorry if all of this is...too much for you.”
“Oh come on, Victor. What would the Wicked Witch be without her tin man?” You leaned into his touch. “And it’s not like I don’t have a few enhancements of my own.”
“But yours is your legs and your arm. Mine is...everything. I just don’t want you to-”
“I’m just glad you came back to me. I don’t care in what form. You’re you and that’s all that matters. We’ll get through this together. Both of us.” You promised him quietly. When you moved to pull apart, you found with a laugh that you couldn’t. The magnetics of your bionic leg had gotten stuck to his, even through his pants. You chuckled and tried to pull free, but it just wasn’t working.
“Here, let me try.” Victor bent over and gently separated the two of you. “There.”
“I guess we’ll have to work on that.” You grinned.
He smiled back. “I guess we will.”
“Can I tell you something?” You asked.
“Every time I sing ‘For Good’ it’s for you.” You admitted, taking his hand and admiring the complex machinery of his fingers. “About how losing you hurt me, but being with you made me a better person.”
“I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, but I got involved with a lot of complicated stuff. I promise I’ll explain all of it, though.”
“I can’t even imagine everything you’ve been through.” You reached up to stroke his cheek. He let you, leaning into your gentle touch. “Well, I can imagine some of it, I suppose. All that matters is that you’re here now.”
Pulling you to his chest and resting his chin on your head, he made one final promise. “I love you, baby. I promise I’m never leaving you ever again.”
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fijiflower · 2 years ago
As Long As Your Mine Bonus
“For my friend @dem-obscure-imagines because I loved the story so much.  
Tumblr media
After being reunited, you went, took off all your makeup, changed clothes and tied your hair up, you grabbed your boyfriend by the hand. 
“Let’s go back to my place, and do things like we used to, for old time’s sake, ya know?” You say, with a bright smile. 
“Why not?” You both got into your car, sang songs off key, and caught up on everything. When you got to your house, you two just ate pizza and ice cream, watched bad movies, kissed, snuggled, and enjoyed one another, as if you both were back in high school, and nothing had every happened. 
“Anyone see Victor? I haven’t seen him anywhere.” Clark asks. 
“All I know is that he left a while ago.” Barry adds.
“He’s trying to back out of training.” Arthur chuckles. 
“I’ll go look and see if he’s back.” Diana leaves. 
“No.” Bruce comes in to the training arena. “He went to go see a broadway show. He never said why though. He just said someone really important to him was there.” 
“Ha, nerd.” Arthur rolls his eyes, causing Barry to glare at him. 
“Well.” Diana comes back into the room, with a newspaper in her hand, and throws it at Arthur. 
“What’s this have to do with Tinman?” He holds up the paper curiously. 
“Read it, Arthur. So all of us can hear it.” Diana requests.
“Alright.” Arthur reads the paper’s headline out loud.  
Broadway’s First Bionic: (Y/N) (L/N) 
Young (Y/N) (L/N) took Broadway by storm staring as Elphaba in Wicked. Loosing her legs in an car accident, this determined young woman never gave up on her Broadway dreams... 
“Wait, what does this have to do with him? Did he just wanna see another girl in action?” Arthur questions.
“Well, she’s more than just another girl to him. Read this.” She points to the line that says that she went to the same high school as Victor, and that her boyfriend was killed. 
“Oh, so he wanted to see his friend from high school.” He nods his head.
“No, he went to see his GIRLFRIEND from high school.” Bruce says. “It says her boyfriend was killed in an accident, and they went to the same school. They also never broke up, according to the article, and the research on her twitter. If you scroll down far enough.” Bruce shows them the pictures of you two together.  “You see them together.”
“Awww, they’re cute!” Barry smiles. 
“He’s not gonna here the end of this.” Clark rolls his eyes, noticing Arthur smirking and snickering. 
 “To make you all feel better, I will go check on them. Bruce, give me his location, and start training.” 
Diana arrives at your apartment, and peeps through the main window. She sees the two of you, giggling and hugging. You were wearing his hoodie, which even she wasn’t allowed to touch. She gently smiled, and went back to tell them that everyone was okay. 
Well, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed! Keep in mind my requests are WIDE OPEN if you would like one! Thanks for reading, and until next time!
Wolf :)
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myriadimagines · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You both look very happy.”
Victor startles at Diana’s voice, and he quickly closes the old photos he has saved of you, shutting the monitor down in a flustered state. Diana offers him an apologetic smile as she says, “I didn’t mean to overstep.”
“It’s okay.” Victor gulps, avoiding eye contact as he shakes his head. “It’s in the past, anyway.”
Diana’s eyebrows furrow as she studies Victor’s expression. Finally, she states, “But you’re still in love with them.”
Victor sighs, not able to defend himself. Yes, he’s still in love with you, but what could he possibly do about it? You still think he’s dead, perished in the car accident that destroyed him in more ways than one. He wishes he could reach out to you, but he can’t. Not in his new body. What would you think of him?
“They’re better off without me.” Victor finally mutters, getting up as he tries to avoid the conversation. 
“If y/n loves you as much as you love them, they’ll accept you for who you are.” Diana insists, and Victor slowly turns to look at her. Offering him a smile small, Diana continues, “Trust me.”
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incrediblysadstudent · 2 years ago
New Goddess in the League
Tumblr media
Summary: After Steppenwolf is defeated the newly structured group catches wind of a new villain killing people in Athens. Upon further research the league discovers that their foes origin is very close to their very own princess’s origin. When the league discovers that their villain might not be as evil as they thought, they try to recruit here with serious help from batman.
Pairings: Bruce Wayne x reader & Justice League x reader
Warnings: Jealousy, Mention of rape, mention of ‘Death’, Religion?, Depression
Authors Note: Okay so this is really important to the story from Greek mythology and I thought it would be really cool to give this character in Greek mythology a shot at redemption in the DC universe since the DC universe draws motivation from Greek mythology and uses in their characters. The character in this story is popularly known as a villain but in the stories told she actually seems victim of a jealous goddess. This character is based strictly on Medusa’s origin story that I tweaked towards the end and I decided to change up her character as a more modern depiction as well as a lesser known ‘villain’ in the DC world. 
“Wait Wait Wait, I Don’t Understand what your going on about?” Clark asked as he walked into the league headquarters behinds an angry Diana. She rolled her eyes at Clark as she turned to face him and the rest of the league who fell behind during her rushed pace.
“Yeah I’m lost too, I was trying to listen to what your saying but then I remember that later I have to-” Flash started but was soon interrupted by Diana.
“I have our next mission, there has been a series of murders in Athens.” She said causing the brooding bat to walk towards her obviously annoyed.
“Incase you haven’t noticed there are series of murders all around the world, we don’t handle every single one Diana. Let the local authorities do their job. We are protectors of this universe we handle more serious threats, we handle the-”
“We handle the unkown Bruce. These aren’t just any murders, people are being turned to stoned. We have to act now while the problem is contained in Athens before it gets the chance to spread.” Diana exclaimed holding her ground as she stood tall in front of the dark knight, challenging his brooding expression with her own fierce expression. 
“Stone?” Victor and Arthur asked in unison with shock written all over their face. Even Superman’s face fell in disbelief. 
“Pure stone.” Diana reiterated as her strong stance with the dark knight falter and she went back to a much more calm position in front of the rest of the league..
“Then what are we doing here? Let’s go there and do our hero duty!” Fash said enthusiastically as he started zooming around the room. 
“Absolutely not. Whatever this thing is, it can turn people to stone, we have absolutely no idea how and no idea if we can reverse it. We don’t know the extent of its powers. We can’t just go running in blind with this thing. We need to know what we are fighting with.” Batman said breaking the stoic silence he has held since interrupting Diana. “Now Diana first thing is first, tell us everything you know.” his eyes shifted over to her for an explanation, Barry and everyone else calmed and awaited more information from Diana. 
“Here is what I know, the first known victims were historians. They were looking for artifacts they believed dated back to ancient Greece, they kept their hunt so secret most of the crew didn’t know what they were looking for. The two historians leading the search had been missing from the group for hours, when the group went looking for them they found them turned completely to stone in the ruins of the Temple of Athena with a vas dating back to ancient Greece shattered on pieces was in front of them.” Diana said giving the group time to let what she said sink in. 
“So what? They let out an ancient murderer?” Superman asked as leaning back into the wall behind him.
“Great now we’re supposed to be what? Some group of ancient ghost hunters?” Aqua man made the snide remark earning a glare from the Princess of Themyscira.
“Well I don’t know exactly what it is” Diana said with anger in her voice, but then sighed as she continued “even with my extensive knowledge of the gods I have no recollection of this vas and its significance. I’ve searched every book I could find, there’s no mention of it anywhere.” 
“I’ll look into that part. What about the victims? Where are they?” Batman asked. 
“They remain in a facility in Athens to be further investigated.” Diana said. 
“I will further investigate this in the cave, everybody stay on stand by for my call. Until then.” Batman said dismissing all the other heroes and began walking out until Diana’s hand had stopped him. 
“Whoever or whatever this thing comes from the ancient worlds of the gods, maybe I can be of assistance.” Batman looked down at her and just nodded before walking past her expecting her to follow him, which she did. The rest of the heroes disbanded to protect their cities from crime, aside from Aquaman who went to protect his kingdom. 
 *In the Batcave with Diana and Bruce*
“Find anything yet?” Diana asked flipping through the pages of one of her ancient books, stooping to look up at Bruce who had his cowl off as he examine her other book.
“Actually I think so, although she’s really only a foot note in this entire book of yours.” Bruce said as he looked at the only page in the book that mentioned the vas very briefly. 
“She? Who is she?” a Woman? Diana thought putting her book down as she went to stand by Bruce gazing at the photo of the woman in front of him.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Bruce paused as he looked at the picture illustrated of her. She was breath taking he thought to himself as his eyes looked over the girl with the (Y/H/C)  (Y/H/L) hair and mesmerizing (Y/E/C). His eyes greedily ate up your soft features and dashing smile, he never has seen someone more beautiful. “Although her origin seems anything but evil.” he paused again before continuing “According to your book here, she was a mortal in ancient Greece, she was known as the beautiful priestess at the Temple of Athena. Most of those who visited the Temple were only there to bask in her presence, creating the Goddess Athena incredibly jealous of the young girl. So much so that Athena’s own personal ill will towards the girl created the girl into what she is today.” 
“What happened to her?” Diana asked afraid of the answer. Bruce sighed as he began telling your story to her, painting a vivid image. 
*Flash Back to Ancient Greece (Your origin story)*
Walking with the cheese, fresh fruits and wine on a silver platter, you walked by the ocean and up the long marble staircase to Athena’s temple, it was time to bring the offerings and pray to your goddess. You began to take the first step on the staircase until the sound of waves crashing violently to the shore as well as gusts of wind blew against you causing your silk white dress to blow with the wind. Your eyes looked in front of you landing on the god Poseidon. 
“Ah, (Y/N) your beauty often hypnotizes me when you walk past my kingdom.” The god of the ocean complimented you as he took a step towards you placing his arm behind your back. You pulled yourself from his grasp and he looked at you frustrated. “Why is it you reject my advances towards you? Any mortal would die at the thought of a God handsome and powerful as myself paying attention to them. Why is it you reject such a honor?” Poseidon asked as the waves crashed towards the shore with anger. You felt small against the all powerful god but you stood tall and spoke with courage knowing that Athena will protect the priestess of her temple. 
“I’m sorry but I am the priestess of the temple of Athena, as priestess I swore my loyalty to Athena. I have taken my vow to remain a pure virgin to be Athena’s priestess and I hall not break them.” You said as you tried to walk past him but suddenly dropped everything as he grabbed you roughly against him. 
“Athena has taken everything from me, this was supposed to be my temple, my city, but she took it from me. She will not have you too.”  He hisses looking at your body with greedy lustful eyes. You started to panic and began trashing around until he had dropped you from his grips, jumping to your feet you ran to the temple searching for help from the only person you trusted to help you. 
“Goddess Athena help me. Protect me from the man who threatens to steal my virtue, protect me from harm.” You pleaded hoping your goddess would come to your aid. “Please goddess I have done nothing but serve you please help me.” You begged again but was left with nothing but silence. 
“She is not going to help you mortal.” Poseidon said as his hands roamed your body. “This is not a triumph that Athena will steal from me.” He said before forcing himself onto you in front of the eyes of Athena’s alter.
When He was done with you he left you disrobed and in pain in front of the statue. Tears started to fall down your face as the trauma of this event ran loose around your brain. The room grew darker and darker until the fire at the end of the alter was lit and smoke started to pour into the room.
“Have you forgotten your vows?” The Goddess Athena’s voice echoed loudly in her temple as she appeared in front of the naked and battered girl.
“My Goddess I-I came for help but-but- I-I, please forgive me. Your a kind and fair Goddess, please forgive me and let me remain apart of your temple.” The broken girl pleaded as she bowed in front of the goddess.
“There is no forgiveness that can undo the shame you have brought among my temple. You’re beauty is a curse, I shall make sure no one will be able to admire it again. You shall live your life in solitude for the crimes you have committed against me.” Athena said before raising her hand to change you as you screamed in the empty temple. 
**End Flashback**
Bruce’s eyes were locked to the floor as he finished telling your story to Diana. He couldn't help but have a soft spot for you. 
Diana gulped “How was she trapped in the vas?” She asked after a few moments of silence. 
“After Athena had cursed her news broke of a woman who could not age, a beautiful girl who could turn people to stone with just one look. Since Athena had cursed her with eyes that resembled those of a snake she also cursed her with snake like reflexes and strength. Her powers were often sought out by kingdoms and many different warriors tried to trap her, none were successful. Until Perseus was sent to trap the woman by Athena. She was jealous that despite the fact she cursed the girl people still thought she was more beautiful then her. He was gifted a mirrored shield and vas to catch the former priestess. With all these tools he was able to defeat her and lock her away for thousands of years.” Bruce finished. “ But it doesn’t stop the fact that she is killing people. We need to go down there and analyze the stone.” Bruce said before putting his cowl on and going towards the bat wing.
“Right”. Diana nodded before placing her hand to her ear “Wonder woman to Justice League. Batman and I are Going to Athens, meet us when you can.” and with a heavy heart she was on her way to Athens to defeat you. 
*In Athens* 
The League stood in the dark room where the petrified bodies of your victims were. “This is spooky.” The Flash said as he was looking directly at one of the statues faces. All the members of the league were walking around the moonlit room exploring the large science lab. Batman took no time pulling out a scanner scanning the stone the victims were trapped in. 
“Spooky isn't the word for it, this is right out of a horror movie.” Cyborg said taking his own scans of the petrified humans. 
“Not to mention all the stupid poses they’re making, if I got turned to stone you bet I would at least pick a dignified pose.” Aquaman said receiving a glare from Diana. 
“So do you know who we are fighting?” Superman asked. 
“Yes.” Diana answered leaving out the details of your story “The only issue is we can’t look at her or we will be turned to stone.”
The group explored in the science lab in silence for a good half hour pondering on the scope of this mission so far it seemed extremely complex and they weren’t even sure if you are a villain or just a scared girl. Whatever you were they had to find you and stop you from turning more people to stone. “I think I can solve that portion of the problem, Wayne Tech can create eye lenses to prevent us from being turned to stone after I send the scan to the bat computer, its fairly simple. I’m also having the lab create a serum that can reverse the effects of the petrification” Batman said as he revisited Wonderwoman’s statement from earlier. 
“Well then what do we do in the meantime?” Aquaman asked annoyed that even though they were there they were still unable to take action. 
“We should go to the local villages and conduct interviews with the residents.” Superman said showing off more of his journalist traits. 
“That could work, we can try and get her whereabouts from them or at least some sighting.” Batman said hoping the league could get any information of her whereabouts.
“Yeah if the sightings weren’t turned to stone.” The flash remarked rather sassy.
“Whatever happens, if you find her tonight, don’t engage. It’s too dangerous.”  Batman said before they all piled out of the lab and going off to the village. 
*In the Village*
Each member of the league took on a different village in order to save time. Except for Clark who flew back to Gotham to pick up the lenses for the team.They all ditched their superhero get ups and wore more modern clothing pretending they were part of a research team sent to check out the recent activity up here. Bruce was coming to a bunch of dead ends in his village he felt hopeless. That was until he heard the sound of footsteps running quickly through the woods. He ran in the direction of the noise soon finding the source of it. 
In front of him stood a girl with her back facing him. Your (Y/H/C) hair trailed down  your back and your hands were by your sides. Your gold attire caught a sparkle as the moonlight hit you. Your gaze stayed on the water but your body stiffened when you noticed his presence. “Please, just leave I don't want trouble.” Your soft voice spoke causing shivers to run up Bruce’s spine. Your voice was so angelic and gentle, a ping of sadness washed over Bruce as he heard the fear and pain that underlined your sweet voice. 
“I’m not here to hurt you.” Bruce spoke gently, well so much for don't engage. He took a small step forwards still looking at your back. 
“Lies. No one seeks me out without an ill will. So what is it?” You asked in disbelief, not willing to accept that this man just stumbled upon you. 
“I’m not lying.” He said again gently. “Please I want to help you.” he said taking a few more steps towards you. Help? No one has ever offered you help, even when you have begged for it. 
“I could not even trust my most trusted to help me in my time of need, why should I trust you?” You asked as you heard him take more steps until he was directly behind you. He placed his gentle hand on your arm as he looked at your face in the reflection of the water knowing a reflection couldn’t hurt him. Your face was gentle and angelic, your lips were a soft shade of pink, and your eyes were mesmerizing.
“I’m not them. You might not have called upon me and asked for my help but I am offering it to you because you deserve better than what you were given. You don’t know me and have no reason to trust me, but if you take a leap of faith I won’t let you fall.” Bruce said as his voice sent chills down your spine. 
“Bruce!” Superman called being followed behind by the rest of the justice league. You to jump and start shaking with fear of the number of people surrounding you, your gaze still never leaving the river. Bruce put his hand firmly on your arm and shushed you. 
“It’s alright. They’re friends. They want to help you too.” Bruce said
“I’m beyond saving. All I do is create chaos just by looking at someone” You said in a broken voice. Noticing Clark had a box in his hand that he presumed to be the lenses he held out his free hand to silently ask for the box. After Clark handed it to him he opened it reveling special Wayne tech lenses that looked to be contact lenses. 
“Does everyone have theirs in?” He asked and the rest of the league nodded, he then wasted no time putting in his own. “Look at me.” Bruce said to you.
“No are you mad? You will be turned to stone.” You bit back at the foolish request. 
“No I won’t. You aren't beyond saving and I will prove it to you. Take the leap of faith and trust in me that I will catch you before you fall.” Bruce begged again. Slowly you started to turn around locking your eyes to the ground. slowly you started looking up hesitantly until your fear filled eyes met his calming blue ones. He didn’t turn to stone, you stood in disbelief, how could this be? Your eyes stared at the beautiful man in front of you. There he stood tall and strong, his features sharp and rugged. His eyes as blue as an ocean, his hair had fallen messily at his face, his lips chapped and plumped, a ghost of a smile lingering on them. 
“Wait is this babe the thing that’s been turning people to stone?” You looked over in the direction of the man I the red suit with a ting in your heart as he called you the thing. Suddenly your heart felt as though it sunk to the bottom of your stomach. You were no longer staring at the man in the red suit but your eyes were locked with that man. The one who resembled Poseidon. Diana caught your gaze and she protectively stood in front off the king of Atlantis. 
“Why would you bring him here?” You questioned backing away from Bruce. Out of all the beings you wished to turn to stone Poseidon was the only one you wished to see petrified. You watched as the rest of the group got into a defensive  position. 
“It’s not him.” Bruce was quick to say. But it didn’t calm your nerves.
“Poseidon and the other gods perished thousands of years ago. I am Diana of Themyscira and you have my word that this is not Poseidon.” You eased for a moment being familiar with the Amazons, they were one of Zeus's creations to protect the mortals. “We want to help you.” 
“Diana take Arthur out of here, Flash Cyborg and Superman go administer the serum to the victim. Let me talk to her.” Bruce said turning his attention back to you. 
“Are you sure?” Superman asked wearily not thinking it was the best idea to leave his friend alone against someone with your power. 
“Yes. We will meet back at headquarters.” Bruce said dismissing the rest of the league. You were still visibly shaken about seeing Aquaman. Bruce noticed and turned you to look at him. “It wasn’t him I swear it. He will not hurt you, I wouldn’t dare let him.” Bruce spoke gently to you calming you down. “Join us (Y/N).” He asked you. Looking up at him you asked
“Join what?”
“We’re a team of people with special powers who fight for justice and protect all the good in the world.” Bruce answered. This was your chance at rewriting your fate, this was a chance to do good and stop hiding from the world in fear. “I promise to help you if you join, so you don’t have to fear anything or anyone ever again.” He promised you. You smiled softly at the thought of a new life. You looked up at him and softly said
“I’ll join.” 
Authors note: Hi okay I took a long time writing this. So if any of you have read im not a hero I decided to scrap that story bc I wasn’t satisfied with the concept, I thought I was lacking a lot of character information. Let me know if you guys like this story better and want me to  continue with this version of you in future. I personally really like this story I feel like it gives the reader and origin and even a little fluff with batman in the end. I would like to do more imagines in the future linked back to this origin of the reader. Let me know your thoughts please it would be so helpful. 
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locke-writes · 3 years ago
Reassurance and Returns
Tumblr media
Author: locke-writes
Title: Reassurance and Returns
Request: Can you do a Cyborg x reader where they’re insecure about themself and he’s like ...I’m literally half robot and then they’re like u right and then he leaves to fight and almost dies and they’re like DuDe and he’s like I could never leave you For: Anon
Rating: K/T
Word Count: 1,221
Warning: General JL Spoilers if you still haven’t seen it
AN: First off this does include some of Vic’s backstory from the comics and also please request more Vic stuff because I love him
Tagging: @aryn-the-wolfheart @pinetree111
The thoughts in your head were ones that you couldn't escape. No matter what people said you always disagreed with their words. You hated the way that you looked and you never understood why people didn't see what you saw. Everyone had their insecurities, that you knew, but when friends had their insecurities you tried helping them through it. When it came to your own insecurities you suddenly couldn't use the same tips you'd tell your friends. You wanted to love yourself but it was hard to do so.
There was only one person who understood where you were coming from. There was only one person whose words you would trust. Victor Stone.
Victor had a genius IQ but he resented it because it came at a price. Being a science experiment for his parents. As a child the enhancements they were working on went through Victor and while they did in fact succeed Victor hated that he became different from everyone else. He knew that there was knowing going back to normal. The two of you had meant after being partnered for a project in one of your classes at GCU. At first you weren't sure what to make of him, he was a football player on scholarship which made you question what he knew about microbiology.
Turns out he knew quite a lot and while working on the project the two of you bonded over being the sort of outcasts. A friendship grew from similarities, not to mention the fact that he was the one person who thought your bad jokes were hilarious and vice versa. The friendship grew and turned gradually into a true relationship. You had been dating for two months when the accident happened.
After the explosion you hated yourself more. You were supposed to be at the game, you were supposed to be there but you hit traffic driving to the stadium. Victor had called before the game started to figure out where you were and you told him you were on the way. When you arrived all you found was ambulances everywhere and injured people. It was Victor's father who broke the news to you later that Victor had died.
At least he was supposed to be dead. Weeks later there had been a knock on your door and you dragged yourself up off the couch to answer the door. Checking to see who it was you couldn't recognize the face obscured by a hood but the voice that called your name you knew immediately.  
Vic sat on your couch while you paced around the room trying to figure out how it was possible that he was alive, while answering any questions you sent his way. It was difficult to wrap your head around the change engine being powerful enough to bring him back but nor so difficult to understand that he was another of his fathers experiments. All in all you were just happy he was alive.
It had been difficult getting to see one another, mainly because while Vic's father encouraged him to go out into the world, Victor had yet to tell him just all the ways the change engine was affecting him. The ability to fly, the ability to pick up on signals from miles away, every little upgrade that came along you were the only one to know about. And while you respected Victor's want to keep it a secret and to not step out into the world just yet, there were times in which you wished he didn't have to leave your apartment so early. There were times you wished he could have stayed.
Victor had only told you about the Justice League. The two of you were eating take out and watching bad movies on tv, laughing at the absurdity of them and wondering how they were made when you suddenly felt self-conscious. It happened on occasion, where one moment the thoughts were banished to the back of your mind and the next moment they were brought to the forefront.
"Hey Vic, why do you like me? I mean, why do you put up with me?"
"I don't put up with you, and I like you because you're funny and kind, and you like dumb movies like these."
"But I'm not attractive or anything."
"Yes you are, and anyway I'm 3/4's robot now. So."
"Ok that's true. I'm sorry"
Vic pulled you closer to him, "Your brain is kind of an asshole, you can't help it."
"Yeah you're right. But my brain is also good at knowing when something is up so tell me," you spoke stopping to pause the movie.
"Ugh fine. Well Batman's putting together a team."
"Wait Batman! You met Batman and you didn't tell me?!"
Vic shrugged, "I wasn't going to join but then I found out it has to do with the change engine and the fate of the world and, well. I've kinda joined a team of superheroes to destroy some like demi-god or something named Steppenwolf."
"Holy shit."
"No I mean that's cool and all but like you know Batman!"
"Is that all you're gonna say?"
"Well I mean, safety of the world and all is kind of important but just don't die again ok?"
"I promise I'm going to come back in one piece."
You were satisfied by the knowledge that he could take care of himself and you believed that he'd be fine. Or at least you had faith that he'd come out of it alive. However what you believed and what actually happened were often contradictory subjects. Every few hours since he informed you he was leaving to go work with the team you checked the news for any mention of some sort of catastrophe. For awhile there was nothing and then suddenly every news source was reporting on a group of superheroes fighting off what they were saying were giant months.
Victor hadn't exactly made it clear what the "moths" were but you knew for a fact that had to come with the Steppenwolf guy he had mentioned. Watching closely and carefully you hoped that whatever unfolded the disaster would be over soon. There were no cameras or anything showing what was happening, just satellite images from above the old nuclear power plant. The explosion had come out of nowhere and when it happened you turned off the tv.
Victor was basically a robot now which meant that for the most part he might have survived the ordeal but you weren't optimistic. Nothing could have survived something like that.
It was one in the morning when the door to your apartment opened. Victor had used the emergency key you'd given him and found you asleep on the couch. You hadn't moved from it much since the morning. The feeling of a blanket being draped over you woke you up and you grinned when you noticed who it was in your home.
"You're an asshole you know that. I watched everything and that damn explosion freaked me out."
"I promised I'd come back in one piece didn't I? Besides, there's no way I'd ever leave you."
"You promised, but you're still an asshole. However you can make it up by cuddling with me."
"Well then move on over and share the blanket"
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regrettablewritings · 3 years ago
Justice League sleepover broken down
Barry: the kid who asks “Is anyone awake?”
Arthur: the kid who answers “I’m awake.”
Victor: the kid that gets existential
Bruce: the host, tells them to shut up before Alfred comes in
Arthur: the kid who does shitty pranks like putting peoples’ hands in warm water while they sleep
Bruce: Arthur’s victim
Arthur: the one that snores loudly
Bruce: the one that tries to shut him up with a pillow (it doesn’t work, Arthur honestly might be awake and faking it just to piss him off)
Victor: doesn’t wanna be here, wants to go home already
Clark: left early
Diana: knew better than to come
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randomfandomimagine · 3 months ago
if you’re still doing the justice league drabbles can i please request a victor x reader where he liked the reader before the accident but never got to tell them but now after the battle he reaches out to them please and thank you
Omg, yes! Victor is probably my favorite after Barry, I’m so excited to write for him too! Thanks for requesting :)
Tumblr media
Character: Victor Stone
Fandom: Justice League (Snyder) / DCEU
Tags: Angst and fluff, reunion
Word Count: 704 words
Title: Still You
He had tried so many times. Victor had seen you, but you hadn’t seen him. He was embarrassed of how many times he had walked over to your house to talk to you and had run away before you could notice him. It wasn’t that easy. How could he let you see him like that? You would scream in horror, and he hated the thought of you being afraid of him like that. 
Victor sighed, standing before your building once more. He missed you. He missed your long talks, your flustered smiles and your kind gaze. He missed your heart of gold and your sense of humor, the way you would blush whenever he flirted with you. He missed all of you. But those days were in the past, he could never return to them. After all, he wasn’t even the same person. Victor wasn’t sure he was still a person anymore.
“Who’s there?” You exclaimed, startling him out of his thoughts. This time he hadn’t left in time to be invisible. Had he really stood there long enough for you to exit the building?
“Y/N” He accidentally called out your name. Even pronouncing it brought a mixture of pain and longing that made him ache. 
“What... You...” You made an effort to see in the darkness of the night. “That voice...” 
“It’s me” Victor piped up, holding his breath as he waited for the inevitable to occur.
“V-Victor? Is it really you?” You turned several shades paler, standing there in shock. “But you were... you had an accident...” 
“I’m here” He said, gulping as he wished you would do something else. Scream or run, do whatever, but do it now. He couldn’t take that torture.
“Oh my god!” You threw yourself to hug him, sobbing as you held him tight and began rambling. “You’re alive, I can’t believe it! I’ve missed you so much, you have no idea of...” 
Victor froze when you suddenly stopped speaking. He hadn’t allowed himself to hug you back in fear that it would scare you, but you stepped back yourself anyway.
“What’s wrong with you?” You observed him, trying to make out his features under his hood. “You feel... different... What happened?” 
“This was a mistake” Victor muttered, making to turn and leave.
“No, wait!” You held on to his arm, realizing how hard it was under your fingers. “Let me look at you” 
You reached out to put his hood down, but his hand held you by the wrist before you could. A gasp escaped you when you felt the incredible strength of his grip.
“Let’s get it over with, but I should warn you... you might not like it” 
“Don’t say that” 
As soon as he released you, he put the hood down himself. A strangled sound escaped your throat as you watched him. Most of his face was covered with metalic parts, making him look more machine than human.
“Victor...” You sobbed, grazing your fingers against his cheek.
He gawked at you, seeing how your watery eyes produced tears that cascaded down your face. What could he do? He had expected you to call for help, to try to hit him, to even faint, but... you were crying. He wasn’t expecting you to cry.
“It’s a long story” Victor urgently said, needing to break the silence. “I just wanted to see you, but I’ll understand if you want me to leave. In fact, I’ll just...” 
“No!” You stopped him again, still finding the sensation of his body under your fingers strange. “Please stay” 
“What?” He stuttered for a bit, utterly astonished. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” 
“I’m not... I mean, it’s going to be hard to get used to but...” You sighed, feeling like that missing part of you had finally returned. “You’re still you, and I’ve missed you” 
Without saying another word, you took a step forward again. Your arms reclaimed their position around him once more. It would definitely take some time to get used to him, but you were willing to have patience.
Victor exhaled something that sounded like a surprised chuckle as, this time, he let himself wonder in your warmth as he gingerly put his arms around you too.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @wonderlandfandomkingdom / @locke-writes / @emmacata / @galactic-magick​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!  
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justicewriting · 3 years ago
Reader at vic's GCU football game to support him? IM LIVING FOR VICTOR STONE RN
YESS! I just got back from watching JL again and I really want to write more Vic stuff!
Tumblr media
You fixed Vic’s varsity jacket over your shoulder as you walked down the stadium stairs. His mother Elinore was sitting in the Stone family’s reserved seats. Like usual his father’s seat was empty. You made your way through the row, and sat down in your own seat right next to Mrs. Stone. She was on the phone with who you quickly deducted was Mr. Stone. She closed the phone in a huff but her expression softened when she saw you. 
“(Y/N), it’s so nice to see you darling. I don’t know if Victor told you but we’re going to dinner after the game and you’re welcome to join as always”
“I’ll be there. He also left his gloves at my apartment and wanted me to bring them”, you told her looking down at the field. You spotted Vic immediately talking to his head coach. Waving the gloves in the air, you were able to draw his attention and he lightly jogged over. Your seats were essentially on the field since Vic could easily pull himself over the barrier which is what he was doing currently. 
“Thanks babe”, he said sitting up on the ledge and pecking your cheek. 
You fixed his shoulder pads that were slightly crooked under his jersey. The game didn’t start for another 25 minutes but you knew it was just Vic being the overachiever he was. His mother interrupted your little exchange and told you two to pose for a photo. His arms rested on your waist and you hugged his neck tightly. After she finished her little shoot, Vic’s grip on you didn’t loosen. He was looking at you with a sly glimmer in his eyes. 
“What are you looking at?”, you asked him with a laugh. 
“Nothing. You just look really good in my jacket.”
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regrettablewritings · 22 days ago
Preference: You Move In Together II
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Victor Stone, Modern!Jaskier
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne
Tumblr media
The subject of you and moving in with Bruce was . . . a rather quiet affair, to say the least. The average outsider probably would’ve expected something more akin to a whirlwind romance when it came to the personal life of one of the richest men in the world. This was especially considered, given that Bruce Wayne wasn’t particularly known for having long-term relationships. So surely it was a sign when your relationship with the man persisted beyond the year mark, right?
Well, the fact of the matter was that there was no whirlwind. There wasn’t a mock proposal or even an invitation over a glass of centuries-old bourbon. And even though there had been gentle insinuations from your boyfriend that perhaps moving in might be beneficial for you, there arguably wasn’t even much of that! Bruce never wanted to pressure you, wanting to give you all the time you needed. This wasn’t a normal relationship, after all: When you weren’t dating a billionaire, you were dating the legendary Batman. Besides, he lived practically on the outskirts of town; he could understand why one might be hesitant to move out there.
So your apartment remained in the picture for quite a while. But after some point, that changed. After some point, you just didn’t really go back there. Not for lack of trying, per se, but . . . well, it was more like a lack of interest. The little abode would always be “your place”, a little hideaway of sorts at the end of the day -- almost like the modern equivalent of those Victorian era members of nobility or high-standing lineage who had summer homes on standby. Only in this case, it was more like your fabulously wealthy boyfriend was throwing a couple bucks down on the lease to keep it under your name.
But even then, when you thought about it, you weren’t entirely certain as to how necessary that even was nowadays.
Your life had shifted. It adapted.
It adapted to dating a wealthy person; it adapted to dating a nocturnal vigilante; it adapted to the odd lifestyle that still managed to squeeze itself in-between the two, creating those moments of domesticity that not everyone would’ve expected of Bruce Wayne, with or without the alter ego.
Because in your humble yet overpriced apartment, there wasn’t any waking up to the sound of Bruce showering. At your apartment, breakfast was usually whatever cheap item you’d grabbed at the convenience store, rather than an invitation to brunch or a homecooked meal, courtesy of Alfred. For that matter, at your apartment, there wasn’t any Alfred to trade banter with. There wasn’t any minimalism to gripe about and try and cover up with your “personal touch”. There weren’t large button-down shirts and slacks with timeless stitching and designs to sort through in the laundry. There wasn’t a Bruce to wait up at night for and greet upon his return, all bleary-eyed and cloaked in a comforter.
Or the smell of Bruce’ aftershave wafting in the morning air, or his favorite mug perched on the countertop, or the warmth of waking up in Bruce’s protective hold . . .
They couldn’t have been at the apartment; that was all here. This was your home now. This was your life now.
Tumblr media
Victor Stone
Tumblr media
According to statistics, moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. But Victor had grown up in that Downtown Gotham apartment: He knew every nook and cranny, every scuffed and creaky floorboard or cabinet, how to work the renovated shower, which areas had the better wifi, et cetera. At the end of the day, the bones were still there. The spirit, however, was not. And that’s what made simply being there feel just as though the young man were now living in an entirely new house.
Before, there had been a family. A shaky one, perhaps, but a family nonetheless. But now it was just him. Him and his memories and the many reminders that decorated its walls, rested in closets, remained scattered on dressers and bathroom counters in the same position they had assumed the day they had been tossed there.
That alone was enough of a source of stress. But adding on to the list of changes was the fact that before all of that had even happened, he had assumed a powerful, mechanized body. One which, after said changes, had been used to thwart an apocalyptic takeover. So yeah: Suffice to say, Victor’s inner life and “home life” (if it could be called that) were at odds when the dust finally began to settle.
Inside, Victor was a whirlwind of emotions. There was the grief he sometimes did and sometimes didn’t know how well he was handling; there were questions of where to go from hereon out; there were the moments that occurred in-between his new life as a part-time hero; there was you, his supportive but nonetheless surely exhausted partner . . . Erstwhile, the apartment felt comparatively empty. Quiet. Foreign. Cold. Unwelcoming. Even though the walls and hall tables were lined with pictures of him pre-accident, Victor felt like he was a stranger in his own “home”. And even though he wasn’t exactly fond of being looked at (seriously, this was Gotham City, home to a mafioso juggalo and a lady obsessed with cats, what made him so strange?), Victor preferred to wander the streets than to stay in that place for too long.
It worried you.
Victor could take care of himself, of course, and it wasn’t as though he needed to sleep anymore, anyway. In a way, the purposes for which a structural home would’ve provided for the average person were practically obsolete to someone like Victor. It was his humanity that assured that the strained ties to it hadn’t yet severed.
But the unhealthiness seeped through like a gas leak. And for as caring as your boyfriend was, sharing his emotions or sentimentality had never exactly been his strongest suit, just as direct confrontation wasn’t especially yours. Besides, there was no easy approach for such a very specific, very tender circumstance.
So for all you could do, you simply did what you could.
Really, the main reason he’d granted you a spare key in the first place was in the event that he needed to go out of town for a mission: You’d simply check on the place, make sure nobody was doing anything shady in or around, etc. He even once joked about buying a plant for you to plant sit despite his own lack of personal interest. But he never objected to you doing more with the key, or showing up even with him still being in town.
Sure, Victor might come home to find the place freshened up, the tables and picture frames dusted, a Glade plug-in restored, and so on. But he also could sometimes come to find other things.
He might’ve raised a brow when he took note of you plopping a duffel bag of clothes on the living room carpet, but he didn’t question it; he didn’t feel the need to. Nor did Victor question why he would come home to find you watching movies, huddled up in one of his old Gotham U jerseys. He didn’t give you an exasperated sigh whenever you’d stop by, sheepishly asking him for help studying for a course, and he didn’t usher you out whenever the desire to wander the streets hit him.
The cabinets had been cleared out when it became apparent that Victor no longer needed to eat. But with you around, they slowly became a bit more full with your favorite snacks and ingredients. Nothing like they had been before the accident, of course, but the difference was there. Soaps and shampoos and conditioners lined the bathroom once more, towels joined in the laundry for the first time in ages, dishes were being used again. It was as if the apartment were being lived in again. Something in there was alive.
And in hindsight, Victor felt silly for not having noted it when it first started to happen. But then again, in the hindsight of that realization, it began to make more sense: Your presence there just felt . . . normal. Like you were supposed to be there. Sure, your face wasn’t captured in framed photos depicting family vacations or trips to the zoo, but you fit into the abode just as anything else from before had.
Which was why one morning, after spending the entire night wandering the city, Victor didn’t find it strange to return home and find you there. The suns rays were just stretching into the dimly-lit kitchen, where you had been making waffles from scratch. The sink was full of messy bowls and utensils, of which he could trust that you’d handle later. Meanwhile, you were perched at the counter, offering him the best smile one could give while drowsy and with waffles in the cheeks.
Despite everything that had happened to him over the course of the last few years, it still occasionally startled Victor to realize just how much could shift in less than a minute. The accident had happened in less than a minute; his body’s reform, despite feeling like an agonizing eternity, had occurred just short of a minute; the reversing of time seemed to be a matter of mere seconds from his end.
And despite having not been back for even a minute, that was the moment it clicked with Victor: For the first time in a long while, he was beginning to feel like he had arrived back home. Maybe not completely and truly immersed by it, no. But at least his foot was toeing the threshold.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It wasn’t a bigass mansion, that was for sure. It wasn’t even some sweetass condo. Those, you told him, could wait. In the meantime, rather than splurging his steadily growing income as an up-and-coming musician, a nice, simple apartment would be more than enough to make do.
He pouted about it, of course: In spite of how he acted, Jaskier still came from wealth and although he didn’t miss the formalities and expectations that had accompanied it, he still missed the more pleasurable features like large rooms and fanciful foods. More importantly, he wanted to share the niceties with you. (Though, given what you knew of your boyfriend, it was probably a bit more accurate to phrase it as “he wanted to show it off to you”.)
Now, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t see the appeal in living in a more spacious house -- hell, living in a place that wasn’t rented! No worries about a security deposit, the freedom to paint the walls and make renovations as you deemed appropriate . . . You wouldn’t say that you drooled over images from Pinterest depicting craft rooms and guestroom setups or even roomy bathrooms, but it would’ve been rather nice if standing in the kitchen didn’t put you at risk of hearing somebody blowing up the nearby bathroom.
However, you were also the more grounded between the two of you. More practical. Jaskier preferred to drone about you as being a fun-sucker, but you knew you were in the right: If he didn’t want to end up washed up and bankrupt by his 30s like countless other musicians, then delayed gratification was the way to go!
He dragged his heels about it, the drama queen. He made a big stink out of it. He sang about it, even, spending the first three weeks after moving in sitting on the futon (your order from IKEA hadn’t come in yet) and plucking the strings alongside musical complaints about how tiny and ridiculous the place was.
It’s annoying, of course, and you won’t lie: Even if he means it in good fun, it frustrates you. You both agreed that until things really began to pick up, this was how things would have to be. You needed a place both of you could afford and as shitty as this place was compared to the subdivision he’d grown up in, this was it.
. . . But of course, the annoyance doesn’t really last for long. Jaskier wears his heart on his sleeve, after all, and he’s never been particularly good at hiding intrigue. Beneath all that whining, you can tell that, in some way, he’s also having fun.
The wifi that is inconsistent with how wack it is; the questionable wifi domain names (seriously, you kinda want to meet whoever calls their wifi PrettyFly4AWifi or Tiffany’s Slut Dungeon); your loudass neighbors who get way too intense on game night; questioning if there’s such a thing as depending on breakfast-for-dinner; zhoozhing up ramen cups with hotdog wieners or hot sauce; that funky water pressure -- they all make it into that song of his that he’s always singing. And others. He tells you it’s a concept album and while part of you thinks he’s joking, the amount of times you’ve returned home or walked in on him scribbling lyrics or testing them out tells you that he isn’t.
It’s kinda just what he does: Yeah, he’ll whine for a bit, but somehow he’s going to make an adventure out of his circumstances. Though, in a way, he kinda has to here. After all, what could be more adventurous than starting a new chapter of one’s life? Not only that, but a chapter with somebody they love?
Together, you’ll conquer the vicious staircases when the elevator is acting slow. You’ll fight to claim use of an empty washer and dryer in the laundry room. You’ll triumph in perfecting not only your grocery budget, but also in actually using those items to cook instead of relying on delivery so damn much. You’ll figure this and more out together.
And frankly . . . Yeah, it does make the place feel a bit more cozy. (But the moment the chance to move on up happens, you’re fucking taking it --)
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jammesbarnnes · 9 months ago
Imagine Diana realizing Victor has a crush on you, her sibling:
Tumblr media
The two smiled at one another, Victor embarassed, Diana proud, speaking without words. She watched the way he looked at you, the way he panicked when you looked at him, touched him, the way he melted at your laugh. Normally Diana would have been her usual overprotective, older sister self, but she knew Victor was a good guy. She wouldn't have to worry about him. Even if she did, he'd seen her in battle, he knew what she was capable of. He's smart enough to know not to go against her. She didn't want to meddle, but he was so nervous, so shy, he just needed a little push. You both did. Whatever he worried about was all in his head. You never brought this stuff to Diana, convinced she would tease you or worse, she'd get in the middle of it. She promised never to do either, but sometimes she just couldn't help herself. Not this time, at least.
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batfamstan4life · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ok! It’s says Jason is here to stay so if DC has joker kill him in Titans, I AM SUING. DC don’t hurt my baby anymore he deserves love 💕
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random-imagines-blog · 2 years ago
Imagine your first kiss with a member of the Justice League (Alternate Endings)
Requested by Anonymous.
You’d been a part of the Justice League for a couple of short months, but you’ve fallen into the role well. You weren’t afraid to call the other members out when they would start arguments, and you weren’t afraid to put your foot down and put a stop to them either. You brought those fights to the outside world - to the enemies that lurked outside of the secure spaces that all of you met in. Most days, it felt like you had time for little else. A social life was out of the question, since you could have to disappear to a secret location and fight some bad guys with only a moments notice. Lunch with your parents had been interrupted because of that a dozen times. But they were proud of you, and the members of the League did always make you feel valued. Especially one person in particular. And today, you managed to get them alone for the first time - finally ready to tell them how you feel. As stated before, a social life was out of the question - but only with the normal citizens. You saw these people all the time.
Bruce Wayne
Tumblr media
For once, Bruce wasn’t looming around on a rooftop somewhere. He was alone in the Batcave, working on repairing his Batsuit from the excessive damage that it had gotten during the last mission. As you walked in, you looked around, expecting to see Alfred standing somewhere, waiting for orders, but it really was just the two of you. “Diana send you?” He asked. “No, Came on my own.” You shrugged, approaching him to see exactly what he was doing. “How many of these suits do you go through?”
“Too many.” He grumbled. “But I could use a break.”
“Want to go for a walk? Get you out of here for a little while?” You asked. He thought about it for a moment but then nodded and backed away from the suit.
It was a nice day outside, thankfully. Evening was approaching and the sky was starting to turn from blue to pastel like colors that would brighten as the sun descended even further. There was a comfortable silence between the two of you, neither of you felt like you had to say something. After a solid twenty minutes, the two of you stopped at a scenic point to look out over the sunset.
In your position as a member of the Justice League, you had to take a lot of risks, and what you were about to do felt like one. You felt as if you were under a microscope and Bruce was analyzing your every move but you still did them.
You leaned softly and slowly against his shoulder, and rested your head against the soft material of his sweater. Bruce said nothing, but that meant that he also was not pushing you away, which was a win in your book. “Bruce-” You started, but lost your courage.
“I know.” He said, after a moment of silence. He looked down at the top of your head then pressed a kiss there. “But we can’t.”
“Why not?”
“You’ll be a weakness.”
“I’m not some damsel in distress, Bruce. I’m just as strong as you are.” You felt heat coursing through your veins. His stupid masculinity! You cursed it. You gave him a nudge, and made him face you, eyes on eyes. “I’m taking the risk too. You very much could be a weakness for me. God knows I have to-”
You were going to mention how you saved him more than once, but were cut off in the only way that Bruce knew how to make you be quiet. He pressed his lips to yours, which you had to admit, was very effective. It was the first kiss between the two of you. The only complaint that you had was how bristly his facial hair was when he let it go for a day or two, but it was something you felt you could get used to.
You were the one to break away, and though you felt flustered, you put that confident grin on your face. “-save your ass all the time. Kiss me all you want, Bruce, but I’m never going to stop bringing that up. I mean it though. Kiss me all you want.”
Clark Kent
Tumblr media
Clark, being one of the more inconspicuous looking of the bunch, had been sent on grocery shopping duty. When he came back to the HQ, he was holding eight paper bags, filled with food, somehow all stacked on top of each other.
“Don’t break the eggs!” You said, getting up from the table, leaving the lukewarm cup of coffee that you had been savoring. You reached for the top couple of bags, and brought them down so you could see Clark’s face finally.
“Show off.” You muttered. You put the bags on the counter and started to put away the groceries. Clark stayed with you, and was working at a quick pace to do the same.
“Better than making two trips.” He joked, smiling at you. You laughed, understanding that.
“That’s the way to use your super strength to the best of your ability.” You joked. Once the food was all put away, and the eggs successfully unbroken and the bread only a little squished, you hopped up on the counter and watched as Clark poured himself a cup of coffee from the pot. “Going from saving the world to grocery duty, that’s got to hurt.”
“No.” Clark said, shaking his head. “It’s good to feel normal again sometimes.”
You  nodded. You haven’t thought about it that way, but you suppose he was right. “I’ll have to come with you next time. I need a little normality.”
“Want to talk about it?” Clark offered, going back to the table. It didn’t take long before you were spewing out how much you missed having friends out in the real world. You missed having girly shopping trips, you missed going to the movies and trying out new restaurants. And you really missed having dates.
“You’re so lucky you have Lois.” You sighed, but in truth, you thought that Lois was lucky to have him. Who wouldn’t want someone like Clark to be their boyfriend? Even without Superman, he was an amazing guy. You fell for him the moment you met him, in fact.
“Things .. didn’t work out.” He said, adjusting the glasses that he was still wearing on his face. “It’s been over for a while.”
“And you didn’t tell anyone?” You asked, surprised at this news.
“No. Didn’t feel important.” You sighed and shook your head.
“Guy like you can’t even make things work, the rest of us don’t have a chance.” You half-joked.
Clark got up, walked over to where you were sitting on the counter, and put his hand over yours. “You have a chance.”
Just that bit of contact was enough for your heart to start racing. It was enough for your body to have hope, and your mind was running far behind it, still trying to comprehend what was going on. It felt like you had no control, especially as you leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto his lips.
He didn’t restrain you, or step backwards. He kissed back. Your eyes shot open when you realized what you were doing, and what he was doing in return, and you didn’t blink until after the kiss was done.
“Just ... grabbing a drink.” Barry’s voice rang through the room, but he was gone before you could spot him. The awkwardness of his voice made you start to laugh, and Clark chuckled along.
“Want to talk about that later?” You asked, sliding off the counter. “I should get dinner started.”
“Yeah. I’ll see you later.” Clark smiled, adjusted his glasses once more, then left the kitchen.
Diana Prince
Tumblr media
It was just you and Diana, out on a boat to go and fetch Aquaman for an upcoming mission, but the stubborn beast of a man was taking his sweet time.
The little boat rocked to and fro on the gentle waves, and the sun beyond set, bringing the night and the chillier air. Luckily, the two of you brought plenty of blankets, but you still had to huddle a little close. There were no barriers from the wind, and you spent your time cursing Arthur and his lack of showing up on time ... but nonetheless, spending time with only Diana was rare.
“Diana, you may have to hold me back from killing him.” You said, your teeth starting to chatter. The stars were beginning to shine above to provide a little more light. All that you had was a lantern attached to the bow of the boat.
“Bruce might beat you to it. He wanted all of us to meet by sunset.” Diana said, pulling the blanket closer around her shoulders. Her arm snaked around yours to try to bring you more warmth.
“We can’t wait until Summer to do this mission?” You asked, grumpily. “At least then we could make this a trip to the beach. Bathing suits, laying on towels, the sun...”
Diana chuckled and nodded her head. “It would be like Themyscira. The skies were bluer than ever seen here...”
“Due to lack of pollution, I expect.” You said, then laughed. “Go on - tell me more. Might make us feel warm.”
“The water was warm, but still cool enough to feel refreshing. The sand was hot under my feet. It was so white, that sand. So pure looking, nothing like the garbage on beaches here.” Diana continued.
“Sounds like heaven.” You sighed, contently. “If only we were there now.”
“You would be welcomed. Themyscira always has room for the strong.”
There were a few long moments of silence, with just the sound of the water, and the creaking of the boat. It was one that you had to row by hand - no doubt Bruce had something with a bit of power, but was too cheap to lend it out.
“It’s probably more beautiful than I can imagine.” You sighed. “I mean, an island full of women like you? Strong, powerful, protective... better than anywhere I’ve ever been.”
“I miss it very much.” Diana admitted. “A part of me will always be there.”
“Doesn’t mean you’re broken though. You’ve put yourself back together. Bruce told me about Steve...” When you said the name of her former love, you expected her to flinch, to sigh, to do anything but what she did, which was kiss your temple gently.
“I’ve had help.” She smiled against your hair.
You turned to look at her, and your lips caught with hers. In the dark, all of your other senses were on high alert. You could smell her hair mixed with the sea, you could hear her breathing as hitched as it was, and you could taste the golden air of Themyscira still on her lips.
You kissed her back, but pulled away before it could be deepened - simply because you heard a little snort.
“Hot.” Arthur said, holding onto the side of the boat with a grin on his face. “I should be late more often.”
“Get in the boat, Curry, before I turn you into clam chowder.” You said, grumpily.
Barry Allen
Tumblr media
When you suddenly stopped responding to Barry’s texts, he waited an hour then rushed through the city to find you and make sure if you were okay.
Waiting that hour had been hell - he fidgeted, he played ping-pong against himself to see if he could, but every minute seemed like an hour in itself. Even going through the city felt like it was taking forever - ever block might as well have been a mile.
Finding your door unlocked, he let himself in, went through the living room and the kitchen and saw a bit of clutter but nothing that so much as suggested a struggle. Up through the bedroom and the bathrooms, and there was no sigh of you, until he remembered that you had a basement and then headed down there, stopping suddenly and nearly stumbling when he finally saw you.
Your back was to him, which was probably a good thing. You would have seen the immediate blush go on Barry’s cheeks when he saw that you were only wearing a tank top and underwear, with giant noise-canceling headphones on, dancing around while sweeping the floor.
Barry felt frozen in place when he saw this going on in front of him, and was able to turn around in time when you caught a glance at him over your shoulder. He faced the stairs while you took off your headphones and wore them around your neck. “Hey, did you knock?” You asked. “Sorry, that new K-Pop group you introduced me too have me hooked. I can’t stop dancing to it.”
“You stopped answering my texts.” Barry said, looking down at the ground.
“Shit, sorry. I’m really bad for that.” You laughed. “Hold on a second, I’ll grab some pants.” You went over to the dryer and took out a freshly cleaned pair, and slipped them on. “All dressed, you can turn around now.”
Barry did turn around, but his cheeks showed that he had seen enough of you to start feeling bashful. You didn’t feel the same way. You didn’t mind that Barry had caught you. Why would you? You had feelings for him for a while, and weren’t hiding them.
“So you’re okay?” He asked.
“Just fine.” You assured. “Were you worried about me?”
“A little.”
That started to make you feel a bit bashful, that admission. But you played it boldly, striding over to him and held him in a hug, which he returned. Everyone else got fistbumps but you - you were the one who got Barry to hug. Other than his dad, no one else got the privilege. “Thanks, my care bear.” You whispered to him, making him flush again.
You let go, but he didn’t. He kept his arms around you and gave you his lopsided half-grin. “You liked the band?”
“Loved it. Especially that one song. Symptoms? I’m not sure what they’re saying but I feel it.”
Being a blusher gave away a lot of what Barry was feeling, but hearing that you really liked one of the most romantic songs that he introduced you too made all of the blood go to his cheeks, bringing him to an alarming red shade. “Are you okay?” You asked, seeing it, and put a hand on his forehead to see if he was coming down with a fever.
“Fine,  yeah.” Barry said, sub-consciously holding you tighter, bringing you further into his chest. “That song ... it’s about falling really hard for someone.”
“Makes sense why I love it then.” You giggled, moving your hand down to his cheek and caressing it. “Fits pretty well, in my opinion.”
Barry looked back down at the ground nervously, and when he brought his chin back up, all that he could see was the color of your skin blurring his vision. His body may be fast but his mind wasn’t always so, and it took him a minutes to realize that you were leaning in. He didn’t fully come to the realization until you were full on kissing him, hand still on his cheek.
His body went through the motions before his mind had come to grips with what was happening. His arms moved from your back to your waist, and he gave you what was his very first kiss.
What made it all the more perfect was that he could hear the music still coming from the headphones around your neck, providing a soundtrack to the moment.
Arthur Curry
Tumblr media
When your birthday started to approach, you admitted to Arthur that you wanted to get out of the toxic dangers of the city, and go somewhere more relaxing, safe. Hawaii was your dream destination, but you knew in your heart that it was too far away from the rest of the League. You weren’t Barry - you couldn’t run over water in seconds to get back to the mainland, but you hoped that maybe Aquaman would know of somewhere a little closer where you could relax, spread out, and hear nothing but the waves and the birds rather than sirens and the stupid things that bad guys said.
“I know a place.” Arthur said. He swiped two bottles of whiskey from Bruce, stuffed them down his pockets, and motioned for you to follow him.
“I didn’t mean today-” You said, but you did follow along, curious as to how he was going to show you.
“We’ve got time.” He said, waving your excuses off. It didn’t take long for the two of you to get to the water. There were families around - fishing, swimming, enjoying the warm weather. Gotham was always so overcast, so when the sun came out - everyone did. Right there, in front of those people, Arthur started to undress, attracting stares from just about every woman who was around. Your cheeks tinged pink as you took in the sight of him. How could you not? Arthur was like a beast, rippling with muscles the way that the water was with waves.
“Are you going to join me or not?” He asked, looking at you with his eyebrow raised.
“Uhh - yeah, I guess.” You said. You weren’t expecting a trip to the water today, so you weren’t suited up properly. As you took your shirt off, you regretted not wearing better underwear, something better looking than the average cotton you had on your body.
“Mind if we borrow this?” Arthur asked a kid, who just came out of the water with an inflatable ring. The kid gaped at Aquaman, as would any other sane person, then handed it over. Arthur winked at the kid, and tossed the ring back into the water. He then swept you off your feet - literally, and laid you down so your feet and arms were keeping you on top while your bottom touched the cool water. “Hold tight.”
You held on for your life. Arthur had dived in head first, one hand on a handle on the ring, and pushed it quickly out into the waves until you got to the point where you couldn’t see the shore. Feeling the wind through your hair was exhilarating, even though you were holding on so tight your knuckles were turning white.
An island was quickly approaching. You opened your mouth to scream as you became scared that you were going to slid onto it and stumble and hurt yourself, but the ride came to a stop a couple of feet from the sand. You let out your breath, climbed out and felt the hot sand beneath your toes. Lacking a towel, you had to find a piece of driftwood to sit on, but it felt nice nonetheless.
There were no sirens. No people except you and Arthur, who had walked onto the shore and laid down on the sand as if it wasn’t burning his body whatsoever.
“It’s  beautiful.” You said, looking around at the foliage. It wasn’t a big island, but it had a little forest, and plenty of foliage. The private island of dreams.
“Happy early birthday.” Arthur grinned. He rolled onto his stomach, and plucked a daylily from a cluster that was closeby. He tucked it behind your ear, so it stuck out from behind your hair.
“Thanks.” You said, meeting his eyes and smiled back. The two of you just enjoyed each others company, taking in the paradise that you were on. You hadn’t failed to noticed that he came closer and closer, until he finally joined you on the driftwood and pulled the whiskey out of his sodden pants. He opened it and took a swig, wiped his lips, then offered it to you. You took it and took a drink, and the bottle continued to go back and forth until both of you lost your inhibitions.
It started off with the two of you singing pub songs, and dancing, and ended up with the both of you lying half in the water, half in the sand, with your head against his shoulder, his brown hair mixing in with yours. He was warm, he smelt like alcohol and his eyes were absolutely stunning against the darkening sky.
Of course you couldn’t help yourself.
And neither could he apparently, because the millisecond that you started to lean your head in for a kiss, he met you three quarters of the way, smashing his lips against yours in want. It wasn’t a first kiss - it was a first make out session that made you completely lose track of time.
“Wow,” You said, rolling onto your back, noticing the first stars coming out.
“Wanna do that sober?” You joked.
“Anytime.” Arthur grinned.
Victor Stone
Tumblr media
Victor preferred to spend most of his time alone, fiddling around with computers and the other technology that Bruce had laying around, trying to find a way to use them to improve himself. The other members of the League would leave him be, especially since he was so good at shutting them out when he wanted to, but you were persistent in making sure that he was well taken care of.
You were sitting cross legged in a darker corner of the lab, watching him intrigued. The way that he would input data into his own mind was beyond amazing.
“I don’t need you to watch over me. I’m not going to hurt anyone.” Cyborg said, not looking at you but rather at some technology that you couldn’t even begin to comprehend.
“You think that’s why I’m here?” You asked, laughing. “For a guy with a mind like a computer, you’re not the smartest sometimes.”
“So then why are you here?” He asked.
You stood up and walked away from your corner, going towards the light in the center of the room, and kneeled down next to his chair. You rested your head on his cold leg, marvelling at the sleek lines of the metal.
“I’m here to make sure that you are okay. And all of this ... it’s fascinating. Granted, I don’t know much about technology other than how to play Flappy Bird and illegally torrent Game of Thrones, so I don’t think I’d be able to understand it even if I tried.”
“I’m fine.” He said, less coldly than before. You could feel his eye - the one that was biological, looking down at you. “Are you feeling up my leg?” He questioned.
“You’re a cool dude, Victor Stone.” You said, standing up, and shrugged. “And I’m just impulsive and say what I think and do whatever pops in my head and that was to feel you up, yes. Can I just do one thing?”
Victor looked a little uncomfortable, but then nodded his head. Slowly, keeping eye contact to ensure that what you were doing was okay, with a steady hand you reached towards his chest. It was entirely metal, you could feel that through the sweatshirt that he was wearing, probably more out of habit than necessity.
You tried to feel for a heartbeat.
“There’s nothing there, is there?” You asked, frowning. “It’s all just ... gone. You have no heart.”
“No.” Victor said, spinning his chair so that you could no longer touch him.
“That’s remarkable. You don’t have a heart, and yet you do. You care about people, you don’t want to hurt them. You’re still human inside there. I’ve known it but now I can finally see it.” You smiled, satisfied. “Thanks.”
Victor tried to ignore you from his point on, but you kept asking him questions about what he was doing, until finally, he gave up.
“One question, and that’s it.” He said, holding up a finger. It took you a minute to think of which one to ask.
“Your skin ... is it still warm?”
“That’s what you want to ask? Not the location of Jimmy Hoffa? Nothing from the governments secret files?”
“I hate mobsters.” You shrugged. “You don’t have to answer, you can let me feel for myself.”
Victor hesitated but then he nodded. He wasn’t used to talking to people, or having them interested in him as anything other than a machine since he had become who he had. What he had. He closed his eyes and waited for your fingers to start touching his face. The very idea of it made him flinch. But your fingertips never came.
Instead, he felt warmth for the first time in a very long time, when your lips kissed his. It was little more than a peck, but it was enough to form a reaction.
His body sensed something new and strange was happening, and leapt into action. He tried to keep his arms by his side and steady, but they raised and pushed you off, throwing you through the window (luckily it wasn’t the fortified wall) and outside into the night.
Once he realized what he had done, he hurried to the broken window and looked out. You were fine - you were a member of the League after all, which meant you know how to take a beating, and grinned over at him.
“Anyone ever tell you you’re an explosive kisser?” You joked.
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Meeting the League
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Justice League x reader Platonic! Bruce Wayne x protege reader platonic!
Description: Part three of a multiple part series where the Justice League needs your help in defeating a major world threat while being guided under the wing of your hero, Batman.
Part 2 here
Tag List:
@generalgoldfishldrm @ifluffysquirrel
Today’s school day was different. Word around the school is Lindsay got suspended so your day was pretty drama free. You aced the test you had today. It all felt great until your school announced for the millionth time this week they were having a talent show this Friday, which your mom was really pushing you to sign up for. Running around at night fighting crime was easy, but sining in front of your entire school, that was terrifying. You reluctantly took a sign up slip, caving into your moms wishes, and signed up for it. Hopefully your mom will be feeling well enough to attend. The girl at the table thanked you as she took your sign up sheet handing you the flyer for the talent show. You threw it in your bag racing outside to find Alfred there waiting for you. “Hey Alfred!” You greeted getting in the passenger seat of the car.
“Miss (Y/L/N), no video diaries today?” Alfred asked you teasingly making you chuckle.
“No not today.” You said very calmly taking Alfred by surprise, you were talking but not like your usual excitable and witty self.
“Is everything alright Miss (Y/L/N)?” Alfred asking hoping whatever was upsetting you would be easily fixable.
“Alfred what if the Justice League doesn’t like me?” You blurted out looking at the butler with worried eyes.
“Ahh, you’re worried about them disapproving of you as a hero?” Alfred asked you making you look down at your fiddling fingers and sighing.
“It’s just, I know I’m young Alfred. What if they think less of me and my abilities because of it? I mean it’s the man of steel! How is he supposed to be impressed by a 15 year old who has never done anything bigger than stopping some atm robbers?” You asked as all you insecurities came to the light?
“The same way you impressed Master Wayne, by having a good heart and strong will. All you heroes have the same agenda, protect the innocent and uphold justice. It does not matter your age, gender, or social status. It only matters you do the right thing. Miss (Y/N) in your own, oddly charming and unique way, I think it is safe to say you do the right thing.” Alfred said smiling down at you fondly. Even though he’s only known you for a short amount of time you’ve definitely made a lasting impression on him.
“Oddly charming? I get that a lot .” You giggled as some of your insecurities melted away. “Thanks Alfred.” You said sweetly as the two of you pulled up to Wayne manor. “Well let’s get this show on the road!” You said eagerly hopping out of the car and running up the steps of Wayne Manor opening the doors going straight to the cave, leaving Alfred far behind as he shook his head ‘Ah children, easily excitable’ he thought to himself.
Bruce sat in the cave already dressed in his Batman suit, his wait came to an end as he heard the elevator in the cave coming down. “Mr. Wayne! Are you ready? Are you? Why are we in this damp dark cave when we could be down at the Hall of Justice?!” You said racing towards him. Bruce shook his head ‘does she ever need a breath?’ He thought as he approached you.
“Woah woah woah slow down kid.” Bruce said placing a hand on your shoulder “First thing is first, why aren’t you in your suit?” Bruce said scolding you.
“Oh! My suit! Right, so silly of me!” You said dumping out the contents of your backpack on the cave floor, including your suit. You snatched it up making a b-line to go change. “I’ll be right back! Don’t leave without me!” You yelled making the corner of Bruce’s mouth go upwards in a small smile. He looked at the contents of the mess you left infront of him. A notebook that was all doodled on, a test from today that you aced, ‘hmm I guess she did study.’ Bruce thought proud that you listened to him. He looked down at the flyer near his feet it read ‘Gotham Centeral talent show.’ He picked up the flyer he was too busy reading the information to notice that you were coming back in the room. “If you want Mr. Wayne you can come! It would be like totally awesome if you came-I mean like you know having you uh at my school you know?” You said trying to hide your excitement towards the end.
“I’m busy” Bruce said trying to keep up his strict and reserved image he’s feared he’s been losing. He put the flyer down on the near by batcomputer.
“Oh uh yeah, sorry yeah no I totally get it. you must not have a lot of time being Bruce Wayne and all, it was a dumb suggestion, just forget I ever mentioned it Mr. Wayne.” You said trying to hide the stinging feeling of rejection show. Although you couldn’t hide it from the worlds greatest detective.
“Have you ever traveled through a zeta tube?” He asked rhetorically trying to distract you from the hurt you were feeling.
“Zeta what now?” You asked scrunching up your face in confusion. “We should just take the batmobile instead! It would be so cool. Hey at the hall of justice do you have your own parking spot?” You asked genuinely curious wondering if he did indeed have his own spot with the words ‘Reserved for Batman’ written in big letters.
“We’re not going to the Hall of Justice kid. We’re going to the Watch Tower.” He said walking to this big circular complex piece of machinery.
“Woah Mr. Wayne! This looks absolutely insane! It’s looks like a time machine! I’ve always wanted to time travel! Hey it’s like that really old movie, you know? I’m like Marty McFly and you’re the uh other guy? You know the old one? Not that your old Mr. Wayne, well actually- Uh never mind.” You said trying to stop yourself from digging a bigger hole than you already did.
“We’re not going back in time.” Bruce said sighing at your terrible pop culture reference. “And I’m not old.” Bruce mumbled so lowly you couldn’t even hear.
“Well then if it’s not when, where are we going?” You said bummed out that you dream of time traveling was not going to be fulfilled. Bruce walked over to the zeta tube turning it on, the blue zeta beams created a blue portal having your jaw drop in amazement. But this portal was much different than the ones you created. It’s coloring was a fluorescent blue while yours were a dark black, this one looked more unstable as it had beams of energy visibly running through it while yours were solid and still. This one was different and it scared you.
“Why don’t we walk through and you can find out.” Batman said stepping through the portal, disappearing completely.
“Holy shit.” You breathed nervously. “Mr. Wayne?” You asked hoping to get a response, but of course you didn’t. “Okay okay (Y/N) worst case scenario you walk through and get turned to dust! No biggie right?” You said to yourself staring at the big blue portal watching the blue streams of light moving so chaotically. “Oh god, oh god, no this is a big biggie, a big big biggie!” You said pacing back and forth infront of the portal. “No you can do this! You put your life on the line all the time and I’m frightened by a light show?” You said walking up to the portal only to step back down chickening out for the fourth time in two minutes. “This is so stupid, I go through portals all the time! But on the other hand my portals are much more stable than this.” Suddenly the portal illuminated brightly as Batman walked back through immediately seeing how distressed you seemed to be. “Mr. Wayne! Your alive!” You said running up and hugging him. ‘Alive? What the hell do you think that machine does?’ He thought to himself. He awkwardly patted your head in attempts to put your nerves at rest before he decided to put the awkward display of emotions to rest as he peeled your arms off of him. “Mr. Wayne I’m sorry but I can’t do it, I’m scared. This is all so out of my league. Earths mightest heroes, weird crazy tech that doesn’t seem safe, crazy powerful super villains! Mr. Wayne, I’m the little guy, I don’t fit in with this, it’s all just-“
“Scary?” Bruce asked cutting you off. You nodded looking up at him your insecurities coming to the surface now. Bruce sighed as he kneeled down slightly becoming eye level with you, putting his hand on your shoulder. “Listen (Y/N), I know this is overwhelming. I know this is all happening so quick too. But what I know most is that, your courageous, smart, and know what’s right. So take a deep breath.” Bruce said as he looked you in the eyes watching your stress melt away as you took a deep breath. “Now if you still want to leave you can. But if you think you can handle this, I’ll be with you every step of the way.” Bruce said as he stood up, taking his hand on your shoulder. “So what’s it gonna be?” He asked. You took a shaky breath before looking up at him with a smile on your face.
“Let’s get this show on the road!” You said standing infront of the zeta tub. You looked back at Bruce hesitantly “Uh Mr. Wayne, do you think we could go through it together?” You asked. Bruce smiled sympathetically at you, nodding walking over to you placing a comforting hand on your shoulder.
“We’ll go together. Remember kid, the greater the risk the greater the reward.” He told you before you both walked through the zeta tube together. The light was blinding and you felt extremely lightheaded feeling all the molecules in your body being transported. You opened your eyes and you were in this completely different place.
“Mr. Wayne, where are we?” You asked looking around at the incredibly bleak room. It was all white with computers everywhere and a bland white table with loads of chairs in the center of the room. ‘It could really use some color’ you thought.
“You’re at the Justice League’s headquarters. The Watch Tower.” A voice answered you, you looked up to see the source of the voice was coming from none other than the man of steel himself.
“Oh my god no way!” You said in disbelief. “You were right Mr Wayne it was totally worth the reward.” You whispered to him trying to play cool, although there was no point with Superman’s super hearing. “Hello S-Superma-man. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) huge fan, love your work.” You stuttered trying to introduce yourself walking up to him awkwardly with your hand out making even Bruce feel second hand embarrassment for you.
Superman smiled softly as he watched how nervous you are. “Hello (Y/N), Superman, it’s very nice to meet you.” He said shaking your hand gently.
“Oh we’re using our made up names. Then uh it’s Miracle, nice to meet you.” You said trying to sound more confident. Making Superman laugh.
“Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.” He promised as he now turned his attention to Bruce. “Let me guess, she’s with you?” He asked, Bruce nodded in confirmation. “Well then little lady, why don’t you come meet the team.” Superman said leading the way. You stood next to Bruce nudging him with your elbow to get his attention. He looked down at you puzzled until you excitedly whispered
“He called me little lady.” Bruce hid a smirk as he rolled his eyes at your excitement over two little words. You followed Clark to a different part of the tower where you came face to face with the remaining members of the league. Wonder Woman. Aqua man. Cyborg. The Flash. They were all here. And you were frozen in pure aw. You stayed there for a moment just awkwardly staring at the heroes you’ve admired for years.
“Uh hello?” The flash said as he zoomed right next to you and then right infront of you waving his hand infront of your face. “Hey, you there?” You snapped out of your trance.
“Oh yeah sorry.” You said scratching your head nervously “I’m Miracle.” You said introducing yourself shyly with a tiny little wave.
“Well hi Miracle, it’s nice to meet you.” Cyborg said kindly. “But just out of curiosity, what are you doing here at the Watch Tower?” Cyborg asked doing his best to not insult you.
“Oh well you see Mr. W-Batman I mean Batman brought me here to help you guys beat that uh sand lady!” You said enthusiastically. “We should totally give her a name because sand lady doesn’t fit right.” You said placing your pointer finger to your chin in thought.
“That’s gonna be a very dangerous mission.” Superman said looking at Bruce mentally questioning why he would bring a kid in this fight.
“Don’t underestimate her.” Batman said defensively at Superman.
“Hey, short stack, how old are you anyways?” Aquaman asked eyeing your short and small frame, ‘there was no way she’s even eighteen’ he fought to himself.
“Old enough to kick your butt, fish boy!” You said not appreciating the nickname. Aquaman raises his hands up in a mocking surrender.
“Oh I’m so sorry short stack, please have mercy.” He said laughing making you angry. You smirked as you looked at the floor underneath him, opening a portal that he fell through only to open it back up on the ceiling so he fell hard against the floor taking the whole team by surprise.
“Don’t call me short stack.” You said as his shock wore off and he began to stand.
“You got spunk kid, I’ll give you that. Welcome to the team.” He said dusting himself off, walking up to you proudly giving you a pat on the back. You looked up at Bruce smiling from ear to ear before wiggling your eyebrows and saying
“He said I have spunk.”
Bruce rolled his eyes for the second time before saying back “Don’t let it get to your head.” You ignored him as you stalked over to the rest of the league. Bruce felt a hand on his shoulder, a strong hand on his shoulder. Great.
“A word alone, Batman?” Superman asked rhetorically leading him off to a different room. Once they were out of earshot Clark looked at Bruce in pure disbelief. “Are you crazy Bruce? She’s just a kid! How could you bring her on such a dangerous mission and not discuss it with the rest of us?” He asked completely furious.
“You don’t think I know that Clark? I think about it every time I look at her. She’s just a kid and if anything happened to her on this mission I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. But whether we like it or not we need her powers. I’ve planned out our attack perfectly, she’ll be safe.” Bruce said sighing before adding “But like I said, don’t underestimate her, she might be young but she has potential.” Superman sighed
“You better be right Bruce. Come on let’s head back.” Superman and Batman walked back out to where you and the others are.
“What about Sand Witch?” The flash asked you as he zoomed around the room thinking of super villain names.
“Hey, not that I want to be apart of this weird little thing you two are doing but I am not going to fight someone named after something you pick up at a deli.” Aquaman said causing flash to stop in his tracks.
“Geez it was just a suggestion.” Flash huffed.
“I think what Aquaman was trying to say Flash is that it just wasn’t the right fit. What about you Miracle? You seem like a bright girl, do you have any suggestions?” Wonder Woman asked as she sat next to you. You looked up at her hesitantly.
“Who me? No no I couldn’t. I probably couldn’t even come up with anything good.” You smiled sheepishly at her.
“Well you won’t know unless you try.” Cyborg encouraged.
“Well... I was thinking, what about Wind?” You suggested. You saw everyone’s confusion and decided to elaborate further “Well she leaves her enemies blowing in the wind, get it? It’s a play on words.” You said doing your best to try and make them understand. “Uh never mind it’s dumb forget I said any-“
“I like it. Wind it is.” Wonder Woman smiled down at you, you eyes traveled upwards in disbelief and you were smiling ear from ear.
“Really you all like it?” You askedsmiling so proudly looking at everyone. Truth is even if they hated it, the smile on your face was more than enough to keep them from disagreeing.
“You really got a talent for naming bad guys kid.” Aquaman said walking over to you patting the top of your head.
“I think she’ll fit in just fine here.” Clark said quietly to Bruce.
Bruce nodded saying “Yeah, she grows on you after a while.” Clark looked back at Bruce noticing the look in his usually unemotional eyes softened as he starred at you. He looked away from Bruce smiling at the floor ‘I can tell she’s already grown on you.’
“Oh hey you guys are back!” You said acknowledging their presence.
“We are.” Superman said. “So Miracle, what exactly are your powers?” He asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.
“Oh! Well as you saw earlier I can open portals, only to places I can actually visualize, so if I can see the place in person or remember it from my memory I can go there.” You explained in depth. “Oh and I can also shoot gold energy beams from my hands!” You said nonchalantly.
“Geez well thanks from not biting me with one of those kid.” Aquaman said being glad the only thing you did was drop him to the floor.
“Oh I get it now.” Cyborg said as his eyes widened and he looked at Batman “you want to catch wind off guard with her teleportation, that’s genius. She’d be able to see and defend against both Flash and Superman because of her speed capabilities but she can’t see or defend against something that comes out of thin air.” Cyborg said finally explaining your importance in this upcoming battle. Batman nodded making flash gasp at the news.
“That’s insane!” Flash said astonished by how simple the plan seems.
“So insane it might work.” Wonder Woman said as she thought further into the plan. “Miracle, tell me can you teleport with multiple people?” She asked looking at you.
“Yeah! I can teleport with a whole car full of people, easy!” You said looking at her curiously.
“My darling you are our miracle in this fight.” Wonder Woman said smiling down at you softly.
“Hey I guess that’s why they named me it.” You said shrugging your shoulders cutely.
“Alright Miracle, time to get going we have to go back to training.” Batman said as he walked to the zeta tube.
“Alright. It was nice meeting you all you said getting up. Supes! You need to take me flying some day, okay? I always wanted to fly!” You said to Superman with a goofy smile on your face, how could he say no?
“One day kid.” Superman promised making you cheer. You all said your goodbyes, none of them wanted to admit it but in just a few hours you were able to leave a great impression on them.
When you were back in the cave you were greeted with Alfred who was awaiting your arrival with tea for you and Bruce. “Welcome back, by the amount of time you two were gone I would assume meeting the league went well?” He asked.
“Super well Alfred! You wouldn’t believe it, I beat up Aquaman!” You exclaimed running over and grabbing a cup of tea taking a sip only to scrunch up your nose and spit it back in the cup. “Oh god no tea is not my thing.” You said placing your cup back on the tray. “But Alfred, you’ll never believe how fast the flash runs its crazy! Oh and Superman said we could go flying sometime!” Alfred watched in amusement as you excitedly told him about your entire meeting with the Justice League. “Thank you for bringing me Mr. Wayne, it was a dream come true.” You said diverting your attention from Alfred to Bruce, taking him by surprise.
“Uh, no problem kid. Now go get dressed back into civilian clothes, Alfred will take you home.” Bruce said as he walked back to the computer seeing your talent show flyer still there. “And I’ll see if I can make anytime for this.” Bruce said nonchalantly as he held up your talent show flyer. Immediately your eyes lit up and your smile stretched ten feet wide. “I’m not promising anything kid so don’t look at me like that, all I said was I’ll see.” Bruce tried to remind you strictly but your smile didn’t fade. He sighed putting the flyer down. “Just go and change now.”
“You got it, Mr. Wayne!” You said throwing a thumbs up before running to go get changed. Once you were gone Alfred turned to Bruce before taking the paper from him.
“Shall I cancel your plans for that evening Master Wayne?” His butler asked as he looked at the date on the flyer. Bruce hesitated for a moment before sighing defeated.
“Yes Alfred.” He confirmed, the butler nodded putting the paper back down on the bat computer, turning to take you home before he was interrupted. “Alfred.” Bruce called.
“Yes Master Wayne?”
“Do me a favor and get her something for after the talent show, like a uh gift.” He said taking his butler by surprise.
“Of course Master Wayne, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Did you have anything in particular in mind?” He asked genuinely curious as to how much Bruce actually cares about this talent show.
“Yes, we can talk about it after you get back.” Bruce said dismissing him, even through his cold exterior Alfred could tell Bruce‘s heart wasn’t as cold, and that put a smile on his face.
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jammesbarnnes · 2 months ago
Imagine Victor realizing you're sacrificing to save everyone:
Tumblr media
He didn’t understand until it was too late, until he couldn’t stop you. You’d become uncharacteristically calm this mission. Normally you were all over the place, worrying about every little thing, going over the plan dozens of times. Vic spent more time trying to calm you down than anything else. Not this time, though. This time you were calm, even peaceful, quiet. He caught you looking at him, watching him with a smile, but when he questioned it, you merely shrugged. You’d already made up your mind at that point. This was a mission one of you wouldn’t be walking away from. As optimistic as all of you tried to be, you knew there was no other way. Vic would be okay, you knew it would hurt for a long time, but he’d be better off in the end. When the time came, you took a deep breath, and stepped forward. You thought about telling him something, advice or last words, but you didn’t want to make it anymore painful. Instead, you just moved without thinking, knowing what you were about to do would save more people than you could ever understand, including your teammates, even Vic.
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imaginesbyella · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Imagine being Victor’s girlfriend from when he attended GCU and him seeing you wearing his varsity jacket while checking up on you after he becomes Cyborg.
[x] // requester: @crimsonkaiju //  request: here
The music was haunting, and coaxed shivers down your spine. It spun down the hall and ended at a barred door. It was something that always delighted you of that little, friendly bar, which you used to visit on Saturdays night.
However, there was something quite strange and unfamiliar in the atmosphere that night. There was laughter and gambling between the men sitting on the table next to yours. And suddenly, as if by magic, the bar was a riot. Other patrons jostled his elbows to order their drinks, and behind you, the crowd was too densely packed.
Afraid of your own sake, you took your things and ran out through the door.
Once outside of the bar, you shove on a varsity jacket you were once given for birthday. It was not yours but your supposedly dead boyfriend's, Victor Stone. His smell still clung onto it, and always took you to the days when he played football at the GCU while you rooted for his team.
All these memories of him made you tear up. Eventually you sucked a sharp breath in, shed the tears and took the decision to go home. Maybe a good sleep would make you good.
While you walked down the street, a figure came into the view. He stared at you and never took an eye away from you. His face was pale as if he had seen a ghost.
All he could manage to do is wonder how you could keep that varsity jacket after all this time.
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galactic-magick · 3 months ago
Victor Stone/Cyborg Imagine
read this to make an imagine/headcanon request!
Imagine baking cookies with Victor...
Warnings: mentions of food/eating
“How much sugar again?”
“Fourth cup,” he responds, handing you the corresponding measuring tool. “And the same amount of brown sugar too,”
“Alright,” you nod, scooping from the bags and dumping into the bowl.
Victor mixes everything together with his hand, able to spin it just as fast if not faster than any electric beater you could buy. One of the many benefits of dating a cyborg.
He slips it into the oven and sets a mental timer, helping you clean up the counters while you wait.
“Are you sure you don’t mind still doing this with me?” you ask.
Before the accident, baking together was one of your favorite activities, but part of the fun was being able to both enjoy your creations. You feel a bit bad that he can’t eat with you anymore, even though he’s never said anything about it bothering him.
“Not at all, I just like spending time with you,” he says with a smile. “Besides, I can always just kiss you to get a taste,”
You chuckle as you crack open the oven to check them, “They look done already, how much time is left?”
“About a minute,”
You grab an oven mit from the drawer and take them out, inhaling the sweet smell.
“Yeah,” you nod. “Perfect,”
Taglist: @candid-confetti @nattygee
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